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  • Item #: 044760
    ISBN: 9781566961547
    Retail: $33.50
    Rainbow Price: $24.95
  • Item #: 048917
    ISBN: 9780778746171
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  • Item #: 048924
    ISBN: 9780778746188
    Retail: $8.95
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  • Item #: 048914
    ISBN: 9780778746133
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  • Item #: 048916
    ISBN: 9780778746126
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  • Item #: 048919
    ISBN: 9780778746140
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  • Item #: 048915
    ISBN: 9780778746164
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  • Item #: 048913
    ISBN: 9780778746157
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  • Item #: 020101
    ISBN: 9780883880111
    Retail: $5.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.40

    Fascinating people and scenes from Renaissance paintings, engravings and etchings to color.

  • Item #: 037705
    ISBN: 9781942968795
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Medici Palace, Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel and other Renaissance greats.

  • Item #: 021154
    ISBN: 9781566444392
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.65

    A unit study in a book, this title includes informational text, comprehension questions, quizzes, projects and additional research ideas for your students. Six chapters cover different aspects of the Renaissance – an overview of its beginnings, art, science and technology, literature, exploration, and architecture. Within each chapter, there is a 2-6 page story followed by two pages of discussion questions, some of which are short answer, but many that are more thoughtful, essay type questions. Sample answers are included. The real unit study component is the "task" page in each section, which holds 5-10 very diverse, hands-on activities to really engage in and explore that Renaissance topic. These ideas range from simple to more time-consuming and use a variety of skills, so you can pick and choose as many as you and your students are interested in. You might create a chart on a Renaissance invention using the 5 W's and H (who, what, where, when, why, and how), research one of the Renaissance explorers and present your information in a brochure, find out about the bolded terms in the story and add them to your fact file, create a recruitment poster that would entice men to sign onto a ship that was headed to unknown parts of the world, write a Petrarchan sonnet, use a bar of soap and plastic knife to create a Renaissance style sculpture, paint your own fresco using tempera and plaster…I could go on and on! The ideas are so varied and fun that I'm definitely keeping this one in mind when we study this time period! A task checklist and task answers (where applicable) follow, and a unit test with multiple choice, short answer, matching, and essay questions rounds out each chapter. If you are the unit study type, this will be a great source for studying the Renaissance and all the text you might need would be right here, in addition to the activities you are looking for; if you prefer a more "traditional" approach, I would highly recommend incorporating the task portion of this book into your study to spice it up. I could also see this being used by a homeschool co-op teacher. Pages can be copied and used for the purchaser's needs in a home or classroom setting. You could read aloud or assign pages to be read at home, discuss the questions orally or assign some as hw, complete activities together, etc. You have all the makings of a memorable lesson for your students: the Black Death, the Reformation, powerful families like the Hapsburgs and Medicis, fabulous art and music, scientific advancements, amazing literature about knights and castles, Shakespeare and DaVinci, and loads more! 144pp, pb. - Steph

  • Item #: 006402
    ISBN: 9781882514106
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    The next in the Greenleaf history series, covering the period from 1300-1550. Biographical sketches of over 30 of the most important people of this period include chapters on Petrarch, Giotto, the Medici, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dürer, Thomas More, Erasmus, Wycliff, Hus, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Menno Simons, Tyndale and Knox. 75+ black and white illustrations.

  • Item #: 019313
    ISBN: 9781403488213
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75
  • Item #: 026331
    ISBN: 9780838814994
    Retail: $15.15
    Rainbow Price: $11.95
  • Item #: 028972
    ISBN: 9781403406088
    Retail: $9.49
    Rainbow Price: $7.50
  • Item #: 059680
    ISBN: 9780794534677
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.54

     This Usborne book is another great find! Over 100 gorgeous, high quality stickers of culturally significant Renaissance art, people, and objects. Each two-page spread covers an aspect of the revolution such as splendid cities, religion, home and family, scientific discoveries and many others. In typical Usborne form, interesting text is scattered around the pages highlighting the full-color illustrations and accompanied by helpful features such as maps and a timeline. Stickers correlate to pages and their locations are shown by pale illustrations of the same image. Cover them with the richly detailed, realistic stickers, or let your imagination go free and use them outside the book. 8 ½” x 10 ¾”, 32 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 045029
    ISBN: 9780981856667
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.95
  • Item #: 006831
    ISBN: 9781564720924
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.25

    Activities to enhance your study of the Renaissance. Make a sachet, construct a horn book, create a fresco, make a hennin or a muffin cap, practice embroidery stitches, and bake a strawberry tart! Children learn a little about Elizabethan pronunciation and phrases, become craftsmen, and paint the Milky Way as they study Galileo. Many aspects of Renaissance life and culture are examined with brief narrative and hands-on activities. Great to use as a supplement to your study of this time period.

  • Item #: 045956
    ISBN: 9781882514656
    Retail: $18.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    This book of primary source documents explores the history of the Renaissance and Reformation – through the very words of those who were an integral part of that history. Well-known, and perhaps not-so-well-known, these historical figures were influential in their times: Petrarch, Lorenzo Valla, Lorenzo de' Medici, Savonarola, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Erasmus, John Wyclif, Jan Hus, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, Conrad Grebel, Michael Sattler, William Tyndale, Henry VIII (and Thomas Cromwell), Thomas More, John Calvin, and John Knox. These selected writings vary in content, from biographical and historical to theological and literary. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 008616
    ISBN: 9780393059762
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $22.95

    Fans of Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the Worldare thankful she's writing a series for young (and not-so-young) adults. History of the Renaissance World is third in this series and tells the story of a world in transition. From the end of the First Crusade through the beginnings of our modern world, Ms. Bauer details the declining influence of the Popes even as the Inquisition seeks to assert their control; ordinary people seizing power even as kings and emperors cling to their "divine rights"; and world-changing catastrophes (ie. Little Ice Age, Great Famine, and Black Death); even as adventurous exploration opens up new worlds. Plentiful maps and illustrations accompany the distinctively readable text. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 025773
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  • Item #: 005878
    ISBN: 9780486410388
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  • Item #: 005481
    ISBN: 9781410946447
    Retail: $9.49
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     Please note that this book is now only available in hardcover, while other volumes in the series are paperback.

  • Item #: 069600
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  • Item #: 048918
    ISBN: 9780778746119
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  • Item #: 027785
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    Holds two 36"x 48" charts - a chronology of events, and an arts chart.

  • Item #: 040579
    ISBN: 9781616251499
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