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  • Item #: 004028
    ISBN: 9781888827088
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.95
  • Item #: 004029
    ISBN: 9781888827095
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.95
  • Item #: 004027
    ISBN: 9781888827071
    Retail: $7.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.95
  • Item #: 025264
    ISBN: 9780971710115
    Retail: $2.95
    Rainbow Price: $2.75

    Finally, a file to track your students' progress through your home school. This grayish, cardstock file folder has lots of great pre-printed features to help you record your student's academic progress from 1st through 12th grade. On the front of the folder, fill in the blanks with your student's information - date and place of birth, gender, social security number, mother's and father's names, address, and phone number. There is also space to attach a photo and list where the student attended each grade, which is helpful if your student attended another school in previous years. On the inside of the front cover, there are spaces to record graduation data, extracurricular activities, and testing records. The inside of the back cover is about an inch taller than the front and allows you to write your student's name so you can see it easily even if the file is in a drawer. Then, each grade is broken down into blank charts with spaces for eight subjects and their final grades. The charts for grades 1-8 are in the inside back cover, while the charts for high school are continued on the backside. Underneath the high school charts are places to record their cumulative GPA and total credits. This file helps you easily check your students records in a glance, keeps them all in one place, and can also hold relevant papers and documents.

  • Item #: 023918
    ISBN: 9780947183370
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.95
  • Item #: 019378
    Retail: $5.89
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    This quality instrument has a rich and warm tone for beautiful music and easily comes apart into three segments for detailed cleaning. Ivory color, comes in a vinyl bag with finger chart. – Laura

  • Item #: 004271
    Retail: $3.69
    Rainbow Price: $2.99

    A more inexpensive recorder, this one-piece, Baroque fingering, soprano recorder is dark brown with an ivory colored mouthpiece; bag and fingering chart included.

  • Item #: 019388
    Retail: $31.69
    Rainbow Price: $22.50

    A striking mix of black and ivory pieces, this beautiful recorder looks ready for a performance! Included is a faux leather case, cleaning cloth and rod, and finger chart. Notes are in the key of C. – Laura

  • Item #: 018249
    Retail: $7.00
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  • Item #: 069645
    Retail: $34.99
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       Now this brings back memories of a young girl singing loudly off key, a passionate rock star determined to record her first album. But enough about me! This classic toy revisited is a delightful way to share your childhood with your own children. Digitally formatted cassette provides hours of fun for today’s children to play music and sing along, or record their own voice. Quality craftsmanship, large, colorful buttons and attached microphone make this a perfect gift for little ones. Measures approximately 10.5” x 10”. Requires 2 AA batteries-not included. ~ Deanne


  • Item #: 054442
    ISBN: 9781463593124
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.29

    Versatile and condensed makes this booklet a valuable asset for any homeschool family. Created for use with the Starline Press curricula, this booklet contains templates for grade keeping in nine academic areas (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Elective, PE and 3 “other” blank categories). Grading periods are divided into quarters, each quarter containing 10 weeks. Each undated page contains 2 weeks at a glance. Also included is a year-end summary divided into quarters and semesters, a unit achievement record specific to the Starline Press units, and High School Credit Maps to aid parents planning for entry into state colleges along with minimum graduation requirements specific to obtain a California state high school diploma. A Star Chart is also included corresponding to the Starline Press philosophy. While fairly self-explanatory, instructions are available on the Starline Press website in their PDF procedure manual. 31 pgs, pb. Deanne

  • Item #: 036392
    Retail: $5.49
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    While not as colorful as our other recorders, this ivory colored recorder has a durable, quality feel to it and can be taken apart into three pieces for detailed cleaning. If you just want to quickly clean it after playing, there is an included plastic cleaning rod. Simply thread a strip of scrap fabric (not included) through the eye at one end, then insert into the base of the instrument. Comes in a clear, vinyl pouch with a fingering chart. – Laura

  • Item #: 034593
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    Keep track of your daily Bible reading by using the checkboxes to check off the chapters you have read. Whether you are reading in order or a little here and a little there, you will know what you have read and can make your way through the whole Bible. It even lets you know that to read through the Bible in one year, read 3 chapters a day and five chapters on Sunday. There is a place on the front of this 4.5 x 7 inch folder to write your start and finish date.

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  • Item #: 015031
    ISBN: 9780794542160
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  • Item #: 004259
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    *Accurate intonation

    *Built-in thumb rest places right hand in correct, relaxed position

    *Carrying bag and fingering chart included

    *Curved Windway

    *Dark brown with ivory-colored trim

    *One piece construction

    *Single holes for low C and D provide ease of playing in lower register

  • Item #: 066474
    Retail: $11.49
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

  • Item #: 033881
    Retail: $3.69
    Rainbow Price: $2.99
  • Item #: 030982
    ISBN: 9780972026543
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $39.95
    This 12 ¼" x 9" binder provides you with a handy place to record the chronology of history from 5000 B.C. to today. Beginning in 5000 B.C. each sturdy page holds a bold horizontal line across the middle of the page representing 1000 years. The span of time on each page quickly decreases to only 50 years by 650 B.C. and then slowly fluctuates from between 100-5 years on each page from 0 A.D. to the present, varying to allow all major events and figures to be marked. At least one year is marked on every page below the timeline in order to provide you with markers, and quotes from people throughout history adorn the top or bottom of every couple pages. Following the 112 timeline pages are 17 blank maps of ancient times and the world today. This book is nicely packaged in a 3-ring binder, allowing you to easily flip through the pages and view specific dates. You may easily use this record for writing or drawing in events and people yourself as you study, or see above for accompanying timeline packets. ~ Steph
  • Item #: 025250
    ISBN: 9780971710153
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.95
  • Item #: 071889
    ISBN: 9781420635867
    Retail: $19.99
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  • Item #: 067980
    ISBN: 9781420621945
    Retail: $11.99
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  • Item #: 067571
    ISBN: 9780062341914
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  • Item #: 066477
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  • Item #: 064623
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    Record temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius with this magnetic write on/wipe off chart. Measures approximately 3.75" x 18”. Setting it apart from other charts is the magnet which encompasses the entire backside of the chart for secured placement. Works well with metal bookcases, white boards or your refrigerator. Includes reproducible worksheet. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 061296
    ISBN: 9781449583552
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $20.21

    Subtitled How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships. Sometimes, the thought of creating a transcript sends us homeschoolers into near hysteria. I've heard of those who stopped homeschooling just before high school from the sheer fear of this alone. Lee Binz, of HomeScholar.com, cheers you on. With God's help you can do this! This book focuses on the "nitty gritty" of high school: the transcripts (and all that they compose), credits, course descriptions, assigning grades, GPA, etc. Emphasis is placed on accurately and effectively communicating to your transcript's intended audience: colleges (also applicable to the workplace). Binz respectfully handles such potentially challenging issues as accurately translating your personal homeschool experience to a typical institution. Easily understood, the book is practical and thorough, with plenty of diagrams, charts and black and white illustrations as support. While Binz does not specifically emphasize scholarships, the methods explained will provide a transcript which can be used in scholarship applications. Six practical appendices include a guide and templates for transcripts, examples of a comprehensive record, and an expanded transcript, as well as two different actual transcript examples. 7" x 10", 222 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 057005
    Retail: $11.49
    Rainbow Price: $8.25

    You won't get a lot of cute graphics or color with this planner, but you will get good, usable planning and record-keeping space. There are 40 two-page spreads for lesson planning. Weekdays are listed across the top of the page with seven subjects going down the page. Space size is 2.5" x 1.25" and lined. Record-keeping pages are numerous and more oriented to classroom use providing space for 40 students' names and a ten week grid for recording assignments and grades. An interesting feature of these pages is the perforated strip on the left-hand of each two-page spread that means the teacher doesn't have to rewrite students' names each time she needs more space for recording, simply tear it off or fold it under to show the original list on the first page. A few pages at the front of the book – emergency/medical information, substitute teacher information, yearly calendar for special events, yearly birthday calendar, student roster, and seating charts – complete the extras. Pages are white with black printing; book is 8.5" x 11" and spiral-bound. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 050289
    ISBN: 9781605740164
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    "Blow gently, like you are blowing a feather" is how Penny Gardner explains to children that they are playing a recorder not a saxophone. She explains the very basics of reading music in a way that is easy to follow for kids and their parents who may not have any musical background. Children learn songs they know like, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. You get advice on how to practice and what principles are harder than others, so you don't feel badly if you have difficulty catching on to some things. The songs advance in their levels of difficulty towards the end of the book so students can master each skill before moving on. This is a nice and simple introduction to reading music for any school age student. The spiral binding makes it easy to handle too. 30 pgs, pb. ~ Sara