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Reading Grade 1

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    ISBN: 9781629821337
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    ISBN: 9781890623159
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    ISBN: 9781932971002
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    A series of short stories designed to reinforce and apply phonics instruction. This 150-page book also includes phonics charts and vocabulary drill.

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    ISBN: 9780880620017
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  • Item #: 019512
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    Motivating emerging readers is what it's all about! Published by Calvert School, everything in this course (formerly called Come Read with Me) is designed to ignite a student's love of learning – particularly the love of learning to read. The DVD format (40 video lessons) means both parent and student can learn from the systematic, phonics-based approach to reading that simultaneously provides a language-rich environment that optimizes learning. Designed for young children who are familiar with the letters of the alphabet and full of sing-alongs, stories, poems, field trips, and games, this hands-on course helps develop reading readiness skills and prepares young students to read a storybook written just for them.

    The DVD format allows the student to "visit" the National Aquarium in Baltimore, meet young people training for the U.S. Olympic Whitewater Team, follow a river from the mountains to the sea, watch a model rocket launch at the Goddard Space Flight Center, enjoy the performance of a children's jump-rope team and learn about volcanoes, quilts, dinosaurs, and airplanes – all experiences that reinforce specific skills.

    In addition to the DVDs, the course includes a detailed guidebook, interactive activities, a beginning reader, and finger puppets. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 007146
    Retail: $2.25
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    A workbook of pre-reading exercises for those first weeks. 64 pgs.

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    ISBN: 9780880620185
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  • Item #: 007101
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    Seatwork book for first grade. Designed to be used along with Learning Through Sounds; however, you may definitely use this book with any phonics program to reinforce letter-recognition skills. Simple instructions are included on each page.

  • Item #: 007147
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    This workbook introduces short vowel and consonant sounds. Use for the first weeks in school, before starting the readers. 80 pgs.

  • Item #: 007148
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    Continuing in phonics, including blends, long vowels, consonant and vowel digraphs, and others. Use after Book 1, before starting the readers.

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    ISBN: 9780547898193
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  • Item #: 010824
    ISBN: 9781585610488
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    Homeschool Kits contain a teacher's manual, a student workbook and an instructional/jingles CD.
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    ISBN: 9781933339443
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  • Item #: 042779
    ISBN: 9781933339269
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  • Item #: PAOLWP
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    The Package includes the DVD-ROM, Teacher’s Manual, All About Spelling Level 1 and the Basic Interactive Kit.

  • Item #: 059072
    ISBN: 9781500192488
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     Level 1 Literature List: Beatrix Potter Stories, Just So Stories, Five Children and It, Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Orange Fairy Book, Velveteen Rabbit, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Aesop for Children. 241 pgs. pb.

  • Item #: 005940
    ISBN: 9781623411176
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    Now there's no reason to wait until your student is in 3rd grade. Bible Heroes is an excellent language arts bridge from IEW's Primary Arts of Language to their theme-based writing lessons. Or you might decide to use it as a new entry point for the IEW program (as you finish your favorite phonics/reading program). Either way, I think you will be very pleased with what this program supplies – lessons that not only provide instruction in writing with structure and style (as the name implies), but also introductory grammar and Bible. The 27 lessons cover IEW Unit 1 (two lessons teaching Key Word Outlines), Unit 2 (seven lessons on Writing from KWOs), Unit 3 (twelve lessons on Summarizing Narrative Stories), Unit 4 (three lessons on Summarizing References), Unit 5 (three lessons on Writing From Pictures), and Unit 7 (one lesson on Creative Writing) The approach is solidly multi-sensory. Lessons include verbal and written activities as well as games for reinforcement and all source material is taken from the Bible. Although the target audience for this course is 1st-2nd grade, material can be adapted for up to 5th grade.

    The consumable Student Book provides instructions which are to be read to the student, additional gray boxes that have notes to the teacher, and space for students to complete lessons and writing assignments. Appendices include: styles helps, game pieces (cardstock), and vocabulary cards (also cardstock).

    Purchasers of this course have access to two free downloads from the IEW website. One of the downloads is the Student Resource Notebook (also available for purchase in hard copy format). It provides supplementary and reference material needed by the student. The other download is the Bible Heroes Teacher's E-book; this Teacher's Manual is a vital part of the course and its use is expected. It provides more detailed instructions for each lesson, a scope and sequence chart, ideas for discussion of each hero and virtue, answers to review questions, sample key word outlines, brainstorming pages, instruction for games and activities, copies of checklists, and copies of game boards. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 005181
    ISBN: 9781888344462
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    This level is mainly for the teacher. It is a fun and amusing collection of oral games and exercises to motivate and interest children in the use of language. Includes CD.

  • Item #: 043282
    ISBN: 9781935027003
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  • Item #: 043891
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    Phonics: double vowels, double consonants, ed endings, silent consonants, digraphs, trigraphs, syllables. End-marks, comma, titles. 68 pgs

  • Item #: 054707
    ISBN: 9780547900261
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