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    Teaching your child to read can sometimes be a challenge—so let the Reading Game lend a hand! If your child likes to be read to, is familiar with letters, and shows interest in storytime by pretending to read or wants words pointed out while reading – then you are ready for this game. This award winning game is by Kenneth Hodkinson, the author of the Wordly Wise program. This game introduces children to 180 sight words and helps them memorize and remember those words through playing a simple memory game. The sight words found in this game are taken from the Dolch Word List for PK through 1st and from "100 most commonly used English words from the Reading Teacher's Book of Lists by Fry". This game can even be used in classroom or tutoring situations since it is written to meet Common Core Reading Standards for Literature and Informational Text for Kindergarten and 1st grades.

    So, how easy is it? There are six readers that use 30 words each. There are 60 word cards (two of each word) that correspond to each book. Place ten cards (two each of five words that are listed in the Rules and Teacher's Guide) face down on the table. Two players take turns flipping the cards over until one gets a match. When a match is made, the player says the word several times in a clear voice. Do this until all five words have their match, then shuffle and play again. Play with the first set of five words until the child can read all five of them without difficulty. Repeat this same process with the next list of five words. Children are asked to read test sentences after every other word group in order to keep all the words fresh. After going through all 30 words, the child is then ready to read the story book. Follow this same procedure for the words for each of the six storybooks. Words from previous books are used along with new words in subsequent stories.

    The six storybooks found in the game are very simple to read. They are all printed in lower case letters except for the "I" and there is no punctuation. Children will know that it is the end of a sentence simply because the line ends, and breaks between sentences indicate pauses. The Reading Game includes all six storybooks and six decks of corresponding word cards (60 each) along with a Rules and Teacher's Guide. Downloadable worksheets are available at the publisher's website (thereadinggame.com) – pre/post sight word assessments, test sentence worksheets, class recording sheets for the assessments and test sentences.

    You will still want to do phonics and there is a short section of teacher's guide devoted to implementing phonics in with the material found in the game. Children will encounter sight words in everything they read, and this game will enable them to tackle some of that reading with more confidence. – Donna

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    ISBN: 9780394721491
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    So your children may not think that reading is the most fun, but I'll bet they do love games. This book contains over seventy games of all varieties that will get children excited about learning to read. Each game works on some aspect of reading in particular; for example, a word hunt game for hyperactive children who need to learn words but also need to move; for learning sounds, children have the alphabet written out on paper and must use each letter to begin a word; and many more. The book is divided into four parts: games for learning words (vocabulary), games for learning sounds, games for understanding (reading comprehension), and reading every day (games designed specifically to strengthen children's interest in reading). Mazes, puzzles, games for busy children, rhyming games, bingo games, and much more are included. I really like this quote from the introduction: "When children play, their resistance to learning goes down and their willingness to apply themselves goes up. They never absorb ideas more easily than when they're having a good time." ~ Zach

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    In the same format as Rummy Roots, the goal of More Roots is to extend your mastery of Greek and Latin roots. Use of Rummy Roots is not a prerequisite to using More Roots. As compared to the "flagship" game, More Roots has more Latin than Greek roots, concentrates more on prefixes, and focuses on common "everyday" words as opposed to the original's emphasis on scientific words.

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    The latest in the Sequence line, this one is specially designed to help young players learn and practice their letters. Players receive chips and draw letter cards at the beginning of the game. The cards feature an uppercase letter in the center, the lowercase version letter in the upper left-hand corner, and a colored square in the upper right-hand corner. Like other Sequence games, players use their cards to match spaces on the board and strategically place their chips on the board to get five in a row. The challenge here is matching a letter card to one of the 48 illustrated squares on the board. The colored squares next to the illustrations will help narrow down matches, but players will still have several possibilities to choose from! - Jess

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    ISBN: 9781935197539
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    ISBN: 9781940384115
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     Teaches lowercase letters and beginning sounds in words. Includes one DVD, one workbook, two readers, one storybook, lowercase flashcards, reward stickers, and online access.

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     Focuses on recognizing and writing uppercase letters and beginning sounds in words. Includes one DVD, one workbook, two readers, one storybook, uppercase flashcards, reward stickers, and online access.

  • Item #: 064389
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      Watch out for the shark! For basic play, all of the lower-case letter discs are placed face up on the board. The deck of cards (featuring upper-case letters as well as starfish, crabs, and sharks) is shuffled and placed face down. Players take turns flipping over a card. If it is a letter card, all of the players race to grab the matching lower-case disc.  Collect the most letters and you’ll win the game, but watch out for the various critter cards which add twists like stealing discs from other players and feeding discs to the letter-swallowing plastic shark that sits by the edge of the island. Two levels of play, for 2-4 players, ages 4-6. Directions are in English, French, German and Spanish.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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    (Publishers Description)

    Children who are asked to read slightly above their comfort level will develop into superior readers. Our reading program for grades 2-7 continues the development of reading skills through the selections listed above. Reading is not a passive activity for pleasure. Reading requires an active, discriminating mind that is challenged to think, compare, and contrast. Students who have been challenged by good literature will never be satisfied with the poor-quality books that are so readily available today.

    Literature study guides train students to become active readers. Our guides focus on vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and composition skills. Each lesson includes a word study to help students build vocabulary. The comprehension questions challenge students to consider what they have read, identify the important content of each story, and compose clear, concise answers (a difficult skill at any age). Writing is thinking, and good questioning stimulates the child to think and write.

  • Item #: MPL2GO
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    ISBN: 9781936981229
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     Includes: SnapWords® List A set; SnapWords® NCMDS (numbers, colors, months, days, seasons); Stylized Alphabet Teaching Cards; Easy-for-Me® Children’s Readers Set A; How to Teach SnapWords®; Alphabet Tales; Easy-for-Me® Teaching Manual (with CD).

  • Item #: 069776
    ISBN: 9781936981953
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      The Grade 2 Kit continues with additional sets of SnapWordsÒ and Easy-for-Meä Readers but also moves solidly into spelling instruction. The Grade 2 Teaching Manual is similar in lesson layout to the Grade K-1 Teaching Manual but activity sheets are provided only as PDF files on the accompanying CD. Spelling materials include the Illustrated Book of Sounds and Their Spelling Patterns as well as the Sound Spelling Cards.

    Includes: SnapWords List B, C, F, and Nouns 1 sets; Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set B and C; Sound Spelling Cards; How to Teach SnapWords; Easy for Me  Reading Grade 2 Teaching Manual (w/ CD); Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns (w/CD); and Activities CD for SnapWords  B, C, F, and N1.

  • Item #: 067817
    ISBN: 9780545799966
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      Many of the math readers on the market today are for early elementary or higher, but this little series is specifically intended as an introduction at the preschool level. This is a set of 25 small readers (5.5” square) that vary in length from 7 to 11 pages, each with a specific focus: “Zero Means There Are None, Count to 10 in Color, 100 is a Lot.”An included parent guide offers ideas for each book before, during, and after reading. A small workbook (same size as readers) is also included and has one page to be completed after reading each book. Children can trace and practice writing numbers on the last few pages of the workbook, 0-20 and 100. A sheet of 16 reward stickers is also included to encourage your math learner. ~ Donna