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Quill Pen

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  • Item #: 045631
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      Enhance your history and writing lessons with this large, authentic bird feather quill pen. Preferred by calligraphers, the aerodynamics of quill pens produce a lighter, more flowing look compared to other writing instruments. Feather measures approximately 7” long, with a total approx. 10 ½” pen length. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 071820
    ISBN: 9781481499699
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  • Item #: 064763
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      Made from a specially formulated paper to look and feel like real parchment, but you don’t need a quill pen for this stuff! Write on it with any type of pen/ink. The paper itself is crinkly and the edges have a slight mossy/burnt look. How fun to create your own “historical” documents as you study the Declaration of Independence! Perfect for adding to a unit study or practicing your calligraphy. 7x10” ~Sara

  • Item #: 026968
    ISBN: 9781931397599
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    Trek across the U.S. with Lewis and Clark, encountering wild animals, Indians, landscapes, and vegetation through tons of fun art and writing activities! Students are encouraged to keep a journal and write selections similar to what Meriwether and William might have written, such as descriptions of plants, animals and places that had never been seen before by westerners, and poems and other short writing activities. A variety of art activities and crafts involve children in the journey: learn how to draw many different animals, make your own telescope and quill pen, discover some of America's great nature artists, and many other activities. Real passages from the journals of Lewis and Clark are interspersed throughout the pages and are the basis for each project. Related websites for further exploration are included, as well as a glossary of terms in the back. The revised and expanded Geography Matters version of the Visual Manna original. ~ Steph

  • Item #: 007995
    ISBN: 9781556523229
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Your kids can become colonial kids with a little help from the activities in this book. In Sailing and Settling, children build a sailing ship; tie knots, hitches and bends; make a compass, and more. They learn how to dress the part, then try their hands at some household projects like making rag rugs. Dinnertime! has them churning, baking corn bread, making trenchers and all sorts of yummy treats from gingersnaps to baked apples. Everyday life introduces homemade "remedies," candle dipping, weaving, knitting, making an almanac and learning manners. In Arts and Crafts they can learn quilting, do decoupage, and make pinch pots. They can make their own quill pens and ink, construct a horn book, and stitch a sampler as they learn about colonial schooling. And, finally, Fun and Games will have them making toys like tops, corn husk dolls, and poppets and playing ninepins, marbles, and hide the thimble. Although short on text, these hands-on activities would help dress up your Early American studies.

  • Item #: 064764
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      Dash off an important document and seal it with an official looking wax seal and stamp. Kit includes a 4” stick of rich red sealing wax that you light and drip onto your paper, then stamp it with the well-made metal stamp of a book & quill (.75” diam. with 1.5” handle.)  Add to your study of the American Revolution! Great for crafting and gift wrap too.