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Quick Word Handbook

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    ISBN: 9781930092242
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    Noah Webster, a master of the English language, wrote a phonics program called the Blue-Backed Speller. Christian Liberty now provides us with an updated version of the book that was a standard for reading instruction in years past. Concepts are presented in a logical progression, starting with short vowels, then a combination of consonant, short-vowel sounds, then practice words and sentences. Phonics rules are provided throughout, and there are a few teacher helps in the back of the book.

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    ISBN: 9781906388669
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    So your little cousin Joey challenged you to a friendly game of chess, and promptly wiped you off the board in ten minutes flat. How did he do it? Well, he probably just finished reading Learn Chess Quick. Even if you've never picked up a rook in your life, if you read this book, you'll learn how to play chess very quickly. The writing is straightforward and fun to read, along with uncomplicated diagrams and quirky cartoons. Once you get the hang of the basics, you'll eagerly throw yourself headlong into mastering some nifty tricks that'll help you defeat little Joey next time. Be aware: the word "hell" is used at least twice (once for the location, once as a shocker), and there is occasionally some innuendo/violence in the cartoon drawings. 142 pgs., pb. – Chad

  • Item #: 022613
    ISBN: 9781596472761
    Retail: $16.95
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    Rather than being just another schoolbook, this handbook has a different feel to it. By this, I mean that instead of the pages seeming like assignments, the book is written for students who want to learn how to write - as though they picked up this book themselves because they were interested and are doing it on their own time because they enjoy creative writing. I find it very fresh and appealing. The authors believe that mastering a narrative first will lead to better short stories and poetry and help them to flow more naturally, so the first part of the book focuses on writing a narrative. This is broken up into 3 different chapters, offering students practice in beginning a narrative, developing a narrative, and lastly perfecting a narrative. Each of these chapters follows the same basic steps - pre-writing, exploring, and brainstorming; composing and creating a draft; and finally revising, using sensory and vivid words, working with combining sentences, transitions, beginnings and ends, peer editing (you can do this yourself if there aren't any other students to assist), writing the final draft and then proofreading again. The chapters on short stories and poems follow this same format. For the short story, you'll also work on characterization and the structure specific to a short story. In the poetry chapter, you'll practice with imagery, structure, rhythm, figurative language, ideas, poetic springboards, and other relevant elements of poetry. Throughout all of the chapters, examples from professional and student writers are given for students to analyze and understand what it is about them that is so effective and successful. (This includes excerpts from books by John Steinbeck (The Long Valley) and Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird). Students are also given plenty of opportunities throughout the book for their own writing practice. After reading the example, they are encouraged to try their hand at capturing an audience with a great opener, vivid descriptions, smooth transitions, or whatever skill they are working with. They are also encouraged to keep a writing journal for daily use, and ideas for topics are given to help them get started. The very last chapter in this handbook provides ten guidelines for good writing and additional practice with sentence combining. This handbook could be a very beneficial, enjoyable tool for anyone who is interested in creative writing as a craft. - Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781423215059
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  • Item #: 008028
    ISBN: 9781496416117
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    An excellent resource and reference for Bible study that helps put the Bible in context with helpful visuals (maps, timelines, charts), background information (including archeological finds), chapter summaries and lists of key figures in each book. The beginning of the book gives general information about the Bible: how God wrote it using various men over a period of time; how it became the Bible of today; and maps of Bible lands. Successive chapters cover a specific book of the Bible, give background on author and title, the setting in which it took place, main figures in the book, an outline of the key events, and how the book relates to the Bible as a whole - as God's unfolding plan.

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    ISBN: 9781572225503
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  • Item #: 069881
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    Want a game you can take on the go and play for five minutes or as long as you'd like? Then toss this one in your purse. The cute little square box holds 78 letter cards and instructions. Each round, you pull out three cards, decide on the direction you want to play and then race to be the first to use those three letters in order in a word. So if you set out an "M," "S" and "H" and play left-to-right, you could say "mash" or "misshapen," or if you play right-to-left, you could yell out "handsome." The first one to say a valid word wins the cards, and the player with the most cards wins! Play solo or with as many other players as you'd like! Jess

  • Item #: 066999
    ISBN: 9781870946087
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    ISBN: 9781423218715
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    ISBN: 9781572226975
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  • Item #: 009514
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    Think fast with this fun, challenging word-building card game. This deck contains 43 letter cards and 43 Lickety Quick cards. Each letter card shows a letter, with criteria appearing in small print above it. (For example, a card may have the letter "S" with the words "Starts with" above it.). Each Lickety Quick card contains a criteria phrase, like "Is a verb" or "Has 2 syllables". To play, players take turns simultaneously turning over one of each card. The first player to shout out a real word using the criteria on both cards wins the round. Collect the most cards to win. For 2 or more players. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 012986
    ISBN: 9781423224372
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  • Item #: 065448
    ISBN: 9781423228561
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    ISBN: 9781572227880
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    ISBN: 9781423221586
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    ISBN: 9781423221562
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  • Item #: 051952
    ISBN: 9780615492704
    Retail: $9.99
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    Writers often have a larger spoken vocabulary than they do written. They may know the first sound in a word, but are unsure how to spell it out. This quick reference tool is meant to help struggling spellers and writers and is suitable for a broad range of skill levels from grade 4 to adult. The first section has a letter per page in alphabetical order. Words are categorized by how they are used (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) The second section is a word list of commonly misspelled words. Section three is for students to write their own word list to have as reference. There is a reading tool for you, from See-n-Read, in the back of this guide. I like how this book can be personalized by the student. It seems very simple in format and easy for kids to use. 40 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 043330
    ISBN: 9781423225935
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    ISBN: 9780486277790
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    ISBN: 9781423221555
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    ISBN: 9781423221579
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    ISBN: 9780486426716
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  • Item #: 025745
    ISBN: 9780825146305
    Retail: $20.00
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    A collection of 180 (one for each day of the typical school year) quick activities to teach, practice, and/or review commonly confused and misused words. Many homophones such as aisle/I'll/isle, boar/boor/bore, and their/there/they're as well as similar sounding word pairs like elicit/illicit and descent/dissent are covered. Additionally, several lessons on proper word choice are provided. Simple exercises will teach your child when to use (among others) fewer as opposed to less, literally instead of figuratively, and among instead of between. Although the provided exercises simply involve selecting the correct word to complete the sentence, each lesson includes an additional writing exercise suggestion. ~ Enh

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    ISBN: 9780843110333
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    ISBN: 9780486277783
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  • Item #: 034145
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    "When do I do what with my child?" is a frequent question asked about The Writing Road to Reading. Intended to enhance the use of WRR, the Handbook is a guide to the sequential order of the parts. In other words, it answers the above question and orders the steps for each grade level with easy-to-follow outlines. Although the Handbook does not provide daily lesson plans, it does give a sequence of presentation allowing the teacher to be sensitive to the needs and capabilities of each student. Familiarity with WRR is a prerequisite for using the Handbook - in fact, two readings are encouraged. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 029651
    ISBN: 9780486449111
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  • Item #: 008742
    ISBN: 9781423218647
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  • Item #: 016913
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      As you zoom through the 60 circular cards, you’re competing to be the first to think of a word that fits the criteria. One side of each card shows letters; the other shows a category. Flip over the top card and match one of three letter colors with the color of the category card that’s next on the stack. Name an item in the given category that starts with that letter, such as “a food that starts with C.” If you’re the first to name one, you win that card. The winner is the one with the most cards after the stack is gone. A shuffle of the deck ensures that the letters/categories are new for the next game. Ten different categories range from movies/TV to countries or plants. 2-6 players, 15 minutes play, packaged in a storage tin.