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Queens Made In His Image

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    In response to parent requests to create a course like Every Herb Bearing Seed for middle schooler students, this text weaves together anatomy and physiology with healthy natural living. Topically you will study healthy bones, nerves and brain, muscles and tendons, vitamins and minerals along with chiropractic care, harmful effects of alcohol and cigarette smoking, gluten and autoimmune disorder, plus much more. Written at a level middle school children can understand and relate to.

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    This book is an interesting twist on the Cinderella story we all know so well. Rhodopis is a Greek girl stolen by pirates and sold into slavery. She was treated poorly by the other servants because she looked different from them. They were jealous of her fair hair and green eyes. Rhodopis made friends with the animals instead. Sometimes when her chores were finished she would dance for her animal friends. When her master sees what a great dancer she is, he gives her a pair of golden slippers. One day while doing the washing in the river her slipper is stolen by a Falcon, who just happens to drop it in the lap of the Pharoah Amasis. When Amasis sees the beautiful slipper he takes it as a sign from the gods that he must find the owner of the slipper and make her his Queen. Written by Shirley Climo. Illustrated by Ruth Heller. 28 pgs, pb. - Stephanie A.