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Queen Mary

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    Includes the Coles Mk7 crane and the Queen Mary trailer.

  • Item #: 012052
    ISBN: 9780679824244
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    Jack and Annie open a book about Ancient Egypt in their magic tree house and are suddenly whisked to that time period. They meet Queen Hutepi, who needs help finding her copy of the Book of the Dead for her journey through the underworld. With lots of suspense and black-and-white drawings, this book is great for children transitioning to chapter books. 65 pgs. ~ Rachel S.

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    Auntie Mary teaches young science students about nature and science through the weekly stories in this volume. Accompanying each story are daily lessons incorporating drawing, fun facts, coloring, and hands-on activities.
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    ISBN: 9781433350122
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  • Item #: 055034
    ISBN: 9781601781901
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    The first time I heard of Lady Jane Grey was when I watched a short film about her at a film festival this year; I'm surprised I hadn't heard of her before. Her story is very inspiring! At only 16 years old, she found herself as Queen of England, in the face of opposition from Mary I ("Bloody Mary"). Two weeks later, Mary had brought 10,000 soldiers into the situation, quickly gained favor with the Navy, and soon deposed Lady Grey. With the population returning to Roman Catholicism to avoid punishment from Mary, Jane had a choice: would she compromise in order to attempt saving her own life, or would she stand and die for the Truth of the Gospel? This is a story every Christian young person ought to know. Photos and paintings illustrate this hardback book; also included is a timeline of Lady Grey's life, a section of extra facts about her, and the text of the letter she wrote to her sister during imprisonment. 62 pgs. –Chad

  • Item #: 050294
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    Upper elementary and junior high students will get an up-close look at gardens, gardening skills, small garden creatures, garden plants and much more through the stories (by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing) and related activities.

  • Item #: 050293
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    Students learn about forest plants and animals, dinosaurs, Noah's ark, Creation days and more through 3 stories by Mary E. Woodis: "Oakie of the Oak Tree," "Daniil the Triceratops" and "Beneniah the Bear."

  • Item #: 034969
    ISBN: 9780152050863
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    Believe it or not, Anne was the ill-favored child when compared with her beautiful sister Mary. But it's Anne who catches King Henry's eye and heart. She soon persuades Henry to divorce Catherine and make her his Queen, but why is it taking so long?

  • Item #: 026688
    ISBN: 9780688179618
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    The subjects of England were probably a bit wary when Elizabeth came to the throne; they had gossiped about her father's many wives, mourned the loss of the young and sickly Edward, and tolerated her older half-sister Mary's brief but fiery rule. When the throne passed to her, advisers thought it best for her to marry and step aside, leaving the business of running the country to her husband, whoever he would be. Thankfully, Elizabeth had other ideas, and surprised everyone by guiding England into a period of relative peace, world exploration, and emphasis on the arts. This readable biography by Diane Stanley and husband Peter Vennema spans Elizabeth's life and reign accompanied by the author's excellent illustrations, which draw the reader into the life and times of Elizabeth. 40 pgs. ~ Alysia

  • Item #: 021584
    ISBN: 9780544022195
    Retail: $8.99
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    Although her father may have died wishing that Mary was a prince, not a princess, nonetheless she becomes Queen at only six days old. At five, she's sent to France as the intended bride for Francois, the future king of France. However, when her young husband dies unexpectedly, she returns to her homeland of Scotland to rule, and her life veers into dangerous and unexpected territory.
  • Item #: 017717
    ISBN: 9780547482491
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    Rule #1 – Marry well. When your mother is an Empress, it's your duty as a daughter to help form strategic alliances. That's how 14-year old Maria Antonia of the Austrian Hapsburgs finds herself betrothed to the future King Louis XVI of France. Not only must she learn French, but she must also give up her name. Known to the world as Marie-Antoinette, was she truly a bad queen or simply misunderstood? ~ Anh

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    ISBN: 9780531148532
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