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Queen Elizabeth

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    ISBN: 9780448448398
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    Includes 12 lessons, 9 of which are chreia (short essays or remembrance that praises the author of a saying and shows why the saying is useful) based on sayings (proverbs) from historical figures: King Solomon, King Arthur, King Alfred the Great, King Canute, Two Medieval Poets, Francis of Assisi, Queen Elizabeth I, Lady Godiva, and King Richard III plus 3 introductory lessons detailing the process of writing a chreia. Utilizes skills learned in previous books and teaches the six-paragraph essay.

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    ISBN: 9780448488547
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       Originally written in the mid-twentieth century, this text provides readers with an interesting overview of some of the leading personalities and events from world history, beginning with the fall of the Roman Empire to the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Students will gain valuable exposure to the laws and culture that developed in medieval Europe, as well as the significant changes that came to people in the West because of the Crusades. Several chapters also touch upon the feudal system in Europe, the influence of the monks and monasteries, and the exploits of influential knights and monarchs. Some of the cultural references in the text material are a bit dated, yet this world history supplement still offers readers a useful overview of the early development of Western Europe. 216 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    ISBN: 9781481438476
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    ISBN: 9781599152165
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    First published in 1906 as part of the acclaimed "Children's Heroes" series, this compelling biography tells the story of the famed explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. The book begins with his childhood on the coast of Devonshire, then proceeds to his exploits in Ireland and his entry into the court of Queen Elizabeth. His adventures and discoveries as he pursues the ships of the Spanish Armada and travels to the New World are recounted in detail. Also included are the famous story of the velvet cloak and the role he played in introducing crops such as potatoes and tobacco to the Old World. Period black and white illustrations are included. By Margaret Duncan Kelly. 92 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9781602902213
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    In the late 16th century, England is in the midst of religious turmoil. The newly-emerging Protestant faith has begun spreading throughout major cities, finding eager listeners from all walks of life. William Brewster is a simple country lad during these tumultuous times. Following the visit of a Queen's aide, William is intrigued by the grandiose political and diplomatic events erupting across England, and pursues a career as a statesman's aide. But as the country descends into fighting between the Catholic and Protestant faiths, he is forced to choose a side; many of his closest friends, including a hero of ProtestantismJohn Penryhave forgone the teachings of the Catholic Church, insisting that "good men must never submit to tyranny." Yet others believe no religious tenant can allow the Christian faith to divide. William Brewster must navigate political, social, and religious upheavals throughout England while staying true to the ideals most important to him. 341 pgs, sc. ~ Stephen

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    ISBN: 9781409308737
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    ISBN: 9781591281757
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       These thirty sketches (mini-biographies) describe Puritan and Covenant (the Scottish equivalent) Christians whose beliefs were challenged and refined through persecution. They believed doctrines should be solely Bible-based and that church doctrine should remain free from the Crown’s influence. Christ and the Word alone should rule. The sketches are engaging, range from 4-8 pages, and include such heroes of the faith as John Owen, Richard Baxter, John Flavel, Thomas Cartwright, the Solway Martyrs, Alexander Henderson, Donald Cargill and John Robinson. A brief overview sets the historical context with a description of the two groups and the key monarchs during the 16th and 17th century. Includes periodic black and white pencil illustrations; 6x9”, sc, 223 pp. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 004516
    ISBN: 9780883880135
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    The extravagance of her wardrobe is well known, and this book of paper dolls captures it well. Highly detailed dolls and dresses to color, with text by Elizabeth herself about some people of her time.

  • Item #: 026688
    ISBN: 9780688179618
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    The subjects of England were probably a bit wary when Elizabeth came to the throne; they had gossiped about her father's many wives, mourned the loss of the young and sickly Edward, and tolerated her older half-sister Mary's brief but fiery rule. When the throne passed to her, advisers thought it best for her to marry and step aside, leaving the business of running the country to her husband, whoever he would be. Thankfully, Elizabeth had other ideas, and surprised everyone by guiding England into a period of relative peace, world exploration, and emphasis on the arts. This readable biography by Diane Stanley and husband Peter Vennema spans Elizabeth's life and reign accompanied by the author's excellent illustrations, which draw the reader into the life and times of Elizabeth. 40 pgs. ~ Alysia

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    ISBN: 9781426301728
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    ISBN: 9780883880531
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    From Canute to Elizabeth II, this is a collection of British royalty to color. Details on how to color each figure are given and quotes, poems, plays and articles are all used to tell the history of each person.