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     This Jr. version is much easier than the regular Q-Bitz game: great for younger kids starting to learn patterns, visualization, and problem solving! Play round 1 by flipping over a patterned card; then up to 4 players try to recreate the pattern with four cubes! The first player to recreate it shouts, “Q-bitz,” and gets to keep the pattern card. Play Round 2 similarly except players must roll all their cubes and then try to recreate the pattern as much as possible. Players continue to reroll the remaining cubes until the pattern is fully recreated! The player with the most pattern cards after three sets of two rounds wins! Game includes 60 Q-bitz cards, four wooden trays, and four sets of cubes. 1-4 players 

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    Crack those knuckles and dust off the mind - it time to test your visual speed and memory! Each player (up to 4) gets a tray with 16 cubes. The cubes all have the same arrangement of patterns on each ride: dots, solids and triangles. In round 1, the top pattern card is turned over and players race to match the pattern. First player to correctly do so wins the card. Round 2 is slightly different: flip the card over and then roll all of your cubes like dice, using only the side that's rolled up. You can re-roll as much as needed, but only the fastest player will win! In round three, players get 10 seconds to memorize the card, and then must use any side of their cubes to recreate the pattern from memory. The player with the most cards after 3 sets of 3 rounds wins the game. Speedy and challenging, it is easy to learn, but challenging to play. 120 pattern cards are included.

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    Small-format version ideal for playing solo or with others. Includes 20 pattern cards, a wooden tray, & 16 wooden cubes with a white/magenta pattern. Stored in a square tin.