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  • Item #: 058133
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    Starline's general psych course summarizes the major theories, concepts and treatment approaches in the field of psychology. Upon completion, your student will have a good basic understanding of the field. Set includes 10 consumable student worktexts, each with a quiz in the back, and a separate spiral-bound answer key. Students can certainly work independently with a parent administering the exams. The text is not overly complicated and could be appropriate for a younger high-schooler in my opinion. The booklets get more challenging as you work through the course, and students are exposed to the vocabulary terms used in the field. Each booklet is 27-41pp, Score key is 74pp, pb. ~Sara

  • Item #: 019445
    ISBN: 9780825144912
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    Although I never had psychology in high school, at least one introductory psychology class is required at most every college or university. This product would have provided a solid foundation for those classes. Many different areas of psychology are touched upon with a general introduction to psychology, psychological methods, biology and behavior, basic mental processes, motivation, personality, human development, abnormal psychology, and psychotherapy. While there may be some controversial ideas and you may not agree with certain psychological theories, the purpose of this book is just to help students understand psychology as a field today, to see how it is accomplished, and to discover what different psychologists have thought and learned as the field has developed. Each chapter concludes with some question, activities, and a "Test Your Knowledge" section. An answer key and glossary of terms are provided in the back of the book. The material is presented in an interesting and understandable manner. ~ Megan

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    ISBN: 9780981558721
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  • Item #: 029642
    ISBN: 9780554004013
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    This course, intended for high school students, has transitioned to a format which includes a hard copy student text and an "Interactive Online Edition" which includes interactive editions of both student and teacher editions, worksheets, labs, assessments and various tools and videos. Online access is provided through a code which you will receive directly from Houghton Mifflin after purchasing the textbook, and access will remain active for one year.

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    ISBN: 9780554027012
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    ISBN: 9780981558769
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  • Item #: 023163
    ISBN: 9781433805530
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    With rhyming text and full-page illustrations, this is the perfect way to teach your child about the "grouchies". The storyline takes you through the day of a little boy who chooses to be grouchy in an attempt to get his way. When this doesn't work out for him, he is left feeling unhappy. His parents explain to him that everyone gets grouchy sometimes and suggest different things he can do to control it. A note to parents by Mary Lamia, PhD concerning grouchiness in children can be found at back of book. By Debbie Wagenbach; 28 pgs, pb. - Tasha

  • Item #: 052447
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    This kit combines the Squishy Human Body Kit (item #052446) and the Squishy Brain Kit (item #052445) into one kit of better value. Contains all of the individual model components of those kits and an instructional book with activity cards. An added bonus is that the bones, nerves and eyeballs actually glow!

  • Item #: 065158
    ISBN: 9780802413871
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  • Item #: 004223
    ISBN: 9780451487780
    Retail: $22.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Just to confuse the people in our warehouse, we’ve decided to add another Biology Coloring Workbook to our catalog.  Actually, we couldn’t decide between the two. This one is from The Princeton Review and covers a lot of the same material as the HarperCollins edition. They both contain textual information on one page and a coloring page on the other. They both help students to affix the concepts of biology in mind, through coloring as they learn. The other one suggests specific colors for structures.  This one makes less particular demands, often just asking you to use a “light color,” “dark color,” or “bold color,” giving the artist in you more flexibility.  On the pro side, I have found that the presentation of topics in this book corresponds much more closely to the presentation of topics in our biology books.  Basic chapters are: Introduction to Biology, Biology of the Cell, Principles of Genetics, DNA and Gene Expression, Principles of Evolution, The Origin of Life and Simple Life Forms, Biology of Plants, Biology of Animals, Human Biology, Reproduction and Development, and Principles of Ecology.  Colored pencils or felt-tip pens are recommended.  156 plates.  Contains evolutionary content.

  • Item #: 005102
    ISBN: 9780451487872
    Retail: $22.99
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    More meat on the bones of this book than to Gray's Anatomy Coloring Book. 324 pages (versus 127 in Gray's) contain detailed anatomical drawings on the right-hand page, with explanatory text on the opposing page. Text is more detailed and more seriously presented than in Gray's. Organization is by major body system; this organization and the index in the back make finding particular body parts easy. Gray's is not as well organized. Level of detail in the drawings is similar in both books. If your student is serious about learning the human body, this is the one to choose.

  • Item #: 002782
    ISBN: 9780062565433
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    Many people admire C.S. Lewis and the entertaining and moving books he has written, but many don't know the story behind this powerful writer. In this autobiography, Lewis shares about his early life and how he became the man he did. His journey starts with a traditional Christian childhood in Belfast, continues through years of atheism, and returns him to a confident faith in Christ. Read about his early schooldays, his experiences during WWI, and his college life at Oxford. A great read that not only depicts Lewis' journey but also highlights some of the intellectual and psychological aspects of becoming a Christian. 292 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 009840
    ISBN: 9781434709585
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    Ideas have consequences! For over 25 years young Christians have been trained by Dr. David Noebel and Summit Ministries to understand the times; to recognize both the ideas that permeate our world cultures and their consequences as well as the appropriate biblical response. Six worldviews are presented: Christian, Islamic, Secularist, Marxist, New Spirituality, and Postmodernist. Each of these worldviews has a distinctive impact on theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history. This is the updated edition of the Summit Ministries text, but the other curriculum components are no longer available. 510 pgs, hc. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 046091
    ISBN: 9780486285122
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    This classic social novel was first published in 1912 and relates the events in the life of a man with mixed ethnicity. He tries to "pass for white" to make his life easier and more successful. He travels from the rural South to the urban North and even to Europe, all the time observing social happenings and injustices, and fighting his own battle to discover and express his identity. This is a must-read for those interesting in the psychological issues fair-skinned African Americans deal with and the class system in the early 1900s. By James Weldon Johnson, unabridged Dover thrift edition, 100 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 038795
    ISBN: 9780486454658
    Retail: $5.50
    Rainbow Price: $4.28
    This Dover republication collection from Plato ranks among Western civilization's most important philosophical writings. Each work is presented as a probing conversation between Socrates and his students. Translated by Benjamin Jowett, works include Apology (which defends the integrity of Socrates' teachings), Crito (which discusses respect for the law), Phaedo (which considers death and the immortality of the soul), Phaedrus (which explores the psychology of love), Symposium (which reflects on the ultimate manifestation of love that controls the world), and The Republic (which ponders society and the philosopher's role within it). 460 pages, softcover.
  • Item #: 003097
    ISBN: 9781941181102
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  • Item #: 043502
    ISBN: 9780060652944
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    This classic by C.S. Lewis shares his views on the education of older students (and how educators of his day were leading students down a dangerous path), and uses that as a starting point to stress the importance of good values, courage, and honor in our society. He warns of the consequences of an education or social thinking that undermines the importance of good values and treats everything as relative. He states that some things are in fact objective (they are without doubt good or evil) and criticizes the way society is trying to rationalize the diminishment of the belief in natural values. Finally he warns of a future in which the values and morals of the majority are controlled by a small group of people who rule by a perfect understanding of psychology. One of most debated of Lewis's work, this book stresses that above all else, people should be taught to love good and hate evil. 114 pages, softcover. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 003133
    ISBN: 9781941181119
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  • Item #: EBBS1S
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  • Item #: EBBS2S
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  • Item #: 050623
    ISBN: 9780316047494
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.95

    Having studied psychology and counseling, I am pleased that a book like this one is available for young children. The story is told of a young girl who watches her dog Lulu get old. Understanding that Lulu will soon pass away, the girl is saddened, while at the same time, her parents give her all the support she needs. One day, Lulu passes away. As the girl goes on with her life, she continues to mourn the loss of Lulu. Then one day, she finds a new friend. This book is great for helping children deal with the loss of their pets, and even with the loss of friends and family. Author Corinne Demas accurately portrays the emotions leading up to the loss, and the grief period afterwards. The parents help their daughter deal with her emotions by being there for her—and not saying a whole lot, but being there—and identifying with her emotions, namely reminiscing with photographs. A healthy amount of time passes before the family finds a new puppy. This is a perfect book for children going through grief, as they see someone going through the same issues with which they can relate. Pb. – John

  • Item #: 051984
    Retail: $49.98
    Rainbow Price: $30.50

    Looking for an engaging way to teach nutrition to your high schoolers? This comprehensive DVD series may be exactly what you are looking for. Correlated to state standards, this fast paced and fun series provides an overview of health and nutrition. Topics include: What is nutrition?; Macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein; digestion; metabolism; metabolic syndrome; sugar overload and processed foods; calories; nutrients; hunger and appetite; food groups; vitamins and minerals; water; nutritional disorders; exercise; weight management and weight loss; alternative diets; psychology of eating; the food industry; organic foods; fresh/local foods; food safety; how to make healthy choices and being an informed consumer.

    Produced by Cerebellum, the company behind the Standard Deviant Nutrition DVD, this set provides a more comprehensive look at nutrition and offers a printable workbook. Bundle consists of four DVDs and a digital PDF workbook. The digital workbook contains graphic organizer with lecture outline; group activities-which may be modified for homeschool use; transcript of video information; short answer questions-recall and critical thinking; and quizzes. Answer key provided, running time is 220 min. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: EBBS3S
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  • Item #: 003074
    ISBN: 9781941181065
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  • Item #: 070330
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    One of the most popular card games of the last decade, Citadels is a unique role-based building game. Each player begins with 2 gold and 4 cards for building. 8 “role” cards are available each game, each with a special ability. Each player selects a role. The lowest-ranked player goes first, revealing a card and using the special ability. Then the player gathers resources (gold or district cards) and “builds” a card if he has enough money. Some roles directly affect other players, causing them to lose turns or money, while others provide monetary benefits. Since every character ranked higher than you is hidden, you can never be quite sure who picked what roles! This adds a very intense psychological aspect to the game as players attempt to predict what others will do as they slowly build their cities. The game ends when 8 buildings have been built, and final scoring takes place. Unique buildings and 24 characters allow for almost endless replayability! This definitive version includes the expansion, 9 new characters, and 12 new district buildings. For 2-8 players; 30-60 minutes. Note that witches and various magical / fantasy elements are involved.


  • Item #: 029770
    ISBN: 9780874776614
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    If I could express the essence of this enlightened book in one phrase it would be to quote the author, Mona Brookes (internationally acclaimed art educator and founder of Monart Drawing School): “designed to encourage you to draw for yourself.” The title says it all and is ideal for teens and adult beginners who want to enjoy drawing, learn fundamentals and discover their true potential. Brookes’ style is not a step-by-step project book or for those wanting to be a professional artist, but a psychological exploration of your inner mind and feelings mixed with pure enthusiasm. The book’s drawings and examples are a progression of students’ artwork as they work through her method of teaching—they were either terrified of drawing, had very basic skills or never could draw the way they wanted. The book is very copy heavy, but easy to read. It does a wonderful job of exploring various drawing media, as well as explaining styles—abstraction, flat, realistic, perspective—and helps the new artist develop a style their own. The book has a helpful list of basic supplies to get started and optional list for further exploration. Each concept presented is followed by a project with instructions, so you read and then apply. The book should be used in progression from start to finish as each concept builds on the next. There is value to glean from this book even if you only have time to read without doing the projects. 250 pgs, 7.5” x 9” pb. ~ Emily