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Pictures In Cursive

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    A simple handwriting workbook from Christian Light Publications that not only provides practice in cursive writing, but presents interesting facts about birds, bugs, and butterflies as well. There are 72 lessons included, which take between 15-20 minutes each to complete. Designed to provide practice after students have already mastered letter formation, the book reinforces skills by having them write lower and upper case letters and number words one to ten. They also copy the twenty-third Psalm; write short sentences about birds, bugs, and butterflies; and copy simple nature poems. Black and white illustrations accompany the informational tidbits, and all the writing lines have dotted midlines. The book opens up from the top instead of from side to side, and teacher's notes are provided in a small font on the bottom of the worksheets. A great workbook for practicing cursive. 72 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel
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    This book keeps going where many cursive writing practice books end; 128 pages of practice take students from the beginning steps to mastery all in one book. The first unit begins with individual letter practice. Letters are paired by similar strokes and for each letter the correct formation is shown, supplemented by letters to trace and space for children to write their own. After all lower and uppercase letters are covered, a few activity pages encourage children to practice through writing number words, days of the week, family names and filling in a fun information sheet on themselves. The next section offers more practice on specific letters, this time combining the uppercase and lowercase form of the same letter on each page. Words for each are given to copy along with a fun, alliterated sentence containing several of the relevant letters like "Two turtles trade toys." This section also ends with a few fun pages. The last two units are included solely for practicing cursive writing and are comprised completely of engaging handwriting activity sheets. In the first section, sheets provide fun sentences for students to practice on, such as tongue twisters, fairy tale characters, antonym sentences, and poems, or specific word lists like types of birds, odd-sounding cities and kinds of flowers. The remaining worksheets offer fun questions or challenges for children to answer - in their best handwriting of course! In the final section, students copy interesting paragraphs, all based on writing. Students learn about writing in history and other writing topics while practicing. Some examples are: prehistoric writing, cuneiform, Pioneer days, early pens, calligraphy, handwritten books and unusual notes. Several fun pages based on these passages are mixed in, such as writing a letter to a pen-pal, decoding rebus sentences, and collecting autographs. Steph

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    A fun imaginary character based way to learning cursive

    Mrs. Letz Farmer and her daughter Laura have teamed up again to help children learn cursive - and maintain a cheerful attitude while doing it. Somewhat similar to their first book in format, this book adopts the same encouraging instruction. It begins with lowercase letters for ease, introducing different strokes that can be used to make different letters. Several appropriately named characters represent these strokes and appear on related pages to offer tips.

    Writing bible verses for cursive practice and character development

    Bible verses appear on some pages, used for practice in reading cursive and identifying letters. Random words lining the bottom of the page are used for writing practice. The book then moves into lowercase letter combinations and finally words. When students are comfortable with their lowercase letters, it's time to move on to the capitals. As the letters are introduced, students begin practicing by writing printed Bible verses in cursive, and then a cursive verse back into manuscript. Here again on these pages, there are random words included for additional writing practice for the featured letter. Any difficult letter combination connections are featured with practice lines so students become comfortable with them.

    Reinforcement of writing and grammar skills for homeschoolers

    Grammar skills and alphabetizing are also incorporated into the lessons, which is a nice extra touch. - Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781591980711
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    With over 100 reproducible activities to choose from, you're bound to perfect your cursive handwriting. The first half of this book includes fairly straightforward practice with uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Activities in the second half not only practice cursive, but also review topics such as states and capitals, compound words, parts of speech, alphabetical order, antonyms and synonyms, habitats, the solar system, and plants. An answer key for the activities in the second half of the book is included. Anh

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    ISBN: 9781425815448
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      This workbook offers practice of the modified traditional cursive alphabet with practical application. The first 44 pages review capital and lowercase cursive letters and words. The second half provides unique application activities based on themes (vacation, money, celebrations, heroes, and friends—6 pages each). Students will read a paragraph written in cursive, answer questions and complete varied activities. Two practice pages are provided: one that has 5/8” wide lines and one that includes lines from 5/8” to 1/4" widths. Uses the “2” version of capital Q. By Shell Education, reproducible for classroom use only, 80 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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    ISBN: 9780802430571
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    Geared for young children, this update of a popular Moody title that has sold over 1.5 million copies is written by Kenneth N. Taylor and beautifully illustrated by Annabel Spenceley. The 112 stories of the Old and 72 of the New Testaments are each presented with an illustration that captures the essence of the event, a simplified narrative (with the actual Scripture references) for reading aloud to your children, reinforcing questions, and a prayer to connect your children with the lesson presented. A wonderful way to introduce young children to what the Bible has to offer to us all. - Tom

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    ISBN: 9781414315775
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    This little Bible is perfect for reading as a family with younger children. There are 128 Bible stories included in all, each one spanning two to three pages and accompanied by colorful and realistic illustrations. At the end of each story there is a thought to ponder or a simple question or two to help young children with comprehension and open a discussion about the passage. 302 pgs, 6" x 8", hc. – Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781615382699
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    Manuscript Copybook III and Copybook Cursive: Scriptures & Poems are the exact same book; the only difference is that one is in manuscript and one is in cursive. The lesson plans are the same, no m atter which book you decide to use. 

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    It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks – or in this case, an older student to write legibly in cursive. Actually, what's even better is that this program allows your students to teach themselves. With plenty of guides and incentives, older students will find practice to be easy and a pleasure. They'll only need to devote 15 minutes a day, and by using the step-by-step lesson plan they can work toward developing an individual style. ~ Janice
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    Just as literacy suffered in the last century when the school systems abandoned phonics instruction, many people contend that handwriting suffered by the same educational system's insistence on beginning with manuscript handwriting. "Cursive first" is their rallying cry! Wanda Sanseri became convinced of this approach and has encouraged it as part of her Spell to Write and Read program. The Cursive First program was developed by Elizabeth FitzGerald to be used either with the SWR program or as a stand alone program of handwriting instruction.

    The "program" is comprised of a Teacher's Manual, Practice Sheets, and the Cursive Phonogram Card Set. The Teacher's Manual is designed to convince you of the merits of starting with cursive. But it also includes information for preparing your student, specific "how-to," directions for using the Practice Sheets/Card Set and a "troubleshooting guide" how to detect visual and perceptual problems. The reproducible (for families/classroom) Practice Sheets get quickly down to the business of practice no cutesy graphics. Lowercase letters are taught separately from uppercase and connections are taught from the very beginning in the natural context of multi-letter phonograms. Although solid and dotted line models are provided, the student is quickly weaned from tracing to more active writing utilizing narrow ruled, dotted lines for practice. The Cursive Phonogram Card Set (yellow cardstock, each page to be cut into fourths) includes instructional dialogue for writing the phonograms on one side and a sample of cursive writing on the other. Both numerals and the first 26 phonograms are included. Laminating these would preserve their use through multiple children.

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      Two-sided laminated strip is 11”x 2.75”. It’s perfect as a quick reference for those learning cursive. One side shows a line of the upper case alphabet with a line of the lower case alphabet below. On the back are the upper-case letters with arrows showing the strokes in order (numbered 1, 2, 3, 4). All letters are shown with the dotted half- lines. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780761147633
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    ââ‚Å"Whatââ‚™s all the commotion? ANIMALS in motion!â₝ So begins the excitement as you flip open the front cover and see a horse, quite literally trotting across the page! This is definitely a fun book for young children, with colorful, simple text serving only to highlight the amazing, moving panes of animals on each page. Itââ‚™s full of action as dog streaks, cat pounces, rooster struts, butterfly flutters, monkey swings, turtles swim, and eagle flies. No wonder itââ‚™s been at the top of the bestseller list for so many weeks! Just turning the page sets each animal in motion. Iââ‚™m still not sure how they get so much movement with such a small amount of ââ‚Å"playâ₝ in the margin, but Iââ‚™m not about to tear the book apart to find out ââ‚" Iââ‚™d like to share this copy with the grandkids!
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    ISBN: 9781974028375
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    ISBN: 9780794539047
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    Gain valuable information about our fascinating world as you explore the 15 big and beautiful maps featured in this picture atlas. Geography students will be challenged to find famous landmarks, discover where various animals and people groups live around the world, study the flags of the world and identify the capital city of each country, and so much more! This attractive and nicely organized full-color atlas would be an excellent supplement to any elementary geography study. Measures 9"x 11 1/2". 40 pgs, hc. ~ Mike 

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    ISBN: 9781433541346
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      This 2015 edition Bible is designed for children who are ready for a complete English Standard Version Bible but still would like illustrations (over 300 of various sizes interspersed throughout). This Bible uses 90 of the illustrations from The Big Picture Story Bible (#059579), but the cartoon style illustrations are not too childish for your older reader. Uses a double-column layout with page numbers and book identification in the top margin. I personally felt the 9 pt. type size was a bit small for the younger reader in this target age group. Whether you agree will depend on your child. A child-friendly catechism of 45 questions and answers with Biblical references is located in the back. Includes a presentation page, table of contents and an attached blue ribbon to mark your place. 5.375” x 8.375”, 1361 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

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    ISBN: 9780979767845
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    New American Cursive (NAC) Software allows you to make your own worksheets in the New American Cursive handwriting style. The software allows you to adjust guidelines, give dotted or solid line examples, place starting dots and/or guide arrows, or add art work. Besides making your own handwriting worksheets, there are lesson files with premade sheets to practice the alphabet. Please note that unlike the original StartWrite software which has multiple font options, this version only includes the New American Cursive font style.

    This software is easy to install and use on PCs but is not recommended for Mac. System requirements are: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista or later 16 MB of RAM, 20 MB of available hard disk space. The instruction guide is included on the disc in PDF files. Supplemental practice for New American Cursive is scarce, so make your own practice worksheets with this special software created specifically for the NAC handwriting style. Donna

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    Have a tactile learner or a child who might focus more on forming letters than on forming words? These plastic alphabet picture tiles are perfect for introducing sounds, forming word groups, practicing spelling - many possibilities! Tiles are 2" x 1.5", with upper and lower case letters on one side; vowels are printed in red and consonants in blue. The second side displays a picture in red or blue which represents the target sound. ~ Ruth

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    Develop young children’s letter and word recognition with this set of 13 double-sided wooden alphabet boards! Each side of each board is illustrated with a picture and has two blank spaces for the uppercase and lowercase version of a letter. Children will identify each picture’s starting letter and put the uppercase and lowercase wooden letters in place! Includes 52 colorful letters (uppercase and lowercase) and 13 double-sided 6" x 3" boards. ~ Emily G

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    ISBN: 9781936023165
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    Skill Builders are such handy little books! This one is for those students who need some cursive practice without feeling as if they are doing a ton of handwriting. Students see an example, trace a lighter version, and then practice on lines. The books are small (6x9") and user-friendly, the sort of thing a student can do a bit of when waiting for a turn with Mom or Dad, or as a warm up for a writing or grammar lesson. It begins with letter formation, then goes to single words, and then sentences. Use it to reinforce letter connections and combinations. Colorful illustrations may appeal to some learners, but they are not imperative to the lessons in my opinion. The style is a "contemporary" cursive or what most of us would call just "normal" cursive. 80pp, pb ~Sara
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    ISBN: 9780963647153
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    These pictures look exactly the same, except, wait, wasn’t that orange flower blue before? Enjoy 25 different picture puzzles, each with about 10 or so differences to spot. The color photographs are full of fun details, some simple, some tricky! Perfect for the waiting room or in the car. 64 softcover pages with solutions. – Laura

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    Creative little gift set with quality supplies from Faber-Castell® is a blast to use! Expose little ones to mixed media (stamping with ink, drawing with marker & coloring with crayons) and see the cute masterpieces they create. Includes 30 heavy 3.5"x 2 3/8" cards: 20 have pre-printed simple shapes (to get you started) and 10 are blank. 3 foam mini stamps (star, circle, triangle) add fun designs and texture from the 5-color ink pad. Fill in some more of the drawing with the black marker and finish coloring with the 6 twist crayons. And the best part, store and display all your finished pictures in the included clear pocket-size portfolio that snaps shut. Non-toxic supplies. Note: black marker may stain fabric. ~ Emily

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    ISBN: 9781601591661
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    This colorful book contains hidden picture puzzles covering a variety of themes. There are puzzles for each letter of the alphabet, plus many other colorful, whimsically illustrated scenes across a variety of topics. Pioneer Town, A Boy's Room, Fun at the Fair, and Pool Party are just some of the many fun scenes in this book. Some of the scenes feature animal characters, and all of the scenes contain plenty of objects to find (usually about six to eight different items). 96 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9781599227344
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    A little something different for daily handwriting practice, which your kiddos will certainly appreciate. We often hear how students find handwriting to be a chore; mix it up by giving them a dry erase marker and this laminated 10-page book. Erase it all and do it over again tomorrow! Each letter is shown with arrows, then dotted lines, followed by a space to practice with dotted midlines. A picture next to the letter helps your visual learners connect the letters/words to an image: apple, bear, cat, etc. Students also practice the lower case letter and the word. Practice writing the months, sports, and even some original sentences in the following activities. This would be good for practice on the go. ~ Sara