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    ISBN: 9789810116750
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    ISBN: 9781613746820
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    In your deepest imaginations, have you ever considered how to best protect your homestead from ancient (and not so ancient) invaders? Your home is your castle and engineer/author, William Gurstelle, author of Backyard Ballistics, has developed a defensive plan to protect the people and possessions you love most. With a quick intro and general safety guidelines, each chapter looks at historical events and situations before providing you with clear, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and photographs for creating a fully-fortified home. Topically, you will learn about Genghis Khan and the Mongols, while learning to build a catapult, a crossbow and a smoke bomb; Attila the Hun while devising a hidden book safe and palisade wall; Alexander the Great-making a bullet proof shield; as well as many other defensive devices. The author also explains the science behind many projects, making this a valuable supplement to your history or science curricula or an appealing father-son project book as they strive to defend their home at all costs against the invading hordes, and learn just a bit more about ourselves, our history and the sciences! 168 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780890514665
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    14 chapters cover motion, the Laws of Motion, gravity, simple machines, energy, heat, states of matter, save motion, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, nuclear energy, and future physics. The early chapters incorporate plenty of scientific history, and include biographical details of Aristotle, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, and others.

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    ISBN: 9781600329753
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  • Item #: 000698
    ISBN: 9781935614692
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     Please note that the original virtual lab software that this course was designed to be used with is being discontinued after July 2019. This course is in the process of being revised and we will not have inventory until the revised edition is available.

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    ISBN: 9780321909794
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  • Item #: 032772
    ISBN: 9780996677189
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    As in the other Novare science texts, there is a section written to the student in preparation for doing the course. Each chapter, then, includes objectives, information broken down into smaller digestible pieces, examples and illustrations, and wraps up with a chapter exercise. Green "Do You Know" boxes tell some interesting historical fact concerning the topic. Answers to computational questions are included with each exercise. The back of the text includes a glossary, reference data, chapter equations and objectives list, experiments with guidelines for keeping a journal, scientists to know, and accurate measurements. Chapters include nature of scientific knowledge, motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, energy, momentum, atoms/matter/substances, heat and temperature, pressure and buoyancy, waves/sound/light, introduction to electricity, DC circuits, fields and magnetism, and geometric optics.

    Five (out of six) of the experiments from the Experiments for Introductory Physics are found at the back of the student text. You can do just those five and still have very in-depth labs with lab reports. The experiment information found in the back of the student text is in addition to what is found in the Experiments for Introductory Physics book, so you will need both books.

  • Item #: 041404
    ISBN: 9781892427212
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    Includes 30 lessons grouped into 6 units: "Foundations of Physics," "Matter," "Mechanics," "Matter in Motion," "Energy in Motion" and "Electricity & Magnetism." This volume was also authored by Robert W. and Elizabeth J. Ridlon.

  • Item #: 071544
    ISBN: 9781843653240
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    The subject of physics can strike fear into hearts of parents and students alike, but this curious little book (7.5"x 7.5") presents physics topics in a fun and engaging fashion, making you want to read and learn. Two pages are devoted to each topic and the 10 experiments will help readers apply the concept. The experiments are found throughout the book and may require some special equipment playdough or modelling clay, lithium watch batteries or battery pack, and LEDs are needed to mold a lion with eyes that light up. Use hot water, ice, and aerosol spray to make an indoor cloud, or assemble your own pinhole camera using a potato chip can, tape, and foil. Illustrations are friendly and inviting and explanations are age appropriate for the middle school level. Cool Physics can take the fear out of learning physics concepts and put some fun into the learning. 112 pgs, hc. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780471525059
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    ISBN: 9781935614630
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    ISBN: 9781935614418
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    ISBN: 9780997284553
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    The Solutions Manual includes detailed solutions for all computational problems found in the Student Text. These not only tell you the correct answer, but how to get them.

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    ISBN: 9781935614401
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    ISBN: 9781935614647
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    ISBN: 9781615384914
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    ISBN: 9780997284508
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    The Resource CD includes a course overview with suggestions for pacing, assessments, grading, and more. There are 28 quizzes and two semester exams with answer keys for the computational sections and sample answers for the verbal questions, weekly review guides, and suggested daily schedule.

  • Item #: 075929
    ISBN: 9781492656272
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    ISBN: 9781492656227
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    ISBN: 9781492656210
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    ISBN: 9781492671176
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    ISBN: 9781492656203
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    ISBN: 9781732638402
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  • Item #: 069870
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    This online course, when combined with the Conceptual Physics (12th Ed.) text, comprises a high school level physics course. The online course contains video instruction and demonstrations, reading assignments, quizzes, worksheets, chapter summaries, exams and study guidance.

    There are 41 lessons in the online course, which is a year's worth of material, especially if using at the high school level in combination with other academic courses. There are several options for labs, depending on how much of a lab component you would like. The simplest option is completing the labs provided in the end-of-chapter activities in the textbook, while more involved "PhET" labs can be accessed with the course contents. (There is a lab book that correlates for the Conceptual Physics textbook available from other textbook resellers for the most complete lab experience, although most labs will require classroom physics lab equipment.) For more detailed information on the course, download the PDF "User's Manual" above.

  • Item #: 057866
    ISBN: 9780890517499
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     Matter (Student, Journal, & Teacher) Energy (Student, Journal & Teacher), and PLP

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    ISBN: 9780486826141
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  • Item #: 033993
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       Learn about the laws of physics in a real, hands-on fashion with the supplies and instructions in this kit. The kit includes a digital stopwatch w/battery, 60” tape measure, single pulley, double pulley, table clamp pulley, tubular spring scale, 1” wooden ball, 3/4” steel ball, 1” steel ball, Hall’s carriage, slotted weight set, string, and activity guide. All supplies come in a plastic case for convenient storage. The activity guide has instructions for 12 different experiments that will help you learn the basics of physics – projectile motion, circular motions, Newton’s Laws of Physics, Hooke’s Law, and more. Use the kit with your curriculum to demonstrate concepts or use the experiments to introduce the fun of physics! ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9781615384921
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    ISBN: 9781886978126
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