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Physical Education

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    ISBN: 9780740314681
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    While new homeschool curriculums crop up fairly often for history, science and language arts, it's a rarity that a new homeschool health program is developed! Author Michele Spadafora has done an incredible job in pulling together this easy-to-use, thoroughly Christian P.E. and nutrition course that incorporates weekly lessons in "faith, fitness and fuel." It's an 18-week course that includes three segments on each of those "building blocks" per week, with tests included after every 3rd or 4th week and lots of helpful and inspiring video content as well. Scheduling works most naturally if you do health three days per week for one semester. Each week includes three topical reading segments (each about two pages in length), questions for the student, space to write goals for all three areas for the week, and space to journal about the week. "Faith" reading assignments focus on a biblical message, typically a goal that we could all work towards in our relationship with the Lord. These include: giving God control, replacing stress with peace, prayer, worship, loving others, serving others, making disciples, and more. Scripture references are sprinkled throughout the text, and several questions typically follow the reading. "Fitness" readings focus on the practical and include the benefits of exercising, frequency of exercising, warm-ups and cool-downs, proper form, weight loss basics, core strength, exercise gear, etc. "Fuel" readings focus on nutrition, like eating portions and proportions, understanding food labels, the importance of breakfast, avoiding sugar, the importance of whole grains, eating healthy snacks, avoiding diet mistakes, understanding eating disorders, and more. Readings on fitness and fuel typically do not have questions for the student, but are always followed by a space to write a goal for the week. The tests are fairly short and made up entirely of multiple-choice questions (an answer key for these is included at the end of the book).

    The video content is one of my favorite aspects of the program. It not only allows the author to "talk to" the student via video, but it also provides a way to demonstrate proper exercise form, workout ideas, or cooking technique. There are 32 short videos that complement the content in the book, and prompts to view them are found at the end of the readings. Students are also directed to several "Burst" videos throughout the program. These videos are about ten minutes in length and, just like the name suggests, these offer short energetic workouts to get the blood pumping. These are also found on the author's website. A DVD is also included with the book which features three full-body workouts, each about a ½-hour in length. The workout routines are fast-moving, yet simple enough to follow along with and feature upbeat Christian music from a variety of contemporary Christian artists. No fancy gear is required; while exercise bands make an appearance in several of the workout videos, and weights and exercise balls are discussed in the book, most fitness routines do not require any equipment. Whether you use the routines included or your own fitness program, the student is asked to work out at least three times a week, outside of specific assignments from the book.

    This easy-to-implement program would be perfect to do together as a family. The readings are fairly short and easy for students at different ability levels to understand. Technical details on nutrition and fitness are kept to a minimum, and the fitness routines and exercises will appeal equally to girls and boys. Compared to a full-year health course, you won't find nearly as much content on the human body or physiology here; the emphasis is truly on practical knowledge and motivation to stay fit. It would make sense to incorporate the nutritional information into the whole family's diet as well. The text is designed as a consumable, but if your students all write in their own journals or notebooks, you could use the text as a family. Christian families will especially appreciate the emphasis on building your faith while you build your physical endurance. 171 pgs, pb. – Jess

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    ISBN: 9780966972740
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    This book provides fun and easy-to-use games and activities that will give your children great exercise and instill in them a lifelong love of fitness. It contains games that do not require a gym, expensive equipment, or large play areas. Most can be played in a backyard setting. However, many of the basketball games require a hard surface for dribbling and games like handball and wall ball require bouncing balls off of a wall. The only equipment these games call for, besides a few racquets, nets, and hula-hoops, are different kinds of balls. Some of the games that require specific equipment give ideas for substitutions that can be made if the equipment is not available. Most of the games can be played with 2-4 people but can easily be adapted for larger groups. The skill-based games work on improving specific sport skills and also introduce activities children will enjoy doing independently. The book is organized into different sections, such as the different sports, playground games, rope jumping games, fitness building games, and more. Each game provides an introduction with a skill purpose, number of players required, suggested age level, equipment needed, black and white illustrations, and easy-to-understand instructions. In addition, teachers will find helpful advice on how to use the games most effectively in a homeschool setting, how to introduce games to children, finding the right game to achieve your learning objective, safety guidelines, and much more. The book is a great resource for fun and simple games that will prompt your children to enjoy physical activity and will develop their fitness, movement, and sport skills. ~ Rachel S.

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    ISBN: 9781578262748
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    When our kids aren't involved in business or household duties, they tend to jump on the trampoline, hike, bike, swim, or play baseball or volleyball. So we did not see the need to offer a book on physical education. However, not all children are so inclined. With childhood obesity on the rise, physical fitness is becoming increasingly important in the schools. As of 2005, 48 states now have physical education requirements which need to be met for graduation. If P.E. needs more attention in your home, don't panic. Dr. Bruce Whitney (also a homeschool dad) has all the planning and instruction right here in this recently updated guide that's easy to read and use. In seven chapters, he offers a "quick start" with weekly lesson plans; ideas for motivating your family; information and instruction on building muscle strength, endurance and flexibility; information and instruction on aerobic fitness, instruction for games like Capture the Flag, Around the World Table Tennis and snow soccer; fitness tests with scoring charts; lesson plans to help build specific skills and even rules and teaching labs for sports. From specific exercises to strengthen your ankles to how to play softball, it's all here. Just think of this book as your family physical fitness trainer.Get moving! 166 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 027093
    ISBN: 9780979321917
    Retail: $10.95
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    Has the young man in your life looked at a famous athlete and said "How do I become strong like him?" If you have heard this before and want to offer more advice than "Eat your Wheaties," The Boy's Fitness Guide is a great way for your child to get started on living a fit lifestyle. The book starts off with understanding basic human physiology and how being physically fit is really three components: flexibility, aerobic fitness, and overall strength. After explaining the importance of each, the book goes on to explain in practical detail, exercises and activities that can increase individual fitness. This work also covers the importance of a good diet and hygiene and how looking fit can become something to be proud of. At the conclusion of this read the student is given a specific workout routine that is easy to follow and leads to a path of overall athletic fitness. - Steve

  • Item #: 018258
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    A companion DVD complementing the lab section of Home School Family Fitness is also available. It contains approximately one hour of instruction in sports skills, including demonstrations of skills needed for football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and tennis.

  • Item #: 032164
    ISBN: 9781891369469
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    Rather than simply telling kids how they should exercise and what they should eat, this attractive little journal offers them space to record how well they've eaten, and how much they've exercised during the week, with some cute little "extras" besides. The journal includes 52 weeks of journal pages, to last for a whole year. Each week is given a two-page spread. On the left-hand page, you'll find short lists of recommended activities, healthy snacks, and a tip or two about how to eat healthier or how to make active exercise more fun. The right-hand page contains the journal part, and includes a physical activity log, divided by day of the week. Kids are encouraged to write down their "active" achievements for the day, even if some days they are not as ambitious. The bottom of the page features a fill-in-the-grid "time tracker", where they can fill in a square for every ten minutes of exercise completed that day; a "healthy food 9-square," where they can draw a happy face or place a sticker into a square for each healthy food eaten that week; and a "writer & artist corner" where they can sketch or jot down a thought about exercise or healthy eating for the week. The journal itself is good-quality, with thick pages and full-color lively illustrations of active kids and healthy snacks sprinkled throughout. Designed by the founding editor of kidsrunning.com, the journal is full of tried and true tips and helpful advice from someone with a solid health and nutrition background. Also, it's often recommended that recording activities and accomplishments is very helpful for people trying to reach specific goals, and this is particularly true for reaching fitness goals. If your family is making an effort to be more active and to eat more healthily, these journals would be an excellent tool for the kids to track their progress. - Jess

  • Item #: 028068
    ISBN: 9781622230099
    Retail: $12.99
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    This reproducible workbook assists students in looking at a wide variety of health-related topics and how they affect individuals. Thirteen sections address topics such as lifestyle and longevity, heredity, exercise and fitness, communicable diseases, noncommunicable diseases, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, nutrition, mental and emotional health, consumer health, safety and first aid. Each section includes informational text on the topic followed by activities to explore the topic further. Some activities include: reading about Mendel's pea experiments and completing a heredity chart to determine traits of several offspring, researching your family health history and completing a family health history questionnaire, determining which type of exercise is appropriate for several sample individuals, matching symptoms and characteristics with the name of the disease, writing a truthful cigarette commercial, taking a nutrition quiz, evaluating one's own diet, creating a sleep record, and much, much more. There is a good mix of information and a wide variety of activities, including ones geared to help the student analyze his or her own lifestyle, to perhaps see changes they could make. Workbook is 92 pages and includes an answer key and list of health sites available on the Internet. - Jess

  • Item #: 030505
    ISBN: 9780825116162
    Retail: $27.00
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    Many students have an increased awareness of nutrition and fitness around high school, and this is also an essential age for them to learn about healthy habits in order for them to take care of their bodies. This book provides a well-rounded study for just that purpose. The book is composed of fifty reproducible student lessons and an answer key. These pages are presented in three different parts. The first twenty-five pages cover protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, calcium, water, salt, alcohol, energy, and more. Here students will learn about all of these individual components of nutrition. In the next section, they'll work with these components in order to discover how to eat well, maintain an ideal (healthy!) weight, and be a wise consumer. They'll research diets, the importance of breakfast, vegetarianism, exercise, calories, nutrient supplements, and many other relevant topics. The last part helps students evaluate all of the information they've learned through four different tests and worksheets. By the end of this course, your students will have a working knowledge of nutrition and healthy habits. Please note that that although the activities are plentiful and well-designed, there is not much reading material included, and some questions asked in the activities assume some level of knowledge by the student. To create a complete nutrition study, you will need to add a core text, or supplement with library books. - Melissa

  • Item #: 009639
    ISBN: 9780740338267
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    A practical, one-semester elective that nurtures your child's body and mind with interactive lessons. Lessons cover basic nutrition, flexibility training, cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, and motivation and mindset. Students are also required to design personal fitness goals and complete exercises using a daily activity log. Quizzes and Tests included. System requirements: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 / Windows 7/ Windows 8 & 8.1 / Windows 10. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780310740575
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    ISBN: 9780988928510
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       Kick, bounce or toss these rubber playground balls for hours of outdoor fun! Measuring 8.5” in diameter, the balls come with a textured cover for easy gripping in any weather conditions. Comes inflated with instructions for inflating if necessary. Offered in 2 options, bright colors (assorted colors we will assort on orders of more than one) or the USA ball which has red and white stripes on one half and a blue background with white stars on the other half. Kickball, 4-square and even a daring game of dodge ball can be mastered with these great balls from Franklin Sports. ~ Deanne

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      Introduce youngsters to the value of hard work and discipline while developing upper body strength and stamina with this all-inclusive set. Padded boxing gloves (4 oz) measure approximately 6” from wrist to finger, with an approximate 3.75” width (excluding the thumb). The Velcro® wrist strap provides an additional layer to ensure a correct fit. Spring loaded, adjustable pole fits firmly into molded plastic base (fill with water or sand for added stability). With a height range of 26.5-40”, this set will grow with your little champion! Inflatable punching bag and air pump included. I wish this had been available years ago for my son, who needs an outlet for pent up energy and stress. He stumbled onto boxing a few years back and has found purpose and enjoyment developing his skills. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 065567
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    Fitivities is an exciting new game that is played by children and adults of all ages. The rules are simple. Spread out the large 33”x47” durable, vinyl game mat. Roll the dice and move your shoe-shaped playing piece to learn which exercise you will complete.  Flick the spinner to find the number of repetitions and you are well on your way to healthy game playing! Exercises range from performing a plank to jumping rope, along with a variety of other physical movements. Also included are instructions to modify the exercises for those unable to perform the specified activity. Designed for competitive play for 2-24 players (or up to 4 teams), benefits also abound from solitary or non-competitive play. Average gameplay time is 10-30 minutes. This game is perfect for PE class or just a way to break away from the books when restlessness is afoot. Before you know it, you and your children will be laughing out loud while working up a sweat! The boxed set includes 4 shoes and 4 dice in primary colors, 4 multi-color spinners, the 33” x47” vinyl mat, and instructions. 1 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. ~ Deanne

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    Features a red/blue/yellow/orange wedge pattern and has 12 handles.

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    Perfect for smaller spaces: 9 handles, red/yellow/green/blue wedge pattern, great for 3-4 kids.

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    ISBN: 9780897936200
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    What a staple! From the obvious uses of cones as boundaries in a game to tricycle slaloms, these cones add excitement and legitimacy to every winding course a child could conceive. With their sturdy construction, affordable price, and compact size (1 foot in height), these cones are a must have for active play. The included guide shows tons of games and activities for even more cone use.

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    ISBN: 9781932802290
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     The Middle School Journal (80 pgs) expands on the elementary content and adds National Standards and President’s Challenge (a set of exercises used in many P.E. classes to gauge fitness), healthy living, MyPlate nutrition guidance and places to develop a healthy lifestyle plan.