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Phonics Made Plain

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    ISBN: 9780880621489
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    It would be hard to get more basic than this kit a set of 79 cards, another card with instructions, and a wall chart. But, oh! The places you can go! The 5.5 x 8 cards are a complete set of phonograms - phonogram on one side; sample words and exceptions on the other, along with a reference to the wall chart. The 44" x 68" wall chart is a summary of all the phonograms. The instruction card tells how to teach phonograms, words, and sentences. This kit might be all a resourceful mom would need to teach reading, or to supplement other reading/phonics programs. From the same publisher as the Classic Curriculum and with vintage feel, its the perfect reinforcement and review resource for that program. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 052567
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    This DVD could easily have been called, Effective Teaching Strategies for Children Who Just Dont Get It! Focusing specifically on teaching strategies for right brain learners, the ideas and concepts presented here will facilitate learning for many of your children. In this presentation, Dianne Craft explains the differences between right and left brain learning and defines the targeted audience for teaching with right brain strategies. While success has been documented in a variety of children including those with auditory processing issues, attention and focusing issues, underdeveloped memory and poor hemispheric integration (e.g. Dyslexia), the strategies presented will work for any child that other teaching methods are not working for.

    Beginning with the premise that most curricula is written for left brain learners who thrive on a sequential, repetitive, and mostly plain (non-distracting) presentation, Mrs. Craft explains the differences found in the right brain learner and provides a wide range of teaching suggestions in multiple subject areas including Spelling and Vocabulary, Phonics and Reading Comprehension, Math and Writing. Suggestions for following directions and study skills are also included.

    This DVD lecture is bursting with strategic ideas for teaching struggling learners and I personally took away many nuggetsvaluable ideas that this left brain mom is incorporating into her home. One of the greatest tidbits I received was the idea that writing was not the best learning gate for all children and often times children feel penalized when made to write everything we strive to teach them-as a mom who incorporated a great deal of copywork in our homeschool, this explained a lot of the struggles I went through with one of my children. An accompanying 38 page comb-bound Study Guide provides overhead transparencies and additional how-to information. Mrs. Craft is an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable presenter. My only lament with this DVD is the low sound quality at times (the teaching segment was recorded live in a large room), and the overhead projections are often difficult to view. Fortunately, the study guide does a fine job of aiding the viewer in following the presentation.

    Mrs. Crafts materials can be used independently, or in tandem as they complement each other. While there is minor overlap between the Brain Integration Manual and her workshop DVDs/CDs, using them together provides parents with additional tools. 126 min. Deanne

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