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Periodic Table

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  • Item #: 041684
    ISBN: 9780516278520
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    This little book tells all about the periodic table, from how it was created and arranged, to who designed it. This book also includes fun facts, such as "the only letter not included in the periodic table is J"; or that some abbreviations are from other languages, such as Au for gold - Aurum means gold in Latin. An interesting introduction to an important topic. 48 pgs, pb. Stephen

  • Item #: 029477
    ISBN: 9781883937713
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.25

    Digging back much further than the development of the Periodic Table, this extremely readable (and entertaining!) book tells the whole story of chemistry, from the first pure elements ever found and used in ancient times (gold and silver) to Mendeleev's development of the Periodic Table, and beyond to the discovery of protons, neutrons and electrons. Along the way, we are introduced to the great thinkers of Greece, Medieval alchemists, Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestly, Lavoisier, John Dalton, Humphrey Davy, Ernest Rutherford, and many other colorful characters from chemistry's history. Believe me - they are definitely colorful! Avoiding dry facts and scientific language, author Benjamin D. Wiker has written this readable history of chemistry with an excellent blend of fact, anecdote and interactive writing. - Jess

  • Item #: 034805
    ISBN: 9781622230082
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    To the untrained eye, the periodic table may look like a whir of numbers and letters that lack meaning or application to real life. However, this often-confusing mass is really beautiful, organized and, when understood, greatly deepens your understanding of chemistry. Elements and the Periodic Table is a great supplement to your regular science curriculum that helps students make sense of the information-packed periodic table.

    This book offers 125 pages of activities that build logically from the explanation of elements to organization of the periodic table, and parents and teachers have permission to copy the activities for family or classroom use. Each of the four chapters begins with an explanation to the instructor and ends with a quiz or test for that chapter. Learn to name the elements, discover the use for each of the elements and put together your own table, and then play the Elements Game to become proficient at the periodic table. Activity answers are at the back of the book for your convenience.

    Something I remember from my teaching days is that textbooks can be full of good information, but they don't always offer enough of the hands-on activities for students to understand the application of the material, leaving you to track down activities from outside resources. That is not the case with this book; Elements and the Periodic Table offers great, practical activities to help students understand and apply their learning. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 068224
    ISBN: 9781770858107
    Retail: $24.95
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    Understanding the elements of the Periodic Table can be difficult for chemistry students. This wonderful resource presents a bit of history and lessons of the past concerning the Periodic Table and chemistry; learn about Mendeleev, atomic physics, the Quantum atom, and trends and patterns before jumping into presentations for each of the elements. One to two pages per element will give information on characteristics, uses, and its discovery, along with atomic number, weight, abundance, radius, melting point, boiling point, configuration and the date of its discovery. Pictures and illustrations will keep the reader engaged in the topic at hand. The book is then rounded out with the “Hall of Fame” for scientists and researchers – Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Glenn T. Seaborg, and others. 192 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 015706
    ISBN: 9780825139376
    Retail: $24.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Quick. Name element number 38 on the periodic table. Also, give it's symbol, atomic number, whether it's a solid, liquid or gas, metal, semimetal, or nonmetal, it's mass number, number of protons, neutrons and electrons, it's ion charge, atomic radius, and it's electron configuration. Without a periodic table. Okay, that last sentence was a joke. But even with a periodic table, how much of that information would you be able to find? All of it and more, if you knew how to read it, but most people don't. This book includes fifty reproducible activities to teach your aspiring chemist how to interpret the information on the periodic table. They will be able to answer all those above questions, and many more, about all elements in the periodic table. To non-chemists, it sounds like a tough job, but knowing how to read the periodic table is a valuable skill for anyone interested in chemistry. Includes directions and answers where needed. Some of the activities require additional materials, but you should already have them around the house. ~ Stephanie

  • Item #: 003582
    ISBN: 9780764955211
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50
    Test your Periodic Table trivia with this deck of 48 fact-filled cards. Each laminated card measure 3¼”x 4” and has a question on the front side with the answer and short explanation on the reverse. Questions are multiple choice, true/false, and short answer, and they ask general questions about the elements and the Periodic Table. Use these to review concepts, prepare for tests or just to test your knowledge on the subject. How much do you already know – What are valence electrons? Which element group on the Periodic Table is highly reactive and includes metals or metalloids? How many elements are there? ~ Donna

  • Item #: 037892
    ISBN: 9781338185034
    Retail: $19.99
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  • Item #: 073322
    ISBN: 9780794541323
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  • Item #: 026107
    ISBN: 9780753460856
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    This very "personable" introduction to the elements presents each element as if it were a person, with character traits that correspond to its elemental attributes. After a brief introduction on the periodic table and its organization, we jump right into the chapters. Chapters cover the periodic table from left to right, and include hydrogen, the alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition elements, boron elements, carbon elements, nitrogen elements, oxygen elements, noble gases, lanthanides and actinides, and the transactinides. Each chapter opens with a paragraph or two that addresses all elements in that group (or family), and discusses how they are alike. Following this, we look at a few of the elements in the family individually. Each individual profile provides a list of information including symbol, atomic number, color, standard state, classification, density, melting point, boiling point, and date of discovery. This is followed by a conversational paragraph that sounds as if it were written by the element itself! For example, Tin's information states "I am a wily old metal with a long and distinguished history. Starting way back in the Bronze Age, I have been the ultimate mixer for metals." The information shared here is simple enough for children to understand, and covers some of the interesting uses, past and present, for each element. A cute aspect of the book is the illustrations, which are bold, edgy graphics that depict each element as a human or animal-like form with features that correspond with their attributes. As an added bonus, an illustrated periodic table poster is included at the end of the book, each element portrayed with its character from the book. Entertaining, visually pleasing, and even funny, this is probably the most interesting introduction to the elements I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing! 128 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 006467
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    ISBN: 9781411470682
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    ISBN: 9781423220794
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    ISBN: 9781423220800
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  • Item #: 040645
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    This write-on/wipe-off magnetic periodic table is perfect for magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators and other magnetic surfaces. The white background and colorfully coated element families are easy to read: atomic number, electrons per shell, symbol, name, and atomic weight for each element. A legend explains the numbers and colors. 11.625” x 16.5”. - Logan

  • Item #: 029444
    Retail: $9.99
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     Sets include 4 colorful posters measuring 21.5”x 17”, reproducible activity sheets and concise teacher guide. Posters included are: Periodic Table; Reading the Periodic table; Metals, Non-metals, & Metalloids; Elements & Compounds

  • Item #: 012974
    ISBN: 9781423224310
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  • Item #: 038223
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      This set of 125 cards is great tool for learning the Periodic Table elements. Color-coded cards let you know to which group the elements belong – yellow – metals; green – metalloids; purple – non-metals; black – recently approved elements (109-118); and red – definition cards. The deck of 125 cards includes 118 element cards, 1 Actinoid card, 1 Lanthanoid card, and 5 definition cards (definitions w/ visual for atomic mass, atomic number, electron arrangement (configuration), and valence. The cards are the size of standard playing cards and include the symbol on the front and symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, name, and electron configuration (arrangement) on the back. An included guide provides handy terms and definitions and a simple explanation for placement within the Periodic Table. This deck of cards would be a handy tool for any chemistry student trying to learn the elements. ~ Donna      

  • Item #: 017441
    ISBN: 9781423239208
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  • Item #: 053797
    ISBN: 9780973950663
    Retail: $14.98
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    Why use regular old playing cards when you could play any card game with these – and maybe start memorizing those elements while you play euchre? This double playing card set features elements from Hydrogen (atomic #1) to Rutherfordium (#104) and 105-118 are used as Jokers. Each card features the element's symbol in bold letters, its name, atomic number, series, atomic mass, standard state, melting point, boiling point, period-group, and usages. You can use them as playing cards, flashcards, play one of the two games included, or invent your own chemistry games! - Jess

  • Item #: 070368
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  • Item #: 062046
    ISBN: 9780753471975
    Retail: $11.99
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    Updated and expanded – this new edition introduces your students to even more characters of the Periodic Table (all 118 of them!). Now 192 pages the chapters include Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Elements, Boron Elements, Carbon Elements, Nitrogen Elements, Oxygen Elements, Halogen Elements, Noble Gases, Lanthanoid Elements, Actinoid Elements and the Superheavies (elements 104-112). Each element is represented by a little animated character (much like Anime) and accompanied by that element’s data– symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, color, standard state, density, melting point, boiling point, date of discovery or earliest known use and classification. A summary, written in first person, tells the reader a little more about the element.

    A poster of the Periodic Table is included in the back of the book (perforated for easy removal), and includes the whimsical, animated character for each. This is a fun reference that reminds us that chemistry doesn’t have to be boring and dull; it can also be full of personality! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 029714
    Retail: $9.99
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