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    This thoughtful expansion provides three challenging twists to the basic game play. It also has six new and one redesigned role card, eight new special event cards, rules for adding a 5th player, and the hardest difficulty level yet! In The Virulent Strain challenge, one of the four diseases becomes even more deadly and difficult to control. The Mutation Challenge adds a fifth unique disease to the game. It's one player pitted against all the others in The Bio-Terrorist Challenge, when one player works secretly to spread disease while the others focus on discovering the cures. An absolute winner for any Pandemic gamer!
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    ISBN: 9780890514931
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    This fascinating book by the author of Body by Design delves into the world of microbiology from a Christian perspective. Although many biologists look at microbes as clues to our evolutionary history, many Christian biologists see microbes as further evidence for an all-powerful, innovative Creator. Like other life forms, there are both helpful and harmful microorganisms in our world, and this book is designed to introduce the reader to the world of viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. While discussing infectious disease and pathogens, it takes the stance that these are the result of a sinful world and were not part of God's original design. Ten textbook-like chapters cover: microbes and their unique design, useful bacteria, harmful bacteria, protists, fungi, viruses, the immune system, emerging diseases, the origins of disease, and future plagues and pestilence. Formatted similarly to a textbook, chapters are divided into segments with interesting "asides" and chapter summaries, and black-and-white illustrations and diagrams augment the text. A full page of true/false and multiple-choice questions for each chapter is found towards the end of the book, and a page of critical thinking questions has also been included. I also appreciate the appendix on bacterial genetics, as this is often covered in college courses and will be useful for students to become familiar with. A lengthy reference list, glossary, and index are also included. 188, pb. – Jess

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    ISBN: 9781771470537
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      Kids are naturally curious about what is happening in their world. They may have already asked you how they caught a cold or why not getting the flu is so important. Sometimes we struggle to provide answers in an understandable way.

      This well-written book with fun and informative illustrations show an unseen world where disease detectives seek clues to identify illnesses, treatments and prevention. Beginning with an explanation of the microbial world, children learn about the general germ terms of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Well-known germs are presented, including the common cold, influenza, food poisoning, rabies, malaria, measles, Ebola and others. History of disease including cleanliness, vaccines, antibiotics and superbugs are also described before concluding with public health considerations including pandemics and new infectious diseases.

      An excellent introduction to the microscopic world of disease for children and parents alike. Contains a brief look at evolutionary theory. 63 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne