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Oxford Latin Course Part 2

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    Sing, Spell, Read & Write continues a fine tradition in this grammar program. It is written to follow the Level 2: Grand Tour program. Grammar Plus covers reading, writing, spelling, phonics, speaking and comprehension. The kit includes the teacher's manual, Trophy Book I, Trophy Book II and a music cassette to be used with Trophy Book II.

    Trophy Book I is divided into sections of concepts to be covered. The first section is on alphabetic order. Section 2 is sentence concepts including complete and incomplete sentences, subject and predicate, and types of sentences. Section 3 is capitalization rules including beginning of sentences, the word I, names, months, days, holidays, initials, titles of people, books, plays, etc. and when writing a letter. Spelling I is the fourth section of the student book. There are 95 lists of 10 words each. Spelling lists are given alphabetically and include a review of some words from earlier levels.

    Trophy Book II covers writing letters, writing stories, language manners, parts of speech, practical reading skills and Spelling II. Letter writing covers parts of a letter, envelopes, invitations, friendly letter, thank-you letter and letter of welcome. Writing Stories includes using I last, antonyms, classification exercises, complete sentence answers, writing sentences in story form and writing 'pretend' stories. Section III is Word Usage and includes did/done, ate/eaten, don't/doesn't, came/come, gave/given. Language Manners is section 4 and includes how to introduce people. Sections V-XIV presents parts of speech in order: nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions and interjections. Section XV is Practical Reading Skills and includes how to read a calendar, table of contents, index, menu, tv guide, weather report, emergency list, signs and labels. Spelling II is the same format as Spelling I, which is 95 lists of 10 words each.

    Each lesson presents a concept with exercises for practice. Exercises include short answer, fill-in-the-blank, listing, matching, underlining parts of speech, correcting sentences, etc. The spelling section in each book allows space for the student to write the word and an activity to go along with each list. Activities include word searches, word scrambles, word clues and crosswords.

    The cassette in this kit includes "The Preposition Song" and "Parts of Speech Song." These songs are used in Trophy Book II to help learn the concepts.

    The teacher's manual is a spiral bound answer key. It includes student pages with the answers and an explanation of the program. Now you can sing your way to better grammar with the help of the Grammar Plus Kit. ~ Donna

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    ACT prep – comprehensive and thorough – without the frantic feel. That about sums it up! This course offers a change of pace – and a change of focus – from the typical prep courses. Yes, it still covers vocabulary. Yes, it still provides test-taking strategies. Yes, it still provides detailed review of all subject areas: English, math, reading, writing, and science. But it also provides a call to prayer and devotional preparation that will cause your student to remember to put first things first.

    If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between the ACT and the SAT, you’ll find a clear analysis of each and suggestions for how best to prepare for each. In the introductory ACT test overview, the author covers these topics as well as provides information on how scores are used, average scores for certain universities, as well as suggestions for two essential habits to develop.

    Designed to be used over a ten week period, the course is comprised of fifty daily lessons. Lessons will probably take 1-2 hours to complete so be sure to factor that into your planning. Lesson format is consistent. Starting with a scripture verse, prayer points, and a devotional passage (often derived from classic books), then progressing to individual sections for Vocabulary (Greek/Latin roots or from classic literature), math (review and practice problems), reading (short passages with questions), English (editing and analysis), writing (analysis), and science (sample questions). Test-taking info and strategies are also part of each lesson. Although this format does not vary, the emphasis does vary some with each lesson – one day more time will be spent on science; another day, more on writing, etc. Both end-notes and a complete answer key are included in the back.

    If you’re an appendix-lover, then you’ll be pleased with what’s provided here. First is a brief tutorial on preparing vocabulary cards followed by an extensive reading list grouped by high school grade level. Models for reading and devotional journals as well as lists of Greek and Latin morphemes complete the appendices.

    Compared to other ACT test prep courses, there are two obvious differences with this course. First of all, there is a decided emphasis on the spiritual development and focus of the student. Secondly, test sections (i.e. English, math, etc.) are studied side-by-side rather than as a concentrated focus for a period of time before going on to the next section. Both of these contribute to the sense that test prep is really an opportunity to develop overall maturing in the student. 332 pgs, pb. Janice


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