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Oxford Latin Course

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    ISBN: 9780195212099
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    It's been said that the best way to learn English grammar is to study Latin. But the corollary is also true, the better your knowledge of English grammar, the easier you will find Latin. But what if you're determined to study Latin (Wheelock's in point) and you find your knowledge (or lack thereof) of English grammar is getting in your way? This little book will come to your rescue. Designed as a companion to Wheelock's, it walks alongside the student providing additional grammatical definitions and instruction, practice exercises, and helpful etymological information. The general tone of the book is conversational laced with the author's wry sense of humor. Take for instance the discussion of English relative clauses (did you know that English has relative clauses?). The book starts with a "bare bones definition", then provides example of how to merge two sentences by utilizing a relative clause which leads to a discussion of English relative pronouns and then Latin relative pronouns which (of course) leads us to an understanding of Latin cases. Anyone who has delved very far into Latin knows that an understanding of "case" is absolutely important. The Comprehensive Guide will take you there. And if you're attempting Wheelock's Latin without a thorough understanding of English grammar you will welcome the guidance. This is a helpful supplement but not part of the actual Wheelock's program. Answers to all exercises are in the back. 307 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9781582042091
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    ISBN: 9781490964287
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    Using familiar songs to remember grammar rules is nothing new to language learning. But when you are learning a subject as tough as Latin, it helps even more. Add this book with CD to any Latin program to help your children remember the various declensions and conjugations. The tunes are familiar: Bingo, If You're Happy and You Know It, Yankee Doodle and the Wheels on the Bus are a few. I think this would even be helpful to more advanced Latin students. The book states the songs can be used with younger kids (age 4) as well as older students. The songs can be used to introduce your little ones to Latin, but it may not make sense to them until they have has some practice with the written language. You could have older kids make up their own songs to remember other rules! While the songs are catchy, the book has clear and simple pages to go with each song/rule. There are 29 songs/rules in all. The CD has both the Classical (songs 1-29) and the Ecclesiastical (songs 30-58) pronunciations followed by music only versions that you could use to test the kids to see if they can sing the rules without the words. A helpful audio component to round out any quality Latin course. 33pp, pb, with audio CD . ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780521787420
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    ISBN: 9781456505837
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    Translation exercises based on Biblical parables. Start with the shortest (one verse), build translation skills and progress to the longest (22 verses) of 30 Biblical parables from the Latin Vulgate. Each parable is listed verse-by-verse with space provided to write the English translation. Each parable is accompanied by a lovely monochromatic illustration – usually renditions of classic artwork. Answer key is provided with the New King James Translation of the parable. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780979505102
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    Subtitled "Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age," I could see this book serving as a great introduction to Latin for the family who is not sure they want to jump right into a full-fledged Latin course. Of course, it would be just as useful for an older student (or even Mom and Dad), if they have never studied Latin but want to learn it on their own. The course was designed out of necessity by author William E. Linney, after he was asked by a relative to teach Latin to her children. He set out looking for a course that would not require a Latin teacher, was self-paced, self explanatory, offered lots of practice exercises, was non-threatening, and inexpensive. When he couldn't find a course that suited his needs, he designed this one. The book contains 134 lessons, which are short (usually less than a page in length), un-fluffy, and incremental in progression. Lessons strike a nice balance between introducing new vocabulary, explaining simple grammatical concepts, and memorization of noun and verb forms. No lesson covers all of these tasks, but instead focuses on one objective and covers it well. Lessons that introduce new Latin vocabulary feature a new Latin word, its English meaning, and sometimes a pronunciation tip. This is usually followed by about ten sentences to translate. Lessons on grammar are also bite-sized, and different forms and cases are introduced gradually. As they are introduced, they are added to a chart, and students will translate sentences that use the forms and cases that they have learned. As charts are filled with endings or forms, students may be asked to memorize them, to aid in future lessons. Just for fun, "Latin Expressions" are scattered throughout the book. In each one, the author takes a common Latin phrase like "caveat emptor," or "etc." and explains the Latin history behind each phrase. Don't underestimate how these little "sparks" of knowledge whet your appetite to learn more! By the end of the book, students will have stockpiled basic vocabulary of around 100 words, be comfortable translating simple sentences in Latin, and have a grasp of basic Latin grammar.

    There are a couple of aspects of this course worth noting. First of all, because the book is more of a text than a worktext it is not designed to be consumable. For translation purposes, the author recommends translating the sentences in a separate notebook. If extra practice is desired, you may wish to translate the sentences back to the form given in the lesson. Secondly, while we all realize that pronunciation is very difficult to teach "out of a book", the author has considered this, and has come up with an ingenious solution. He has provided MP3 audio files free of charge on his website, which can be downloaded and used with the lessons. As an added bonus, you can choose from either classical pronunciation or ecclesiastical pronunciation. Audio commentary on the lessons and a host of other helpful resources is also included on the website. Lastly, this course would be excellent prep for an older student who will be studying Latin in high school or college who hasn't had the benefit of laying a basic Latin foundation earlier in life. Upon completion of this book, I think students would be more ready to tackle Lingua Latina, Oxford University Latin, Henle Latin, or Cambridge Latin, than if they were starting off cold. Latina Christiana I or other complete courses designed for younger students could also be considered reasonable continuations, although there would be much more overlap/review between courses. This is a terrific way to get started in Latin and I am glad that the author did not find what he was looking for to teach Latin, because he has certainly written a course that fulfills all of his goals! – Jess

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    ISBN: 9780521787475
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     The Course Notebook is a 3-ring binder that contains the course notes and worksheets (110 pages), and each person taking the course needs their own Course Notebook. The publisher states that spouses can share the notebook. 

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    ISBN: 9780521787468
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    Sing, Spell, Read & Write continues a fine tradition in this grammar program. It is written to follow the Level 2: Grand Tour program. Grammar Plus covers reading, writing, spelling, phonics, speaking and comprehension. The kit includes the teacher's manual, Trophy Book I, Trophy Book II and a music cassette to be used with Trophy Book II.

    Trophy Book I is divided into sections of concepts to be covered. The first section is on alphabetic order. Section 2 is sentence concepts including complete and incomplete sentences, subject and predicate, and types of sentences. Section 3 is capitalization rules including beginning of sentences, the word I, names, months, days, holidays, initials, titles of people, books, plays, etc. and when writing a letter. Spelling I is the fourth section of the student book. There are 95 lists of 10 words each. Spelling lists are given alphabetically and include a review of some words from earlier levels.

    Trophy Book II covers writing letters, writing stories, language manners, parts of speech, practical reading skills and Spelling II. Letter writing covers parts of a letter, envelopes, invitations, friendly letter, thank-you letter and letter of welcome. Writing Stories includes using I last, antonyms, classification exercises, complete sentence answers, writing sentences in story form and writing 'pretend' stories. Section III is Word Usage and includes did/done, ate/eaten, don't/doesn't, came/come, gave/given. Language Manners is section 4 and includes how to introduce people. Sections V-XIV presents parts of speech in order: nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions and interjections. Section XV is Practical Reading Skills and includes how to read a calendar, table of contents, index, menu, tv guide, weather report, emergency list, signs and labels. Spelling II is the same format as Spelling I, which is 95 lists of 10 words each.

    Each lesson presents a concept with exercises for practice. Exercises include short answer, fill-in-the-blank, listing, matching, underlining parts of speech, correcting sentences, etc. The spelling section in each book allows space for the student to write the word and an activity to go along with each list. Activities include word searches, word scrambles, word clues and crosswords.

    The cassette in this kit includes "The Preposition Song" and "Parts of Speech Song." These songs are used in Trophy Book II to help learn the concepts.

    The teacher's manual is a spiral bound answer key. It includes student pages with the answers and an explanation of the program. Now you can sing your way to better grammar with the help of the Grammar Plus Kit. ~ Donna

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    ISBN: 9780521005074
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    Featuring about 240 Latin verbs, these two, double-sided laminated, white cardstock reference cards are three-holed punched. Each entry includes the definition and its conjugation type. Verbs are listed in order of appearance in Wheelock’s. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780521534147
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