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Oxford Essential Reading

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    ISBN: 9781420680577
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    This book provides practice for older readers to enhance their reading skills, using a variety of different texts similar to what they would come across in their daily lives. It is divided into two parts: Key Reading Skills and Reading Texts. The first part focuses on specific skills, including scanning, predicting, working out word meanings, understanding a writer's purpose, understanding complex sentences, interpreting graphs and tables, inferring, and reading critically. Each unit focuses on one of those skills, with a brief explanation on what the skill is, how to use it, and why you might need to use it. A follow-up activity provides practice in using the skill, with an example text to read, and a series of related short-answer questions to complete. In the second part, students are given a variety of texts, including excerpts from textbooks, articles, novels, web pages, film reviews and cartoons. Three groups of activities accompany every text, one to complete before reading the text, one designed to test recall, and one intended for a student's personal response to the text. All in all, the book has a very no-nonsense visual appearance, with black-and-white pages and few illustrations. If your previous reading comprehension program does not cover this age level, or you feel that your junior high student could use some additional reading skills practice, you might consider this one. 30 units (lessons) total, with answers included in the back. Reproducible for classroom or family use only. – Jess

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    ISBN: 9780198393344
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    ISBN: 9781476749792
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    ISBN: 9780198328728
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    ISBN: 9781596951112
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    ISBN: 9780198328735
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    ISBN: 9781596951099
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    ISBN: 9780739096345
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  • Item #: 008204
    ISBN: 9780195145786
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    This book contains many old favorites as it returns us to the forgotten treasures of American children's poetry. It features beautiful drawings from the best children's book illustrations through history-including archival selections from rare and early editions. This state-of-the-art anthology revives the classic poems but also retains the atmosphere of the periods in which they were written. There are selections from early Native American's cradle songs. Then it moves on to the 1787 "Alphabet" poem from the New England Primer; to 'The Three Little Kittens"; to poems by Emily Dickinson, Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Janet S. Wong and several more! This is one poetry book that will not gather dust on the shelf as the older readers will want to read it often and younger children will want their favorite poems read to them time and time again! 96 pgs. ~ Phyllis

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    ISBN: 9780198328704
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    ISBN: 9780198321668
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    ISBN: 9780198392224
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    ISBN: 9780198324003
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    ISBN: 9780198328711
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    ISBN: 9780198328681
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  • Item #: WPGKES
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  • Item #: 008841
    ISBN: 9780198328698
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  • Item #: 015898
    ISBN: 9780194505284
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    A picture dictionary differs from a regular Spanish/English dictionary in that it is organized topically rather than alphabetically, and, obviously, uses pictures along with the text. This dictionary includes over 4,000 words (285 of which are verbs.) This is good way to learn vocabulary since a student can look at a picture and see the words in context. Illustrations and photos are colorful and the topics are color-coded, great for a visual learner. Photos include scenes of people communicating in addition to pictures of objects that you might find in that place. Letters next to people and objects in the picture correlate to the Spanish phrases on the side. Topics include: everyday language, people, housing, food, clothing, health, community, transportation, work, areas of study, plants & animals, and recreation. While the pages and pictures are easy to follow, there is no pronunciation help for the student, which implies a prior knowledge of pronunciation or a fluent teacher available. A thorough glossary in the back makes it easy to look up a word and find others in that topic once you get there. This is a full-sized book (8.5x11"), the 2nd edition published in 2009, sc, 305pp ~Sara

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  • Item #: 025828
    ISBN: 9780739032855
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    In comparing Ready to Read Music: Sequential Lessons in Music Reading Readiness to other products already in our catalog, I would have to describe this book as a sort of pared-down version of Essentials of Music Theory, also by Alfred Publishing. In a single volume, Ready to Read Music contains all the information necessary to begin sight reading music. This reproducible textbook consists of four units of eight lessons each. The unit titles are Staff, Clefs, Notes; Rhythm; Pitch; and More Musical Symbols and Terms. I really appreciate that the text and music symbols are a nice comfortable size - easy for reading. A bonus section at the back of the book contains over twenty-five pages of large, reproducible music symbols. The book's introduction suggests using these for bulletin boards or for flash card learning. Answers to review exercises sprinkled throughout the text are also at the back, following the reproducible music symbols. Other perks include a removable comb binding for ease in photocopying, and a certificate of completion signifying the student is indeed ready to read music. 120 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel P.

  • Item #: 001678
    ISBN: 9781883790257
    Retail: $27.95
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    If conventional phonics is not working with your child, or if phonics instruction is turning your "eager to read-er" into a "do we have to?" reader, here's an approach you should try. Based on techniques used in the Reading Recovery program and on observations of methods used by "natural" readers (children who learn to read at young ages despite no formal instruction), this approach takes a middle road between phonics and "sight reading." It is designed to be used one-on-one in a tutoring situation – not in a classroom environment – so it works very well in a home school. The first ingredient is reading, reading, reading to your young child. Predictable readers are used heavily in beginning instruction so that the child can begin to "read" successfully without knowing all of the rules, and can begin to recognize letter-sound correlations in familiar words. Some separate phonics instruction is done as part of the lesson. Initially, letter sounds are taught. From there, instruction depends on the previous day's experience. However, most of the phonics instruction is done within the context of reading and writing about real stories in real books. Phonics rules are not learned in any set sequence, but as the need to use them arises. Books are reread until mastered, then rotated out, with a book on the "cutting edge" of the child's ability added to the mix. A list of recommended children's books is included.

    The author is no stranger to the "great debate" on reading instruction. He has sixteen years of experience teaching in both public and private schools and, as headmaster of a Christian school, oversaw a home education program in which he worked with parents teaching their children to read. He realizes the strong preference homeschoolers have for phonics, but he makes a great case for considering a less "pure" approach. I do think this book is worth reading. After reading it, I realized that my children all learned a little this way, despite my attempts to teach them strictly phonetically. When Mark was learning to read, he just wouldn't wait for me to slowly make it through our phonics program. Armed with the essential basics, he wanted to read, and proceeded to do so; reading and rereading familiar books until they were mastered, demanding explanations of unfamiliar constructs as he went, and then applying this knowledge the next time he encountered a similar phonetic construct. All this from a child who seemed almost dense to me (compared with his older sisters) when using a strictly phonetic method. On reflection, I think he might have done much better from the start if I'd read this book and employed some of these methods. While not for everyone, and certainly not for those of you who won't even consider less than "pure" phonics, I'm hoping this will help with children who may "fall through the cracks" using a traditional phonics approach.

  • Item #: 067732
    ISBN: 9780192737502
    Retail: $17.95
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       A delightful and extremely helpful resource! This dictionary includes words from twelve of Shakespeare’s most studied and performed plays (Henry V, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and Twelfth Night).

      This resource gives much more than definitions. The word entries include: definition (as used in play), part of speech, pronunciation, warning notes (difference in modern meaning), usage notes (word usage), theatre notes (the cultural background), citation (which play and character used this word), related words, and cross references. There are illustrated segments on related topics – armor, swords/daggers, clothing, hats, animals, colors, occupations, ships, recreation, music, and cosmos (constellations and horoscope), and a map of Shakespeare’s Europe. The binding is flexible and slick/glossy with slightly over-the-page-edge extensions. 352 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: WP2ECI
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  • Item #: 012781
    ISBN: 9780882848976
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