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Owl At Home

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    ISBN: 9780064440349
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    Owl is sensible, but he has his moments - like when he tries to let winter come in and warm up by the fire. Kids will love these short, silly stories.

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    ISBN: 9781425889579
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    Colorful, cheery owls will brighten your student’s day! Measuring 1.5” x 2”, erasers are perfectly sized for little hands. Works with any dry erase board. Cleans easily with soap and water. Set of 10. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781933339917
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    Math understanding doesn’t magically occur when a child begins their academic years – kindergarten and up. Their brains are developing from the time they are born, and you, the parent, can do things to help with that development and lay the foundation as they approach kindergarten. Games – my favorite way to teach young children! This 100-page, softcover book is full of games to help your young child develop an understanding of number concepts – counting, comparing and ordering, recognizing written numerals, and beginning addition and subtraction. You may already be doing some of the activities found in this book, but this book lays out the content in a categorized fashion. There are seven chapters – counting to five, counting to ten, numbers from zero to five, numbers from six to ten, written numerals from 0 to 10, comparing quantities and numbers, and addition and subtraction stories. This isn’t a workbook, but a great resource for parents.

    Typically, you will be able to use these activities with a child who is about 4, but you know your child best and can begin when you believe they are ready. The author suggests that you do the activities in this book in the order they are presented, take as much time as needed with each, and a questionnaire at the end of each chapter will help you determine whether your child is ready to move on. Children may progress at different rates, so be patient as you work with your child. Most importantly, have fun while incorporating these activities into your child’s day. You don’t want them to hate math before they even get going strong. The activities use items from around your home or are easily accessible. You may want to put together a math basket with the following items: 20 small counters, resource pages from the back of the book, one nickel and ten pennies, blank paper and a writing tool. Additional items that may be used occasionally are: ten small toys, four stuffed animals, small blanket, two small paper bags, two regular dice, tape, two different small objects for game tokens, two different-coloring writing utensils, toy cups, plates, spoons, and play food items, dot stickers, small food items, large index cards, and small stickers.

    Use these simple activities to solidify your child’s math foundation and only spend a few minutes a day doing so. Get them ready for kindergarten math and have fun in the process. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 019403
    ISBN: 9780781410311
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    As a first-generation Christian, this book inspired my heart, and it can inspire the hearts of all parents seeking to provide their children a spiritual legacy. Whether you are a first-generation Christian or were raised in a Christian home, I think each of us can honestly say that we did not have perfect homes. We all carry baggage that influences the everyday decisions we make - decisions that have an impact on our future and the future of our children. Yet each of us wants to give our children the best spiritual home that we can. This well-written book guides you through establishing a God-honoring home for your children. Each chapter offers stories to inspire, biblical encouragement, and practical ideas focused on improving your spiritual, emotional and social legacies-a heritage that involves more than teaching God's Word; it means living out God's Word. 208 pgs, sc. ~Deanne

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    Argyle socks have a small diamond pattern in gray, aqua, teal and mint green with a punch of bright orange at the ankle, toe and heel. Includes yellow, orange and black felt for the face and lime green for a necktie.

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    ISBN: 9780756631383
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    ISBN: 9780975414248
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    The last book of the series has arrived! Format is consistent with series description above with more complex content appropriate to the age.

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    ISBN: 9781483814643
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    ISBN: 9780684839561
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    One thing homeschoolers may miss out on is career testing. The individual career counseling tests that I have seen tend to approach choosing a career on the basis of an individual's values, interests, and perceived aptitudes. I know this is true of one particular Christian organization's career placement service and was also true of the test that was previously supplied in College Majors and Careers (before revision removed it). However, Discover What You're Best At contends with this type of testing. Author Linda Gale points out that it doesn't matter how much you would like to do a certain job if you don't have the ability to do it. It's important that you first select a career that you have the aptitude for. You may not have the particular skills required today (you may have to learn or train for them), but you at least need the potential, or aptitude, for it. No amount of self-examination or self-evaluation can be as objective or realistic as aptitude testing. We tend to color our perception of our abilities according to our desires or, often, we just have a much higher (or lower) opinion of our abilities than is actually warranted. The author relays a story about a young man who was very determined to be a mechanical engineer. When he took this battery of aptitude tests, he scored extremely low on both the mechanical and numerical tests, indicating that pursuing a career in this field would be a struggle for him. As it turned out, his father was a mechanical engineer and both father and son strongly desired that this young man follow in his father's footsteps. Apparently, this was so ingrained in the young man that he never realized his abilities lay elsewhere. After testing and some additional career counseling, he decided to switch his career goals.

    The battery of six tests in this revised book are the National Career Aptitude System tests that have been administered for over twenty years, with apparent success. Only slight changes to the tests have been made over the years, mostly in response to changing technology. And, no, you don't have to pay a lot of money to send them off to be scored for you. The timed tests are self-scoring. Unlike those other career placement tests, this test actually helps you to identify clusters of careers that would fit your aptitudes. Once your tests are scored, you can determine which clusters best define your abilities; then you can scan the list of careers in those clusters. Over 1,100 specific careers are listed and described briefly, along with the clusters they belong in. If you see a career that interests you by cluster, you then look it up in the career listings. Often, these are followed by compatible clusters that you may want to refer back to for additional career choices. At this point, you should consider how well each career fits with your value system, since this will play a major factor in your job satisfaction. This book does provide a list of job-related values to help you identify what your priorities are. You will probably want to find out more about the specifics of each likely job to determine how well it will meet your needs. To this end, the book closes with information about job search and career information sites available on the web, so you can become better informed about your career choices and even apply for a job!

    This will be a very helpful tool for high schoolers unsure of a college major, for those seeking a job right out of high school, and for parents seeking to return to the job market or considering a change in their careers.

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    Six baby owls have flown far from their nest to see what excitement the dark night can offer; however; the sun is on the rise and they must get home before morning! This quality cooperative game is perfect for young children, employing some strategy as well to keep older players interested. The game board features a spiral path with different colored spaces, leading to the nest in the center, with the six baby owl tokens starting on different spaces at the outside end of the spiral. A separate sun track shows the progress of the sunrise from the dark night to bright daylight. There are 50 cards containing colors and pictures of the sun and to begin the game, each player is dealt three cards which they keep face-up in front of them. Working together, the players take turns playing a card from their hand into the discard pile, moving an owl or the sun token and replacing their hand with a new card from the draw pile. When you play a color card, you choose any baby owl and "fly" it to the next available card of that color (if another baby owl is already on the next space of that color you get to fly on further to the following one). When you play a sun card (which you must play if you have in your hand), the sun moves one space closer to daylight. You're going to have to work together and keep those owls moving if you're going to get them home by morning! 2-4 players, game play lasts about 15 minutes. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 043519
    ISBN: 9780312371319
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    This classic story by Eric Knight tells about a boy named Joe and his beloved collie in northern England. Lassie is Joe's best friend but is also a very beautiful dog that many wealthy people are interested in buying. At first Joe's family resists but the family is poor and must eat, so Lassie is eventually sold (without Joe's knowledge). The ensuing struggle for Lassie and Joe to reunite is heart-wrenching, adventurous, and touching. 248 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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    ISBN: 9780794535865
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    ISBN: 9780823988631
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    ISBN: 9780970877055
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    A common marketing expression years ago was "Ask the man that owns one," the idea being that someone who has lived with something over time knows it pretty well. Who better then to share their experiences with you than Rick and Marilyn Boyer, parents of 12 children who began their home education experience in 1980. They have experienced the rewards and challenges, highs and lows, kudos and questions that arose from raising and educating a large family.

    This book offers encouragement. The first section deals with making the decision to home educate and opens with the chapter "Of Course You Can." Rick (the primary author) addresses teacher credentials, time constraints, financial limitations, and social pressures. Chapter 2 reviews the biblical principals involved concerning child training, with the third chapter focusing on clarifying your goals, motivation, and training methods for successfully educating your children.

    Part 2 gets into the nuts of bolts of home education, starting with the curriculum and materials to be used. Next comes the structure of the training – when and where do we work with the student, what type of learner is each student, which subjects should I focus on and at what age, what testing is appropriate. And, how do I make learning fun and interesting, so that the student really wants to grow in wisdom and knowledge?

    The last 6 chapters address peripheral but important issues – spiritual training, appropriate discipline, where does Dad fit in if Mom is the primary instructor, socialization, preparing for a career and the advisability of college.

    Many books of this ilk are chock full of the author's personal experiences and cute stories about their kids. To their credit, the Boyers clearly present their beliefs and preferences without getting into a lot of family history. You will find many quotes from and references to the Bible, practical advice and a good summary of their home education experience, and the idea that ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children. 271 pg, pb. - Bob

  • Item #: 014350
    ISBN: 9780983252603
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  • Item #: 017347
    ISBN: 9780978541309
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    If you need some help getting organized, but want more flexibility than a standard lesson-plan book provides, read on! This journal combines lesson planner with other helpful forms uniquely suited to homeschooling. Intended as a permanent record, the spiral-bound volume can be filed away with your children’s work as a lasting reference to your school year. The first few pages contain helpful instructions for use and 2-year calendar to aid in planning. A“Linear Schedule of Home Schooling Events” - your year-at-a-glance summary of school-related activities - is followed by a page of yearly requirements like dental exams, test dates, home schooling conventions, etc. A two-sided page for recording by-subject test scores follows. The next several pages are devoted to recording information pertinent to planning field trips, including goals for learning. The heart of the organizer is a generous 200-day daily subject log. Recording boxes are ample and each page helpfully includes a lined, wide “NOTES:” column which allows for detailed recording of particulars on field trips, special activities, journal entries, whatever. At the end of the planner are 13 full pages of library list forms, allowing you to keep a record of books read or books that you hope to locate for use in unit studies. Reasonably priced, this journal could be a wonderful investment in tracking and organizing your school year.

  • Item #: 060418
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    Cute, soft, educational, and a whole lotta fun! This was Rainbow grandkid tested here and in-stantly became a huge hit with the little ones. Busy little fingers will have a blast pulling the 8 durable fabric animals out of the pouches on the inside covers and then finding the correct home on each page to place that animal into, developing those fine motor skills. See if you can tuck the happy dairy cow behind her fence, or slide the sweet fish under the mesh fabric fishbowl. This well-made fabric book is pleasing to the touch and a winner of the Parent's Choice Classic Gold Award. Plus, with a zipper closure that goes completely around the book to hold all the animals inside and a soft carrying handle too, this is a delight for toddlers to take anywhere. Closed book measures 8.5"x 11".
  • Item #: 060736
    ISBN: 9781483816173
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    ISBN: 9780609805855
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    Somewhere between homeschooling her three sons, writing a monthly column for Home Education Magazine, producing and hosting a local homeschool television show, and writing several other books, Rebecca Rupp found time to put this book together. Home Learning Year by Year is a nice blend of overview for each grade, specific skills to be taught for each subject at each level, and mini-reviews of good resources (books, publications, and web sites). The author is quick to point out that every child has different interests and abilities, and there is no such thing as a "standard" curriculum that would work best for all children. Therefore, recommendations are to be considered in light of the particular child to be taught. Since one of Mrs. Rupp's other books is titled The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of experience in making her recommendations.

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    ISBN: 9780399231933
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    "The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat." This charming board book tells the classic children's poem of two animals who are married after a courtship at sea. Delightfully detailed illustrations capture the underwater sea life as well as Owl and Pussycat's travels. By Edward Lear and Jan Brett. 32 pgs. ~ Lisa

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    ISBN: 9781576836002
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    This book offers advice for helping your kids to be creative; develop good study habits; improve basic skills like reading and writing and math; and enjoy learning.
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    ISBN: 9781888827460
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    “A Time Management, Organization, and Career Exploration Course for Christian Home-Schooled Teens.” A rather lengthy subtitle, but very accurate. The author of Spelling Power has placed both a learning and planning tool in the hands of teens. If you want to control your child’s educational plans for the future - skip this. But if you want to empower your teen to begin to take charge of his life - this is great! As students work through this 9-week, ¼-credit course they learn essential planning and organizational skills while constructing a plan for high school and beyond. Definitely Christian in perspective, students are encouraged to seek God’s will when setting goals and to “make time for God” when creating weekly and daily schedules. The book is interesting, well-written, and logically organized into nine main units: Establishing Goals and Setting Priorities; Create Your Tentative High School Plan; Working Out This Year’s Plan; Planning Individual Courses; Completing Assignments and Projects; Making Weekly and Daily Schedules; Keep Records of Your Accomplishments; Making Decisions About Post High School Education; Paying for College. Accompanied by a helpful array of reproducible forms, these take your students through long- and short-term goal setting, through the nuts and bolts of planning each year, down to weekly and daily scheduling, keeping records of progress, and looking into the options for the future, including college. Your student will emerge with a better, “big picture” view of his education and its relevance in his life. The author does not assume a particular philosophy of education throughout, but, rather, does an excellent job of allowing for different educational approaches and learning preferences. She explains how to include outside activities and learning experiences as coursework and translate them into credits. While it would be ideal to use this course at the outset of high school, it could be implemented any time during the high school years.

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    ISBN: 9781441319654
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