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  • Item #: 021779
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

     This simple game is easy to learn and requires basic math skills, some strategy, and maybe just a little luck. Each player is dealt four cards, and a "Tip Top" card is uncovered. Each turn, every player must lay down a new card on the pile begun on the "Tip Top" card, add the number on his or her card to the current total, and announce it to the other players. Depending on the cards, players may also be able to subtract from the total, multiply the total, change the direction of play, or even choose a new "Tip Top" card to play on that round. If players cannot play a card without exceeding the "Tip Top" total number, they must give up one of their four chips and is out of that round. The next round, they are dealt one card less and must play their card after the other players have gone. Play continues until only one player is left - the winner! This game reminds me of Uno combined with math-type card games, but looks fast-paced and fun. - Jess

  • Item #: 019500
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $26.50

    Another outdoor family favorite, recently updated to be more family friendly! With slightly smaller dimensions, this version can be played indoors or outdoors and is completely portable!

    Molkky consists of 12 pins (or skittles') numbered 1-12, a throwing pin, and a detailed set of rules. Skittles measure approximately 5" tall with a diameter slightly less than 2". The throwing pin measures approximately 7 1/2" with an approximate 1 1/2" diameter.

    Play is simple: Set up all12 pins about 10-12 feet away from players in a special formation in a roughly hexagonal pattern next to each other. Players take turns tossing the throwing pin underhand. The goal is to either knock down several pinsscoring a number of points equal to how many pins were knocked overor knocking down a single pin, which scores the number of points shown on the pin. Pins which have been knocked over are then set up exactly where they landed; this means that over time, the playing field becomes quite spread out as players seek out high-point pins to knock down. The goal is to achieve 50 points exactly, but players have to be careful; anyone who goes over this limit is immediately knocked back down to 25! Adding to the challenge is that anyone who fails to knock over a pin three times in a row is entirely eliminated from the game, though this is quite rare. If you're looking for a simple, unique, skill-based lawn game, this is definitely for you! For 2 or more players. 15+ minutes. Note: a single score sheet is included, although pencil and paper or a dry-erase board and a marker would work well.

  • Item #: 016283
    Retail: $20.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    Just like the Man Bites Dog card game, build your hilarious headline, earn points, and get a lot of laughs. This edition has over twice as many cards for more headline fun - it includes 260 headline cards (55 verb cards and 165 subject & adjective cards plus 10 create-your-own cards), a game board, pawns, and a dry erase marker. Use the pawns to keep track of your score around the outer edge of the game board first person to 500 wins. The game board provides spaces on which to lay out your headline cards for all to see. If you like the original, youll love this expanded and deluxe version of Man Bites Dog. ▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 016866
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.47

    How is your memory under pressure? This simple game combines aspects of slapjack, charades, and ice-breaker games into a rollicking (and very loud) good time! The game is composed of cards (each containing one of seven objects), slap tiles (with 1 of 7 objects), and 52 topic cards. Begin by selecting a topic, such as “Historical Figures” or “Types of Injuries.” Then each player around the table thinks of and shares a word/phrase related to the topic and an action to go along with it. Turn over a slap tile which will reveal the slap object (camera, coffee cup, glasses, mustache, smart phone or shoe). Then players take turns turning over object cards and placing them face-up in front of them (each player will have a stack). If you turn over the slap object, players race to slap the tile to win the card. If you turn over an item that matches another player’s top card, you try to be the first to shout out their word/phrase and the matching action before they remember yours! It seems simple, but in the heat of the moment, it’s tempting to freeze! 3-6 players, game time is approximately 20 minutes.

  • Item #: 053338
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.90

    This simple, 2-player card game invites adventurous players to set out on up to five different expeditions – but choose wisely or it will cost you in the end! The game has only two components: the board and a deck of cards. The board shows five different maps, each one a different color. The deck holds cards of the same five colors, numbered from 2-10, as well as investment cards. Each player is dealt 8 cards, and the rest of the deck is set aside as the draw pile. On each turn, players play one card, either on the board on the matching color (which acts as a discard pile, so either player can then pick it up) or in front of the board showing they are starting that expedition. Then they draw one card, either a new one from the pile or one they want from the board. Each expedition "costs" 20 points to go on, so players must be able to play cards adding up to at least 20 or they will lose points at the end. Investment cards for each color multiply the gain – or loss! – of an expedition. Once the draw pile runs out, the game is over and players add up their scores. For each expedition they've attempted, players add up their cards and deduct 20 points for the cost, totaling any excess points (or negative points) together for their total score.

  • Item #: 029529
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.99

    What lives longer a toucan or a warthog? Like the Timeline games by the same company, your job is to place your cards correctly in relation to the cards already on the table. Each player is dealt four cards, with a beautiful illustration of an animal on the front, and the same illustration on the back along with three important details: the animal's size, weight, and lifespan.

    In Dinosaurs, players are challenged to place cards by length or weight, so this deck is compatible with Animals if you are playing with one of those characteristics. Please note that this deck includes evolutionary content.

    Players choose which of the three characteristics to play by, flip one card over in the playing area so the information is visible, and then take turns trying to place their cards on the right places around the ones on the table. Once you think you have your card placed correctly, turn it over to check if you were right. Correctly placed cards stay information side up, wrongly placed cards are discarded and players draw a new card. As you can tell, the more cards on the table, the harder it is to place new cards! The first player to run out of cards wins. Quick to learn and easy to play, you also can't help but learn some new facts! This is a great game to play with people of all ages with no big advantages to older players. We pulled this one out last time Grandma and Grandpa were here, and out of all three generations, our 7-yr old won! 2-8 people can play, rounds take about 15 minutes, and the 110 cards are packaged in a nice little tin. If you enjoy this one, try Cardline: Globetrotter for geography! Steph

  • Item #: 028264
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.16
    Spicing up an old favorite for the little ones (and older ones as well). The play is simple – place a number of tokens in the viewer/shaker and mix them up (upside down, of course, so you can't see them). Turn the clear plastic viewer over, memorize the tokens, then remove one and see how quickly someone can figure out which one is missing. Winner gets the token, and the first one to get five tokens wins the game. The 50 tokens provide an interesting array of identifiable objects – animals, food items, household items. The viewer is a colorful plastic paddle with clear plastic middle. Tokens are inserted into the viewer and removed through a slot on the handle. Play can be adjusted for older players by adding more tokens to the mix. For 2-4 Players.
  • Item #: 048359
    Retail: $20.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.75

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it… band together with your teammates, don your Adventurer identity, and race around a sinking island, trying to capture the hidden treasures and escape before it all disappears under the churning sea! That, in a nutshell, is the concept behind this innovative cooperative game. The game consists of 24 beautifully illustrated, double-sided island tiles, four treasure figurines, Treasure cards, Flood cards, Adventurer cards, pawns, and a water meter. To begin, lay out the 24 tiles in a group, with the treasures close by. Six Flood cards are played, and their corresponding island tiles are flooded, and flipped to their blue-shaded "underwater" side. At this point, players are randomly dealt Adventurer cards, and take the matching pawns. Each Adventurer has a role (Engineer, Navigator, Pilot, etc.), and slightly different abilities than his/her teammates. As the game begins, players (although taking turns) act as a team to accomplish treasure-gathering, shoring up flooded tiles, and (hopefully!) keeping everyone on stable parts of the island. On each turn, players can take several actions including moving their pawn, shoring up flooded tiles, giving Treasure cards to another player, or capturing a treasure. After they have completed their actions, they draw Treasure cards and Flood cards. This is the most unpredictable part of the game, as you never know when you will trigger a rising water level which increases the number of Flood cards you have to draw on every turn! Flood cards dictate which tiles on the island are "flooded." If tiles aren't shored up and a Flood card matching that tile is drawn again, the tile is permanently removed from the island… and the island shrinks. Once you begin, it's a race against time to gather the treasures (and keep the tiles that hold treasures from sinking!), and leave the island as a group. If you fail to gather one or more treasures, or you lose a teammate the game is over and you lose. You'll find your whole team strategizing together and breathlessly watching each other draw the fateful Flood cards. Truly unique, this pulse-pounding game is a bit different every time you play and a great team strategy game too! Highly, highly recommended. For 2-4 players. – Jess

  • Item #: 000986
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Cozy up in the living room on those cold snowy nights and play a quick game of Christmas Trivia! What is Santa's postal code in Canada? How long must a snowstorm last before it can be considered a blizzard? What two parties are reconciled in the Christmas carol Hark! The Herald Angels Sing? There may be a LOT of about Christmas (and the Christmas season) that you don't know! The game is comprised of over 200 trivia cards – each with four questions (1 of each category). The question categories are "Christmas Carols," "Holiday Traditions," "Xmas Entertainment," and "North Pole." Simply pull out the game and start asking questions – the first player to correctly answer 2 questions of each category is the winner. Some pop culture content is included that you may not be familiar with, but in all there is a great variety of questions that range from common to obscure. You are bound to learn something with every game!

  • Item #: 024988
    Retail: $20.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    Arrrrrr ye ready to push yer luck out on the high seas, sonny? In this easy-to-learn pirate-themed card game of luck and loss, the object is to collect cards from 10 different suits and get the highest score. Each card has a “suit” and a point value. During each round, players flip over cards from the draw pile until they choose to stop and collect them—but if they reveal two cards with a matching suit, they go bust and discard all cards in the playing area!

    While this can make for a pretty dicey card game by itself, there’s a catch: each of the 10 different suits has a unique “suit ability” which activates whenever the card is revealed. These may allow you to steal or destroy other players’ hard-earned cards, or even force you to play several extra cards without a chance to stop!

    Once the draw pile is depleted, all players count up their highest-value cards from each suit and the player with the most points wins. To spice things up, there are special character cards (which influence certain suit abilities and even other players!) and Game Variants, which change how the game is played. If you’re looking for an easy card game with a little more pizazz than Uno, a fun family game people of all ages can enjoy, or even a simple party game, Dead Man’s Draw is a great choice. Just be warned—thar be no safe havens in these treacherous waters! 10-15 minutes. For 2-4 players.

    (Note: one of the character cards, Madame Margot, is portrayed wearing a somewhat revealing dress. If deemed inappropriate, feel free to dress the character more modestly via permanent marker.

  • Item #: 019405
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    While we like the original Wits & Wagers, we thought it was unfortunate that the game relied heavily on betting with poker chips, which we knew would be a negative for some families. Surprisingly, the manufacturer listened to similar feedback and has made over their excellent "trivia guessing game" into a family-style party game – with a lower price too! In this version, 3-5 players (or teams) receive a large and a small "Meeple" (wooden person-shaped marker), a matching dry erase card and a dry erase marker. One player reads a question, which is a trivia question with a numerical answer, like "How many men have walked on the moon?" Players write down their best guess on their dry erase card, and when everyone has written an answer, the cards are arranged from lowest to highest value. Now everyone gets to look over all the guesses, and place their Meeples on the guesses they think are best (closest to the answer without going over). Players can score points for either writing the winning guess, or for placing a Meeple on the winning guess. You don't have to know the answer to win – you just need to figure out who might! Includes 300 new questions (not found in original game), but can also be used with questions from the original. – Jess

  • Item #: 033008
    ISBN: 9781932697032
    Retail: $10.00
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    This is one of those games that the kids are going to think is hilarious when they find out they can beat Mom or Dad! To play, shuffle the 49 object cards and set in the middle of the playing area. Then take eight cards off the top of the deck and arrange them in a circle around the deck. Place them face-up for a minute so everyone can get a good look at them, and then flip them over again. You'll notice that each of the cards has a full-color picture of a common object printed on it, with an arrow and a number at the top. The youngest player gets to go first, and he starts his turn by placing the Sherlock card next to any card in the circle. The player must name the object under the card before flipping it up to see if he is right. If he is, he must follow the direction (left or right) arrow on the card and move around the circle the number of spaces indicated on the card until he stops on another face-down card. If the player names this object correctly, he can keep going until they come to a card which is already flipped up. They keep this flipped-up card, and draw a new card from the deck to take the old card's place. The first player to collect six object cards is the winner! Although simple to play, you're definitely going to need sharp eyes and a good memory to win! - Jess

  • Item #: 012925
    Retail: $31.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.95

    This game has seen plenty of use at our house over the years. A unique board features maze cards which are alternately fixed or movable. On each turn, a player slides the "extra" maze piece into a moveable row, which opens or closes passageways on the board. He can then move his marker to, or closer to, one of his treasure cards. The goal is to collect each of the treasures, in order, pictured on cards dealt him at the beginning of the game. It's not easy to plan, though, as each move changes the layout of the maze! A player must visualize how each of his 12 possible moves will most advantageously affect the maze. Games take only 20 minutes or so and are for 2-4 players. Another Parents' Choice Award winner.

    Note: Some of the symbols used may suggest magic or mysticism. For this reason, we include two identical sets of stickers for you to place over any objectionable symbols. Also, you can easily swap out the 4 "wizard" pawns with playing pieces borrowed from other games in your closet (or your toy chest). This is such a well-designed and unique game that we would hate to see it overlooked for this reason.

  • Item #: 006734
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
    Are you good at finding hidden words? Put your skills to the test as you compete with other players to find the most obscure words hidden within each card. Each card is composed of a five-by-five grid, with a letter in each square. Players try to be the first to write a list of ten words, by connecting squares diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. When someone has written ten words, they yell ââ‚Å"Obscurity!â₝ and everyone stops writing. Then they read their list aloud, crossing out any words that other players also found. Players can score their remaining word lists by turning the letter grid card over to reveal most of the word combinations possible, with a point value of ââ‚Å"1â₝ or ââ‚Å"2â₝ assigned to each. If players find words not listed, they get 3 points. Game contains 80 letter cards, and each one has approximately 100 or more possibilities, so the game has lots of re-playability. For 2-6 players.
  • Item #: 013103
    Retail: $44.95
    Rainbow Price: $32.95

    Play Scrabble on a train, in a plane, or in a car without your tiles scattering all over. This travel version of Scrabble fits neatly in a zippered storage case and includes a 15 x 15 gridded gameboard, 100 plastic snap-in letter tiles, 4 plastic tile racks with privacy shields, a score pad, and a cloth bag for tile storage. If youre in the middle of a game and run out of time to finish, simply fold the game board in half, snap the privacy shield down over the tiles in your rack and pop the racks into their storage slots. Place the score pad into its pocket, place the bag of tiles into its space, and zip the storage case up for transport. Pick up where you left off at a later time what a great way to play your longer games of Scrabble!▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 042324
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $29.95

    As an architect of royal gardens, you live for the admiring words of nobles. The further noblemen stroll through your garden, the more accomplished you feel as a wizard of greenery, a tamer of nature for the viewing pleasure of the affluent. In this game you will be competing against other garden builders. Each player begins with a palace garden they can add to, a stack of 18 playable cards, nine nobles, and two mission cards. A variety of features can be added to expand and beautify players' gardens: pavilions, statues, rose arches, fountains, grapevines, and so on. These features are shuffled and placed on the game board in five colored rows. The colors match the five numbered/colored rows on each player's garden to be filled. Each row of the gardens have 9 garden features as well. On a player's turn, they will play one of two cards in their hand taken from the deck of 18 and move one nobleman. There are three types of cards: bi-colored cards, garden feature cards, and wild cards. A bi-colored card means that a player must pick up a tile from the game board matching one of the two colors. A garden symbol card requires a player to pick up a tile from any row on the game board matching the feature. Wild cards allow a player to pick up any tile from the game board. Whichever tile is selected must be placed on the corresponding color/feature of that player's garden. However, if the chosen tile cannot be placed because the spot is already filled, then the tile is flipped to a gardener and placed elsewhere. The noblemen players accrue points by moving through the gardens. For each column a nobleman moves down, he earns the player the same number of points as the row he stops in. But a nobleman is very proper, and adheres to certain rules. A nobleman can move above his position and out of his column temporarily, but he must always end his movement in his original column somewhere below the space he started from. He also cannot move over unfilled garden spaces. Finally, although he can move past a gardener, he cannot stand to be in the same square as a commoner for too long; he cannot end his movement on a gardener. Nobleman can gain a player many points throughout the game because they can move every turn. But with only 18 slots that can possibly be filled in the game, the garden will have many empty spaces. So players must advantageously balance filling their garden and moving their noblemen. At the end of the game, players score additional points for each completed horizontal row and vertical column in their garden, as well as for completing the two individualized mission cards given at the start of the game. The player with the most points achieves victory! For 2-4 players. Game time: 30-45 minutes.

  • Item #: 069313
    Retail: $8.50
    Rainbow Price: $8.45

    A race is harder to win when the track is hidden. Don't worry, all of the other players are in the same boat! Each player starts with their small wooden car placed on a start/finish tile. The other track tiles are placed in a 5 x 5 grid around a central pit stop. 4 colored trophy tiles are placed on the pit stop. Players take turns flipping over a road tile that borders their current location, and turning it in the direction they want to go. Once they move onto that tile, the tile they were on before is flipped back over. They must reach the pit stop to find out what color start/finish tile they have to reach to win the race. Dead-end tiles may throw off your plans, so watch out for those. A good memory will go a long way in winning this game! 2-4 players, 15 minutes. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 042248
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.75
    Each player is dealt 7 cards (which each contain a colored word); the remaining cards comprise the draw pile. The first card from the draw pile is flipped over. Then players take cards playing cards on the discard pile that match either in color or long vowel sounds (you could play "believe" on "meet"). The first player to run out of cards wins. Great for practicing and recognizing long vowel sounds and the letter patterns that go with them.
  • Item #: 054833
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    A very simple vocabulary game for verbal speed demons! The goal: to be the first to snatch up twenty points. The tools of your domination: 7 letter cubes and 30 category cards. Flip over a category card, roll the dice, and think of a word that belongs in that category and starts with one of the 7 letters. If you can, yell it out, grab that cube, and claim a point. Your only limits are how fast you can think and snag. Rounds are quick and easy; the game is very portable and travel-ready. If you have a good vocabulary and quick hand (and have a couple friends who do, too), bring this along. ~ Mark

  • Item #: 009514
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50
    Think fast with this fun, challenging word-building card game. This deck contains 43 letter cards and 43 Lickety Quick cards. Each letter card shows a letter, with criteria appearing in small print above it. (For example, a card may have the letter "S" with the words "Starts with" above it.). Each Lickety Quick card contains a criteria phrase, like "Is a verb" or "Has 2 syllables". To play, players take turns simultaneously turning over one of each card. The first player to shout out a real word using the criteria on both cards wins the round. Collect the most cards to win. For 2 or more players. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 070331
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.99

      In Colt Express, 2-6 players become true outlaws of the Wild West, gearing up to relieve a train (and its passengers) of valuables. The “board” is a realistic, 3D cardboard locomotive and train cars. Each game plays over the course of five rounds, with 3-5 turns per round. Players plan each round’s heist by playing action cards one at a time to a common pile for each “turn.” Actions consist of Moving (up or down), Looting, Shooting, Punching (to relieve other bandits of their valuables), and Moving the Marshal. At the end of the round, the deck is flipped over and players take turns carrying out the actions they planned at the round’s beginning. Not everything always goes according to plan! Certain turns require that cards are placed face-down; others change turn order and even allow multiple actions in one turn. So, players will often find themselves in over their heads, being forced to take actions that no longer make any sense! As chaotic as it is simple, this uniquely thematic game is perfect for family game nights. Winner of the 2015 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award. 2-6 Players; 40 minutes.

  • Item #: 063497
    Retail: $16.00
    Rainbow Price: $13.95
    It's a puzzle! It's a card game! It's family fun! A tangram is a square cut into 7 geometric shapes. Each player gets their own set of tangrams. The cards have designs on them that you recreate with your tangram set. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Spread the cards out in the middle of your group; one player turns over a card and that is the design you all race to make! It is fun and fast and sometimes frustrating! Tangrams definitely require spatial skills. The first person to get the design right (you check the back of the card) keeps the card & the first player to earn 5 cards is the winner of the game. Includes 4 sets of tangrams (red, blue, yellow, green, 4"squares, 1cm thick wood) and 200 puzzle cards. 2-4 players ~ Sara
  • Item #: 018341
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

    Though the name may get lost in translation, the fun lives on in this English version of a German card game that has been around for over 20 years! The cards are numbered 1-104, and each has a number of bullheads in the top center, ranging from 1-7 and easily denoted by color. The goal is to score as few bullheads as possible; when someone reaches 66 the game is over. Players each receive a hand of 10 cards, and then 4 cards are flipped face-up on the table in a column to start four rows. Though actual gameplay is extremely simple, the fun comes in trying to figure out what everyone else is going to do and choosing your own cards accordingly. At the beginning of each round, all players simultaneously choose one of their own cards to play and place it face down on the table. When all of the players have chosen, everyone flips their cards over and plays them on the rows, starting with the player who played the lowest card and so on up to the highest. The cards are placed in the central columns according to a simple rule – each card is played into the row that has the closest preceding number. If a card is lower than all of the ending cards in the middle rows, that player chooses one of the four rows of cards to take and their card becomes the new starting card for that row. The twist – and the name, which translates “6 Takes” - comes from the rule that only five cards can be in each row. Thus if a player plays a card that would belong in a row that already has five cards in it, they are forced to take the row and their card becomes the new starting card (thus gaining unwanted points). Because you never know what everyone else is going to do, you may end up taking rows you never expected. The more players, the more unpredictable the game! 2-10 players, 45 minutes. – Steph

  • Item #: 023192
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    Little Bo Peep has lost her…puppies? Six adorable little puppies have gone out exploring and can't find the way to their homes. In this cooperative game, all players must work together to return each puppy to its home before night falls. The board is composed of a quality illustrated board featuring six houses (three on each end) and 22 squares on a track around and through the town and leading to each door. To begin, the cards/tiles are shuffled and placed face down, one on each square and one on each home. The cards are composed of night cards, flashlight cards, take-a-peek cards and puppy cards. On each turn a player may do one of the following - turn over a card, move a puppy, take a sneak peek at a face-down card, or remove a night card with a flashlight card. The night cards, when overturned, are placed on specific places on the board, even possibly covering a card already in that spot. Puppies can be moved as far as they can go towards home, until they hit a space with a card on it. Without working together, players won't stand a chance in this cute and fun strategy game. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 000188
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.50

    This uniquely challenging game is great for playing solo to build visual/spatial perception skills or for playing in a group to build those skills competitively! Up to four players each receive a square transparent "Doodle sheet," a dry erase marker, an eraser and a fish stencil. Players all look at a full-color, illustrated Quest Card, which details some sort of drawing challenge to complete, whether finding a path for a little fish to escape from the mouth of a big fish, drawing fish in open areas of the sea, or finishing a picture. Players look at the Quest Card, then complete the challenge on their clear Doodle Sheet. When all of the players have drawn the assignment, players take turns laying their Doodle sheet over the Quest card to see if they drew their fish or lines in the right places. Points are awarded based on how well each player's drawing fits with the Quest card. Two levels of challenges on the 18 double-sided Challenge cards make this game perfect for any age. I can only hope they come out with Quest Card expansions! – Jess

  • Item #: 009998
    ISBN: 9781572811416
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Here's a game we've enjoyed for years. The thick deck contains several cards each of the numbers 1-12, a handful of skips, and a bunch of wilds. Each round, every player gets ten cards. There are ten different phases to go through, starting with two sets of three. For example, before you can lay down cards, you have to collect three 6's and three 12's. Then you have safely completed that phase, and you can try and add the remaining cards in your hand to other people's sets. Once someone has run out of cards, that round is over. Whoever layed down goes onto the next phase, and anyone who didn't stays on that phase. Everyone except the person who ran out counts the points left in their hands, and the cards are mixed and dealt out again. The phases start to get trickier, one calling for a run of 9, and another for a set of 5 and a set of 3. The winner is the person who makes it through all the phases first with the least amount of points. For 2 - 10 players. As you get more players, it get's more challenging to complete the phases and go on, which leaves some people way behind in phases - and points. An old stand by for those nothing-to-do evenings. - Mel

  • Item #: 062487
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $25.91

    Granada, 1278. You and up to five other architects have been commissioned to create the most splendid palace and fortress complex in all of Spain: the Alhambra. Master builders and workers from all over have come to show off their skill and aid you in this project—for substantial fees, of course. To make matters worse, all workers wish to be paid in their national currency!

    The objective of the game is to construct the most of certain types of buildings in your Alhambra: Pavilions, Gardens, Towers, and so on. Each turn, players perform some combination of buying building tiles, taking money, or redesigning the Alhambra. The trick is that all building tiles come with a variable currency and cost, and you don’t get change (or get to keep buying) if you pay more than the necessary amount. Once you acquire tiles, you can add them to your existing palace. Tile walls represent another hazard to construction: certain building tiles include sections of wall which must be connected to other walls in the Alhambra. Making things more complicated are mid-game scoring rounds; throughout the game, randomly-placed scoring cards will be drawn from the money pile. These initiate a round of scoring, rewarding each player who currently has the most of a certain type of building. Once all building tiles are exhausted, the game ends, and a final scoring round takes place. Make sure to manage your resources carefully, lest a more successful architect snatch victory out from under you! Duration: 45-60 minutes. 2-6 players.

  • Item #: 018694
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $18.25

    This "Explosively Fun Word Game" will keep players on their toes! To begin each round, a player rolls the die which will land on a "tick," "tock," or "boom." That will determine whether the letters on the card have to appear at the beginning of words, at the end of words, or in the anywhere in words. Then the player presses the button on the "bomb" timer to begin the round and turns over a card. Cards contain a 2-3 letter combination. For example, you roll a "tick" which means the letters start the word and the card overturned displays "SOR". You may shout out "sorry" or "sorrow" or "sort." Play is similar to hot potato shout out your word and pass the timer to the next player; if the bomb "explodes" on your turn, you receive the card (and penalty points!). The bomb explodes randomly at 20-90 second intervals, so you never know when it's going to go off! For 2-12 players; requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. ~ Megan

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    If you’ve ever played Connect Four, consider this to be a 3-dimensional variant. The goal is to get four in a row of your color across any dimension, including diagonals. Beginning with a rounded gray block with six connections (imagine a six-sided die, where each face has a hole in it), players take turns placing six-sided yellow or blue connectors anywhere on the structure. The game starts out slowly: each player has many choices for connections but few pieces to make rows with. That quickly changes as the three-dimensional structure grows with an ever-increasing number of yellow and blue pieces. Suddenly, players find themselves with potential four-in-a-row connections in places they didn’t expect—but half of your energy has to go into blocking your opponent! This two-player game only lasts a few minutes, but will entice you to play over and over again as it stretches your 3D spatial planning skills to their limits.

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    Follow your nose to victory with this fruity game! Sort out the entire deck of cards to 3-6 players, then choose one of the twelve scent canisters. After everyone has had a chance to take a whiff (without peeking at the name on the bottom!), the dice is rolled to establish the number of fruits to be found. Players take turns flipping over a card from their hand until the number of fruits matching the scent are visible. For example, if the player thinks the scent is lemon and the number rolled is four, they must wait until enough cards are played that four lemons are visible. Once the right amount of fruits are visible, players race to tap the stack of played cards. The first person to tap the stack and correctly identify the fruit scent wins the stack of cards. The player with the most amount of cards when someone is empty handed is the winner! Although the game says ages 6 and up, any child who is able to count to six would be able to play. You may want to give players a chance to smell all the canisters before play to give them a frame of reference. Scent canisters should hold their fruity smell for up to three years. Laura

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.