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    ISBN: 9781423113478
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    ISBN: 9780142407332
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    First published in 1967, this book by S.E. Hinton emerged as a popular book for older teenagers and young adults and has remained popular for 40 years. It tells the story of teenagers growing up in a dangerous city, with two warring groups of boys: the greasers and the Socs (richer society kids). Ponyboy, the main character, is a teenage greaser who lives with his older brothers after his parents' deaths. He's younger than the rest of the gang, but they accept and protect him. When a friend accidentally kills a Soc while protecting Ponyboy, the two try to outrun the revenge and violence that follows them. It's a heartbreaking but moving story about two different gangs and the pain they cause each other. Please note: violence, teenage smoking, and general "street life" themes are present throughout the story. 180 pgs, plus an an interview with the author and discussion questions, pb.

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    ISBN: 9781580175838
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    Here we have been selling this book for a year, and I never looked at it or realized just how cool it was until now! I love this book (I guess that is why the grade level says "through adult!); it is just about the coolest thing since buttered bread. Maybe even better than that if you're a horse lover like myself. The basics of horse care and riding are all covered, divided into topics such as Grooming, Feeding, Mucking, Safety, Ground Work, Tacking Up, and Riding. Almost every section has a two-page spread with a lot of information, how-to's, and tips. And for all those horse lovers out there that don't have a real horse to practice on, they can do almost everything with this book using the horse play section which guides the reader to do some activity with the stickers. There are four different scenes: in the barn, outside the barn, the tack room, and an outside pasture/arena. Four pages of stickers (which are actually not real stickers, they are more like colorforms - very re-usable, won't rip, go on and come off easily) are included in the middle, and believe me, they thought of everything! There are horses, riders facing both directions, saddles (English and Western), bridles, halters, lead ropes, currycombs, feed and water buckets, cowboy boots, feed, you name it! Because of their stick- and stack-ability, you can combine a bunch of stickers into one very fine creation. The possibilities truly are endless with this activity book! ~ Megan
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    ISBN: 9781633220805
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  • Item #: 021733
    ISBN: 9781580176668
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    Watching a horse in action is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Zach and I just love to go outside and watch Challi, Tonto, and El Guapo tearing around and goofing off in their pasture. Tonto especially, as a Friesian cross, has a spectacular trot. This collection of posters depicts horses in thundering gallops, floating trots, and more. As with the rest of the series, the photographs and backgrounds are beautiful and will thrill your horse lover.

  • Item #: 050830
    ISBN: 9780794531133
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    Color and learn about butterflies at the same time with this charming and realistic coloring book. Open this book and you have colorful images of butterflies on one side beside outline images to color with pencils or crayons. The name of each species is at the top of the page along with a sprinkling of butterfly facts. Coloring tips, such as how to shade, are scattered throughout. A variety of plants and flowers add to the colorful backgrounds. Imagine taking this book outside in the sunshine, hoping to see a real butterfly flutter by as you color it's likeness on paper. I can see middle-schoolers enjoying this book as much as little ones. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 019910
    ISBN: 9780822599982
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    For a more permanent finished product, consider these hardcover blank books. Each contains 28 pages (14 sheets) of heavy-duty drawing paper that accepts pencil, crayon, watercolor, marker, or paint. Bound with durable, hardcover casings that open flat so they won't cramp your little illustrator's style. The outsides of these books are also blank, awaiting the young author's grabber cover illustration and title. 8 ¼" x 10 ¼." Compared to the hardcover blank books below, the quality of these is nicer, with a heavier, more durable cover and thicker paper. We bet you'll find lots of ideas for these.

  • Item #: 059352
    ISBN: 9781454915621
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    A clever, interactive way to learn location (aka prepositions!) Ok, maybe we don’t have to teach grammar at this age, but kids will love pulling the tabs and seeing the baby seal swim below, beside and above its mama. A fishie swims inside, through and outside the kelp forest. A jellyfish moves in front, between and behind it’s buddies. And there are turtles and polar bears too! Where will they go? ~ Sara

  • Item #: 067907
    ISBN: 9780794539689
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.49

     Take the classroom outdoors! Well-illustrated, clear instructions for activities, and helpful background information make this an excellent science supplement or a wonderful resource for a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Beginning with an introduction on how to use the book, tools for outdoor learning, safety tips and how to protect nature, the rest of the book then divides into 6 sections. These sections include Exploring ponds, Rivers and Seas; Discovering Wildlife; Into the Wild; Out in all Weather and Night Explorer. A sampling of activities includes bouncing stones, damming a stream, forming a footprint trap, being a tree detective, creating wildlife art from items found in the woods, pitching a tent and making a campfire, cloud spotting and forecasting, stargazing and much more. Includes a dedicated website for interactive activities and worksheets. Index and helpful glossary. 64 pgs. HC. ~ Deanne 

  • Item #: 059680
    ISBN: 9780794534677
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.54

     This Usborne book is another great find! Over 100 gorgeous, high quality stickers of culturally significant Renaissance art, people, and objects. Each two-page spread covers an aspect of the revolution such as splendid cities, religion, home and family, scientific discoveries and many others. In typical Usborne form, interesting text is scattered around the pages highlighting the full-color illustrations and accompanied by helpful features such as maps and a timeline. Stickers correlate to pages and their locations are shown by pale illustrations of the same image. Cover them with the richly detailed, realistic stickers, or let your imagination go free and use them outside the book. 8 ½” x 10 ¾”, 32 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 028689
    ISBN: 9781607108207
    Retail: $10.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.25
  • Item #: 007319
    ISBN: 9780764145810
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    Ahhh, summertime! Kids usually can play outside during the summer months, but it's nice to have a few extra ideas or things to do on a rainy day. This fantastic activity book starts off with projects to do around water, like crab fishing, making sand bottles, origami boats, burying dad in the sand, and much more. Learn to make and fly kites in the Outdoors section, read maps, model the solar system, predict the weather, and track critters. Play French Bowls, learn croquet, Chinese jump rope, and others in the Sports and Games section. Learn about gardening, making a terrarium, panpipes, a kaleidoscope, and rubbing leaves in the Crafts and Activities section. In the Feasting section, top everything off with a generous serving of homemade lemonade, fudge, ice cream, or BBQ. Time to turn off the electronic gadgets and spark some creativity and imagination! 128 pgs., pb. – Chad

  • Item #: 025774
    ISBN: 9781404803466
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.26

  • Item #: 043004
    ISBN: 9780981624396
    Retail: $27.95
    Rainbow Price: $22.95
  • Item #: 031394
    Retail: $16.99
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    I had an early interest in houses and architecture, and now I still love good design and creative interiors. I would have loved the stencils in this set, and may have saved some heavy lifting if I had used them to plan my bedroom rearranging instead of winging it! Students are first introduced to several periods in architectural design in a brief & colorful, kid-friendly booklet (16 pp). Classical, Romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, Georgian, neoclassical, beaux arts, Bauhaus, art deco, expressionism, deconstructivism, structural expressionism and critical regionalism all have a short blurb and an illustration of a famous building in that style. You then look at structural elements and a timeline before you are encouraged to have a go at an original design. In the kit is a color poster of all of these famous buildings, great for a quick reference as you are in design-mode! A set of 6 stencils are guides for your student. They are made of sturdy, flexible, clear plastic and have elements like turrets, windows, domes, ornamental doors & ornaments for the outside, plus interior stuff like furniture, closets and sinks. A set of 8 colored pencils and a tablet of graph paper get your kiddos started. They can then make a large exterior and a large interior on the poster-sized paper in the kit. Two sheets of patterned paper have 6 designs of wood-look floors, tile & fabric textures to add some flair. While small children would have some trouble using the stencils, they can still design an interior and exterior in their own style. This would be a fun addition to any study in history or architecture, art or design. It has enough guidance to get you started and enough openness to let you be creative. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 020202
    ISBN: 9780935278880
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    With a clear understanding of the concepts of sewing, and the skills developed through hand sewing and embroidery, children are now introduced to the sewing machine on an elementary level. Pictures are substituted for words to help children who are just learning to read. Rhymes and silly names for machine parts help children remember information and rules. Children learn about seam allowances, tapering, snips, clips, stitching inside and turning the shape outside. Kit includes Sewing Practice Sheets and fabric for two stars.

  • Item #: 057283
    ISBN: 9781425889951
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95
  • Item #: 018033
    ISBN: 9781937032234
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.00

    For the dedicated math student who wants to push the envelope, here you go. Join Fred at Kittens University for the summer session – at least for the first five days – in which he lectures (from 4am-8am) on, respectively, Set Theory, Modern Algebra, Abstract Arithmetic, and Topology. Prerequisites for this course include more than a passing knowledge of algebra as well as a course in Geometry that taught and required proofs. Prior algebra instruction should have included:

    • • Union of sets
    • • Math induction
    • • Associative property
    • • One-to-one functions
    • • Inverse functions
    • • Multiplying matrices

    As you can see, this includes most high school seniors. However, final prerequisites I would add are an appreciation for math, an ability to think outside the book, ability for creative thought, and a willingness to take a peek at "real" math. I got this opportunity when I took some upper-level university math courses. There is truly a "magic" and beauty to math (which Prof. Schmidt alludes to in the introduction to this book) that most people never get to experience. If your student would like to experience the same, I heartily recommend this summer session with Fred.

    Unlike other LOF books, there is no real storyline outside of Fred's lectures. There are fun puzzles (which look suspiciously like proofs, for the most part) to solve - 139 of them that require thought, creativity, and, for some, dedication. Some are easily solved, others are going to take some time. Solutions to all exercises are in the back of the book. If your student loves math or just wants to get a glimpse of higher level math, this course is a great introduction to math beyond calculus.

  • Item #: 043857
    ISBN: 9780890515075
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.75

    Almost everyone knows the story of Noah and the flood but the picture that many Christians have of the ark's design, construction, and function are not only inaccurate but detrimental to the belief in a global flood and a literal interpretation of the Bible. In this fascinating book, the author, Tim Lovett, unveils a new ark design based on biblical information and ancient shipbuilding capabilities. As Lovett takes you through the planning, designing, construction, sailing, and living in the ark, you'll begin to understand the hard work on Noah's part and follow the evidence that there was indeed a worldwide flood that his ark survived. I grew up knowing all about the flood and ark but reading this book was the first time it was brought to life in a real way. Throughout the book are beautiful, full-color illustrations and photographs of design, construction, and life aboard the ark that make it even more real. With scientific, historical, and biblical evidence, this book offers one of the best, most realistic looks at what Noah's ark was really like. 74 pgs, hc. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 025432
    ISBN: 9780064432535
    Retail: $5.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    From the author of the classic books Where the Wild Things Are and Outside Over There comes the wonderful poem Chicken Soup with Rice! Maurice Sendak weaves a clever tale of a year full of the ever increasing vivid imaginings of a child in love with the eponymous soup. Certain to be a family favorite! 32 pgs, pb.

  • Item #: 064228
    ISBN: 9781770857117
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

       This book is written to those kids (particularly ages 4-11) who love to stay inside. Really! 101 widely creative and fairly low prep ideas guide kids to be more active and access the potential of the great outdoors. Practical, simple and fun ideas span seasons and locales. Take a matchbox challenge - what interesting things can you find in 15 minutes that will fill a matchbox? Play shark and have a blindfold shootout with your water guns. Trail ants or build a human sundial. Make a mini solar cooker, a hanging lettuce ball or a snow labyrinth with your boots. Activities vary from single person to group; contemplative to active; little/no supplies to medium amount (but practically all are found around the home) and little/no to medium construction time. Supply lists; large, colorful, demonstrative photos and drawings and the clear directions will help all ages get outdoors. Kids can self-direct for most projects--at least an older child who can read directions is necessary. In the back is a supply resource list, a traditional index and a well-organized list that helps you find specific activities based on theme, season, location, age, or project length. 8.25x8.25”, 224 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 051713
    ISBN: 9781596383760
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.18

    Not unlike today's issues, Annie Henry faces a changing lifestyle as she's growing up in a fast-paced home. With Patrick Henry the new governor of Virginia and the family living in the governor's mansion, Annie begins to feel the pressures from outside influences and her new school. How will she deal with these issues and the feeling of growing apart from God and her father?

  • Item #: 005572
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    While new homeschool curriculums crop up fairly often for history, science and language arts, it's a rarity that a new homeschool health program is developed! Author Michele Spadafora has done an incredible job in pulling together this easy-to-use, thoroughly Christian P.E. and nutrition course that incorporates weekly lessons in "faith, fitness and fuel." It's an 18-week course that includes three segments on each of those "building blocks" per week, with tests included after every 3rd or 4th week and lots of helpful and inspiring video content as well. Scheduling works most naturally if you do health three days per week for one semester. Each week includes three topical reading segments (each about two pages in length), questions for the student, space to write goals for all three areas for the week, and space to journal about the week. "Faith" reading assignments focus on a biblical message, typically a goal that we could all work towards in our relationship with the Lord. These include: giving God control, replacing stress with peace, prayer, worship, loving others, serving others, making disciples, and more. Scripture references are sprinkled throughout the text, and several questions typically follow the reading. "Fitness" readings focus on the practical and include the benefits of exercising, frequency of exercising, warm-ups and cool-downs, proper form, weight loss basics, core strength, exercise gear, etc. "Fuel" readings focus on nutrition, like eating portions and proportions, understanding food labels, the importance of breakfast, avoiding sugar, the importance of whole grains, eating healthy snacks, avoiding diet mistakes, understanding eating disorders, and more. Readings on fitness and fuel typically do not have questions for the student, but are always followed by a space to write a goal for the week. The tests are fairly short and made up entirely of multiple-choice questions (an answer key for these is included at the end of the book).

    The video content is one of my favorite aspects of the program. It not only allows the author to "talk to" the student via video, but it also provides a way to demonstrate proper exercise form, workout ideas, or cooking technique. There are 32 short videos that complement the content in the book, and prompts to view them are found at the end of the readings. Students are also directed to several "Burst" videos throughout the program. These videos are about ten minutes in length and, just like the name suggests, these offer short energetic workouts to get the blood pumping. These are also found on the author's website. A DVD is also included with the book which features three full-body workouts, each about a ½-hour in length. The workout routines are fast-moving, yet simple enough to follow along with and feature upbeat Christian music from a variety of contemporary Christian artists. No fancy gear is required; while exercise bands make an appearance in several of the workout videos, and weights and exercise balls are discussed in the book, most fitness routines do not require any equipment. Whether you use the routines included or your own fitness program, the student is asked to work out at least three times a week, outside of specific assignments from the book.

    This easy-to-implement program would be perfect to do together as a family. The readings are fairly short and easy for students at different ability levels to understand. Technical details on nutrition and fitness are kept to a minimum, and the fitness routines and exercises will appeal equally to girls and boys. Compared to a full-year health course, you won't find nearly as much content on the human body or physiology here; the emphasis is truly on practical knowledge and motivation to stay fit. It would make sense to incorporate the nutritional information into the whole family's diet as well. The text is designed as a consumable, but if your students all write in their own journals or notebooks, you could use the text as a family. Christian families will especially appreciate the emphasis on building your faith while you build your physical endurance. 171 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 029908
    ISBN: 9780375811005
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    All about the human body - learn about your brain, bones, senses, muscles, and digestion.

  • Item #: 002242
    ISBN: 9781770857445
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

      The naturalist in me adores this book! Introduce your littlest ones to the 12 most common backyard birds through the beautiful images, background information and clear realistic sounds. Each 2 page spread features one bird. On the left, you will find the common and scientific name, a summary paragraph and specific details including location found, diet, size, description of eggs and more. The opposite side has a beautiful, lifelike image of the bird, and a “Did you know” statement. The book itself is composed of thicker, board book type pages. The sound module is encased in durable plastic and is attached to the book. Each bird’s sound button has a lifelike picture of the bird’s face that matches the image inside the book. A list of the included birds is the House Wren, American Goldfinch, Red-Winged Black Bird, Killdeer, House Finch, Great Horned Owl, Blue Jay, American Robin, Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove, American Crow and the Song Sparrow. Don’t be surprised if your children are outside playing and come running to share the name of the bird singing from the trees! Book measures approximately 8 3/4 x 8 1/4”. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 010807
    ISBN: 9781619301511
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.35
    With readable chapters and familiar, doable projects (25 of 'em, to be exact), this book provides a solid biology "lab" foundation for elementary students studying life science. Eight chapters cover characteristics of living things, cells, microorganisms, plants, plant life cycles, adaptations, animal life cycles, and conservation. Each chapter contains explanatory text at the beginning, with bold vocabulary words, vocabulary definitions and grayscale illustrations throughout. Several activities are included at the end of every chapter, along with a supply list and step-by-step instructions. While you won't find many new lab ideas here, I can appreciate that the edible cell model suggests using various fruits instead of all candy, and I really like the design of their pond plankton net! Part of the "Build It Yourself" series from Nomad Press, this volume would be a great addition to an informal study of life science at the elementary level or a fun mini-course for the summer. 122 pages, pb. - Jess
  • Item #: 053184
    ISBN: 9781554538027
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.93

    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to play we go! Divided by seasons, this book is loaded with fun activities to pique your kids' interest in nature and the world out side their back door. Step-by-step project instructions are interspersed with facts about creatures and natural phenomena. Spring ideas include making bird houses from plastic bottles, collecting swamp water to observe, and juggling bubbles and lots of games to play with friends. Summer ideas include composting with worms you find, beach games, making a treasure hunt, summer constellations to find in the night sky. Fall activities include watching animals prepare for winter, Frisbee golf, making rock art, and hide and seek games. Winter has a lot of indoor games like pick up sticks, cards, coin tricks and other stuff like feeding birds with suet you make and playing hopscotch in the snow. The next time your kids say there's nothing to do outside, pull out this book and see what they come up with. 174 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 009677
    ISBN: 9781609054045
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    More than a coloring book, the activities here will have your child following directions, thinking creatively & drawing. They will also glean an understanding of prepositions, left/right and adjectives! Each 2 page spread has the start of a drawing in bold black lines with some simple bright color added. I like how the artist fills the page about halfway and your child gets to finish as he chooses. You are given a task, such as Bear’s bag is upside down. Draw what is falling out; or Duck’s shampoo bottle is empty. Please make it full. What color is the shampoo? The activities are simple, smart, creative and fun. For parents wondering how to introduce grammar, this is a gentle start for your younger students. It’s also just a delightful book that would make a fun gift with a box of crayons! 8.5” x 10.5”, 96pp. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 065834
    ISBN: 9780881220308
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.95
  • Item #: 057284
    ISBN: 9781425812119
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    Building a solid foundation with basic math skills is so important; children will continue to build on them for the rest of their math lives. Making sure that the essentials are solid can be done with extra practice and activities and this book provides over 250 suggestions that can help from kindergarten to third grade.

    The book is divided by grade level, so you know which activities will be appropriate. The first page of each grade level offers a list of items to be used with the activities. These are items that you may already have in your home but feel free to substitute. At the Pre-kindergarten level, the book suggests about 30 items: vinyl non-skid spots, beanbags, abacus, ball, buttons, hot glue, index cards, number cubes, counters, paper cups, manipulatives, letter tiles, blocks, plastic containers, erasers, puzzle pieces, string, pencils, ribbons, calendar, stickers, interlocking cubes, pen tops, old keys, two containers, marbles, crackers, pictures of animals, dish, cardboard rectangle and tape or chalk. In the first activity you are asked to put vinyl non-skid spots on the floor and children are asked to follow directions to go ___ steps forward or back. If you don’t have the non-skid spots, for example, you can substitute sidewalk chalk and do the activity outside or use tape to put a pattern on your floor or even cut shapes out of construction paper and tape them on the floor. The idea is that they have a trail to follow and count. The supply list is similar at each level with some variation and additional items needed at the higher grades.

    The front of the book offers instruction for the parent/teacher for incorporating activities into your curriculum and information on standards met. The appendices include reproducible pages that consist of a skills inventory (great for keeping track of your child’s math progress), rubrics and pages needed for some of the activities. These same pages are found in pdf format on the resource cd in the back of the book. The activities in this 168-page book add a multi-sensory aspect to learning the foundational material needed in math and would be a great addition for your kinesthetic learners. ~ Donna