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Outdoor Nature Doodles

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  • Item #: 020085
    ISBN: 9780762452187
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  • Item #: 045122
    ISBN: 9780762796281
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      Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true. Truth About Nature is a “Family’s Guide to 144 common Myths about the Great Outdoors.” A ‘myth scale’ divides the myths in this book into 3 categories – level 3 are false, level 2 are mostly false, level 1 aren’t really true, but may have some truth in them. For easy reference, myths are divided by seasons, with each myth including a myth scale number next to it. The book explains each myth, the truth, the takeaway/lesson to be learned, and some additional facts. “Stranger than Fiction” sections are scattered throughout and feature interesting facts about nature; sixteen “Luck Legends” are identified (not endorsed); sixteen “Weather Legends” indicate weather predictions (again not endorsed); and sixteen activities let you become a science myth buster. A few example myths are “April showers bring May flowers” – is that true? Don’t swim for at least 30 minutes after you eat – or should you? Discover the truth with this wonderful family resource. 212 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 060452
    ISBN: 9781889538891
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    Rainbow Price: $9.75

    The art of nature study is immensely pleasurable and educational for our children. However, as parents who've not been taught this art, we often experience doubts of the educational value or even frustration at how to provide a worthwhile study. If this describes you, this book may quickly become your most valuable tool in the pursuit of nature studies. Well organized, the book begins with introducing a naturalist and the tools necessary to be a nature explorer, including details on a well-crafted nature journal. Adding to its value and ease of use, the book is divided into seasonal sections, which begin with a scavenger hunt focusing on the signs of each season. Within each seasonal study, explorations are offered in a variety of settings: woods, city, beach, pond, and meadow. The authors elaborate on the signs of the season in each of these areas and encourage exploration, but the authors provide background details to promote learning for families without access to each locale. Each section also offers information on careers in the field and a variety of activities, including DIY projects, journaling ideas and expanded science studies. Vividly illustrated with over 150 scientifically detailed illustrations of plants, animals and fungi. A wonderful resource for novice or intermediate nature loving family! 120 pgs, hc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 009836
    ISBN: 9781780677354
    Retail: $17.95
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    Nature journaling comes naturally for some children, but others need a little more guidance to release their inner naturalist. Combining guided activities and free journaling or sketching pages, children will learn about various aspects of our physical world and gain confidence in recording their own observations. Planet Earth, moon and stars, tree identification, flowers, insects, frogs and toads, moths and butterflies, seashells, birds, and more are introduced. While most activities center on drawing and reflecting, a few hands-on activities are included as well: for example, making leaf prints and growing sprout head.

    This nature journal's 8"x 11 ½" size makes it perfect for children to document their nature journey without the limitations smaller journals present. Bright colors, black-line illustrations and well-constructed pages and binding will allow storage of your children's outdoor reflections and memories for years. Sturdy, flexible cardboard cover. 224 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 041001
    ISBN: 9781615385331
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.85

    Take a walk, find something interesting (a fallen log, a patch of moss, a beetle) and encourage your child/student to take the time to observe, draw and write about what he sees. Each page has 5 large (dotted half-line) writing lines and a space to draw a picture (about 7 x 4) at the top. Younger students can tell you what they see while you write for them and they draw a picture. Older students can write a few sentences on their own. While you are creating a keepsake, children are learning to be curious about nature and practice their handwriting skills. A few pages at the beginning of the workbook explain some classifications children can include and there are some prompts if you need a little guidance on your nature walk. You dont have to find a lush forest; a yard or park will do the trick! Take a magnifying glass and some colored pencils with you. Each page has a verse from a poem or Scripture at the bottom. Memoria Press, 36pp (26 journaling pages), 8.5 x 11 pb ~ Sara

  • Item #: 025888
    ISBN: 9781603425315
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    More structured than a nature journal, this "outdoor workbook" is a great tool for families and students who prefer some guided instruction and inspiration as they observe, record, and learn from nature throughout the year. It features a varied, interactive format that kids won't soon get bored with, great forms for observation you can print from the publisher's website, and lots of terrific activity suggestions. The book is divided into three parts: "How to Be a Naturalist," "Learning the Sky," and "Exploring Nature." The first part introduces students to the skills and tools of the naturalist, provides suggestions and forms for setting up a nature journal, offers ideas for observation and appreciation (listing species that live in your neighborhood, making a "nature arrangement" or using observations to write a nature poem), and even includes quick drawing lessons that all culminate in an "field expedition." Because weather plays such a large role in nature, it gets its own chapter, and students are encouraged to draw the sky over different days and times, "read" clouds, draw a weather map, learn why we have seasons, play with shadows, keep a moon journal, discover nocturnal animals, learn three constellations and write a sky poem. The majority of "Exploring Nature" is organized by month (January-December) and provides specific activities and mini-lessons on seasonal nature topics. In March students will learn about the spring equinox, check for life in small pools of water and streams, turn over logs and rocks, draw birds, observe and draw budding twigs, and much more. In August, the focus is on water (the book assumes a family vacation here!) and students learn about the water cycle, find out more about a local stream or river, experiment with water, learn about water creatures, find sources of water in nature, keep a nature journal on vacation, and sleep under the stars. Several forms are provided for all months, including "Nature Notes" and "Nature Quest" forms, and a blank page for a "Picture of the Month." You can print more of these online for ongoing observation projects. Quite a few helpful resources for parents can be found in the appendix, such as safety information, suggestions on how to use nature journals in teaching and how to use the book to meet state curriculum standards, a bibliography (including suggested field guides and books for kids), recommended websites and a list of nature organizations. If you're new to nature studies and looking for some time-saving forms and activity suggestions, this is a resource to consider – and its reasonable enough you may want to get each child their own copy. – Jess

  • Item #: 023399
    ISBN: 9780525421634
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    When I first read My Side of the Mountain as a young girl, I was fascinated with the possibility that someone – especially a young person – could live off the land, foraging for wild food. This basic survival guide, authored by Jean Craighead George and her son, Twig, provides the curious reader with more information on outdoor survival, framed by excerpts from the novel. This is not only a great tie-in to the book, but also serves as an excellent first survival guide, or even a jumping-off point for an outdoor survival unit study. Short chapters cover: camping, types of shelters, building a fire, finding water, possible protein sources (fishing, fresh roadkill, even bugs), outdoor cooking, edible plants, poisonous plants, tying knots, tracking animals, bird songs, falconry, hiking and trailblazing, navigating, outdoor safety and recipes to try. The brief and easy-to-read text is accompanied by green, sketch-like illustrations and occasional diagrams. While you'll find more limited content here than in other survival guides in this section, this one is well-written and very accessible for younger readers and is likely to pique their interest in learning even more, or trying some of the activities and recipes. 138 pages, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 068492
    ISBN: 9781544924151
    Retail: $27.50
    Rainbow Price: $22.50

    Need more guidance to create a nature study notebook? Check out this new nature study journal from Funschooling Books. First, get a quick look at how to use the book along with a list of 10 things to think about when you go outside. Then you are whisked into activity pages. An assortment of independent activities is included: for example, drawing and coloring pages; brief research exercises; collecting items and creating nature crafts; spelling and vocabulary review, etc. To supplement these pages, I would recommend a Science Encyclopedia, the Handbook of Nature Study from Anna Comstock or accessing a library. The author does provide space to record additional reading/movie resources used with the journal. Created specifically for Dyslexic Children, and utilizing the Dyslexie Font created by Christian Boer. Children without dyslexia may also find them engaging. This is a fun supplement for your nature studies or to keep learning alive through the summer. Black & White graphics. SC.223 pgs. Non-reproducible. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 007806
    ISBN: 9781608933709
    Retail: $16.95
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    Are muddy boots a staple of your spring and summer months? Take your love of outdoors (and mud!) to the next level with this multifaceted outdoor project book. Five chapters provide 50 projects. Chapter 1 focuses on mud’s creative power: from pies to art. There’s also a recipe for indoor mud! Chapter 2 details fort building activities from stick forts to teepees. Next up, a chapter of stick and stone activities, including tiny twig rafts, painting rocks, etc. Water is our next focus: some puddle science and building a birch bark canoe. The final chapter offers more nature focused explorations and hands-on activities. Nature scavenger hunts, pressing flowers, bird watching, cloud watching and animal tracks are presented. Beautifully illustrated, engaging narratives and instructions come together to provide a resource that expands on a child’s affection for the great outdoors. Most activities will take 30-60 minutes; a few may take 2+ hours (like the mini canoe). 135 pgs, hc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 021222
    ISBN: 9781440562426
    Retail: $14.95
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    Round up the family for some doodling fun! This book has over 65 interactive prompts that will inspire creativity in kids (and adults) of all ages. The book is unique in two ways. First, it combines writing with doodling. Each left-hand page has short writing prompts (related to the doodle prompt) to be completed in the book. Second, the book has room for three people to write and draw together! The left-page writing prompts are repeated on the page so that they appear three times (stacked from top to bottom). The right-hand page provides space for the doodles, which are communal in nature. For example, one of the prompts asks the family to draw the best dream they ever had. The doodle page has illustrations of three large clouds—one for each family member's drawing. The accompanying writing prompt for each person reads "The best dream I ever had went like this:" followed by four lines of writing space. The prompt concludes with "I had this dream on __/__/_____." The top of each writing prompt page has space for the date, and each prompt is preceded by "My name is ______." There's a wide variety of fun, imaginative prompts, covering topics such as zoo animals, a family crest, talents, favorite foods, holidays, feelings, the future, and much more. Not only does this book combine artistic pursuits with language skills, but it also makes a great family keepsake! Black and white. 144 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
  • Item #: 052089
    ISBN: 9780756662929
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Filled with large-scale full-color photos, interesting facts and hands-on activities, this book is a compilation of six previously-published Nature Activities books from DK. It contains most of the content from Birdwatcher, Bug Hunter, Star Gazer, Rock & Fossil Hunter, Nature Ranger and Weather Watcher. Each two-page spread introduces a different area of study or topic in each subject, providing some background information, photos with explanatory captions, and a related activity or a suggestion for further observation. For example, in the "Bug Hunter" chapter, pages 60-61 discuss moths and step-by-step instructions are provided for making a moth trap. In "Star Gazer," one spread invites readers to "star hop" across the northern sky and provides instructions on how to use the Big Dipper to find and identify Polaris, Cephus, Cassiopeia, Draco and the galaxy M81. With an extensive range of topics from weather to mammals, this is your one-stop shop for outdoor learning adventures! 256 pgs, sturdy paperback. – Jess

  • Item #: 053184
    ISBN: 9781554538027
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.93

    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to play we go! Divided by seasons, this book is loaded with fun activities to pique your kids' interest in nature and the world out side their back door. Step-by-step project instructions are interspersed with facts about creatures and natural phenomena. Spring ideas include making bird houses from plastic bottles, collecting swamp water to observe, and juggling bubbles and lots of games to play with friends. Summer ideas include composting with worms you find, beach games, making a treasure hunt, summer constellations to find in the night sky. Fall activities include watching animals prepare for winter, Frisbee golf, making rock art, and hide and seek games. Winter has a lot of indoor games like pick up sticks, cards, coin tricks and other stuff like feeding birds with suet you make and playing hopscotch in the snow. The next time your kids say there's nothing to do outside, pull out this book and see what they come up with. 174 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 052136
    ISBN: 9780762780143
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Boys' Life is a classic part of the Boy Scouts program – the magazine has been around for over 100 years now. As a Cub Scout, I always looked forward to it coming in the mail: getting to read stories of adventure, how-to and First Aid articles, and general guy-stuff (oh, and the comics of course). The Boys' Life Book of Outdoor Skills combines decades of Boys' Life content into a single volume, with fantastic articles on equipment, survival, how-to, and stories of Scouts in action. It's a literal treasure trove! This is one book that the Scouts in your family (or any other boys) will read over and over again. Not only is it just fun to read, it's fully illustrated (all of the full-color articles are left as they were originally published in magazine format) and super practical as well. There are articles about how to build your own canoe or snow cave (or indoor home rifle range, if you feel so inclined), how to treat heat exhaustion or hypothermia; stories about scouts surviving in the wilderness or climbing the Grand Teton, and of heroic rescues after bear attacks or fire accidents. There's always been something special about the Scouting program; it's had a huge impact in helping boys gain the skills they need in their lives as men. Plus, what boy doesn't like learning how to rough it in the wild and use knives and fire? 192 pgs., hc. – Chad

  • Item #: 000853
    Retail: $40.00
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    Made especially for your little nature lover, this kit has all the items you need for exploration and observation. This kit includes binoculars, a flashlight, compass, signal whistle with thermometer, and a soft carrying pouch. The binocular is the very popular Robin Binocular (#002772) that is 5x30mm and compact with fully coated lenses for clear, bright images. A center focus knob allows you to adjust for better viewing. I know this is supposed to be a toy, but these binoculars are designed for longevity, and a cleaning cloth is included so you don't scratch the lenses. The flashlight is made of durable hard plastic, uses 2 AA batteries (not included), an incandescent bulb, and loop on the end for securing your flashlight. The whistle is made of heavy black plastic and has a Celsius thermometer on one side and Fahrenheit on the other. The whistle hangs from a black cord that will slide over your head and is a great safety tool when outdoors--use it as a distress signal or if you become separated from your group. The compass found in this set is a "Locator Engineer's Compass." It provides precise compass readings and includes a lensatic magnifier and sighting hairline for sighting accuracy, a rotatable bezel, adjustable marching line for maintaining direction in low visibility, thumb hold, and a closing cover. This compass would be a nice introduction to compass reading and locating objects on a map – it's a toy, but very well made and accurate. The nylon pouch that is included in this set slips onto your own belt, has two outside loop holders that will fit the flashlight, a small outside pocket, and a main compartment that is large enough to hold the binoculars and compass. An instruction pamphlet is included with full explanations of each item in the set, along with instructions on how to use the compass for position finding. Spend time in the great outdoors and begin the adventure of exploration! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 001270
    ISBN: 9781885061546
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    Here's a place for kids to record all of their nature "finds," from observations to musings to artwork (photos or drawings). We like this journal because it's fairly free-form, not requiring a child to fill in a multitude of information, but allowing him to take the lead in what he wants to record. Our only qualm - it's not larger!

    But at least it won't be too bulky to tote! Book is half-sized (like folded standard pages), and contains log pages, photo/artwork pages, a quick log (to keep a running record of entries), log tips, and ideas for related nature activities. Sidebars contain interesting activities that may stimulate observation of particular plants or animals - just in case your woodsman needs a little prompting. pb, spiral-bound.

  • Item #: 067907
    ISBN: 9780794539689
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.49

     Take the classroom outdoors! Well-illustrated, clear instructions for activities, and helpful background information make this an excellent science supplement or a wonderful resource for a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Beginning with an introduction on how to use the book, tools for outdoor learning, safety tips and how to protect nature, the rest of the book then divides into 6 sections. These sections include Exploring ponds, Rivers and Seas; Discovering Wildlife; Into the Wild; Out in all Weather and Night Explorer. A sampling of activities includes bouncing stones, damming a stream, forming a footprint trap, being a tree detective, creating wildlife art from items found in the woods, pitching a tent and making a campfire, cloud spotting and forecasting, stargazing and much more. Includes a dedicated website for interactive activities and worksheets. Index and helpful glossary. 64 pgs. HC. ~ Deanne 

  • Item #: 039421
    ISBN: 9780425111062
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    If you are serious about providing your children the tools to observe, enjoy, and survive in nature, this book will be an invaluable resource. Some of the same information is presented here as is found in Wilderness Survival above, but the emphasis here is more on learning those skills and passing them on to your children. The book is written to parents as teachers, not to children themselves, so you will need to read through it first (and maybe practice a little) before you can begin teaching. It is not a "pick-up-and-go" kind of resource rather it is an investment of time for you and your children. The book is presented in two parts; in Part One, the emphasis is on awareness, and in Part Two, the emphasis is on survival. According to the author, awareness is the root that all nature survival skills stem from; without it, we cannot fully observe, appreciate or understand nature. Working against awareness are the contrivances of modern life, including television, books, regimented school routines, and video games. Although this is a skill that is difficult to "teach" in the traditional way, the chapters in this section offer parents ideas and suggestions to help children learn this skill, and identify hindrances that can prevent our awareness. Chapters in this section cover the senses, "moving" in nature (or how to quietly walk to observe), tracking, observing animals and plants, and observing nature around the home. Several games to teach awareness are also included. The second part of the book follows the same order of importance as Wilderness Survival. After an introduction that offers advice on teaching children survival skills in a positive way, chapters cover "lostproofing" (or how not to get lost), basic camping skills, finding or building shelter, finding and purifying water, building and maintaining a fire, finding and preparing food, taking care of the earth, survival games, and safety and first aid. As in Wilderness Survival, outdoor living and survival skills are the author's way of life. If you've never even been camping, his whole philosophy can be overwhelming; however, there is tons of practical information here, and it's presented in an equally practical but fascinating way. 228 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 066978
    ISBN: 9781631591150
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

    Who needs a science lab when you have the great outdoors! This book is packed with 52 activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, without fancy equipment or special supplies. Divided into 12 units, the activities cover Captivating Creatures, Driveway Physics, Invertebrate Inspection, Picnic Table Chemistry, Bountiful Botany, Atmospheric and Solar Science, Garden Hose Science, Playground Physics, Glorious Gardening, Excellent Ecology, Earth Science, and Frozen Fun. Learn how to set up a science journal. Then you're ready to encounter the world of outdoor science. Each lab includes a materials list (common items), safety tips & hints, instructions, science behind the activity, and an enrichment activity. Each lab is complete with photos from the process and the result. Make giant bubbles, make flower petal pictures, sprout a sapling, make tonic water glow, and more. Have some science fun and create family memories. 139 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 067606
    ISBN: 9781908489296
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.25

     Nature studies are a valuable part of science studies, but often younger ones are not ready for the detailed illustrating and research that are a vital part of a nature education. Draw your littles into the love of nature with this delightful activity book. Divided into seasons, activities range from simple drawings, matching, coloring, and spot the differences to scavenger hunts and more. Activities vary in complexity and some youngers may need a little direction as they create a personal nature journal. Includes a nature code introducing safety of self and surroundings. Colorfully illustrated. Answers included in back. 60 pgs, pb. 

  • Item #: 067255
    ISBN: 9781910562147
    Retail: $11.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.45

  • Item #: 009002
    ISBN: 9780988812802
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.25

    It's a coloring book that kids can draw in and read about national parks, cities and other fun places to visit! There is a small block of text on each page to learn about animals, plants and places such as Grand Teton National Park, Valley Forge, the Mississippi River, wolves in Yellowstone, bald cypress trees, Niagara Falls and lots more! The rest of the page is mostly blank with the start of a drawing for children to springboard their own doodles off of. A little drawing tip shows them how to draw simple animals or objects to go along with each page. The book is a good size for throwing in a bag or backpack (7x10"). Sc, about 100pp. ~Sara

  • Item #: 050101
    ISBN: 9780971787452
    Retail: $26.95
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    If you can train yourself in the habit, keeping a nature journal offers not only the opportunity to continually hone artistic skills, but also provides ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, develop a deeper appreciation for nature, enhance penmanship and writing abilities and become a precious keepsake for years to come. This guide takes students lesson-by-lesson through developing their own nature journal and building the skills they'll need to capture examples of nature's beauty. Created by Barry Stebbing, author of the How Great Thou Art courses, these lessons are formatted similarly with short, easy-to-read lessons and a related assignment. There are 47 lessons total, the first segment focusing on assignments that can be done in the classroom, and later assignments which students will get to head outdoors to do. Lessons include designing the journal cover; learning how to appropriately frame the page; creating various tones in green and brown, and drawing specific objects or scenes such as onions, vines or tree trunks, landscapes, night scenes, farm animals, feathers, insects and much more. The lessons are illustrated with a variety of related drawings (both color and black-and-white) by Barry, some of which serve as examples to copy, and others to provide inspiration or examples for students' own drawing. The last piece of the book provides several blank journal pages with lines, a space for an inspiring quote and blank areas for drawing. You'll need a few specific supplies to complete the lessons, including a hardbound journal, a legal pad, a rubber band, colored pencils, a drawing pen, a writing pen, glue stick, tape, washable markers, a #6 watercolor brush (to use with the markers) and semi-gloss paper. Especially if you're not already emphasizing art in your curriculum, a course in nature journaling can provide your students a rewarding, creative tie-in to your science, English or even handwriting program – and get them outdoors to enjoy that sunshine! – Jess

  • Item #: 004066
    ISBN: 9780943173474
    Retail: $13.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

    Willie Whitefeather, Honorary Chief of the Black Creek Cherokee of Florida, river-rafter, and backwoods guide, has lived in the wilderness for many years. Disturbed by the lack of survival guides for children (who are the most helpless when they get lost or hurt in the woods), he wrote this for his grandchildren (and children everywhere) to help keep them safe. It's filled with common sense advice for children (and adults) to help prevent them from ever getting lost, or to help them survive if they do. A lot of the information in the book is helpful even in a camping situation, as the unexpected can happen. Bad weather, animal attacks, or loss of food or equipment can turn a pleasant camping trip into an emergency. Would you know how to determine which plants to eat or how to protect yourself from the elements until help arrived? Consider how much more vulnerable your children would be in this situation. Could they make a campfire without matches? This book not only helps insure that they're prepared for the unexpected, but it's interesting, too. It covers basic survival in the woods, desert, and mountains. Some of the methods are presented as Old Cherokee ways, since the author learned them from the Indians of his tribe. The only possibly offensive part of this book for Christian readers is a picture showing an Indian head in the sky (like a portrayal of "The Great Spirit") watching over the lost campers. Read this with your children before that next camp-out or vacation in the wilderness.

  • Item #: 045027
    ISBN: 9780976291886
    Retail: $32.95
    Rainbow Price: $25.95

    Barbara Shukin, creator of the History Portfolios, has assembled another delightful notebooking study, this time a nature study organized by the seasons of the year. Inside the sturdy binder you'll find student notebooking pages, notebooking materials and a parent guide. The pages are divided into three-month blocks: September, October and November; December, January and February; March, April and May; and June, July and August (yes, you can do nature study year-round!). Within each three-month block, there are five habitats, each with three subjects to study. The habitats include yards and gardens, woods and fields, ponds and streams, desert, and seashore. So, for example, in March, April and May you would study frogs, dragonflies and wild flowers in the "Ponds and Streams" habitat. There are 48 notebooking pages in all, with at least one facing two-page spread for each group of three subjects in a habitat. To use this as a year-long nature study you would need to complete 1-2 notebooking pages per week. Now before you jump in, there is just a bit of organization you will need to do. First you need to locate your resources for reading about the nature topics. A very helpful reading guide is included at the very end of the binder to aid you. This includes a detailed chart divided by season, habitat and subject, with recommended readings noted from Handbook of Nature Study, Take-Along Guides, Wonders of Nature Sketchbook, and other recommended picture books and readers. Although you can enjoy the course just as much by utilizing any other resources of your choosing, the author recommends these three resources in particular which you will be able to use throughout the study. You will also need to look at the parent guide pages and decide which activities you will want to complete from the list suggested, and if you need to make copies of any reproducible forms. Activity suggestions include ideas for observation of the subject, copywork from related writings on the topic, narrations based on the reading material you have chosen, classifying the topic by answering questions based on physical characteristics, and learning related vocabulary. When you have gathered your resources, it's time to have fun. You'll read about the topics, go outdoors and observe firsthand, then fill in the sturdy notebooking pages with the activities that you chose. The suggested activities, pictures and forms are recommendations, but you may also come up with your own ideas to fill in the blank areas on the notebooking pages. At the end of each season, you'll find a coloring page and a decorative page for copywork. Poems of the appropriate length are included in the parent's section if you choose to use them. I can't imagine a cozier, more open-ended way to study nature than spending a year with the Nature Portfolio. I love that the chosen nature topics are all common creatures that should be fairly easy to observe, and the study is very open-ended as far as how you fill the pages. The resources the author recommends will be a joy to read together as well. – Jess

  • Item #: 035582
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    Spend time in the great outdoors with this quality outdoor set by Explore One. A sturdy canvas carry bag has enough room to store all of the items in the kit: binoculars (4x30), lens cloth, LED headlamp, mini compass, and aluminum water bottle. The binoculars have a center focus dial for clear viewing and rubber grips for a firm grasp. The LED headlamp has 4 settings (low, medium, high, and flashing), adjustable elastic band, and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). The canvas carry bag can be worn on your belt, or attach the included adjustable strap for over-the-shoulder convenience. An included user manual shows you how to use each of the tools on your outdoor adventures.

  • Item #: 031127
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  • Item #: 008270
    ISBN: 9780600616610
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    This idea-packed book includes over 100 activities for kids to play in yards, parks, beaches, and other outdoor spaces. Many of the ideas are classic outdoor games that have been tweaked or modernized for today's kids. For each activity, the book gives an overview of the game, materials and prep work that's needed, easy-to-follow directions for play, recommended age range and number of players, tips, and a few variations to keep the game interesting. Many can be played independently, but most seem to fall into "the more the merrier" territory. Games are loosely divided into categories like movement games, jumping games, running games, throw and catch games, etc. and most don't require anything you won't find lying around. Chapter 1 combines popular rhymes with movement for games like Skip To My Lou and The Farmer's in His Den. Chapter 2 has ideas for smaller outdoor spaces like obstacle courses and bean-bag toss. Chapter 3 includes hopping games like hopscotch and jump rope activities. Chapter 4 features run and chase games like Follow the Leader and tag games. Chapter 5 games require a sports ball of some sort and have games like Ball Against the Wall and First to 100. Chapter 6 has games that help develop skills kids will use later in actual sports, Chapter 7 features games to play specific to the beach, and Chapter 8 games are more like nature activities to do in forests and parks. Overall, the book provides a good range of fun, easy to learn games for kids. By Jane Kemp and Clare Walters, 128 pgs, pb. ~Rachel

  • Item #: 019305
    ISBN: 9781935305002
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.25

    Like other Magnetic Poetry Kits, this one contains 240 little word magnets (each measures about 1.25" x .3") that can be moved around to create imaginative poetry. This set contains idyllic, nature-themed words so poets can fashion poems about the glorious outdoors and the beautiful natural world.

  • Item #: 020846
    ISBN: 9781616205782
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    Crowfoot, Chief of the Siksika First Nation, describes life as the "flash of a firefly in the night and the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime." Enjoying life is so much more than video games and running from class to class or meeting to meeting. In fact, life is best experienced with family, and unscheduled to freely enjoy the beauty and power found outdoors. Bringing together vision, instruction and practical ideas, this book provides guidance for novice or experienced naturalists.

    Written primarily to parents who seek to provide children a nature rich upbringing, the author begins with facilitating parent-child attachment through nature from infancy. Building upon this foundation, he explains 500 ways to engage with the world around us through observation, activities and community connection. Prepared to be amazed at the opportunity that exists to build relationships, create memories and be equipped with the resources to overcome common stress related struggles, simply by taking advantage of the readily available natural world. 275 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne