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  • Item #: 002240
    ISBN: 9781602005228
    Retail: $39.99
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    That proverbial talk about the “birds and the bees.” You know you need to do it. Teaching your children about God’s plan for sex and all the male/female interaction that leads up to it is part of what it means to bring up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. And you want to do it – sort of. It’s just that it’s so very uncomfortable – and you don’t know what to say – and there might be questions asked that make you ashamed or guilty. . .  Dennis and Barbara Rainey (parents of six) of Family Life Ministries know you need “a plan” and they’ve provided a lovely one – a getaway weekend kit complete with instructions for you, guidelines for what to do, excellent speakers to get the difficult words out in the open by offering interesting audio sessions, an engaging format, a solid study of Biblical values, and enjoyable scripture songs.

      The goal of this program is to encourage and empower parents to discuss the difficult topics of intimacy, sexual behavior, and personal feelings that are facing their children as they enter the preteen years. To give parents the tools they need to both challenge their sons and daughters as they enter the pathway to Christian adulthood as well as provide the foundation for future discussions and sharing. To build a mentoring relationship with your children that continues past the weekend and into all the years leading up to adulthood.

      Preteen? Isn’t that jumping the gun a bit for the birds and the bees? Not in today’s culture. It’s literally everywhere around us – and now in ways unimagined by all previous generations. This program is designed to set the stage for a close parent/child relationship as the child moves into this period. Topics are handled biblically, carefully, and tastefully. Some topics are left optional for the parent.

      A weekend getaway. That’s the general setting. One child – with the parent all to himself (boys with fathers; girls with mothers) – doing an activity of his choice that he loves to do and spending time listening to “talks” and working through study material together. It’s a wonderful affirmation that the love of the parent can transcend the upcoming changes that the child will be experiencing.

      There are five audio sessions and one optional session: 1) the adolescent experience, 2) how to handle peer pressure, 3) changes that are ahead (God’s design for sex), 4) purity (protecting sexual innocence), and 5) dating (properly engaging with the opposite sex). The optional session covers really delicate issues (masturbation, pornography, and same-sex attraction) and can be inserted after the fourth session and before the fifth if the parent chooses,

      The Getaway Kit provides the necessary framework: a tour guide for the parent, travel journal for the preteen including 25 follow-up devotions, CDs containing 5 sessions, scripture memory songs and downloadable MP3s of all sessions.

      The Tour Guide is for the parent – basically a leader’s guide for this very focused Bible study. This little manual includes sections on planning the getaway, an itinerary for the weekend, a suggested schedule, preparation checklists (and needed supplies), guidelines for writing a note to your son/daughter, and very specific suggestions for praying for your son/daughter. Also included is a page-for-page reproduction of the Travel Journal (accent color rather than full color) so you can work through it with your son/daughter.

      The Travel Journal is for your son/daughter and is designed as a companion for the experiences of the weekend. With a travel theme and an engaging appearance, it provides a place to write notes (from the talks), thoughts, and answers to questions as well as the guidelines for godly Christian living provided by this study material. There are 25 follow-up devotions that continue with a similar theme and help strengthen the biblical core of the young adult’s understanding of the various issues. This is a nicely done keepsake book with a hardcover, full-color graphics, and an elastic strap for place-keeping.

      The CD Set provides the core material for the heart of the weekend and the program. Eight CDs provide the weekend talk sessions. These sessions feature scripture memory songs, dramatic vignettes, humorous features, real-life stories from teens and adults, and lots of teaching from parents and experts that have “been there, done that.” Songs are CCM-type of music with understandable lyrics, singable melodies, and full instrumentation backup.

      Having “that” talk with your children may never be entirely comfortable, but this kit gives you a plan; the certainty of godly, biblical content; and the promise of enjoyable memories. 

  • Item #: 067907
    ISBN: 9780794539689
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.49

     Take the classroom outdoors! Well-illustrated, clear instructions for activities, and helpful background information make this an excellent science supplement or a wonderful resource for a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Beginning with an introduction on how to use the book, tools for outdoor learning, safety tips and how to protect nature, the rest of the book then divides into 6 sections. These sections include Exploring ponds, Rivers and Seas; Discovering Wildlife; Into the Wild; Out in all Weather and Night Explorer. A sampling of activities includes bouncing stones, damming a stream, forming a footprint trap, being a tree detective, creating wildlife art from items found in the woods, pitching a tent and making a campfire, cloud spotting and forecasting, stargazing and much more. Includes a dedicated website for interactive activities and worksheets. Index and helpful glossary. 64 pgs. HC. ~ Deanne 

  • Item #: 063508
    ISBN: 9790975277330
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $47.99

    The sound of gunfire echoes across the living room. A sudden crash - the dice deliver a death sentence to two more men in Bravo squad. Under a hail of bullets, the plastic figurines dive for cover, running back toward the crashing waves. The Allies won't be taking Omaha Beach without a fight.

    This, commander, is one of many scenarios that you and your troops may come up against in the fight against our foe. We have 16 operations planned out for this war across France and Germany. Each battlefield is made up of many varied types of terrain which you will have to plan around. Rivers, towns, forests, and obstacles (such as bunkers, sandbags, and wire) all offer unique strategic options to your (and your enemy's) forces. Throughout these excursions, you'll have access to three divisions of our military: Infantry, Armor, and Artillery. Each has advantages and disadvantages and must be used carefully. During each battle, Headquarters will be relaying several strategic options to you. You will choose one of these options to advance through the center of the battlefield and on the right and left flanks. Once your units are in position and close enough to an enemy target, you'll be able to attack and drive them from the battlefield! The road to victory is, of course, varied; you may be required to take key locations or eliminate enemy forces to gain victory. If you are able to succeed, you will crush the enemy resistance before it has a chance! You'll need to plan your strategy carefully - certain operations will give you and your foe wildly different options, and we aren't able to intercept your opponent's tactical orders. Whenever you're ready, commander, the troops are waiting for you. Let's bring this war to an end.

    Apart from being a unique strategy game, Memoir '44's application as an interactive historical supplement is unparalleled. Every historically-accurate scenario has its own description detailing the planned events of that day, including the outcome - though depending on which player wins the game, you may end up rewriting history! For 2 players. 30-60 minutes.

  • Item #: 026537
    ISBN: 9780152047184
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    Virginia Sorensen has acquired the prize, "Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children," with this fine work. When Marly's father returns from the war, he is a different man. However, with a few days "syruping" out in the country, the treasured aspects of his personality begin to reappear. Near Maple Hill, Marly's family spends most of their time with the neighbors, the Chrises. Mr. Chris has so much to teach about syrup-making, plants, flowers, and animals, and Marly quickly comes to regard him affectionately. Since their short stays at Maple Hill are doing father so much good, the family is faced with the decision to reside there permanently. Marly considers all the miracles she has witnessed there as valid reason to stay. This is a wonderful story about family relationships, neighborly friendship, and all of the beauty that nature bears. It is a story which must not be passed up.

  • Item #: 022285
    ISBN: 9781609990831
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $110.00

    I am excited that Ray and Charlene Notgrass have written this excellent, one year world history course! While many families enjoy a chronological, multi-year approach to world history, others prefer to study history in a more traditional manner-one year at a time. Written in the engaging narrative ‘voice’ that has made the Notgrass courses beloved by many homeschool families, this new World History begins at the very foundation of our Christian foundation- Adam and journeys to the end of the 20th century, with a final unit on our interconnected world (from the thrill of world-wide sporting events to turmoil in the Middle East).

    Containing 30 units, with 5 lessons per unit, this course will take students one year to complete. It is anticipated that daily lessons will take 45-90 minutes per day, although it is naturally flexible for homeschool families to set their own pace. While the target grade range is 5 through 8, families with younger children will find this a perfect ‘read aloud’ curriculum, as the text has been clearly and engagingly written.

    Let me give a bit of an example of how the unit lessons are laid out. At the start of each unit, there is a brief introduction to the lessons including the recommended literature selection to accompany the reading. Each weekly unit has one lesson from each of five categories: Our World Story (major events in history); God’s Wonders (impact of the world’s created wonders on history and culture); World Landmarks; World Biography of some of history’s most influential personalities and Daily Life (an inside view of everyday life). Daily lessons are richly illustrated with graphics and photographs, including maps of historic places and regions. At the conclusion of each lesson (approximately 5-8 pages), parents and children will select assignments to complete from a list of 5-7 assignments. Older students may be able to complete all the activities-but again- there is built-in flexibility for your individual family’s needs. Assignments include readings from the Our Creative World book (collection of original documents); Map Book assignments; Timeline Book assignments; assignments from the Student Workbook and Lesson Review Book (optional resources), as well as language arts assignments covering vocabulary, creative writing, literature selections. Thinking Biblically assignments are also included with most lessons and are designed to engage students in applying Scripture to history and life. Each unit also provides a suggested weekly family activity-projects vary and include arts and crafts, recipes and games. Materials are easily found for the projects and are designed to bring the family together to enjoy time together building memories.

    Curriculum package contains From Adam to Us Part 1 & 2; Our Creative World, Map Book, Timeline Book and the Answer Key to end of the lessons questions as well as the activities and tests in the Student Workbook and the questions and tests in the Lesson Review. Although it is possible to share the Map and Timeline books, they are available separately, allowing each child to have their own copy. I suspect that most children will be eager to create their own map and timeline.

    If you would like to add more supplemental instruction or review, consider the Student Workbook (5th-6th grade) or the Lesson Review (7th-8th grades). Both include additional assignments that correspond to the daily lesson as well as unit tests and questions related to the literature selections. Most literature based questions are recall based. However, there are a smattering of higher level thinking questions.

    Middle school children will be enthralled as they view world history through the lens of a Creator God who is alive and active, from the very foundation of our world through present day. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 011783
    ISBN: 9780064401715
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    This 57-page book will teach readers to appreciate how wonderful life can be. It tells the story of two Japanese friends and how their lives are changed when a large wave wipes out the village that one of them lives in. As they struggle to overcome their sorrow, they learn that it is only in the presence of danger that people can learn to be brave. Add some romance and humor, and you have a book guaranteed to please.

  • Item #: 024986
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $7.00

    Ever wonder what owls eat? Dissect an owl pellet and find out! Owls regurgitate the indigestible remains of their meals, which make their diet easy to investigate. This pouch contains one sanitary owl pellet and a bone chart. Use a tweezers or other small tool (not included) to dissect the pellet and then identify the remains using the chart. However, if you're grossed out by the "real thing," you may want to check out the Skeleton Pellets, which are synthetic versions of owl pellets with one (non-surprise) animal skeleton inside. - Jess

  • Item #: 012712
    ISBN: 9780890518618
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Part of the Wonders of Creation series. From a creationist point of view, this book covers what causes the weather, water in the atmosphere, thunderstorms, hurricanes, winter storms, wild weather, historical climate, climate change, and our responsibility to the environment. The creation-Genesis flood model, El Niño, jet streams, green house effect, clouds, warm and cold fronts, and weather predicting. A fold-out weather poster is included. 96 pgs, hc ~ Anh

  • Item #: 034764
    ISBN: 9781581345155
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Subtitled "Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia." Many families have read or plan to read The Chronicles of Narnia together, and it's no secret that these books are allegories. While some of the biblical parallels are easily seen and discussed, this book helps you discover all of the books' biblical and Christian roots. It offers a book by book, chapter by chapter examination, full of insights for you to share with your family. Don't miss out on the wonderful meaning embedded in these books - use this companion guide alongside the series next time you read them. 208 pgs. - Melissa

  • Item #: 032443
    ISBN: 9780060581848
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    The Ingalls are moving again! They have been through some difficult times for the farm and for the family, physically and financially, but now Pa has a wonderful offer out west, which he accepts. Pa heads out to the wilderness of the Dakota Territory, and the rest of the family follows a couple of months later. They become the first settlers in the new town of De Smet and Pa begins building in another new town on the shores of Silver Lake, but ultimately they are waiting until Pa finds the perfect homestead.

  • Item #: 031007
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.25

    With a similar mix of lessons, tests, practice material, and games as Typing Instructor, this version is more accessible to younger kids and offers a fun, motivating and effective way to learn typing skills. There are 160 touch-typing lessons which cover all the basic keys (letters, numbers, symbols) on either a standard or a split keyboard (except for the 10-key number pad). There are ten different typing plans, each geared to a different age group. Regardless of the plan they are following, each student learns the keyboard by taking a tour of "Typer Island" and visiting five different lands as they journey to the Castle. As students journey through Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea, they'll learn new keys and complete exciting challenges (usually timed) like typing to shoot words out of the sky, racing a Viking ship by typing words as quickly as possible, and typing words printed on sharks before they eat you! The activities build upon each other so students can't move on until their skills are ready. The changes in scenery add a lot of variety to the lessons, but you can still rely on helpful features including visual instruction with the 3-D guide hands and keyboard. Accuracy and speed (WPM) are also tracked throughout, with students getting instant feedback on their performance, and earning rewards as well.

    Of course, the arcade-like games will be the most fun to the beginning typist! The further students advance in the program, the more games will be available to them. Once they make it through all five lands, students capture the Castle, which opens the Lost City, a new addition to the program that provides two new games. While capturing the Castle and exploring the Lost City are the ultimate goals of the game, students earn treasures and points all through the program, which keeps them motivated and entertained. Students can also visit Explorer Isle at any point to play their favorite games (except for Lost City games), using only the keys that they have covered already. They can also visit Story Lagoon and practice typing one of 40 familiar stories, including fairy tales and classic literature. With this program's careful progression, interesting storyline, high-quality animation, 30+ games, multiple skill levels, and English/Spanish instruction, it's no wonder it is the winner of so many prestigious educational awards. This one comes highly recommended, folks

    Please note that software comes in a paper sleeve, not a box. There are two versions available; one is designed for Windows or Mac and one that is only compatible with Windows. Both are compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 while Win/Mac version is also compatible with Mac OSX 10.4 or higher (including Snow Leopard). Rachel

  • Item #: 028650
    ISBN: 9780375838743
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    Although this lively adventure calls to mind Tom Sawyer and Indiana Jones, it has a storyline all its own that begs to be read cover to cover. It all begins with a refrigerator delivery to the lonely house perched on and chained to a huge rock by the foot of a mountain. 11-year-old Thomas Hammond is a little confused about why his mother left him the box and packaging to "play with," but nonetheless, he kicks the box and tosses a thick sheet of foam down to the creek. Angry that his teacher is courting his widower mother and coming to dinner that night to boot, he makes a game of throwing debris at the floating foam. When Tom goes to bed that night, overwhelmed with the fact that his teacher proposed to his mother, he sneaks out of the house for some fresh air and accidentally embarks on an underground journey that involves a corpse, a gang of criminals, archaeological wonders, and some other underground castaways. But since Tom can't exactly swim back out the way he came, how will he get back above ground and clear his "missing person" status? By N.D. Wilson, 224 pgs, pb. ~ Jess

  • Item #: 025621
    ISBN: 9780395840030
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    Maybelle and the other cable cars are well loved in San Francisco by the locals as well as the visitors. One day, they find out that the men in City Hall are trying to do away with the cable cars, calling them inefficient and economical. The public outcry eventually causes them to put it to a vote and the cable cars are saved. Not only is this book filled with great information about cable cars (includes a page about all the different parts of a cable car) but it is a wonderful picture about how the democratic process can allow the voice of the people to be heard. This wonderful story is written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton, author of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel & Katy and the Big Snow, who actually rode the cable cars as a young art student in San Francisco. 42 softcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 011281
    ISBN: 9780192750136
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    There is nothing that makes King Shahryar happier than his own dear wife. He and his brother, King Shahzaman, often exult in the wonderfulness of their wives. But one day, King Shahryar finds his wife has removed the veil from her face and is holding hands with the stable boy. Overcome with anger at her betrayal, he kills them both with his sword. That same day, he goes to visit his brother. There he discovers that his brother's wife has also betrayed him, as she shined her eyes upon the palace cook. They too, were put to death. The brothers console each other and conclude, "All women are fickle!" However, King Shahryar grows lonely, and he is just a little frightened of the dark. He comes up with a solution to his problem, which greatly troubles his wise royal Wazir. Every morning, the king marries a young lady who keeps him company through the night, and each morning his executioner beheads her before she can stop loving him. In this manner, the king passes one thousand nights. By this time, he has gone through one thousand women, and the Wazir is running out of noblewomen. Fearful for his own two daughters, the Wazir tries to send them away. But his oldest daughter instead asks to be taken to the king so that one other woman's life is spared. As cunning as she is beautiful, Shahrazad comes up with a plan to delay her execution. She hints at the wonderful story she would have told the king the next night, and he orders the execution to reconvene the next morning. That night, she weaves a wonderful story for him. But when dawn comes, she has not yet finished the tale. In this way, she passes 999 nights at the palace. This book contains 33 wonderful Arabian tales, as well as the clever Shahrazad's own story. - Melissa

  • Item #: 010125
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    A large mansion sets the stage - together we must search for clues and find the stolen valuables before midnight (when the thieves plan to slip away). A cooperative mystery game - we're all part of the team discussing ideas, sharing strategies. Can we figure out the mystery of what's behind the Secret Door? Each game is different, exciting, and tricky - and a race against the clock! A wonderful workout for those memory and thinking skills! For 1-8 players. A Parents' Choice Award winner.

  • Item #: 002219
    ISBN: 9780890515150
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.99

    If you're looking for a fun yet fact-filled supplement about or introduction to dinosaurs from a Christian point of view, check out this book by Earl and Bonita Snellenberger. Besides captivating, biblically/scientific based facts and information, this activity book includes toys to make, games to play, puzzles, puppets, dot-to-dots, tangram puzzles, and mazes. The black and white illustrations throughout the book are perfect for coloring. The book includes tons of information about what makes a dinosaur, how fossils are made and restored, the history of dinosaurs and fossil hunting, faults in the evolution theory, Creation (in six, 24-hour days), the different types of dinosaurs and features their bodies had, Noah's flood, and more. The information is plentiful and, with the dozens of accompanying hands-on activities, students will have lots of fun as they learn the basics about dinosaur life and the different types of dinosaurs. As a bonus, a glossy, 2-page poster is included that pictures and identifies some of the most amazing dinosaurs. The book is not reproducible, so any patterns that must be cut out have a blank back and students can color, complete puzzles, and read directly from the book. 128 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: SSRWL1
    Retail: $264.87
    Rainbow Price: $224.95

    Considering the approach, ease of use, content, child-appeal, benefits, effectiveness and cost of all the phonics programs we were familiar with, Sing, Spell, Read & Write was our choice for personal use. We have used several programs and read about many others. Although we didn't use this program in total with our children (because we extended the spelling, used italic handwriting instead of ball and stick, etc.) we did find it the most used and useful of those we tried. AND the results were wonderful! If you're looking for something to really lay it all out for you, something that works, is easy to use, and will have your child singing the letter sounds in days, followed closely by actually reading...this is what we recommend! Here are some of our reasons:

    The "raceway" theme is very appealing and motivating to children, who love tracking their success via race car around a track as they complete the 36 steps to independent reading.

    The songs are unquestionably contagious - children will sing and sing and sing and learn their letter sounds, long and short vowel sounds, blending vowels and consonants, and digraphs almost effortlessly - and enjoy it! That is, if you can bear to listen to it sung over and over, multiplied by x times the number of children using it throughout the years.

    The 17 phonetic, full-color storybooks cover all 36 steps, providing immediate, rewarding reinforcement for the decoding skill just learned. This makes good sense.

    The games are not just fluff, but real fortification of phonetic skills. They are more fun, however, if you can play with more than one child.

    The teacher training videos included in the set will greatly aid you in understanding/teaching the phonics program - and give you the confidence to do it!

    Included is a complete, phonetic spelling program dove-tailing with the phonetic constructs being learned and a complete handwriting program (if you use ball and stick manuscript).

    thick, four-color workbooks include grammar and creative writing

    phonics songs are contained in both cassette and CD formats

    The two workbooks and the assessment book included in the set are the only consumables in the program. Replacements must be ordered from the publisher.

    To be honest, we have just a few quibbles :

    1. Some of the tapes/voices are not as clear or distinct as a perfectionist might demand. Some may go a little too "fast" for your taste - notably the ferris wheel song used to practice blending sounds smoothly. For us, this was a plus, since we kept at it until we could keep up with the song, resulting in perfect blending!

    2. The "prizes" included are...well...rather cheesy at best and who needs 4 or 5 yo- yos, several plastic magnifiers, multiple thin plastic bracelets, and numerous plastic sack puppets? When using with one child, one of each would do nicely. To alleviate this, see our special offer below.


  • Item #: MPSN1S
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    Rainbow Price: $99.00

  • Item #: 296731
    ISBN: 9781606829936
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

       I think everyone has wondered from time to time about their place here on earth – “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” Many times we measure ourselves using the world’s standards, which can lead to a poor self-image and other negative effects. Natalie Dorso has written this thorough study based on realizations in her own life. She had spent her teen years trying to answer life questions using the world’s guidelines, forgetting that the important thing for her, and all of us, is who we are in Christ. This study is divided into three important areas: Who am I in Christ in Relation to Sin? Who am I in Christ in Relation to God? Who am I in Relation to Other People? Throughout the study, readers are asked to read passages of scripture (KJV), look at its meaning, and then do some thinking and writing. This book is more than just a read through; it offers practical study and application for the reader’s life and situation. Sections titled “Put Off,” “Renew Your Mind,” and “Put On” are your opportunity to answer questions and write out your thoughts – based on Ephesians 4:22-24. “Put Off” is an opportunity to confess and get rid of your sin, ask forgiveness of others (if needed), and cut it out of your life. “Renew Your Mind” is based in God’s Word – it is here that you memorize and meditate. The third section, “Put On,” is your opportunity to swap out bad behavior for good and be held accountable. For students in junior high and high school, this study might be very helpful as they strive to find where they fit and who they are… in Christ! 176 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 069065
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95


    High in the mountains of ancient Japan sits the shrine of Onitama. Monks and their students train in the art of strategy, using tactics taught by the ancients to outmaneuver their foe. In Onitama, each player controls a group of monks and their master, vying for control of the battlefield. The game itself is simple and plays similarly to chess: both players begin with 4 student pawns and one master pawn at the end of a 5”x5”-square roll-up playmat. 5 of the 16 “Move” cards are then dealt out, two to each player and one to the side of the board. These Move cards are the heart of the game. They dictate how players can move their pawns each turn, but once used, they are rotated around the board and given to an opponent! The first person to capture their opponent’s master or temple archway wins the game. While easy to learn and play, the cycle of moving pawns and replacing movement cards adds a great deal of strategy, as players can never make the same move twice in a row! Coupled with the variety of movement options available, this makes Onitama one of the deepest and most exciting 2-player strategy games I’ve ever played—despite each round lasting only about 15 minutes.

  • Item #: 068224
    ISBN: 9781770858107
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $18.95


    Understanding the elements of the Periodic Table can be difficult for chemistry students. This wonderful resource presents a bit of history and lessons of the past concerning the Periodic Table and chemistry; learn about Mendeleev, atomic physics, the Quantum atom, and trends and patterns before jumping into presentations for each of the elements. One to two pages per element will give information on characteristics, uses, and its discovery, along with atomic number, weight, abundance, radius, melting point, boiling point, configuration and the date of its discovery. Pictures and illustrations will keep the reader engaged in the topic at hand. The book is then rounded out with the “Hall of Fame” for scientists and researchers – Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Glenn T. Seaborg, and others. 192 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 067036
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.50

     Do you remember tin can telephones? Whether “hunting bear,” spying on the neighbor’s dog or scheming to stay out late, my brother and I were always excited with our secret phone messages. Your children will get the same thrill with this quality set! Ranging up to 300 ft., non-slip rubber grip, and colorful quality plastic, these walkie talkies are perfect for little hands to carry around or slip into a pocket. Functioning more as a speaker phone, these do offer a sound effect button. Wonderful for sibling play or keeping mom in hearing range of little ones in the yard! Requires 6 AAA batteries-not included. 2017 Winner of the Parent’s Choice Award. Over and out! ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 064924
    ISBN: 9781934026984
    Retail: $25.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

       If you are familiar with the Singapore methodology, then you are familiar with model drawing or the ‘bar modeling method.’ This was a real eye-opener for me when I tried it several years ago, and it can be so helpful to your students in understanding and solving word problems. This book offers very clear explanations with modeling examples and practice, so that you can use this method with any math program you are using. This goal of modeling is to offer a visual for the context of word problems. Modeling bridges the gap between concrete and abstract by giving a visual or pictorial example. Work systematically through this book for a thorough understanding.

      Start with the basics and apply the modeling method to whole numbers, fractions, decimals, rate/distance, ratio, percent, two unknowns, and algebra. There are 97 problems within these chapters, and, in some cases, may take two pages to explain the solution to the problem – very thorough and systematic! The author even suggests more than one way to solve the problem, when that is a possibility. At the end of section, there are practice problems for you to try. A final exam of ten problems is found at the end of the Word Problems section, and solutions with visual models for practice problems and final exam rounds out the book.

      I’ve often wondered why no one taught this method when I was young, because it makes sense of word problems. Use this alongside your Singapore Math for more practice and clear explanations, or use it with your regular math program for an alternative explanation to solve difficult word problems. 153 pgs., p/b. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 064596
    ISBN: 9781584111733
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

       Children are never too young to be introduced to good Bible teaching and spending time daily with God’s Word. This little book is written specifically for little girls, ages 4-7, and includes seven days of devotions. Each day there is an age-appropriate story, Bible verse (NIV), three questions to talk about, a simple activity, and a prayer. Colorful illustrations are on every page to help hold the attention of younger children. Topics covered are God’s family, being afraid, feeling left out, caring for others, showing kindness, doing your best, and knowing God is present. This is a 32-page, hardcover book that would make a wonderful gift for any little girl. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 064429
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.79

      Why is it that many of our science projects end up in the stuffed in a closet or trash can (gasp!)?

    Could it be that we have not found one that we feel has the quality to be a fixture in a main living area or our child’s bedroom? I think this is one kit that will stand the test of time and remain displayed for time to come.

     Set includes quality, smooth wood planets (8), a wooden sun, and wooden hanger; 6 non-toxic acrylic paint tubs, 1 non-toxic glow in the dark paint; 1 non-toxic metallic silver paint; 2 artist quality paintbrushes, 5 yards of cord, pop-out label sheet, and instruction sheet with painting and hanging guide and solar system fun facts. The hanger (Milky Way Galaxy) measures 9” across, and the largest planet, Saturn’s rings measuring 7 1/4” across. The sun measures approximately 7x7” and the smallest piece is Venus, measuring approx. 2”. A wonderful project to conclude your space studies or to decorate your space loving child’s bedroom! ~Deanne

  • Item #: 064233
    ISBN: 9781770854949
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

       Do you ever wonder how things work? This book offers explanations, but in a visual and textual format. How do we get electricity in our homes? How does a letter travel through the mail? How does a 3D printer work?  Find out how 27 different things happen or work by following the numbered path around the page. Each topic covers a two-page spread and some of the pages fold out for an even bigger explanation. A large diagram or cross-section is in the middle of the explanation and little people are illustrated working inside of it. For example, the 3D printer shows all the parts on the inside and outside and little people make the parts move and do the work – kind of a humorous element to the explanation. There is so much to see and read on each page, you will see something different each time through. This book is 80 pages of illustrations, information, and new vocabulary. If you’re curious about where your trash goes, how your vacuum cleaner works, and of course how your cell phone functions, you will love this book. Age range is grades 3 through 7, but enjoyable by all ages. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 062671
    ISBN: 9780794534684
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.69

    Mazes are just fun. But they also build eye-hand coordination, visual perception and much more. Start your children out with this Usborne book of 24 bright and introductory mazes. It’s also a search-and-find book; each 2-page spread asks your child to spot 3 different things. Instruction is included in the front. A wonderful, a-maze-ing way to introduce your child to fun. 8.5” x 10”, 32 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 062256
    ISBN: 9781454910664
    Retail: $4.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

    What’s Your IQ? It’s always fun to take those little online tests to see how intelligent you are, but have you ever thought about working to raise your IQ? This book includes exercises to help you rate and improve your intelligence. There are 60 problems to warm up the brain; then there are 4 tests with 40 questions each. The fifth test is a whopping 80 questions, which will not only test your IQ but your durability and stamina to stay with it for that many questions. A table at the back of the book will help you find your IQ rating based on your test scores. Don’t just wonder about your IQ, find out what it is. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Donna