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Out Of Darkness

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  • Item #: 007820
    ISBN: 9780395968888
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    The amazing story of Louis Braille and his untiring determination to enable the blind to read and write. Blinded in a freak accident, Louis had an intelligent and curious mind. Though his memory was tremendous and learning came easily to him, he was frustrated by not being able to read or write. At ten, he was enrolled at the Royal Institute of the Blind. He did well there, but was still discouraged by the cumbersome system of reading via embossed letters. This story tells how it came to pass that Louis, by the tender age of fifteen (!), had invented the first workable form of Braille. Though his system would not be perfected until five years later, this young man's invention would effectively open up the world for the blind. A very readable biography.

  • Item #: 254987
    ISBN: 9781591668220
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    Miracles? Do they really exist? As Elhanan, a Jewish schoolboy, finds his mother ill he seeks answers about the rumored healer. Joined by Amplias, a blind beggar, this is one quest that will lead to Jesus of Nazareth in a way that neither could have anticipated. By Alicia Petersen, pb, 177 pgs.

  • Item #: 069859
    ISBN: 9780996771351
    Retail: $35.99
    Rainbow Price: $34.95


    Recommended Literature list for Level E:

    Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Katy and the Big Snow, Robert the Rose Horse, Daisy-Head Mayzie, Alexander Graham Bell, Out of Darkness: Story of Louis Braille, Helen Keller, Courage in the Dark, Noisy Paint Box,  Starry, Starry Night, Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, Wind Blew, Umbrella, Chilly Milly Moo, Blizzards,     Give it a Push? Give it a Pull? A Look at Forces, Elmer and Super El, Move It! Motion, Forces, and You, It’s True, Diary of a Spider, Just Itzy, Anansi the Spider, Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin, Where the Mild Things Are and Where the Wild Things Are

  • Item #: 048831
    ISBN: 9780545060493
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.50
    The man in black is a Madrigal and he is trying to kill Amy and Dan. They've tried but they can't escape him and he's ready to step out of the darkness for their final confrontation.
  • Item #: 060799
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.99

    If you are a putty enthusiast who has been known to mix your magnetic with your glow in the dark putties just to see what happens, then have I got the set for you! Crazy Aaron has assembled a set that includes 5 small tins of clear putty, 3 color concentrates (red, blue and yellow) and 3 special effects (pearl white-shimmerizer, glow in the dark, and sparkle). Your job is to mix them & make your own original thinking putty! The primary colors are concentrated, so start by adding just a little to your clear putty to see what happens. You can always add more color, but you can’t take it out! The 1.5” tins have a white label with that kooky face we all recognize. You even get 6 colored pencils to help customize your labels! A mixing mat to work on shows color formulas. As a putty connoisseur, I give this kit 5 crazy stars! Ages 4+. ~ Sara/Deanne

  • Item #: 020043
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.50

    Stars! The beauty of the night sky. And now you can identify them with the help of the Luminous Star Finder. You will be able to name the stars and find their locations. The map of the sky on a big wheel makes it easy to turn the "sky" around to different months, dates, and times. Which constellations will be visible tonight at, say, 8:00 p.m.? And where in the sky can you find them? Find out quickly by turning the wheel to the corresponding date and time. Then, it's outside for viewing! Take the Finder with you to help pinpoint the location. With glow-in-the-dark stars, this is perfect for your nocturnal observations! The Star Finder is currently designed for use between 2012-2017.

  • Item #: 064429
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.79

      Why is it that many of our science projects end up in the stuffed in a closet or trash can (gasp!)?

    Could it be that we have not found one that we feel has the quality to be a fixture in a main living area or our child’s bedroom? I think this is one kit that will stand the test of time and remain displayed for time to come.

     Set includes quality, smooth wood planets (8), a wooden sun, and wooden hanger; 6 non-toxic acrylic paint tubs, 1 non-toxic glow in the dark paint; 1 non-toxic metallic silver paint; 2 artist quality paintbrushes, 5 yards of cord, pop-out label sheet, and instruction sheet with painting and hanging guide and solar system fun facts. The hanger (Milky Way Galaxy) measures 9” across, and the largest planet, Saturn’s rings measuring 7 1/4” across. The sun measures approximately 7x7” and the smallest piece is Venus, measuring approx. 2”. A wonderful project to conclude your space studies or to decorate your space loving child’s bedroom! ~Deanne

  • Item #: 029837
    ISBN: 9780448412535
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

    This field guide is quite an education in stargazing. It can be very difficult to pick out the constellations, or to find certain stars, if you have an untrained eye - so open this book and start that training. In the introduction, readers get background on who named the constellations, what stars are, why constellations move, and some tips to make your stargazing more fruitful. The rest of the book is divided into five sections to show the constellations which can be seen year-round, in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. In each of these sections, the stories behind the names are told, the best time of year to view them is revealed, and step-by-step directions for finding them are included. The page opposite all of this is a picture of the sky with glow-in-the-dark stars showing the position of the constellation. The book contains eight glow-in-the-dark maps of the northern and southern hemispheres in all four seasons. In all, there are 19 glow-in-the-dark maps of the stars and constellations. A useful tool for training your eye to see more than just a sky full of dots. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 059278
    ISBN: 9781601597978
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

      Flashcards at bedtime?! Well of course! These unique stencil cards provide alphabet fun in a multitude of ways. Each of the 26 cards contains one uppercase alphabet letter and two punch outs of an animal or thing that starts with that letter. Punch out the pig and the letter P, the zucchini and letter Z. More punch outs are contained on 6 additional cards (3 per card). Use the cards to trace the images and alphabet. Flip the cards over and reveal pieces for 6 puzzles to put together. After dark, use the included LED flashlight to shine light through the cut outs and cast images on your walls. So many creative uses with this set! Cards are 6 1/4” x 4 1/2” with rounded edges and come in multiple colors. From Schoolzone. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 042877
    ISBN: 9781579129941
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

      If you can’t make a trip to New York City to see the museum in person, these beautiful photo cards will transport you! You may even recognize some of the images from the movie A Night at the Museum. On one side is a color photo of an item at the museum, on the other side is a couple paragraphs for you to read about the history of the animal and sometimes of the exhibit itself. There are 7 categories, each designated by a small logo in the corner of each card: Earth and planetary sciences, human origins and cultures, North American mammals, biodiversity and environment, fossils, birds/reptiles/amphibians, and the last group is of changing exhibits at the Rose Center. Some images include: a blue whale, ice age art, tyrannosaurus, trilobites, Amazon feather work, giant sequoia, amber, birth of a cluster of stars, exoplanets, mastodon, dark matter, black rhino and a mural of primate evolution. Each card is about a 6.5” square with rounded corners and they come in a snazzy storage box with a lid. You could make your own games out of the cards and the data on the back (like a quiz show or board game) or use them as writing/speaking prompts. I think kids would enjoy just pulling out the cards and reading them for fun! ~Sara

  • Item #: 013300
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $29.95
    Take a peek into the mysterious world beneath your local pond or creek with the Aquascope. The scope offers a water-resistant main body, 5X magnification, and an LED light for dark or murky waters. A thermometer strip tells you the water temperature and a ruler mounted on the main body of the Aquascope helps you judge the size of those frogs, minnows and fish. After you run out of places to try it, flip open the 18-page activity journal and follow the guided observation activities including the difference between no magnification and 5X magnification, observe sediment in flowing water, research water organisms, observe and journal about water plants and animals you view. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). – Jess
  • Item #: 002290
    ISBN: 9781942454014
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.84

    Fabric crafts are a fun way for students to design and wear their own art. This set would make a great gift for that artsy tween/teen because it includes everything but the clothing and an iron! Ok, you might also need some colored pencils to plan out your design first, cardboard to keep your fabric taut while you create and brown paper when it’s time to iron. But let’s talk about what this kit teaches and includes! Inside you’ll find 10 colored stamp pads (each 1.25” square); a dark fabric marker; 10 foam geometric shaped stampers; 6 pages of cardstock stencils to use; and an inspiring idea book with room to plan original designs. The stencils have things like butterflies, peace signs, bows, hearts, fruit, stars, argyles, cupcake, doughnut, candies, numbers, locks & keys, even chains so you can design a necklace on a tee! Photo instructions are clear and simple to follow. Once you are done stamping, heat set your design with an iron and it will be hand-washable. The design book gives you so many ideas on creating patterns with the stamps and stencils. It was amazing to see chevron and hound’s-tooth created with the stampers! Use the marker to outline your designs or add details. While you can make simple designs, there is instruction to get really intricate too, making this a fun book for older kids who have a flair for fashion! Experiment with overlapping colors and how the colors change with the background fabric. A white tee is the simplest way to get started. I loved how the kids are encouraged to plan out their creations rather than just go for it. I think that element takes this from craft to fabric design. All materials are contained in one unit (14” x 9.5”) with the spiral book on one end and the materials at the other. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 070341
    ISBN: 9781338159554
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

    Kids can assemble and decorate their very own night light with this kit. Follow directions to build the light, and decorate it using any of the 4 backgrounds and 5 landscapes! Kit contains 50 punch-out animals and objects, reusable sticker squares, and 3 projection disks. Night light has an automatic 8-minute timer. Includes instruction booklet with instructions and ideas. ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 064412
    ISBN: 9781250016324
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.95


      Beautiful fonts with inspiring words are everywhere in the world of art, craft and home décor: things like wedding ideas, wall art, cards, invitations, family trees and more. Create personalized pieces and maybe even start up a business yourself! There are loads of projects for you or your students/children to try and do yourself. These are ideas for the person who has some calligraphy experience or perhaps already has lovely handwriting. You will be using flexible metal dip pen nibs with pointed tips (these are the kind you dip into an ink well). Check out item numbers 004835, 004747 and 041669. Don’t worry if this is a new instrument to you, there is a lot of great guidance & practice here specifically about this tool and what type of paper will work best. Once you get the hang of the pen and ink, you move onto some intermediate practice & projects like using watercolors and white paint (on dark paper) as your ink! This looks soooo pretty! The book is full of useful tips along the way. Learn envelope etiquette and then “go modern” and digitize your calligraphy. Project ideas include lots of wedding accessories, cupcake toppers, wrapping paper, chalkboard menus, greeting cards, note card sets, recipe card organizers, stationery, thank you cards and sticker seals. I love the idea of a student making gifts to share or even creating a product to sell! There are lots of lessons for a high school student starting their own micro business too! 8.5x9.5”, 184pp, pb. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 063615
    Retail: $5.00
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

    Each realistically illustrated 100-piece puzzle portrays an intense action scene involving dinosaurs non-violently threatening one another. Adding to the awesomeness of each scene is a special Glow-in-the-dark feature: when the lights go out, each dinosaur’s bones light up, revealing their glowing skeletal structure. Puzzles will feature one of the following images: Carnivore Clash, Jurassic Attack, and Spinosaurus Strike. If you order more than one, we will try to assort. Completed puzzles are 15” x 11.25”

  • Item #: 058937
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    A cousins sleepover with five little girls was the perfect time to sample this product, and it was definitely a hit! The hair-wrapping tool is easy to load with the spools of thread, making multiple color hair-wraps a cinch. Following the simple directions you just open the tool, pop a spool of thread in, use the threading tool to pull the section of hair through the hold in the center, and then push the button while slowly moving the tool down to wrap. It takes just a bit of practice to find the right speed, and the thread wraps beautifully and easily. Each spool is one color but transitions from light sections to dark sections, so as you wind the color changes. If you do make a mistake, simply flip the switch and move the tool up to undo some of the wrap, rewinding the thread on the spool. Kit comes with a professional wrapping device (requires 2 AA batteries, not included); pink, blue, yellow, and green spools of thread, plus refill thread in each color; beads for extra flair; a hair threading tool; clear elastic hair bands; and a styling manual with instructions and helpful pictures for creating a basic hair wrap plus other fun hairstyles using hair wraps and beads. After making five wraps, we still had at least two-thirds of the thread left. If hair styling typically isn't your thing, this kit will be a big help! Two of my girls left their wraps in and got multiple comments on them as we were out and about. You can win some "fun mom" points with your girls and their friends, or older kids can have fun wrapping each other's hair. - Steph

  • Item #: 058784
    Retail: $22.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

    Do you think you know this country of ours? Test out your knowledge or just take a stab in the dark – all of the questions are multiple choice! Each player/team receives their own game board; they must travel around the 50 spaces (pictures of the state flags with the name of the state and the date of its entry into the union) and answer trivia questions. The questions are divided into six categories (Government & History; People, Places & Things; Cities & States; Presidents & Politicians; Inventors, Authors & Stars; and Only in America). A roll of the die determines question a player is asked. Questions range from fairly easy to very challenging (most are decently challenging!), but because they are all multiple-choice, everyone has a shot to answer correctly and learn something along the way. If you answer correctly, you get to move along the path. The first player to reach the end and have correctly answered a question from each category wins the game! For 2-4 players/teams. Game includes 108 question cards (each with 6 questions).

  • Item #: 051685
    ISBN: 9781550356496
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This handy little workbook is for teachers and parents of kids who are reading the Magic Treehouse series. The guide specifically covers: Dinosaurs before Dark, the Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, Pirates Past Noon, Night of the Ninjas, Afternoon on the Amazon, Sunset of the Sabertooth, Midnight on the Moon, Dolphins at Daybreak, Ghost Town at Sundown, Lions at Lunchtime, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, Vacation Under the Volcano, Day of the Dragon King, Viking Ships at Sunrise, Hour of the Olympics, and Tonight on the Titanic.

    The entire book is reproducible and includes some great resources. You get summaries of each story to be used as student predicting activities or to pique their interest. You also get very helpful, open-ended discussion/quiz questions for each chapter of each book. These are built-in lesson plans! The answer key is here for you in case you need it. I like how the questions encourage further thought from the student, either as more study in an area (like science or geography) or as imaginary scenarios of future book chapters. Activity suggestion cards really push kids to think beyond the books. They are asked to compare and revise stories, requiring higher level thinking skills. Teacher evaluation sheets allow you to keep track of several students' reading progress, while students get their own reading checklist. Simple to use and thorough, I feel this is a "must have" to get the most out of the Magic Treehouse series. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 046025
    Retail: $8.50
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    A fun, fast-paced card game similar to Dutch Blitz and Double Solitaire. Each player or team deals out 13 cards to the Nertz pile, lays four cards face-up on the table, and then goes through the rest of the pile 3 at a time. There are four different colors of cards, two light and two dark, numbered from 1-13. They can stack cards (alternating light and dark) on their four face-up cards (like in Solitaire) and are always looking for "1s" to put in the middle, or trying to build up on cards already out. The goal is to run out of the cards in your Nertz pile and shout out "Nertz" to stop all other play. You get one point for every card in the middle and have to subtract 2 points for each card left in your Nertz pile after each round. The first player/team to reach 100 points wins. While this game is much enhanced by three or more singles/teams, this game comes in two-deck packs which are a good introduction to get you going. A pack can accommodate 2-4 players (if you have 4 players they function as two teams one player is the dealer and the other plays the Nertz pile). If you would like to play with up to 4 players/teams, you should order two of the 2-deck packs which come with blue and white, or yellow and red card decks (if you order two, we'll send one of each, which would give you 4 different decks).

  • Item #: 043144
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

      Blend crafting with science and this kit is the result. Using the materials in this kit, you will mold the skeleton pieces out of plaster, paint them, attach the magnets, and then you are ready to practice and learn the bones of the human skeleton. Included in this set are two molding trays, fine plaster powder, paint brush, gray and glow-in-the-dark paint, magnets, unlabeled skeleton diagram, 3 real x-rays, and instruction sheet. Hang the unlabeled diagram on a magnetic surface (refrigerator, file cabinet, magnetic white board, etc.) and use the finished magnetic skeletal pieces for practice labeling. What a great fun way to learn about the human skeleton! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 040083
    ISBN: 9781579123666
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95
    Have you ever laid in the grass looking up into the night sky and just wondered? This was a regular occurrence at our house when our kids were younger. Maybe you wanted to find the big dipper, know the name of that bright star over there, see a shooting star or figure out why the stars are in different places at different times. The answers to these questions and so much more can be found in this book.

    The author, Michael Driscoll, has packed a lot of information into this 93 page, hardcover book. Cute illustrations and drawings by Meredith Hamilton, magnificent photography, and a great deal of astronomy material fill the pages. The book is divided into three sections: Our Universe and Welcome to It, What’s Up There, and Exploring What’s Up There. The first section gives an overview of what’s in the night sky and information about the universe in general, including the believed age of 15 billion years. “What’s Up There” talks about the stars, sun, planets, asteroids, comets, galaxies, gravity, dark matter and black holes. Exploring What’s Up There includes tools for star gazers, traveling to the stars, astronauts, space station, constellations and much more. This last section includes information about the Zodiac and its role in astrology. A brief history of space is included at the end, along with a guide for finding things in the night sky.Additional reading and astronomy websites are given as well.

    You can get some experience finding constellations by using the Star Finder included with the book. Take it outside with you as you star gaze and use it to locate the night time formations. Two sheets of glow-in-the-dark stickers are also included. Planets, stars, and more can be used to bring the night sky into your room. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 038425
    Retail: $34.95
    Rainbow Price: $28.50

    Based on the film, this game is sure to delight fans of the Wrinkle in Time story. Play Meg Murry, Charles Wallace, and Calvin O’Keefe as they travel through the universe trying to save Mr. Murry. The game is cooperatively played through five different location cards, with the objective being to travel through all the locations and unlock Mr. Murry. Each location has certain dice assigned to it, which represent characters such as Mrs. Who. Players roll the dice and decide which to use on their player boards – some dice help you out, and some affect you negatively. For instance, you may have to place a token on the Darkness Meter, which, when full, prevents you from winning the game. All player boards are a little different - the dice will have unique actions depending on which player uses them. Finally, players work together to assign dice to the center board. When placed, each player will use the die to follow directions for manipulating their “Enfolder”, which is a bit like a decoder ring. If the values on each player’s Enfolder are in line with the range for the location card, players can move on to a new location. When you reach home, you win! My favorite part of the game is the secret element. At the beginning of the game, a Mr. Murry’s Cell card is drawn. When a certain location is reached, players can use special glasses to read a hidden message with instructions to retrieve Mr. Murry. 1-3 players; 30 – 45-minute game time. - Janine

  • Item #: 029442
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.68

    The life of a magician is never easy…thankfully, it just got a bit easier! Utilizing putty, a "trick" guide, and 8 nearly-invisible threads, the Mind Sword is one of the more foolproof magic props out there. A dark thread is attached between the cap and a piece of putty, and the putty can be placed anywhere around your waist. Moving your hips back pulls the base of the sword and grabs it out of glasses, through the included "force ring," and toward your hands using a pulley system of sorts. Allowing your tricks to look even more inconspicuous is the delayed start-up glow of the Mind Sword. Finally, since the string is near your waist, you can keep audience members in amazement when you don't rely on swift hand motions or suspicious movements. It's recommended that you use dark clothing and perform in somewhat dim areas to maximize the effect of the trick. With practice, you might just become your peers' favorite mini-magician!

  • Item #: 026726
    Retail: $34.95
    Rainbow Price: $28.95

    This unique kit lets you set up your own "worm farm" and see for yourself how worms create useful soil from organic waste, aerate the soil, and more! The kit contains a double-sided viewing unit with a shield and tray designed to keep it dark for the worms, and keep the worms from escaping, an illustrated and well-explained experiment booklet, a facts and anatomy poster, worm cutouts, magnifying glass, growing tray, litmus paper and cups. Send in your certificate and $9.95 (includes shipping and handling) to receive 200 live worms, 3 different soil layers, worm castings and food, and you'll be all set to watch them tunnel, eat, and move below the ground in a view you could only otherwise get if you dug a deep cross-section out of the soil. Worms and accessory components are shipped Priority Mail year-round in the 48 contiguous states. - Jess

  • Item #: 023571
    ISBN: 9781621364009
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.85

    Set in Victorian England, this gothic-influenced novel follows Shannon Aimee, a young peasant woman from Huguenot-influenced Scotland. She is entirely content with her rather simple life, but exciting news arrivesthe Earl of Northon, an English nobleman, seeks her hand in marriage. But the Earl appears to be anything but noble. His manor in Northern England, Gatehaven, has long been plagued by stories of the occult, mystical practices, and tales of intrigue. Fearing for her safety, Shannon's childhood sweetheart Ian Colquhoun, a young man with dreams of becoming a pastor, covertly escorts her to England. All appears well, and the innocent Shannon has few doubts that the Earl truly loves her. However, the Earl, and a mysterious Frenchman with unexpected ties to Shannon, have their own motives for seeking her out.
    Written in the same dark style as classic gothic novels like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, Gatehaven is a satisfying Christian book which fits perfectly into its Victorian background, bringing along a more readable 21st-century style of English. It preserves many of the themes, mysteries, and vile villains of traditional gothic literature while introducing strong Christian values and characters. While it does not replace the essence of classics like Wuthering Heights completely, this is both a viable contemporary Christian replacement for teaching gothic literature and a good gothic novel in its own right. ~ Stephen

  • Item #: 011281
    ISBN: 9780192750136
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    There is nothing that makes King Shahryar happier than his own dear wife. He and his brother, King Shahzaman, often exult in the wonderfulness of their wives. But one day, King Shahryar finds his wife has removed the veil from her face and is holding hands with the stable boy. Overcome with anger at her betrayal, he kills them both with his sword. That same day, he goes to visit his brother. There he discovers that his brother's wife has also betrayed him, as she shined her eyes upon the palace cook. They too, were put to death. The brothers console each other and conclude, "All women are fickle!" However, King Shahryar grows lonely, and he is just a little frightened of the dark. He comes up with a solution to his problem, which greatly troubles his wise royal Wazir. Every morning, the king marries a young lady who keeps him company through the night, and each morning his executioner beheads her before she can stop loving him. In this manner, the king passes one thousand nights. By this time, he has gone through one thousand women, and the Wazir is running out of noblewomen. Fearful for his own two daughters, the Wazir tries to send them away. But his oldest daughter instead asks to be taken to the king so that one other woman's life is spared. As cunning as she is beautiful, Shahrazad comes up with a plan to delay her execution. She hints at the wonderful story she would have told the king the next night, and he orders the execution to reconvene the next morning. That night, she weaves a wonderful story for him. But when dawn comes, she has not yet finished the tale. In this way, she passes 999 nights at the palace. This book contains 33 wonderful Arabian tales, as well as the clever Shahrazad's own story. - Melissa

  • Item #: 001507
    Retail: $27.99
    Rainbow Price: $20.75

    No, this is not a game about finding out each other's deep dark secrets - it's a game all about bones! The game features true/false questions such as "When a person dies, their bones will start to decompose after two years - true or false?" Think you know the answer? If you get it right you get to spin the spinner and collect a piece of your skeleton. The first person to collect the bones and construct their skeleton wins! There are some other elements to contend with as well. If the spinner lands on a bone you already have, you must draw a lab closet card and follow the instructions. You may have to give a bone to another player, take a bone from the lab closet, get a milk card (which prevents players from taking one of your bones or saves you from breaking a bone), or you may break a bone - you'll have to put one back! The game is designed for four players and contains four complete adorable (I think!) plastic skeletons that snap together easily and have working joints! There are also instructions for five other variations of play. No bones about it, this is a fun and educational game! ~ Megan

  • Item #: 000283
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $20.95

    Create your own long lasting, professional looking book! The IlluStory A+ kit contains non-toxic, washable markers, writing pages, instructions, hints, a story planner, and a postage paid envelope. Write your story, then illustrate it. When you're finished, mail it in (at no additional charge) for completion and production. They'll typeset and bind your book, returning a 7" x 9" hardcover book that even has a place for a dedication. The kit produces an 18 page book, and the author's bio can be placed on the back cover.

    Authors have the choice of either creating their book by hand using the materials in the kit, or producing their book online using the company's website. Working online allows kids to upload photos or scanned images and use digital drawing tools and effects (like speech bubbles, pre-designed backgrounds and more). Designing online also allows them to place more text on each page (there are per-page word limits for hard copy bookmaking). Planning sheets, informational sheets on types of writing and quite a few "story web" graphic organizers flesh out the contents of IlluStory A+ and may be helpful to tie the project in with your current writing curriculum. Next step, the Library of Congress! - Megan

  • Item #: 070580
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Mr. Mittens, Ginger, Pip Squeak, Duchess, Sassy, and Tom Cat may all look adorable and innocent – but at least one of them is not! It’s up to you to find out who swallowed the fish, or ate the bird, or spilled the coffee, or committed one of the other unmentionable cat crimes! Put your deductive reasoning skills to the test. The game includes a game board with spaces for all six cats to sit. Forty challenge cards, rated beginner to expert, give clues to where specific cats were when the crime occurred. It’s up to you to arrange the cats around the board and identify the feline felon. Good luck, detective! ~ Megan

  • Item #: 066521
    ISBN: 9781338106442
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.50

     Create pocket-sized critters in no time! This adorable Klutz book kit includes everything you need to make about a dozen animals. Simply punch out the perforated pattern pieces, trace on to one of the 9 different colors of felt, and stich together with coordinating floss. Add accessories like sunglasses, bows, and hats to customize your animals. You’ll make sloths, foxes, llamas, bunnies, pigs, penguins, and more! Includes a 48 page softcover instruction manual. – Laura