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Our Life In The Church

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    ISBN: 9780981999029
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    What a treasure! I'm mourning the fact that I no longer have students in my home. I would love to go through this course with them. If there was anything even remotely like it "back then," I was unaware of it. This course combines music history (learning about composers) with music appreciation (learning about their music) and shows how they interweave with as well as impact the intricate fabric of western culture. The scope of the course is breathtaking a survey of 300 years (right before 1600 to the edge of WWI) of Western Music and Arts. The author, Carol Reynolds, is a well-loved professor of music history who supplies students with an abundance of primary and secondary sources and encourages her students to learn from them. The course she's provided is professionally well-done, comprehensive in its depth and scope, amazing in its use of musicians and cultural backdrops and, in short, magnificent. In her words, "the history of music makes sense only when it is combined with the history of science, politics, conquests, religious movements, and the other arts. . . . . Music has the ability to enlighten, enliven, and enshrine in our memory the interaction of history, science, and art."

    Just to whet your appetite, here's what's provided in the unit on Mozart: a lecture that includes pictures from the Big Band era and rock and roll (to illustrate the similarity in terms of musical change between the Baroque and the following period), examples of music played on a piano that merge into orchestral presentations, pictures of political figures, art, architecture, places, clothing, a "sub-lecture" that shows how a grand piano works, vocabulary defined, dozens of musical examples. Through all of this, Mrs. Reynolds' sweeping commentary takes us from Mozart throughout Europe and even colonial America showing us relationships and a continual historical perspective. While the workbook provides "notes" (dates, places, definitions, etc.), the student will need to pay attention to the lecture in order to fill in all the blanks. Questions involve extrapolation from the lecture rather than just a regurgitation of it. The lecture introduces many musical compositions; listening to required and recommended works will provide others, but it's expected that the student continues to learn by drawing on provided internet sources.

    There are 17 units:

    • Using music history to unlock western culture
    • Music entwined with great events in western history
    • Technology, terminology, and cultural perspective
    • Fanfare and power: the court of Louis XIV
    • Sweeping away the Renaissance into the Baroque
    • Liturgical calendar, street parties, and the new church music
    • A lively journey through the life of Johann Sebastian Bach
    • Enlightenment, classicism and the astonishing Mozart
    • In the abyss: the century struggles with unfettered imagination
    • Beethoven as hero and revolutionary
    • Salons, poetry, and the power of the song
    • A tale of four virtuosi and the birth of the tone poem
    • Nationalism and explosion of romantic opera
    • The absolutely new world of Wagner
    • Imperial Russia a cultural odyssey
    • Load up the wagons: the story of American music
    • Turning the page on western tradition with the explosion of war

    Course components include a set of DVDs (lively lectures that include "on location" film clips, interviews, and a wealth of information; professionally done) and a student Resource Book that will ultimately become a resource/reference for the student when the course is completed. Recently revised, the audio CDs that were previously included have been replaced by links on the publisher's website (www.professorcarol.com) to required and recommended musical works. The spiral-bound student Resource Book provides the student's path through the course. The pages for each unit provide a list of Key Figures and Places, Vocabulary, Notable Dates, suggestions for Listening (some of which are included on the CDs), and a listing of Websites for further research. The Putting It All Together section provides study projects for the student and the Viewing Guide provides a place for note-taking through the lecture series. Also included in the Workbook is a set of Quizzes for each unit, texts and translations for the music provided, and an answer key for both the Quizzes and the Viewing Guide pages.

    Although it doesn't say so, this course seems like it was developed with homeschoolers in mind all instruction is directed toward the student so a motivated student could work somewhat independently (although in my home, I would have wanted to be learning these things right along with my student). Easily a full high school credit in Music History/Appreciation, it might be more properly called by an old-fashioned name Humanities.

    The Teacher's Manual on CD-ROM is available separately and includes PDF files for the following: Syllabus, a unit-by-unit Course Plan, four Exams with Answer Keys, and a Listening Plan. Appendices include a Listening Selection Chart and a Listening Progress Form. Although not absolutely necessary, this does provide some nice features and gives the course a little more cohesive "feel." The publisher recommends the addition of the Teacher's Manual especially if taking the course for credit. ~ Janice

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    ISBN: 9780781444996
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    Teens and pre-teens today are inundated with action heroes that are dramatically illustrated and larger than life, so much so, that at times it may seem difficult to engage them in the stories found in the Bible. As parents, we want our children to be excited and eager to dive into the action heroes-the original and real-action heroes found in the Bible. Let's be honest, how many of our young people think of God as an Action Hero? Our young people become enthralled when Superman blows a car over with his breath, yet when you stop to consider God created the whole universe with his breath, who is the real Super Hero? Written to communicate Biblical Truth clearly and forcefully, the Action Bible contains over 200 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the historical flow of the Bible. Old Testament covers creation, fathers of the faith, the life of Joseph, Moses, Joshua, God's Judges, the Kings, the Prophets, and the Exiles, covering Genesis 1 through Malachi and including a brief look at the four hundred years between the OT and NT. The New Testament encompasses the birth and ministry of Jesus, Jesus' Final Days, the birth of the Church, the life of Paul and the final days of Revelation. Graphically illustrated. HC. 750 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 064800
    ISBN: 9780972740104
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       To fully understand the future of mankind, we must examine our heritage. Or as one author has written, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” As one who had limited Western Civilization education, this introduction is one of the most straight forward and readable resources I have reviewed.

      Beginning with a foundational understanding of the definition of civilization, the book is divided into four sections. In the first, The Mediterranean World, we examine the need for transportation, diversity and plunder; the economic, religious, and political life of early civilizations; early empires (Assyrians, Babylon, Persian); Ancient Greece; the Roman Empire and Christianity. Section 2: The Middle Ages examines the fall of Rome, rise of Islam and Western Europe; Feudalism; the spread of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, the Crusades; scholasticism of Thomas Aquinas and others; and the rise and growth of European cities: England, France and Spain. Section 3: The Early Modern Era surveys the Renaissance; the Protestant Reformation; the Advancement of Science; and exploration and trade. The final Section analyzes the ongoing battle between traditional Judeo-Christian faith and the new faith in naturalism. From the battle for human minds and hearts, he describes the momentous battle for political control with a historical look at the political catastrophes of Romanticism, from Rousseau to Marx to Hitler. Finally, he examines the battle for economic control from the Industrial Revolution to Socialist Mentality.

      The author takes seriously his predefined task, “to describe the institutions, politics, commerce, religion, and arts and sciences of past civilizations in an effort to discern the values, beliefs, and ideas which served to shape those societies” prior to examining the commonly held, yet erroneous viewpoints that contributed to the collapse of historic civilizations. The detailed index and chapter study questions (without answers) make this a valuable resource for teens and parents alike. 415pgs, HC. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 062382
    ISBN: 9781936768660
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     As parents, we have the tremendous opportunity to share God’s truth and the Gospel with our children! The subtitle for this devotional is Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God. These 78 weeks (a year and a half’s worth!) of in-depth, yet straight forward devotionals require a minimum each day. Organized by week, you’ll find units of 5 daily devotions: days 1-4 chronologically study the Bible. The books focus on key biblical elements that connect the whole message of the Gospel in a concise and manageable way. Day 5 diverges from this pattern to study related writings from the Psalms or prophets. Each weekly unit opens with an object lesson or themed questions. The simple items used for this lesson are listed at the beginning. Day one begins with Picture It, to help introduce the family to the week’s theme. Each day, read the passage from your own Bible, and then Think about It (a brief read-aloud passage to help understand the passage), Talk about It (three group questions with brief answers) and Pray About It (unscripted suggestions for prayer). As you progress through the week, you will be asked to remember previous days’ readings and also to apply them to your lives.

    Old Story New covers the New Testament. About half of the devotions discuss the life and ministry of Jesus. The second half covers the church and living like Christ (Acts and epistles). Includes brief instructions for how to use the devotionals with preschool, grade school and older students.  

    I so appreciate the succinct treasure this is: theologically rich, yet comprehensible; simple, yet doctrinally sound. Another unique feature is that occasionally children are cued to ask the parents questions. The approach here is that we are all on a spiritual journey to becoming more like Christ (rather than “the parents know it all”). Use these excellent devotions to start your homeschool day or study as a family in the evening. By the same author as Gospel Story Bible (#062680). 7.5” x 10.5”, 418 pp, sc. ~ Ruth


  • Item #: 059015
    ISBN: 9780310724926
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    Prayer is such an important aspect of the Christian faith, and we need to teach our children in language they can understand. The Circle Maker for Kids is intended for little ones, ages 4 and up, and illustrates beautifully what faith and prayer can do. The story is about Honi the ancient rainmaker – Honi believed that God could hear them and declared, "The same God who made the thunder will make it clap. The same God who made the clouds will make them rain." There was a yearlong drought in the land, and the people turned to Honi for help. Honi prayed within a circle he had drawn on the ground until God answered his prayers. The people learned by Honi's example of fervent, bold prayer and began to encircle every part of their lives with prayer.

    I am part of the prayer ministry at our church, and have been encouraged as I hear people talk about the power of prayer and the things they have seen God do. Children need to learn at a very young age that God is there with them and for them, and that prayer is their tool for communication with God. This 32-page, hardcover book would be a great gift to a little one in your life. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 053928
    ISBN: 9780310326052
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    Children today are desperately in need of real-life guidance and frequently look to adults or society for a moral compass. As parents, we recognize the teaching they are seeking will not be found in our society- media, classroom or even our culture. The best teacher for our children is us- their parents! Often, as parents, we may feel overwhelmed at the task before us, or possibly even confused as to where to focus our instruction.

    As an author, children's ministry leader, and Dad, David Staal focuses on six pairs of critical truths and three foundational life lessons that every child needs to learn. Recognizing the truths he presents are best "caught and not taught", he provides real-world examples of those traits in action giving readers the tools designed to effectively communicate truth. The six truths he has identified as fundamental are: Believe that You Matter/Live Like Others Matter More; Appreciate those Who Serve You/Make Serving Others a Priority; Forget Unimportant Stuff/Remember Life has Consequences; Be a People Person/Be Your Own Person; Find Your Unique Fit/Find Out You Can Fail; and Always Speak Up/Always Speak the Truth . Each truth is presented clearly with real life examples which help parents recognize opportunities for teaching the truth within a casual context. Faith, Hope and Love form the foundation of character training and the final chapter is devoted to ensuring our children build their lives upon these three remaining things. Each chapter contains questions for reflection or discussion if parents would like to work through together or with a church group. This book is a valuable resource for parents, youth leaders, children's ministry workers and mentors who care about teaching children how to live in a way that honors God, fulfilling their God-given identities. 154 pgs, pb. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 052278
    ISBN: 9781600066245
    Retail: $12.99
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    "While churches can be terrific places to find community and support, the way we live out our faith comes mostly from within our homes." With this observation as the premise, authors Tim and Alison Simpson present an un-ordinary devotional book – one that aims to move your family to action both to affect your individual lives and to let your lives begin spilling over into the world around you. Each of the 40 devotional chapters are simple, but deep. "Reaching In" sections bring your family together in creative ways for discussion on a subject. "Reaching Into the Word" furthers those discussions by giving a scripture passage to read as well as questions (different sets for different age groups). Finally, "Reaching Into the World" challenges you to apply what you're learning… And not necessarily in easy ways (the very first one challenges you to donate all of the non-perishable food you currently have in your house… yes, all of it!). Are you ready to break out of passive life and into action for Christ? 181 pgs., pb. –Chad

  • Item #: 049734
    ISBN: 9781576585597
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    As Christians in a Western world, we are not accustomed to the idea of persecution for our faith. People in many parts of the world do suffer for their beliefs, and sometimes it can be hard to fathom. Brother Andrew has written God's Smuggler as a description of what life in countries with religious persecution is like. This amazing man of God smuggled Bibles into many parts of the world to be a blessing to those unfortunate enough not to possess them. Now, in this distinctive book, Brother Andrew and John and Elizabeth Sherrill have combined other stories of persecution and travel to restrictive countries with Brother Andrew's book. Throughout the pages are scattered inserts of stories from such places as Columbia, China, Peru, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. These inserts fall into four different categories: A Traveler's Story, Diary of a Smuggler, Around the Globe, and Imagine This. A Traveler's Story contains personal testimonies of those people living in nations that persecute people for following Christ. Diary of a Smuggler boxes are written by people who have traveled to restrictive countries through Open Doors to encourage the people there. Around the Globe inserts provide brief statistics about religions in individual countries and a summation of what the Church is facing in those locations; Imagine This are questions at the end of the chapters that ask ethical questions or present scenarios with dilemmas that allow you to determine what you would do if placed in those circumstances. This book is great for motivating you in your faith and opening your eyes to the present situation of Christians around the world. 330 pgs, pb. – John

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    ISBN: 9780979564208
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    It happens to all of us - you pull up in your huge extended van (or bus!), and the whole family piles out. People stare, they can't seem to help it, and you get questions like "Are those all yours?" or "So, are you Catholic or something?" Maybe in your answer you mention something about homeschooling and you see the understanding dawn - "Oh, they have to have all those children so the poor dears learn about socialization." The fact of the matter is, in this day and age, large families just aren't that common - except in certain circles! Whether you have a large family yourself, are thinking about having a large family, or just wonder "Why would anyone have 13 kids and how do they manage," you'll be inspired by this book, written by Chris & Wendy Jeub. The Jeubs are a family of 15, and they wrote this book which will inform, inspire, and move readers. They tell their life story and provide many tips and tricks for making time, organizing, budgeting, and much more. The book contains 12 chapters: Fears of Having Children, A Fear That's Real, Creativity, Clutter, Shopping, Traveling and Birthdays, Choosing to be Free, When Parenting Becomes Bondage, Bringing Order to Chaos, Peaceful Church, Shopping and Bedtime, Building Relationships, What Went Wrong?, Our Lesson in Love, and How Love Can Lead. If you are part of a large family, I'm sure you'll identify with the Jeubs, if you're thinking about having a large family, you'll be inspired and see that it can be done, and if you're just reading for interest sake, you'll be fascinated by all the inner workings of a big family. Pb, 140 pgs. Megan

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    ISBN: 9780891077688
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    The apostle Paul was an effective evangelist in the first century because he was able to understand how people of a different culture thought about the important issues of life, then helped them connect their beliefs to the truth of God. For the church to be successful today, we need the same skill. You would think this should be easy, since we live in our own culture, but author Gene Edward Veith, Jr. believes some of us have missed the transition from modernism to postmodernism. Modernism was marked by a belief in scientific rationalism, humanism, and bias against the past. Postmodernism maintains that there is no absolute truth, that all truth is relative. While a modernist might believe that Christianity is not true because of some perceived scientific or historical conflict, a postmodernist believes that Christianity is not true because it cannot be the only truth or the absolute truth, and is therefore dismissed because it is intolerant.

    This is the overview. Veith, a regular contributor to World Magazine, delves into details in four major areas: thought, art (including architecture, television, movies, and literature), society (family, government, and daily life), and religion. I generally avoid philosophy-type books because they are often difficult to understand, but this book is very readable and gives specific examples, an important step in helping me grasp ethereal concepts. Well worth reading to get a handle on what passes for thinking in our times. 256 pgs, pb.

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    ISBN: 9780875526119
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    As parents who have raised our children by Biblical principles, we want nothing more than to know they will continue to walk closely with God. As our children transition into adulthood, the most important thing we can do is pray for them. Another important thing we can do is hand them this book! Written directly to teens, this book takes a journey - a journey through evaluating faith and the journey of taking ownership of your faith through real life examples and sound biblical counsel.

    The first section tackles the blessings and the dangers of growing up in the church and includes tough topics such as having a false assurance of faith and taking grace for granted. The second section teaches young people to think biblically for themselves. Beginning with the crossroads teens find themselves, the rest of this section further defines what it means to develop personal convictions (and not just rely on your parents!), falling in love with Scriptural truth and trusting God. The final section takes a serious look at what it means to live biblically - battling sin, pursuing spiritual disciplines and being a faithful steward. Each chapter offers scripture references for further research, "Think about it" quotes from a various Bible scholars, self-evaluation questions, a "call to action," and questions for reflection and discussion.

    As parents, we may be tempted to think our young people have developed their own faith. While I believe this is very much true, as a mom who has released two adults into the world, I have seen the tremendous temptations and doubts that surfaced as they walked through the ownership of their faith. This book will prepare and equip young people going through this process. The vision of the book is best summarized in one of the "Think about it" references, quoting C.H. Spurgeon, "It is not my aim to introduce doubts and fears into your mind; no, but I do hope self examination may help to drive them away. It is not security, but false security, which we would kill; not confidence, but false confidence, which we would overthrow; not peace but false peace, which we would destroy." This well-written book will challenge and encourage the young adults in your life toward a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. PB. 235 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 006690
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    Was America founded as a Christian nation? What role did diversity play in the early years of our country? What is the future of faith in our society? This fascinating DVD series explores these issues, and many more. This set contains six 30 minute episodes on two discs. This series surveys 400+ years of Christianity in America, including key people, events, movements and controversies from the Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical perspectives. Expert commentary and vivid illustrations bring the past to life in this well researched series. Bonus features include interviews, PDF printable transcripts and discussion questions. Questions vary from recall of information to higher level thinking and analysis (no answers included).

    The first episode, "Faith in America", explores the history of religion in America from the Mayflower compact through the Declaration of Independence. It also covers the development of the consumer driven religion in the late 1700s, the circuit riders, and the "mega churches" of today. The second episode, "Many Mansions", explores the changes to America's landscape from alternative religions, including Joseph Smith's Latter Day Saints, the Shakers, and Jim David Koresh's Branch Davidian movement. The parachurch organizations and the Jesus movement are also briefly covered. Episode three, "Rebels with a Cause", surveys social issues and the role of faith, including a look at slavery, prohibition and the social gospel. Episode four, "Challenges and Change", takes a look at the impact of cultural changes on faith in America, including mass media: TV, movies, music, and the internet. Episode five, "Home Grown Saints", looks at ten influential Christians who changed the course of religious and cultural life in America. The final episodes explore eight key questions focusing on the role of faith in our culture and the global community, how people of faith should interact with others, and good stewardship of God's creation. An essential resource that inspires and motivates you to see the big picture impact faith plays in on our society. 2 DVDs. 180 minutes. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 001900
    ISBN: 9781908317018
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    As our daughters grow into young women, our greatest desire for them is that they continue to develop and mature in their own personal walk with God. With the focus on living life as God intended right from the start, this book takes a serious look at a young lady's relationship with God. This book begins with the foundation that God chose each of us and has plans for our lives. It emphasizes building a relationship with God, then explores a girl's relationship with her church family, friends, parents, boys, non-Christians, and the world. Each chapter focuses on each topic from a Biblical perspective. Intermingled "True Stories" represent real life application of the reading, and each chapter concludes with a short Bible study further exploring the ideas. The Bible studies focus on one set of verses, with short answer and multiple choice questions, and prayer points.

    This engaging, practical book is a valuable resource for the young ladies in your family, or for a "girl's only" Bible study. (My only caveat is this book uses British terminology. This does not distract from the overall teaching, however.). The NIV (1984) Bible version is used for verses within the text; however, the Bible study section is flexible for use with your Bible of choice. 122 pgs, pb. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 001376
    ISBN: 9781563099915
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    Since so much of childrenââ‚â„¢s personalities develop at such a young age, the author of this book believes that it is important to engage in intentional activities that model Christ-like behavior to our preschoolers. Teaching them godly characteristics doesnââ‚â„¢t have to be a struggle, either. In this book, there are tons of ideas for incorporating meaningful activities or discussions into your everyday life. Each chapter introduces a new topic and then provides plenty of activity ideas. The chapters are titled ââ‚Å"Loving,â₝ ââ‚Å"Sharing,â₝ ââ‚Å"Caring,â₝ ââ‚Å"Praying,â₝ ââ‚Å"Giving,â₝ ââ‚Å"Doing,â₝ ââ‚Å"Helping,â₝ ââ‚Å"My Friends,â₝ ââ‚Å"My Church,â₝ ââ‚Å"My Neighborhood,â₝ and ââ‚Å"My World.â₝ Some of the ideas include making family memberââ‚â„¢s beds with your preschool (along with putting a special treat and a note on the pillows!), donating toys together, doing yard work for a neighbor, going on a prayer walk, giving a treat to the mail carrier, inviting a new family at church over for brownie sundaes, making welcome bags for your church, making welcome bread for new neighbors, and supporting missionaries as a family. The practical, thoughtful suggestions will grow you closer as a family and as Christians. 157 pgs. ââ‚" Melissa