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Our Creative World

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    ISBN: 9781609990831
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    I am excited that Ray and Charlene Notgrass have written this excellent, one year world history course! While many families enjoy a chronological, multi-year approach to world history, others prefer to study history in a more traditional manner-one year at a time. Written in the engaging narrative ‘voice’ that has made the Notgrass courses beloved by many homeschool families, this new World History begins at the very foundation of our Christian foundation- Adam and journeys to the end of the 20th century, with a final unit on our interconnected world (from the thrill of world-wide sporting events to turmoil in the Middle East).

    Containing 30 units, with 5 lessons per unit, this course will take students one year to complete. It is anticipated that daily lessons will take 45-90 minutes per day, although it is naturally flexible for homeschool families to set their own pace. While the target grade range is 5 through 8, families with younger children will find this a perfect ‘read aloud’ curriculum, as the text has been clearly and engagingly written.

    Let me give a bit of an example of how the unit lessons are laid out. At the start of each unit, there is a brief introduction to the lessons including the recommended literature selection to accompany the reading. Each weekly unit has one lesson from each of five categories: Our World Story (major events in history); God’s Wonders (impact of the world’s created wonders on history and culture); World Landmarks; World Biography of some of history’s most influential personalities and Daily Life (an inside view of everyday life). Daily lessons are richly illustrated with graphics and photographs, including maps of historic places and regions. At the conclusion of each lesson (approximately 5-8 pages), parents and children will select assignments to complete from a list of 5-7 assignments. Older students may be able to complete all the activities-but again- there is built-in flexibility for your individual family’s needs. Assignments include readings from the Our Creative World book (collection of original documents); Map Book assignments; Timeline Book assignments; assignments from the Student Workbook and Lesson Review Book (optional resources), as well as language arts assignments covering vocabulary, creative writing, literature selections. Thinking Biblically assignments are also included with most lessons and are designed to engage students in applying Scripture to history and life. Each unit also provides a suggested weekly family activity-projects vary and include arts and crafts, recipes and games. Materials are easily found for the projects and are designed to bring the family together to enjoy time together building memories.

    Curriculum package contains From Adam to Us Part 1 & 2; Our Creative World, Map Book, Timeline Book and the Answer Key to end of the lessons questions as well as the activities and tests in the Student Workbook and the questions and tests in the Lesson Review. Although it is possible to share the Map and Timeline books, they are available separately, allowing each child to have their own copy. I suspect that most children will be eager to create their own map and timeline.

    If you would like to add more supplemental instruction or review, consider the Student Workbook (5th-6th grade) or the Lesson Review (7th-8th grades). Both include additional assignments that correspond to the daily lesson as well as unit tests and questions related to the literature selections. Most literature based questions are recall based. However, there are a smattering of higher level thinking questions.

    Middle school children will be enthralled as they view world history through the lens of a Creator God who is alive and active, from the very foundation of our world through present day. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781609991135
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     This 2-disc set includes the narration of the texts From Adam to Us, parts 1 and 2. This is intended to supplement the curriculum and is very helpful for auditory learners. The recordings include the content of the lessons but not the lessons assignments, the selections from Our Creative World, or any worksheets - this is just a narration of the text. These are in MP3 format and are only compatible with MP3 players like your computer or other devices that are labeled as such and can be downloaded to electronic devices. There is approximately 30 hours, 40 minutes of play time, read by Charlene Notgrass.

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    (Publishers Description)

    We are out to prove that everything people think they know about wall decals is wrong when it comes to Mona Melisa Designs.

    We’ve discovered a way to create something you haven’t seen before using superior materials:

    • A fabric that is endlessly adhesive because it’s cleanable – all it needs is a little rubbing alcohol
    • A fabric that is durable – tearing and ripping is out of the question
    • A fabric that has maximum versatility – walls become a creative canvas
    • A fabric that is safe for every family – No BPA, lead or PVC
    • We are proud to support our community by manufacturing in the USA! This PEEL, PLAY & LEARN set is 24" by 40". The bright and colorful, fun graphics on our PEEL, PLAY & LEARN educational sets make them perfect for visual learners.

      Kinesthetic learners will love touching the pieces and moving them around from place to place. Our educational PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can be combined with verbal instruction to satisfy auditory learners as well.Simply peel your play set off of the backing and stick it gently to your wall in a convenient location. Make sure to flatten all areas and edges. Remove the accessories in the same way and place them onto the wall in whichever combination you wish. To store extra pieces, simply re-stick your customized wall play set on its original backing.

      The educational USA map play set teaches the following skills:

      • *State capitals
      • *State geography
      • *Map reading
      • *Compass readings and directional
      • * Bodies of water recognition and geography
      • *Mountain range recognition and geography
      • *US landmarks
      • *State crops and exports
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    ISBN: 9780736960311
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    Ladies, if you give your husband one gift this year, I encourage you to give him a copy of this book. As a mom and wife, skimming the chapter titles and activities, I am inclined to sigh and think ‘but it is so obvious’. And maybe it is, if we are with our children 24/7, which is the lifestyle often given to us as homeschooling moms. But, not so our husbands. Our men frequently work outside the home and while they may have their fingers on the pulse of the home front, they are often not intrinsically involved in the daily emotions and experiences. Begin with a brief quiz to assess the current state of open communication between Dad and children. The book then introduces a three-part plan: entering your child’s world; earning the right to be heard and clarifying you own perspective before introducing the 10 conversations. Priority conversations include family; competition; creativity; big-picture thinking; work; money; laughter; love, sex and marriage; decision making and eternity. Each conversation is presented with clarity, and practical tips and helpful insights, related scripture and questions to get the conversation started. Dads will approach the non-threatening presentation, gentle coaching, fresh ideas and real life stories. Excellent for a men’s study group or for personal study. 185 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 052278
    ISBN: 9781600066245
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    "While churches can be terrific places to find community and support, the way we live out our faith comes mostly from within our homes." With this observation as the premise, authors Tim and Alison Simpson present an un-ordinary devotional book – one that aims to move your family to action both to affect your individual lives and to let your lives begin spilling over into the world around you. Each of the 40 devotional chapters are simple, but deep. "Reaching In" sections bring your family together in creative ways for discussion on a subject. "Reaching Into the Word" furthers those discussions by giving a scripture passage to read as well as questions (different sets for different age groups). Finally, "Reaching Into the World" challenges you to apply what you're learning… And not necessarily in easy ways (the very first one challenges you to donate all of the non-perishable food you currently have in your house… yes, all of it!). Are you ready to break out of passive life and into action for Christ? 181 pgs., pb. –Chad

  • Item #: 009844
    ISBN: 9781633220805
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    We all know that stepping outdoors and staying active is healthy for everyone. Sometimes our creativity fails us and we exhaust our ideas for outdoor activities. This book has 101 outdoor ideas to complete including activities such as building a bucket pond or a bottle tower garden, making a daisy chain or mud faces, or playing pebble dominoes. There are activities for all seasons with clear directions and pictures. There are also a wide range of art and science activities that use household or easy to find items. Some activities could be done independently while others require adult supervision. A checklist is offered for you to check off the activity and date it. How many can you complete this year?

  • Item #: 005832
    ISBN: 9780800754945
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    This book is a great source of character building stories. Three different character traits (creativity, diligence, and wisdom) are presented in four different contexts. First, a lesson is given using actual stories from the Bible. Then the same quality is presented in a story in school, home, and play situations. These were among our children's favorite stories when they were younger. The stories are interesting and the character qualities effectively portrayed.