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    Do you think you know this country of ours? Test out your knowledge or just take a stab in the dark – all of the questions are multiple choice! Each player/team receives their own game board; they must travel around the 50 spaces (pictures of the state flags with the name of the state and the date of its entry into the union) and answer trivia questions. The questions are divided into six categories (Government & History; People, Places & Things; Cities & States; Presidents & Politicians; Inventors, Authors & Stars; and Only in America). A roll of the die determines question a player is asked. Questions range from fairly easy to very challenging (most are decently challenging!), but because they are all multiple-choice, everyone has a shot to answer correctly and learn something along the way. If you answer correctly, you get to move along the path. The first player to reach the end and have correctly answered a question from each category wins the game! For 2-4 players/teams. Game includes 108 question cards (each with 6 questions).

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    ISBN: 9781511567688
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    ISBN: 9780761172390
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    The same format as the other Brain Quest games in our catalog. Like the other decks, these colorful cards are riveted together so that they can't get lost or disorganized. With 850 questions, and answers on the opposing cards, this quiz game will provide educational fun for your whole family. There are six different categories of questions to choose from, which cover America's history, people, and culture - Famous Americans, From Sea to Shining Sea, Law of the Land, Words and Music, Turning Points, and Here and There. Find out how much you really know about this country of ours with this challenging quiz game. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 012180
    ISBN: 9781930367531
    Retail: $12.75
    Rainbow Price: $9.50

    This Mr. Pipes book features the two young Americans and Mr Pipes in a story about the worship of our Almighty God. You will be introduced to many great American hymn writers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, including John Eliot, Samuel Davies and Phillips Brooks. Learn that true worship is not isolated from believers of the past but is, rather, built upon their Godly traditions. Sprinkled throughout the book are beautiful illustrations and reproductions of the music and words to some of the hymns.

  • Item #: 036968
    ISBN: 9780961219895
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    This 64-page book won't take long to read, but it will remind you about how much our free enterprise depends on our freedom to make choices, and that freedom comes from God. Since He has created us in His image and likeness, we are free to make choices but responsible to Him for the choices we make and the created resources we use. From this baseline, author Tom Rose hits the highlights of properly-constituted civil government, property, freedom of exchange, competition in the marketplace, consumer choice, and profit. Lots of historical and Biblical quotes are provided as a basis for the author's opinions, and he gives examples of how these ideas have played out in the real world. This book is a good reminder of the Christian philosophy of a free enterprise system. 64 pgs, sc.

  • Item #: 058935
    ISBN: 9781481479608
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    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    Join Ben, Annie, and the rest of the family as they travel across the United States, starting in Massachusetts where the pilgrims landed and ending in the newest states, Alaska and Hawaii. Each page of this hardcover book by Lynne Cheney and Robin Preiss Glasser is full of color drawings and fun tidbits about each state, many of which are told through Annie's letters to her grandmother and Ben's text messages to a friend. This clever presentation of our national treasures would be a great addition to elementary U.S. history, or just fun to peruse. p/b, 74 pgs. - Laura

  • Item #: 043295
    ISBN: 9781599150109
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    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    A reprint of the original 1917 edition by H.E. Marshall, this hefty book offers 99 exciting stories from American history, starting with the expeditions of the Vikings and Columbus, and ending with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. The stories are grouped into seven parts; "Stories of Explorers and Pioneers," "Stories of Virginia," "Stories of New England," "Stories of the Middle and Southern Colonies," "Stories of the French in America," "Stories of the Struggle for Liberty" and "Stories of the United States Under the Constitution." The book is unique in that the first 400 pages or so focus on exploration and the Colonial period, while only the last 200 pages cover the history of the U.S. as its own country. Although there is a lot of content here, the chapters are only several pages in length which make for great supplementary reading or read-alouds. Occasional black-and-white full-page illustrations are included in some chapters. 616 pgs, pb. – Jess

  • Item #: 020539
    ISBN: 9781511867986
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  • Item #: 013672
    ISBN: 9780486498812
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     An anthology of American poetry and songs ranging from the late 1700s to 2009, this volume includes battle cries, tributes and elegies to celebrate our nation. These writings are boldly patriotic. Authors include male and female writers, some widely known and some not as famous from the 18th to 21st century, such as Benjamin Franklin, Phillis Wheatley, Francis Scott Key, Langston Hughes, Woody Guthrie and Julie Alvarez (73 in total). A wonderful resource for history studies, memorization or copywork. From Dover. 5” x 7”, 170 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 006894
    ISBN: 9780785833871
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    Subtitled, A Visual Directory of 100 of the Most Popular Songbirds, this gorgeously illustrated book will quickly become your favorite birding companion! Beginning with an introduction to how, why, when and where birds sing, you will also learn basic backyard birding techniques. After introductory information is an “at a glance” identifier and detailed directory. The directory showcases each bird in a 2-page spread. Birds are gorgeously illustrated with lifelike color and detail. Information provided includes scientific name, common name, rhythmic song flow, migratory locations, habitat, behavior, identification and attract methods. Includes an audio CD of birdsongs (track listed on bird page). This CD and the additional content on attracting birds and creating habitats are the factors distinguishing it from our other product, North American Songbirds (item #056730). Spiral bound with hard board cover. 256 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 020538
    ISBN: 9781511867788
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  • Item #: 019598
    ISBN: 9780787705275
    Retail: $14.95
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    Explore the early days of our nation with this book from Milliken Publishing. It covers the time from the earliest Native Americans to the arrival of the early explorers and features one-page articles on a variety of topics. The 90 or so articles are well-written and the major events of the times. Graphics are small and black-and-white. Some sections end with a couple of "Review and Write" questions, which generally take one to five sentences to answer. After each 15 lessons, a 24-question test is given. A few pertinent maps are also provided, as are answers to all "Review and Write" questions and test questions. 111 pgs.
  • Item #: 046660
    ISBN: 9780982492901
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  • Item #: 009479
    ISBN: 9780439368988
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    Lizzie Barker is only nine, but she is keeping a diary of her trip and time in Jamestown for her brother. He had to stay behind because he was too weak to make the journey, so she records all the new and strange things for him, including the land, the Indians, and her adventures.

  • Item #: 006690
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Was America founded as a Christian nation? What role did diversity play in the early years of our country? What is the future of faith in our society? This fascinating DVD series explores these issues, and many more. This set contains six 30 minute episodes on two discs. This series surveys 400+ years of Christianity in America, including key people, events, movements and controversies from the Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical perspectives. Expert commentary and vivid illustrations bring the past to life in this well researched series. Bonus features include interviews, PDF printable transcripts and discussion questions. Questions vary from recall of information to higher level thinking and analysis (no answers included).

    The first episode, "Faith in America", explores the history of religion in America from the Mayflower compact through the Declaration of Independence. It also covers the development of the consumer driven religion in the late 1700s, the circuit riders, and the "mega churches" of today. The second episode, "Many Mansions", explores the changes to America's landscape from alternative religions, including Joseph Smith's Latter Day Saints, the Shakers, and Jim David Koresh's Branch Davidian movement. The parachurch organizations and the Jesus movement are also briefly covered. Episode three, "Rebels with a Cause", surveys social issues and the role of faith, including a look at slavery, prohibition and the social gospel. Episode four, "Challenges and Change", takes a look at the impact of cultural changes on faith in America, including mass media: TV, movies, music, and the internet. Episode five, "Home Grown Saints", looks at ten influential Christians who changed the course of religious and cultural life in America. The final episodes explore eight key questions focusing on the role of faith in our culture and the global community, how people of faith should interact with others, and good stewardship of God's creation. An essential resource that inspires and motivates you to see the big picture impact faith plays in on our society. 2 DVDs. 180 minutes. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 056271
    ISBN: 9781938499654
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    Wisely, Franklin D. Roosevelt once stated, "No government is perfect. One of the chief virtues of a democracy, however, is that its defects are always visible and under democratic processes can be pointed out and corrected." Yet, each president had a level of faith-in God, in mankind, and in our great nation. Quoting American presidents from George Washington through Barrack Obama, the authors explore the role faith has played in the American presidency throughout our flawed history. Quotations and related Scriptures are shared along with Making It Real self-examination questions. Additional questions and hot topic questions found in the back of the book make this a creative way to study history and current events as a family or youth group. Various scripture versions are used. 116 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 024069
    ISBN: 9781594747311
    Retail: $13.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    16 stories about the childhoods of our presidents, as well as 44 facts, one per president. Learn about how Ulysses S. Grant was a natural born horse rider, how Franklin D. Roosevelt's over-protective mother gave him a single day of freedom to do whatever he wanted (and how he never told anyone what he did!), or how Calvin Coolidge once sneaked a donkey into a classroom at his school! Written by David Stabler and illustrated by Doogie Horner, 215 pgs, hc. – Laura

  • Item #: 038147
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

      Make sense of historical events in our nation’s birth with this unique time line that measures 7 5/8” x 88” when displayed end to end. Setting itself apart from other timelines, the off white/beige background has a parchment look and includes colorful graphics, and catch phrases from important documents. Includes a desktop size (21 3/4” x 1 7/8”) replication of the timeline for student use. Dates from 1764-1787. Cardstock. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 050291
    ISBN: 9781511596589
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  • Item #: 008685
    ISBN: 9781511540124
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  • Item #: 063718
    ISBN: 9781596987951
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.75

      This biography provides readers with a concise and satisfying overview of the life of Ronald Reagan, from his simple Midwestern upbringing until his days in the White House and beyond. Although this biography of President Reagan by Winston Groom is not as comprehensive as others in print, it is a very readable version of our oldest president’s life. The book contains nice size print, but no illustrations. 152 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

  • Item #: 049177
    ISBN: 9781508931430
    Retail: $34.95
    Rainbow Price: $32.95
  • Item #: 031417
    ISBN: 9780740318764
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.25

    Same fast-paced, Dave Stotts-narrated adventures as the above series, but instead of places, this series takes on a tour of the Founding Fathers – er, Founding People (giving Abigail Adams her rightful place as a person of influence in the founding of our country). The first episode examines the Adams family – John, Abigail, and John Quincy; the second a collection of Benjamins – Franklin, Banneker, and Dr. Rush; and the third – without benefit of either a first or last name in common – familiar Americans George Washington and Noah Webster and the not-so-familiar Haym Salomon. Each biographical tour includes family homes, letters/diaries, and accomplishments.

  • Item #: 020722
    ISBN: 9781887456005
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.25

    I love reading about the guiding hand of God in our nation's history. I find the story fascinating and the men of faith and conviction inspiring. This book is written in the same vein. Based on the assumption that all of history is providential, we learn how God's presence was evident at our nation's founding in the hearts and minds of the men who fought for independence and framed the Constitution. The book opens with an overview of geography and ancient history before moving to American history. A portion of the book is devoted to the history of education in our country. Later chapters focus on our decline as a nation, and a reconstructionist view is presented for bringing our nation back to what the authors believe God wants it to be. This book is used as a teacher resource for the Beautiful Feet American history studies. Lots of pictures and illustrations. 300 pgs.

    If you want to dig a little deeper into source documents referred to in America's Providential History, get the accompanying Documentary Sourcebook. Inspiring in its own right, this book includes speeches and documents that portray the Christian influence in the founding and history of our nation. A sampling of the offerings in this book includes excerpts from Columbus' Journal of His First Voyage, Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England, Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, Washington's Farewell Address, excerpts from Democracy in America, the 1853 report from the Senate Judiciary Committee about the importance of congressional chaplains. 136 pg, pb.

    For ease of tying these two books together, consider the Teacher's Guide, which includes: APH chapter outlines; study questions for each of the 18 chapters, with answers; three exams, with answers; and a list of books for further study. 102 pgs, pb. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 008551
    ISBN: 9781628712377
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

    With so many American history books these days being stripped of any reference to God or the importance of His laws as the foundation of our nation, it is refreshing to have a book that digs into the real history of the founders. This book digs. The series examines the lives and faith of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (19 in Volume 1 and the remaining 37 will be covered in Volume 2) and, when complete (three volumes) will also include the 39 signers of the Constitution. The introduction to Volume 1 sets the stage by looking at the evidences of faith from each colony, their charters, the continental congresses, and even the proposals for the Great Seal. The individual profiles of the signers, integrating many quotes and ranging in length from 5 to 18 pages, provide a biography of each, his legacy, and a look at the evidence of his faith. Also included is his signature, his colony/state, his church affiliation, plus one more interesting designation – his score on Combs Informal Scale of Christian Devotion. This last is the author’s own rating that ranges from 1 (Not Devout) to 5 (Makes Billy Graham look like an atheist).

    Examples of a strong faith-based beginning to our country are evident in more than just the lives/beliefs of the founding fathers. In fact, there are evidences everywhere – the Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, colonial charters, proclamations, days of prayer and fasting, state constitutions, marching songs and even the Liberty Bell. This book has been carefully researched and is fully footnoted.

    Fascinating and encouraging, even inspiring reading, this book does not, however, gloss over one of the glaring criticisms of “the signers.” In a short essay, the author considers the signers and their view of slavery. Obviously, a complicated subject, he provides an insightful discussion. 296 pgs, pb ~ Janice

  • Item #: 061430
    ISBN: 9780310734857
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    Rainbow Price: $3.95
  • Item #: 007797
    ISBN: 9780824959043
    Retail: $9.99
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    This book contains "Speeches, Documents, and Writings That Moved Our Country." Within the pages of this paperback book are familiar compositions such as Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address," and the "Declaration of Independence." However, there are also some less familiar compositions, such as George Washington's "Farewell Address," Franklin D. Roosevelt's "First Inaugural Address," and Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" speech. There are many famous patriotic poems, songs, and prose recorded for you to reflect on and enjoy as well. After each inspiring piece is a short explanation of the circumstances and events that influenced the person writing the composition. The writings are also accompanied by historical paintings and photos that help visually tell our country's history. Overall, there is a lot of history packed into one small book. Unique and inspiring. 80 pgs. – elise

  • Item #: 046465
    ISBN: 9780974218175
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.06

    As parents, we are keenly aware of the rapid changes occurring in our world today. Many of us entered adulthood prepared to go into the work force of a “good company”, and after working steadily for thirty years, retire comfortably. This is not the new reality. Studies show that it is typical for employees to have 4-5 different jobs/career paths in their working lifetime, as compared to the “thirty year company man” of the previous generation. It is vital that we prepare our children (and ourselves!) to not just survive, but thrive in this new economic reality. The first section begins with a detailed look at the history of industry in America and the changes of the past twenty years on our economy and job market. While most of us will not be surprised at the transition that has occurred due to the rise of technology and off-shore production, seeing it spelled out in black and white was eye opening to me. The rapid changes that have occurred just in the past ten years may simply be the beginning of things to come. As Mrs. Frank points out in the introduction, “Of course, the economy could turn around. It usually does, sooner or later. But that does not mean that life will go back to the way it was before. Fundamental changes have occurred, thanks to technology and the global economy.” The second section provides seven strengths that our children need to thrive in the 21st century. Each of the seven strengths is expanded upon with research, practical “how-to” information, examples of others who have successfully developed this strength and additional resources. The third section details the best way to give our children this strength, which includes a firm belief that home schooling is the best option to prepare our children for the future. She does provide a brief look at how to develop the seven strengths if your children are in a public school. The final section details career options including the pros and cons of a college education, home based business and family business. She builds a strong case against the normally expected college path for all students and cautions parents to carefully consider if the college path is the right path for their individual child. She provides charts of the fastest growing career paths with the corresponding college requirements and alternative career paths for the non-college oriented student. This eye-opening book is loaded with practical ideas and resources for raising our children to thrive during economic challenges. This book is certain to become a “must read” book for families who are looking to succeed in today’s economy. Deanne

  • Item #: 020872
    ISBN: 9780883881323
    Retail: $4.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.45

    Follow the development of our flag through history. Interesting text accompanies this fascinating colorable history from the Pilgrim era of America to modern times.