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Origami Paper

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    Designers, fashionistas, paper-crafters, kids, teens, adults – you are all going to have too much fun making cool stuff from this big pack of patterned paper! 200 sheets of one-sided, 5.5" x8.5", lightweight (similar to origami paper) in a huge variety of colors and patterns. The fabric-themed patterns are perfect for paper-doll clothes, as inspiration swatches for our fashion design books, mood boards, & room décor. Use them for card making and other paper crafts. Some patterns include: geometric quilt, jacquard, mod prints, tie dye, animal prints, polka dots, lace, hounds tooth, gingham, toile, stripes, paisley, floral, etc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 014607
    ISBN: 9780486274805
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    Sometimes, it does pay to wait. I wanted to stock my very favorite beginning origami book but it wasn't packaged with origami paper. Instead, the publisher carried a product called Fun with Origami that contained a different origami book and paper. I really liked the concept, but the book that came with it was not nearly as clear and simple to follow as Easy Origami. So, I held off...and - voíla - Dover packaged my favorite beginning origami book with twenty-four 7" x 7" high quality sheets of colorful origami paper and called it Fun with Easy Origami. While the title is similar to their Fun with Origami offering, the products are not the same. If you're a beginner, or you're children want to start paper folding, this is the place to start. Even children can follow the diagrams with no adult help. It includes 32 projects. Step-by-step large, clear diagrams make folding easy. Text is large, clear, and also simple. First projects have all the instructions on one page. The rest are a double-page spread so you don't have to flip back and forth. I've tested a lot of different beginning books, but this is by far the easiest to use. My twins, when they were eight years old, enthusiastically and proudly folded project after project until they ran out of paper, which inspired me to also offer paper refills (located in the Craft Supplies & Materials section). Besides helping to refine their fine motor skills, it's a great way to practice reading carefully and following directions!

  • Item #: APK2AB
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  • Item #: 068703
    ISBN: 9781536914443
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      Targeting a slightly older crowd, this flexible curriculum resource may inspire delight-directed learning in your family. In this (mostly) self-study, children begin by choosing topics they wish to study and take steps to achieve their goals. Tips for wisely choosing resources while using these recommended resources: computer access and personal Minecraft world, audio books, Story of the World for the Classical Child, Classical music, Google Earth and parent-approved news sources, educational videos and movies, and a math curriculum (Life of Fred or Math U See suggested). Listed are also a few necessary supplies: pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, origami paper, and a ruler.

      The heart of this course is the gentle, guiding learning in an array of subject areas including reading, creative writing, spelling and vocabulary, classical literature and music, mathematics (open ended to use with your math curriculum), science, geography, current events and much more. Comparing this to the author’s Fun-Schooling Curriculum: Homeschooling with Minecraft, you will note overlapping activities but a different focus. The aforementioned course includes an animal and farm theme designed to engage younger learners, whereas the DIY Curriculum is written for a slightly older crowd and focuses on Geography and “world news today” events. Woven throughout the course are research projects to learn about mining in the real world, which provides a fascinating “rabbit trail” to a Minecraft study.

      If you are wondering which of the Thinking Tree Minecraft studies would best fit your child, younger children who thrive when working more directly with a parent, may find the Fun-Schooling Curriculum: Homeschooling with Minecraft (#068704) a better option. While the reading level recommended for this course is grade 2 and up, many of the research activities and world studies seem better fit for an older child. Other activities like the backyard science nature walk and study may work with all ages. Another consideration in selecting these activities is the student’s ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. While the author does not define computer time in this course, her general guidelines for daily study are 5 pages per day for 10 years and under and 10 pages per day for 10 years and up (2-4 hours per day). Repetition is also built into this curriculum guide allowing students to study various aspects of Minecraft in a similar fashion.

  • Item #: 008470
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  • Item #: 073315
    ISBN: 9780794542948
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  • Item #: 068704
    ISBN: 9781543083972
    Retail: $34.50
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     Love the idea of unschooling, but struggle to find a balance between too much unproductive time and a strictly scheduled day? This resource may provide the perfect balance. Subtitled, “The Beginner’s Journal”, this animal and farm themed curriculum gently guides learning in several areas including reading, handwriting, logic, spelling, classic literature and music, mathematics including practice in addition, subtraction, and multiplication, creative writing, and more.

      Due to the open-ended nature of this course, you will notice repetition in many of the activity pages. For example, the backyard science/nature walk study pages, animals of the world, and reading time pages allow children to document varied observations and studies. Many struggling learners thrive on familiarity, which helps create a fun learning experience for struggling or younger students. Parents will need to assist their children in choosing topics of study, completion of some activities and securing additional, recommended resources.

      Recommended educational resources include a computer with your own Minecraft world, audio books, Story of the World for the Classical Child, Classical music CDs, a variety of educational videos and movies, and a math curriculum (Life of Fred or Math-U-See are suggested). Necessary school supplies include pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, origami paper, and a ruler. Assorted dyslexia games from the author’s Series A and B are included, and the Dyslexie font is utilized. Author states a child may work in this book up to 3 hours daily for 6 weeks, with 30 minutes of computer time 3 days per week, although flexibility allows you to fit to your family’s needs. Reproducible for children in your household. Black and white graphics. SC. 294 pgs. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 068701
    ISBN: 9781435164369
    Retail: $9.95
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    Each paper pack contains over 250 sheets of 6"x 6", beautifully illustrated origami paper in 16 different patterns. A few patterns are left uncolored--so grab your markers or pencils and color before you fold! Includes instructions for several different types of origami figures. ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 068700
    ISBN: 9781435164529
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.75

    Each paper pack contains over 250 sheets of 6"x 6", beautifully illustrated origami paper in 16 different patterns. A few patterns are left uncolored--so grab your markers or pencils and color before you fold! Includes instructions for several different types of origami figures. ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 067883
    ISBN: 9780794539436
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.59

       Darter, glider, drifter and swooper: these bird-themed paper airplanes will be a soaring success for your family. 100 tear-our sheets are ready to fold and include folding and flying instructions, useful tips and a variety of game ideas. Brightly colored, standard weight paper removes easily from the book and is manageable for little hands to fold. 100 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 067638
    ISBN: 9781338106404
    Retail: $19.99
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      This cool book with supplies is loaded with fun stuff like thumb wrestling tattoos, jokes, a full set of mini playing cards, 3D tic tac toe, fart putty, googly eyes to wear on your finger, and lots more. There are activities for solo play, for two players, for performing for a crowd, for competing with a friend, and much more. All instructions are clear and easy to follow with fun illustrations. Perfect for a road trip or a break from school work!

  • Item #: 066505
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      Learn how to fold dozens of different flowers with the pictorial instructions provided in this kit. Fine folding paper includes 38 sheets of 5.75” squares and 4 sheets of 7” squares in vibrant reds, brilliant orange, sunny yellow, rich purples, and pretty pinks.  There are lots of green sheets for your stems and a few brown and white. A special metallic gold small sheet will add some glitz. Intermediate difficulty. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 066462
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  • Item #: 065288
    ISBN: 9780804847285
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    ISBN: 9780804846066
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  • Item #: 065286
    ISBN: 9780804846073
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  • Item #: 065285
    ISBN: 9780804846363
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    ISBN: 9780804844864
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    ISBN: 9780804847162
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  • Item #: 065226
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      There are so many projects you can make for a porch or front door with this sturdier version of your favorite Mod Podge! Let the kids come up with seasonal decorating ideas or try out something you found online. Make a “Welcome” sign and attach it to an old chair you repurpose and decorate with whimsical paints and papers. If you are decorating a clay pot to match your patio furniture, seal the inside first to keep water from soaking through and ruining your artwork. To use this product, brush a layer onto your surface, apply decorative papers or fabric, and then apply several thin coats, letting it dry about 20 minutes between coats. On the Mod Podge website, they recommend you let your items cure (harden) indoors 3-7 days before setting it outside. ~Sara


  • Item #: 061810
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    The perfect introduction to crafting with Chibitronics. It includes a Circuit Sticker Sketchbook (which explains simply circuitry and let's you experiment building different types of circuits), 12 LED stickers (white, yellow, red and blue), 2 coin cell batteries, 2 binder clips, and 15' of copper tape.

    Shown embellished with Origami paper, not included.
  • Item #: 059495
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  • Item #: 059494
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  • Item #: 059344
    ISBN: 9780804844857
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  • Item #: 059343
    ISBN: 9780804844840
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  • Item #: 055688
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    A one semester art course that can be done independently by students will please many parents, especially if they are not too artsy themselves. Five units in five books cover the basic elements of art and some art history. Students will prepare a portfolio of both two and three dimensional work. Parents grade the work using rubrics provided and students will also do self-evaluations.

    Students need a computer and internet access, as well as traditional art supplies. Here is a materials list: 2 graphite pencils, 2 charcoal pencils, 1 gum eraser, 1 pack plain printer paper, several sheets of photographic printer paper (optional,) several manila folders, glue or tape, poster boards, 1 sketch pad 11" x 14" or larger, set of 6 tube watercolors, set of 6 acrylic tube paints (no oil paints), box of 8 pastels, 3 sheets of 11" x 14" watercolor paper, 2 canvas boards or stretched canvas 11" x 14" or larger, a palette, and a variety of brushes.

    Subjects and projects include: design principles, choice of artist to research, material and media, graphic art design, origami, paper stained glass, illustrate a children's book, graphs, art of many different cultures, careers in art, advertising. Each book is 42-58 pages, pb ~ Sara

    Resources in this section offer lessons using a variety of art skills and media (and possibly art appreciation), but are less comprehensive than a full art program.

  • Item #: 052616
    ISBN: 9780486483610
    Retail: $4.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.25

    If you enjoyed Fun with Easy Origami Book & Paper, then you'll love this new collection of super simple origami designs from the same author, John Montroll. This book provides 32 new designs using clear diagrams that make it easy for kids to successfully fold origami. Please note that origami paper is not included with this book. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 052381
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.76

    24 sheets of 6"x 6" origami paper in 24 different designs. These designs are characterized by delicate yet highly intricate floral-like patterns on shiny paper. ~ Anh