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Orange Blue

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  • Item #: 049372
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
  • Item #: 016995
    Retail: $25.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    144 sheets in red, yellow, purple, green, orange, blue.

  • Item #: 067249
    Retail: $18.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

     The original Spot It! with some added heat! The overall concept remains the – be the first to find a matching symbol between two cards. This version adds a timer and three different game variations (Play the Tower, the Well, or Random Freeze): each with different obstacles, challenges and ways to pull ahead of opponents. Each of the 55 circular cards (3.5 diameter) features one of eight different temperature-related symbols (cactus, flip flops, snowman, and more). Two to eight players. Timer requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).-EmilyG

  • Item #: 026953
    Retail: $22.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Contains 20 pods in eight colors: orange, blue, green, purple, sparkle pink, sparkle yellow, sparkle green, and sparkle orange.

  • Item #: 068113
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.75

       This 3-dimensional strategy and logic game will really make you think! Eleven green and eleven orange U-shaped pieces are used by two players to turn, build, and block each other. Each piece has one dot of the opposing color; try to frame the dot of your own color while blocking your opponent. The first to frame a dot wins. If no one captures a dot, the player with the fewest dots showing wins the game. Pieces are 3cm x 2cm, game play is short, and pieces (with instructions) store in an orange drawstring bag.

  • Item #: 004627
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $12.75

      This junior version of Gobblet is easy to set up and play anywhere! Four notched plastic slats fit together to make a 9-square grid. Each player has five Gobblet pieces (two large, two medium and one small) with goofy faces and felt "hair." In this tic-tac-toe-like game, players take turns placing pieces on the grid, either in an empty space or "gobbling" up one of their opponent's smaller pieces with a larger one. The winner is the first to line up three pieces of the same color - and kids will have a lot of fun gobbling to get there!

     Warning: Choking Hazard – Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

  • Item #: 066873
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

       Become a scientist and help Dr. Beaker as you move the molecules to match the challenges. Each player (2 to 4) has a plastic beaker with a rotating platform in the bottom. Each player has six marbles in their beaker and uses the plastic stirring rod to manipulate the molecules into the correct pattern shown on each card. Use logic, visual perception, and fine motor skills to be the first to “stir” your way to a win. The game includes 4 beakers, 4 stirring rods, 24 molecules (plastic marbles), 50 challenge cards, and instructions.

  • Item #: 066874
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.75

     Help Dr. Microbe complete her research by competing to complete the microbe challenge. Each player (2 to 4 players) gets a small Petri dish that is divided into 4 compartments. The larger Petri dish is full of colorful microbes and sets in the middle of the playing table. Flip the top challenge card so all players can see it and complete the puzzle first. Put the microbes in the correct compartment and find the ‘superbug’ to complete the puzzle. The game includes 49 microbes, 4 lab tweezers, 5 Petri dishes, 54 challenge cards, and instructions. Game play is fast and loads of fun logic fun! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 042289
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75
    These tiny granule-sized balls expand to over 200 times their size when water is added. Watch them slip, slide, bounce and explode! BoK contains 100 balls of each color (red, orange and blue).
  • Item #: 043023
    Retail: $2.99
    Rainbow Price: $2.25

    The swirl glue bottles are longer and thinner (still 20ml each) with a screw cap and fine tip. These colors include a swirl of silver glitter each mixed with a neon color (orange, blue, pink, and yellow.)

  • Item #: 001383
    Retail: $1.69
    Rainbow Price: $1.50

    Red, orange, blue, tan, yellow, black… this square-shaped 9" x 9" construction paper pad contains 40 sheets in 10 assorted colors. The smaller dimensions are perfect for simple origami projects or any of your other arts and crafts needs! ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 065199
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.99

      Have you ever cringed at the idea of messy arts and crafts with your kids? Has it kept you from letting them express their creativity, even though you know they love it? Make clean up a little easier with a sturdy, water-resistant tarp. Use it on the floor to catch the mess or directly on a surface where kids are painting or using glitter. Then just take it outside to shake it out or hose it off. For smaller messes, wipe with a damp cloth. The size is really convenient at just shy of 8’x10’. It has finished hemmed edges and reinforced grommets at each corner. Take it to the beach or on a grassy picnic to sit on. Make a shade cover for a sand box or kiddie pool! Put one under a high chair. Got enough ideas yet? Made from reinforced, woven blue plastic ~Sara

  • Item #: 069242
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $6.75

     This toy provides something to keep hands busy and the mind focused. This 3-pronged fidget spinner with 7 ball bearings can be spun with one hand and can easily fit in a pocket. Comes in orange, blue, or green glow-in-the-dark colors. We’ll assort with orders of 1 or more. 3.25” spinning diameter. 

  • Item #: 043668
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    This one could really stretch and exercise your spatial and matching skills! When you draw a card it will show two sets of shapes – one in orange and one in blue. Your task is to arrange each set of colored shapes in such a way that they fit together to make the same overall shape. As you advance through the cards from beginner to expert, a greater number of game pieces are thrown into the mix. Things could get pretty tricky!

  • Item #: 047616
    Retail: $29.95
    Rainbow Price: $26.96

    Outmaneuver your opponents as you build your way to the top in this stacking strategy game. The game contains two 14 ½" x 14 ½" double-sided game boards, 116 double-sided wooden triangle pieces in four colors, and instructions. Each game board has a different geometrical pattern made up of white triangles against a colored background. To play, each player chooses a color (orange, blue, purple or green) and then takes turns placing their triangle pieces on one of the boards. Pieces can only be placed on any open white triangle space, or on top of game pieces already placed on the board, as long as there are three supporting pieces and at least one of them is your color. If a player cannot make a legal play on their turn, they are eliminated from the game. The last player to play a game piece is the winner! For 2-4 players; instructions and examples included. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 037772
    Retail: $49.99
    Rainbow Price: $44.99

     These Bundles include one Kor egg set, one set of covers and one Deco Kit (color combinations cannot be altered).

  • Item #: 049332
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Practical and economical: two favorite words for homeschoolers or anyone wanting to stretch educational materials from child to child. Simply place any worksheet in one of these plastic sleeves and let students use the included black dry-erase markers to complete their work on the plastic surface. Put in a color map and have kids write in names of states or countries. Use the pockets to help preserve materials that are handled frequently (like vocabulary bingo games) to save on printing costs. Each pocket is banded with a different color (red, orange, blue, green, and purple.) All 5 markers have eraser tips. Use one for your ever-changing monthly calendar without having to scratch out cancelled appointments or other changes! Sara

  • Item #: 065185
    Retail: $65.99
    Rainbow Price: $59.39
  • Item #: 062385
    Retail: $11.00
    Rainbow Price: $8.75
  • Item #: 071339
    Retail: $11.13
    Rainbow Price: $8.25
  • Item #: 065187
    Retail: $99.99
    Rainbow Price: $89.99

    9 foot long blue tunnel with a 22 diameter.

  • Item #: 036363
    Retail: $3.95
    Rainbow Price: $2.95
  • Item #: 053522
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.78
    Reversible, 18 inch activity mat, carryall and storage is green on one side and blue on the other with a 4" x 4 1/4" green pocket. (Product Description)

    Lay-n-Go® LITE is a patented* 18 inch travel/mini activity mat that converts into an easily transportable satchel allowing for a quick and effortless clean-up of small toy pieces in seconds. Toy collections used on the Lay-n-Go surface are easily spread out for hours of fun at restaurants, on airplanes, in cars, at Grandma's house, etc. Once playtime is over, the drawstring is pulled and the activity mat is instantly converted back into a soft storage bag. Lay-n-Go LITE is small, but like its big brother/sister, it is a smart and easy personal activity mat, cleanup, storage and handy little carryall solution in one.

    • • 100% Poly fabric provides a tough and water repellent wipe-able surface
    • • Available in blue, green, pink, red and orange
    • • Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide an easy opening and closing system which keeps small toys securely inside
    • • Nylon handle adds both comfort and convenience for carrying
    • • A velcroed front storage pocket provides a place to stow the drawstring when closing or carrying the bag
  • Item #: 065189
    Retail: $43.99
    Rainbow Price: $39.59

    6 feet long, all blue, with a 19” diameter.

  • Item #: 065190
    Retail: $23.99
    Rainbow Price: $21.59

    Perfect for smaller spaces: 9 handles, red/yellow/green/blue wedge pattern, great for 3-4 kids.

  • Item #: 065183
    Retail: $99.99
    Rainbow Price: $89.99

    Obstacle course, anyone? This extra durable blue tunnel with red stripes is 9 feet long with a 22” diameter. Polyester Dacron.

  • Item #: 055805
    Retail: $2.20
    Rainbow Price: $2.10

    This clay is conomically priced, non-toxic, and it never dries out - a winner for everyone! Safe for all ages, this plastic modeling clay is great for quiet time, party favors, or used as an incentive, plus it helps develop fine motor skills and creative self-expression. Plast-i-clay stays soft and pliable (store in a plastic bag) and comes in an impressive assortment of bright colors—enough to create a wide range of colorful animals. This ten stick (approximately ½ oz. each) set includes: red, yellow, blue, green, gray, brown, black, white, pink, and orange. Please note: if being used by more than one child, it may be helpful to order one package per child to ensure there is enough clay for all to enjoy. Total net weight, 6 ¾ oz.

  • Item #: 042290
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.75
    Resembling soil from Mars, Space Sand never gets wet! BoK kits contain 56 grams of each color (purple, green, and orange in the Neon kit; red, blue, and yellow in the regular kit.)
  • Item #: 065192
    Retail: $45.99
    Rainbow Price: $41.39
  • Item #: 061782
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $21.25

    Case is 2.5" thick and includes 12 twist-up crayons (6"), a box of 12 triangular #2 pencils, a 5" x 8" whiteboard, 1 double-ended dry-erase markers (red/black), 2 pink erasers, a tiny manual pencil sharpener, 2 glue sticks, 6 thin, double-ended markers, 1 double-ended highlighter (pink/yellow), 5 neon pencil-top erasers, and 1 pair scissors (2.5" round blade).