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One Small Square

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  • Item #: 003783
    ISBN: 9780070579279
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  • Item #: 003789
    ISBN: 9780070579705
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    ISBN: 9780070579330
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    ISBN: 9780070580510
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    ISBN: 9780070579262
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    ISBN: 9780070579286
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    ISBN: 9780070579323
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    ISBN: 9780070580459
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    ISBN: 9780070579293
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  • Item #: 003787
    ISBN: 9780070579347
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  • Item #: 003784
    ISBN: 9780070579309
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  • Item #: 003782
    ISBN: 9780070579316
    Retail: $11.00
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  • Item #: 036564
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.25

    This tool is made to be used with standard 1cm base-ten blocks to help children think of whole numbers from 1-199 in terms of hundreds, tens, and ones. The sturdy blue foam frame (11"x 7") comes with 21 number tiles (digits 0-9). Using standard base ten units, rods and flats with the number tiles helps your child picture the numbers more clearly as they place the blocks into the three sections of the frame and attach a number tile to them – a definite plus for a student who is struggling with place value as a concept. A small guide with activities and noting CCSS correlations is included in the set. Number tiles are about an inch square and 10mm thick. Base-ten blocks are not included. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 018743
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Young children will appreciate this hands-on approach to developing analytic thinking skills via an exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns. The activities require three types of manipulatives: attribute blocks, pattern blocks, and interlocking (or multilink) cubes. Like the Building Thinking Skills program, activities cover four key areas: Similarities and Differences, Sequences, Classifications, and Analogies. Simple activity instructions appear at the top of each page as a basic guideline for the teacher. The activity book itself is approximately 250 pages. Manipulatives are not included. Required manipulatives for this program are as follows: A) Pattern Blocks – set of 100 in six colors and shapes (triangle, trapezoid, rhombus (2 types), hexagon, square); B) Interlocking Cubes – set of 100 (plastic cubes that link on all sides, 10 cubes of 10 different colors); C) Attribute Blocks – set of 60 (pieces come in 5 shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon), 3 colors (red, blue, yellow), 2 sizes (large, small), 2 thicknesses). ~ Anh

  • Item #: 058800
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.65
    With four young children in the house and wanting to encourage learning opportunities, we, of course, have a ton of magnetic letters covering every square inch of surface on our refrigerator. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's mostly true! The older two like to spell out their names or other words while the younger two just throw the magnets all over the kitchen floor. The older girls can never find the letters they need, and it always looks cluttered. This handy-dandy little tray could solve all our problems! It measures 13.5" x 8.5," is 1 1/3" deep and is divided into thirty 1-1/2" x 2" compartments with two slightly smaller compartments in addition. You can sort all your letters into their own compartments for easy storage and locating! Of course, you wouldn't have to limit yourself to storing alphabet tiles or letter sets - this clear plastic container would work for storing a myriad of small objects. And don't worry, there is a pushtight lid! ~ Megan
  • Item #: 057312
    Retail: $17.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    This is a set of transparent, 3-D, geometrical shapes and includes sphere, hemisphere, cone, cylinder, two pyramids (one triangular base, one square base), triangular prism, hexagonal prism, cube, and three cuboids. Each shape has a removable end for measuring volume and is approximately 2 inches. This same set is included in Kit II of Shiller Math (#045765). ~ Donna

  • Item #: 042759
    Retail: $39.45
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    Our regular size Time Timer is an 8" square. Now you can get a smaller version of this handy visual for your students. The MOD size is a 3.5" white square (1.5" deep) with a black silicone removable cover (for protection and surface grip.) Simply turn the knob on the front to begin timing. Red appears on the face to show the time passed. It's great for your visual learners! You can choose whether for beep to sound when time is up. Set this for freewriting, independent reading time, your blueberry muffins, anything! 60 minutes. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 022467
    ISBN: 9781483816913
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.50

    This reproducible book is a very complete collection of workbook pages to complement any study of biology. Use the pages to supplement your curriculum or simply for a review if they've already completed a biology course and want to brush up on the basics. The worksheet exercises feature charts to complete, matching exercises, crosswords, labeling, completing definitions, multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and classifying. A small sampling of the topics covered in includes cells, elements, bacteria, Punnett squares, genetics, human systems, structures of various animals, botany, metamorphosis, osmosis, diseases, and food webs. These worksheets would be especially beneficial if your curriculum is long on information and short on exercises. - Melissa

  • Item #: 035673
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $6.50

    Challenge your students with this entertaining bingo game. Set includes 12 bingo cards – six from each half of the book. Bingo squares feature the meaning of a Greek or Latin root, such as "small." 120 game tiles are included, with one root on each tile. 108 of the roots are study roots (from Vocabulary Vine), while the remaining 12 are other important incidental roots. Two "Matching Sheets" are also included, which feature the meanings of each root. A root glossary is provided featuring all the roots and their definitions in case you need to look up a root to settle an argument or refresh everyone's memory! The glossary, bingo cards and tiles are all printed on cardstock, while the matching sheets and instructions are printed on paper.

  • Item #: 017152
    ISBN: 9781933054384
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    They're the Logic Link Puzzles kids love but a more game-like form! This set includes 166 puzzles at various levels and 32 small plastic, colored game chips. Each puzzle is presented on a 5" x 5" puzzle card and uses a series of clues to instruct a player where to place chips to solve the puzzle, requiring deductive reasoning and determination. The cards are double-sided, with a puzzle on both sides, and while outlines show where to place the game chips, instructions tell where to put specific colors (i.e. the green chip is adjacent to the yellow chip, the red chip touches only yellow chips, the topmost chip touches the blue chip, etc.). Beginner puzzles form a single row of chips and usually have two clues; intermediate puzzles form a rectangle and require 4-6 clues; advanced puzzles form a square of three rows and usually have 7-8 clues; and expert puzzles form a circle of chips, with 5-8 clues. Cards are color-coded by difficulty and the game is stored in a cardboard box.

  • Item #: 069683
    ISBN: 9780735351981
    Retail: $13.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.25


    This classic tangram game offers a fun challenge for one or two players. There are 30 cards with a beginning level on one side and an advanced level on the other side. The beginner level will have color-coded designs while the advanced level will only include the outline of the design. In the two-player game, each player will take 1 tangram set consisting of 7 pieces (2 large triangles, 1 medium sized triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram). The first player to complete the design wins the card and the first player collecting 10 cards wins the game. Solutions to the advanced level are on the back of the cards (beginner level). For individual play, choose a level of difficulty and try to master all the designs as fast as you can! Game includes 14 color-coded pieces printed with non-toxic inks and made of 90% recycled paper. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 067956
    ISBN: 9781478801146
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

       Music, animals, and little hands-sized books? Sounds like a good way to introduce letters! Each letter has its own song (sort of: X, Y, Z are combined) and its own little book. The books are 5.75” square and have eight pages. A short verse/song introduces the letter and its animal friend. Then follows four pages, each with a letter-starting word and its picture. Another short verse/song concludes the book along with a composite picture to find all the letter’s words. Letters are shown in upper and lower case. The little books are colorful with glossy/plastic covers. The songs are done by a variety of singers and the song’s tempo/style is based on its animal friend. Vowel sounds are all true “short” vowel sounds (eggplant, egg, elephant; iguana, etc.). Books and CD all fit in a small box with a carry handle. An excellent early phonics resource. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 067817
    ISBN: 9780545799966
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.95


      Many of the math readers on the market today are for early elementary or higher, but this little series is specifically intended as an introduction at the preschool level. This is a set of 25 small readers (5.5” square) that vary in length from 7 to 11 pages, each with a specific focus: “Zero Means There Are None, Count to 10 in Color, 100 is a Lot.”An included parent guide offers ideas for each book before, during, and after reading. A small workbook (same size as readers) is also included and has one page to be completed after reading each book. Children can trace and practice writing numbers on the last few pages of the workbook, 0-20 and 100. A sheet of 16 reward stickers is also included to encourage your math learner. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 066487
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.50


    Tactile learners will love using this set of color-coded plastic tiles! Nouns are blue (54), verbs are red (35), adjectives are green (32) and miscellaneous parts of speech, along with some punctuation tiles, are yellow (39.) Tiles come in 2 sizes, 1” squares and 1x1.5” and have a little ridge around the edge of the tile. Words are clearly printed in lower case black type. Some nouns include: water, wheels, girl, balloon, four, zoo, etc. Verbs include: lives, going, help, drinks, watch, wear, jumps, etc. Some adjectives are dark, small, many, shiny, other, slow, new, etc. And some miscellany words include who, in, the, of, this, a, what, the, around, me, when, your, etc. Make up your own silly sentences! Teach some beginner grammar! Create writing prompts by drawing 5 tiles and making up a story! Practice grouping words by color, then write some words on paper and add them to your groups! 160 tiles come in a clear plastic jug with screw-top lid and carrying handle. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 065606
    ISBN: 9781617691812
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

  • Item #: 065605
    ISBN: 9781419719820
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

  • Item #: 065604
    ISBN: 9781419719806
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

  • Item #: 064590
    ISBN: 9781680223477
    Retail: $13.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

      Every design is like a little pixel paint by number! Only you use colored pencils, and there are no numbers, but the idea is the same! It’s really quite cleverly designed. Your design page is on small graph paper (.25”) with a letter in each square. Each page has a color guide to follow. A may be moss green, B may be black, C may be sky blue, etc. You then color in all of the squares with that letter the same color until you fill up the grid. Each image will be 6.5”x8.75” and you can flip to the back of the book to see the finished products. You will use between 7 and 26 colors per image; many are in the same color family resulting in a really cool finished picture! There are 65 pictures in all, including: a toucan, sailboat, sand castle, cow, penguin, barn, sunflower, windmill, tea pot, hot air balloon, lion, kangaroo, and lots more. There is something satisfying about filling in the boxes and watching an image appear! It’s a great gift item, too, since it comes with a set of 5 double-ended colored pencils (10 colors.) All pages are perforated with a design on one side of the page. Spiral bound, sc. ~Sara

  • Item #: 064243
    Retail: $4.52
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

    The two-sided quadrant boards come in two sizes, 9” x 12” and 12” x 18”. The smaller board is a 15 by 20 grid and the larger is a 20 by 30 grid. The squares are ½” and the grids are divided into 5x5 quadrants with heavier lines. These boards work well to teach, learn, and practice graphing of all types. The reverse on both boards is blank and can be used for written practice. 

  • Item #: 064242
    Retail: $7.35
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    The two-sided quadrant boards come in two sizes, 9” x 12” and 12” x 18”. The smaller board is a 15 by 20 grid and the larger is a 20 by 30 grid. The squares are ½” and the grids are divided into 5x5 quadrants with heavier lines. These boards work well to teach, learn, and practice graphing of all types. The reverse on both boards is blank and can be used for written practice.