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  • Item #: SSRWCK
    Retail: $342.87
    Rainbow Price: $274.95

    The Combo kit includes all Level 1 components plus Instructor's Directions for Kindergarten, two consumable student worktexts, and a set of six phonetic storybook readers. The student worktexts are totally revised, even down to the theme and names. With a train theme, the All Aboard and On Track workbooks teach alike and different, classification, completing a pattern, tracing, following directions, reading readiness skills, letter recognition, letter sounds, manuscript writing, word blending, vocabulary, beginning reading, comprehension, spelling, listening, and speaking. On Track also includes ten tear-out, color, and read storybooks. The six phonetic storybook readers are correlated to the instruction, reinforcing the phonics, reading, and writing skills taught. One colorful reader covers each short vowel, plus a sixth reader with combined short vowel words. Student materials are also available separately for teaching more than one student with the program. For parents who did not purchase the Combo kit initially, the Instructor's Directions for Kindergarten is not available separately; however, the publisher says that you should not need it. Read on for a full description of the Level 1 kit. We are again able to offer the workbooks and readers for the Sing, Spell, Read & Write kits; see below for Kindergarten components.

  • Item #: 059398
    ISBN: 9781940110417
    Retail: $39.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.50

    The Student Notebook is a handy companion to the course. It provides formatted pages on which to write the answers to the text questions – On Your Own, Study Guide Questions, Practice Problems, and Extra Practice Problems. Experiment instructions are in the student notebook along with space for recording observations and data and making notes. There is also space for recording the optional MicroChem experiments. A suggested schedule will keep the student on track to finish the course. This notebook isn't included in the bundle, but is sold separately.

  • Item #: 034081
    ISBN: 9781476764665
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.95

    Surviving the teen years can be tough, but this "how-to" book contains seven great habits that will not only help your teen survive, but thrive! The author, Sean Covey, is the son of the infamous Stephen R. Covey, who wrote the bestselling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book is similar in content, yet is tailored for teens and focuses on issues that they deal with. As a side note, many of the examples and illustrations focus in on issues that often arise within the public school system; however, most of the principles and advice given will still be greatly beneficial to homeschooled students, as well. Maybe your teen isn't an avid reader, but watch them devour this book as Sean Covey's animated writing style not only entertains them, but gets them thinking about their life and helps them start making some good decisions. The seven habits that are covered begins with "private victories" as your teen learns how to be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and how to put first things first, which all focus on what Covey likes to call "self-mastery." Next, your teen will begin to work on "public victories" that will help them work on relationships and teamwork by thinking win-win, seeking first to understand and then to be understood, and how to synergize their life. The last habit your teen will learn is how to sharpen the saw, which will help your child in the area of personal renewal. (Be sure not to neglect this habit, as it feeds into the other six!) All in all, this book is inspirational and motivating in every aspect. As each habit is covered, your teen will be challenged to set goals and to put a plan in place to achieve them. Covey also provides your child with "baby steps" at the end of each chapter that will help get them on track to mastering each habit. If you are looking for a way to get your teen on track, then give them this book. Within this 270 page, paperback book they will learn the value of hard work, setting and achieving goals, and taking responsibility and initiative, all of which are characteristics of highly effective leaders – and these are characteristics that we want our future leaders (a.k.a. your teenager) to possess! Please note that although this book talks about some general "good" habits, it is not written from a Christian perspective. – elise

  • Item #: 042759
    Retail: $39.45
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    Our regular size Time Timer is an 8" square. Now you can get a smaller version of this handy visual for your students. The MOD size is a 3.5" white square (1.5" deep) with a black silicone removable cover (for protection and surface grip.) Simply turn the knob on the front to begin timing. Red appears on the face to show the time passed. It's great for your visual learners! You can choose whether for beep to sound when time is up. Set this for freewriting, independent reading time, your blueberry muffins, anything! 60 minutes. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 006415
    ISBN: 9781567046045
    Retail: $10.97
    Rainbow Price: $9.45
  • Item #: 037632
    Retail: $16.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    Scrapbooking, card making, timelines, vocabulary games, name tags, bookmarks, art class, Sunday school, day care – there are so many things you can use a handy paper cutter for! Scissors have their place, but when you need something straight and FAST you really do need one of these. It is not the guillotine-type of paper cutter, but a sliding blade. Fits up to 15" sheets, with a fold-out arm for measuring and keeping the paper squared up. The sliding blade is in a channel and will cut card stock or regular paper easily; one replacement blade is included. A special feature of this model is that you have to push down pretty firmly on the blade to come into contact with the paper. This is easy for an adult to do, but not for a child, making it safer to use around kids. The plastic frame is heavier duty than the ones I have from the craft store. Also, the button with the blade is on a track and does not fall off. I had to work to get it off and back on again – also a good safety feature! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 074281
    Retail: $99.99
    Rainbow Price: $85.25

    Part real-world education, part toy! Build the Evolution Robot while learning from the comprehensive guidebook about robotics, electronics and programming. Once assembled, the robot can move on its tracks and pick up and transport items. The robot is capable of generating sounds, music, voice messages, and "facial" expressions. Programming can be accomplished via the free app for cell phones and tablets or by using the keyboard on the robot's back.

    Device compatibility: Must be Bluetooth® equipped, specifically Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Apple® devices with Apple® iOS 8.0 software (and later) including: iPhone® 4S or later, iPad® 3 or later, iPad Air® or later, iPad mini™ 1 or later, iPod touch® 5th generation or later; Android™ and Amazon® devices with Android™ 4.3 software and Bluetooth® (BLE). Not compatible with Windows® operating systems.

  • Item #: 068458
    ISBN: 9781506235127
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.95

    A sure way to ace the ACT test is through lots of practice. This book contains 8 practice exams that mirror the ACT. There are detailed answers and explanations that follow each test as well as strategic advice to approach similar questions on test day. Furthermore, every explanation reveals the level of difficulty to the questions. If the student misses quite a few "low" difficulty questions, it might be wise to review those concepts. However, if the student is doing well on the "high" difficulty questions, he knows he is on track. Additionally, this book contains a scoring rubric as well as information on how the ACT is structured and how to register for the test. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 065743
    Retail: $6.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

       This can be used as a supplement for additional students for the On Track Responsibility System, or use it alone to keep track of an individual child. The 8.5x11” dryer erase board (marker included) has space to write 15 tasks and space to check it off when completed. A register (like a check register) offers space to record points earned and a running balance toward a reward.

  • Item #: 065742
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

       This daily task chart comes complete with 11x15.5” chart, magnetic strips and hang tabs, 1 dry erase marker w/ clip, 18 reusable plastic stars, 35 task markers, 5 blank labels, and suggestion guide. Stars and task markers attach with hook and loop dots. There are three columns of five tasks for a total of 15. Next to each task is space for rewards stars when the task is completed. There is space at the bottom of the chart to record how many stars are earned each day of the week. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.  

  • Item #: 062247
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

       If you are looking for a more constructed way to extend the program with lesson plans already done, teacher guides are also available to make this a complete music appreciation course. These guides include lesson plans broken down by themes and composers, and give the teacher the exact page numbers the lesson correlates with in the student book. The activities within the lessons vary in difficulty and teachers can choose what is suitable for their children. Each lesson begins with a list of music concepts that will be taught during the lesson. Next is a list of the National Standards concepts for Music Education addressed in the specific lesson. Following this are instructions on which track/tracks to play and instructions for teaching music concepts in detail. There are also creative ideas for integrating other subjects into the music lesson. Also included in the back are reproducible music themes for classroom use only.

  • Item #: 062246
    ISBN: 9780967599793
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

       If you are looking for a more constructed way to extend the program with lesson plans already done, teacher guides are also available to make this a complete music appreciation course. These guides include lesson plans broken down by themes and composers, and give the teacher the exact page numbers the lesson correlates with in the student book. The activities within the lessons vary in difficulty and teachers can choose what is suitable for their children. Each lesson begins with a list of music concepts that will be taught during the lesson. Next is a list of the National Standards concepts for Music Education addressed in the specific lesson. Following this are instructions on which track/tracks to play and instructions for teaching music concepts in detail. There are also creative ideas for integrating other subjects into the music lesson. Also included in the back are reproducible music themes for classroom use only.

  • Item #: 061445
    ISBN: 9780310433767
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.25

    Fatherhood can seem a daunting task. You wish to leave your children a godly inheritance but there are so many things fighting against this. Ultimately, you need God’s Word and encouragement along the way. This devotional Bible is designed to help you pursue this goal. This full NIV Bible includes 260 daily devotions (one for each workday) accompanied with a daily reading passage and verse, guiding you through the Bible in one year. Seven articles entitled Building your Children are also included to keep you on track and engaged with your family and God. The Bible for Dads feature provides key points from each Bible book; Dads can use these in leading their families. An index entitled, Questions Kids Ask provides detailed answers (with references) to many common questions about key Biblical truths such as God’s character, sin, suffering and Heaven. Foreword by Kirk Cameron. Hardcover with dustjacket, 6” x 8 3/4", 1481 pp. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 053041
    ISBN: 9781936706211
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $15.00

    Denise Eide passionately believes that mastery of English (literacy) could be greatly simplified by:

    Understanding that there is a method behind the madness; English is systematic (at least 98% of the time)

    Learning and embracing the rules of this system

    And here I thought this was common knowledge. Now I understand why Spelling is one of our largest-selling areas. I was not aware that, according to the National Report Card, 34% of fourth graders cannot read and 68% are below proficient. Apparently, this has gone on for some time since 48% of all adults are also not proficient readers, according to the same report. The author also bemoans the fact that "intensive phonics is saved almost exclusively for students who struggle". Written in 2011, this book is not an outdated tome from the sight-reading era. Apparently, this is the current state of affairs in the country at large. The author firmly believes that the cause of the problem is that the structure, the logic, of English is not understood or taught. This not only hinders reading, writing, and spelling skills, but results in discouraged children who become illiterate adults. In writing this book, the author hoped to demystify the English system for parents and teachers, helping them turn the situation around in our nation. I think she has succeeded in this volume. Her presentation is comprehensive, clear, and well-organized. Helpful charts and tables punctate the concise text, lending additional structure and simplification to the narrative. A list of tables in the front helps you find specific information quickly. The book concludes with appendices that sum up most of the material in lists or charts providing a handy, ongoing reference.

    While I hope most homeschoolers have used or are using an intensive phonics program, this book would be an excellent refresher and reference. If you are one of the many homeschoolers whose children were taught to read in the public school system, you need to get this book and read it. Then you need to teach the rules of the English system to your children. If your children are past the phonics stage, but still having trouble with reading or spelling, this book will help you back up, understand the system, and get your children back on track. And, if you are just starting to teach your children to read, you will want to read this book first. Then, for more direct teaching materials, see the Logic of English program from Pedia Learning, inspired by this volume.

  • Item #: 052807
    Retail: $5.36
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

    This notebook-size planner has lots of space to write due dates and homework. Write notes according to subject (English, math, reading, science, social studies and spelling) with two more spaces for additional classes. Start this book at any point in the school year since it is non-dated. Parents can use this book to communicate with independent learners, keeping them on track with assignments. Spiral binding lets you open it up flat to show a week at a time. Extras include a handy ruler on the back, homework tips and student responsibilities, and two pages for your class schedule. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 047956
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.95

    Even if you live in an urban area, you can still learn all about animal tracks and make your own realistic casts with this kit from Young Scientist's Club. The kit includes plaster of Paris, a brush, sand, two bowls, an animal track game with 80 cards, a poster, stickers, two popsicle sticks, a measuring cup, watercolor paint and an instruction manual. Play the card game to match animals with their tracks (learning 40 animal tracks in the process!), and place matching animal and track stickers on the poster. Several groups of animal tracks are featured at the bottom of the poster – can you tell the "story" behind them? Then get ready to make your own set of animal track casts using the eight included molds and plaster! After you've perfected your casting technique, it's time to look for animal tracks in nature. When you find one, follow the instructions to capture the track using wet plaster and add your "wild find" to your new collection of animal tracks. The full-color instructions walk parent and child through the activities and directions, and provide a place to record answers and observations. This would be a fun kit to explore before taking a hiking, hunting or camping trip; you could even take the animal track matching game on the road with you for the whole family to enjoy! – Jess

  • Item #: 043953
    ISBN: 9781483842691
    Retail: $3.49
    Rainbow Price: $2.85

    Stay on task and conquer your day with this 5.75" x 6.25" 50-sheet notepad! List your "to-dos" on the lines provided, and when accomplished, turn them into "ta-das!" with the simple check of a box. Also features a "brain dump" section for notes, doodles, etc. A great classroom or office tool to help keep you organized and on track! ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 043948
    ISBN: 9781483842769
    Retail: $3.49
    Rainbow Price: $2.85

    Set and track goals with this 5.75" x 6.25", 50-sheet motivational notepad! Each note has a section for the date, your top 3 goals, inspiration, things to remember, notes and doodles, and water intake. This colorful, fun notepad will keep you on track and reaching goals in any office or classroom setting! ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 043102
    ISBN: 9781492663560
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    Super-size your family’s organization with this large grid wall calendar. The 17-month calendar runs from August of one year to December of the next. The large 2” x 3” dated squares allow plenty of room for penciling in appointments, daily dinner menus and other events. Each month features a “Don’t Forget” section for jotting down important reminders, as well as an area for including a monthly project list. In the top right hand corner of each month there is a list of suggested projects to help you stay on track with your seasonal cleaning, holiday projects and vacation planning. A 3” x 3” square for recording family notes and reminders appears nearly every month. A sheet of about 300 colorful stickers is included to help you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, holidays, meetings, bill payment, no school or school half days, and dentist, doctor or veterinarian appointments. At the back of the calendar, there are 72 perforated 2.75” x 5” “To Do” lists that you can tear out. Inside the back cover there is a large space for writing in emergency numbers and other important contact information. The calendar expands when opened to a generous 15” x 22”, allowing you to easily see your schedule at a glance. Rachel P.

  • Item #: 041395
    ISBN: 9781414385648
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $20.95

    Have you ever decided that you were going to read the Bible, start to finish, only to be sidetracked because the task seemed so daunting? The Wayfinding Bible offers you alternatives to help you navigate through portions of Scripture. This Bible is the New Living Translation and offers you three different routes – flyover route, direct route, and scenic route. The flyover route is divided into 54 readings to help you get a chronological overview of the Bible. The direct route divides the readings into 215 sessions that help you get a complete perspective on the entire Bible and how it fits together (in less than a year). The scenic route is divided into 386 readings that will take you on a journey through passages that may or may not be familiar. Each route is marked with colored arrows at the top of the pages – blue for the flyover route, green for the direct route, and orange for the scenic route. Those arrows will tell the reader if they should continue reading on the next page (straight arrow), skip pages (arrow curved up), jump to a different book (dotted curved arrow), or go backward to read in a previous passage (arrow curved back).

    Along the way, readers will find written introductions for each book, historical markers that emphasize specific locations, scenic overlooks that will also help the reader understand the history and people of the Bible, and Side Trips that highlight passages on certain topics. Getting Your Bearings are found in 8 different places of the Bible to help you look back and look at where you are going next. Photos, maps, illustrations, and a timeline will help you keep on track as you travel through the Bible. An itinerary is found at the back of the Bible for each route, which allows you to keep track of your readings (stops) along the way. A fourth route is found at the very back of this Bible – "Thru-Hike." It takes you chronologically through every word of this Bible. This is the most intense of the reading schedules and you can check off as you read through your journey.

    Choose the route that fits your schedule and get familiar with the flow of the Bible. Enjoy the journey as you learn what God's Word has to offer. Read through as a family or read for personal devotion time – but get started finding your way through the Bible. p/b. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 038562
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    A fun introduction to letters and sounds for your littlest learners. They will practice letter recognition, letter-sound association, matching sounds, following directions, problem solving, and more as they enjoy the colorful images. Instructions are read to your child. Stars and check marks show how many letters and sounds were matched correctly. Footprints across the bottom of the screen track progress. After exercises, there are games as a reward. Develop essential pre-school skills and build reading readiness. Be sure to add lots of reading time with your child. As you read a story, you can remind them that they worked on that sound today on the computer. Then the next time you do the exercises, remind your child of the story and the sounds such as the beginning of character's names. It's the cross-referencing that helps this new knowledge stick! Recommended for ages 3-5. Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista, XP, 2000 or Mac OS X 10.5, 10.4.11, 10.3.9. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 035278
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.95
    This R/C car moves so fast, it reminds me more of a slot car than the slow and sluggish R/C cars of yesteryear. This car excels at fast cornering, so it's thrilling to drive and quite a challenge to keep on track. Use the four included cones for a high speed formula race style obstacle course. The car runs on a lithium ion battery (included) that you recharge with the controller. It held its charge for quite a few laps before it needed recharging for about 10 minutes…just enough time to rearrange the cones (and some furniture) before heading off to the races again! The controller uses 3 AA batteries (not included).
  • Item #: 023192
    Retail: $15.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.76

    Little Bo Peep has lost her…puppies? Six adorable little puppies have gone out exploring and can't find the way to their homes. In this cooperative game, all players must work together to return each puppy to its home before night falls. The board is composed of a quality illustrated board featuring six houses (three on each end) and 22 squares on a track around and through the town and leading to each door. To begin, the cards/tiles are shuffled and placed face down, one on each square and one on each home. The cards are composed of night cards, flashlight cards, take-a-peek cards and puppy cards. On each turn a player may do one of the following - turn over a card, move a puppy, take a sneak peek at a face-down card, or remove a night card with a flashlight card. The night cards, when overturned, are placed on specific places on the board, even possibly covering a card already in that spot. Puppies can be moved as far as they can go towards home, until they hit a space with a card on it. Without working together, players won't stand a chance in this cute and fun strategy game. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 022547
    Retail: $40.00
    Rainbow Price: $36.00

      A wonderful multi-use toy. The 16, 2 ½” x 2 ¼” puzzle pieces combine to form a track for the 2” diameter ball. The track pieces provide straight, curved or branched options. These can moved around within the base or removed and placed on any flat surface for lots of different path-building options. A removable knob on the bottom of the 10.5” x 11” square base allows the base to tilt back and forth for an added challenge. From Plan Toys, these sustainable toys are chemical-free, kiln-dried pieces made from no longer producing rubber trees using water-based, organic dyes and non-formaldehyde glue.

  • Item #: 018878
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.99
    This card-only version of Ticket to Ride is played in a similar fashion to the standard game. Players attempt to complete routes by collecting the number and color of train cards called for by tickets. Railyards and "On-The-Track" route fulfillment areas replace the board. Once cards are placed into a player's Railyard, they can move them "On The Track" in an attempt to fulfill their tickets. The main twist of the card game comes from a sort of "train monopoly," where players are only allowed to play more of the same color of train into their Railyard that an opponent has already played. For this reason, timing and planning is important- if another player plays more trains of the same color into their Railyard, other players are forced to discard their trains of that color!
  • Item #: 015583
    ISBN: 9780669482249
    Retail: $18.53
    Rainbow Price: $9.50
  • Item #: 006450
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    In this variation, the Perplexus shape has been "warped" into an egg-like spherical octahedron. (It's easier to hold and won't roll off a table.) Other unique features include an external slider to manipulate the marble inside on the track, 9 internal cups that act as "baskets" for the marble to leap into, and an internal pivot that gives the illusion the marble is defying gravity.

  • Item #: 005555
    ISBN: 9781932012859
    Retail: $42.00
    Rainbow Price: $27.95

    This is it, the eagerly anticipated and finally available third book in the"Exploring Creation with Zoology" series. Now it's time to learn about all the land animals God created on the sixth day. Animals in this category are diverse and include many different types. Like the others in this series, the groups are studied using their scientific names. You'll learn about Carnivores, Caniforms, Feliforms, Marsupials, Primates, Rodentia, Ungulates (hoofed animals), Artiodactyla, reptiles, amphibians, and even dinosaurs. The book is divided into 14 modules, each containing the quality information and illustrations you've come to expect from Apologia. Children will learn about what makes each group very special and different from other groups of animals.At the end of each module, children will engage in a variety of notebookactivities and experiments. A "Track It!" activity helps students identify tracks of the animals just covered in that module. The "Map It!" activity encourages students to mark a map with the location of where you might find the animals from that module. How Exciting! I think parents will really enjoy learning along with their children about the unique land creatures God created.

  • Item #: 023532
    ISBN: 9781579121488
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.95

    This book brings the culture and beauty of orchestra music to children by sharing the history of the art, describing the instruments involved, giving fun facts about different composers and music, and providing samples of the music on the accompanying CD. Orchestra Bob, a cartoon gentleman, is the guide through the book. The first half of the book tells about the different composers of orchestra music, and the second half describes the physical layout of an orchestra and the different instruments involved. The first half is broken into the Baroque, Classical Music, Romantic, and Modern Eras, highlighting famous composers from each time period. The book describes how this music became part of and affected each era and shows how each composer affected orchestra music. Orchestra Bob points out when to play certain tracks on the accompanying CD, which give famous samples of many of the composers' works. The book does a good job of highlighting the importance of each composer, but it does not give a thorough biography of each life, more of a general description of the way they affected the art and a list of their greatest works. Colorful text boxes, fun cartoon illustrations, and famous quotes make the book interesting and fun to read, and the music from the CD lets children connect the composers with their creations. The second half of the book covers the instruments themselves and is broken down into string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections, as well as keyboard instruments. Readers see an illustration of an orchestra and then go on to learn about the specific instruments involved. The book explains how each instrument is played, points out special features, and gives some details of each instrument's history and development. In this section, Orchestra Bob instructs readers to listen to special tracks on the CD which provide examples of the music made from featured instruments in actual works from different composers. He also points out how to listen for the different instruments that have been discussed. This section is as colorful and fun as the first, with actual photographs of each instrument covered. An index of composers and musical terms is included, as well as a list of the 41 musical selections on the CD (over an hour of music). It provides a great way to listen to the music of the orchestra while simultaneously learning about the history, instruments, and composers. ~ Rachel S.

  • Item #: 002784
    ISBN: 9781888827392
    Retail: $64.95
    Rainbow Price: $42.75

    Homeschool teachers will go to great lengths to help their students overcome difficulties. Take Beverly Adams-Gordon, for example. An engineer and Montessori teacher, she left her teaching job to homeschool in an effort to solve her youngest daughter's severe spelling problems. Finding no suitable material, she thoroughly researched the subject and developed her own spelling curriculum.

    So what is different?

    • * It's all in one book. One purchase for all years for all kids.
    • * A chapter on research details the most effective methods of spelling instruction.
    • * Complete instructions for introducing, implementing and evaluating the program. Directions are given for adapting to different learning styles and ages.
    • * The program takes only 15 minutes/day.
    • * Extensive Word Lists are based on research done after 1979 of most frequently used and misspelled words. Word lists used in most other programs are based on lists created in 1915 or 1947. Two lists are provided, with 5,000 and 12,000 words, respectively.
    • * General and specific placement tests start each student right where he needs to be.
    • * Program is based on phonics and spelling rules, not phonics alone.
    • * Review is built into the program which uses a "spiral" approach (repeated and spaced review) similar to the approach Saxon takes in it's problem sets.
    • * Directions for over 100 games and activities are included which concentrate on specific skills and make spelling more interesting. Most are individual or partner games, but some can be played by up to 6 players.

    Now available in its 4th edition. Spelling Power retains all of its award-winning effective procedures, but it is more user-friendly with larger type and more graphics. Easier to read and less intimidating, there is also improved organization of resources. The 4th edition Spelling Power package includes access to the Teacher's Online Resources on the publisher's website and an updated Quick Start DVD seminar. The Quick Start DVD provides a personal step-by-step introduction to using the Spelling Power program featuring author Beverly Adams-Gordon who explains each step as "real" homeschool moms and students demonstrate. The Teacher's Online Resources includes printable forms, searchable word lists, charts, printable Activity Task Cards, bonus activities, and the Digital Spelling Tutor which allows you to create spelling lists for multiple children, offers learning, drill and testing activities, tracks several children's progress, allows you to create and print progress reports, and can be used with any spelling word list.

    Spelling Power provides the most thorough coverage of spelling that we have seen. This one is a "classic."