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On The Go Letters

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  • Item #: 071428
    ISBN: 9781454920052
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.25

    We use letters all the time, but how often do we take advantage of making them lively and full of character? More of a book of art and craft projects based around letters than a calligraphy “how-to” guide, this book contains loads of projects and ideas to make letters fun, fancy, messy, and zesty! Broaden your mind with projects that involve potato stamps, watercolor, gel pens, cardboard, pom-poms, and much more! Divided into sections from thirteen lettering artists, this book contains 55 projects with a range of materials, mediums, and uses. Each project has step-by-step instructions with room for the individual letterer’s own touches. Make an initialed polka-dot placard. Scrawl out a message where all your letters come to life with colorful faces. Make a valentine with a cat wrapped in string, or a candy store sign with bold letters. After you go through this book, you’ll never look at letters the same way again. Instead, you’ll be thinking up your own projects to make one-of-a-kind words, phrases, invitations, signs, gift tags, and more! - Janine

  • Item #: 044191
    ISBN: 9781402750557
    Retail: $5.95
    Rainbow Price: $4.75

    These full-color practice books are perfect for children whose fine motor skills are not quite developed, as the books provide really big spaces for printing. Two full pages are devoted to each letter of the alphabet. Children are able to familiarize themselves with correct letter formation by first tracing the dotted lines, and independent copy work is covered on the second page. Letters are presented in order of difficulty with letters such as "I" and "T" taught at the beginning, and "S" and "G" taught at the end. Covers letters A-Z and numbers 1-10. -Enh

  • Item #: 007821
    ISBN: 9781684371624
    Retail: $4.99
    Rainbow Price: $3.95

  • Item #: 001739
    ISBN: 9781615389100
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.45

    The Teacher Guides provide everything the teacher needs for her part in the teacher-student interaction that is the foundation of this program. While marginally helpful in many spelling programs, the TGs are the core of this one. The General Lesson overview and Sample Lesson Plan found in the beginning are just a prelude to comprehensive daily lessons. With reduced copies of the Student Book, teacher info is "around the edges." After a brief introduction which reviews the Phonics Focus, each of the 34 detailed weekly lesson plans includes a Teaching Overview, Definitions, Word Study Questions, Activities, Dictation, Guided Student Work [teacher-student activities such as spelling riddles, word equations (i.e. king k + s = _______), and missing sound words] and a Test. There is variety in most of these activities/work, but two tasks are consistent through each lesson. Colorful Letters requires the student to write (in pencil) words with "bullets" between syllables and then go back and write over vowels/vowel teams in red and consonant teams/blends with blue and slash through silent e. Dictation is the other important part with one day devoted to various aspects: writing letter or letter teams that spell a sound, writing spelling words, and writing a sentence from an informative paragraph included in the student books that features a number of the week's words. The appendix includes a reproducible weekly spelling test form, spelling review games, spelling rules reference sheets, a list of common English contractions, a phonics overview for the teacher, and (the important) Colorful Keys answer key.

  • Item #: 021253
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.99
    You're playing Scrabble with three friends. You love the game but you hate the long delays between your turns. You can only spend so much time planning your next move, as someone invariably messes up your plans. What can you do? Bananagrams! In this Scrabble-like game, you compete against up to 7 other players, but your tiles, played and unplayed, are always under your control. In essence, you have your own flexible game of Scrabble going on, and so do your opponents. Start with your tiles (the number depending on the number of players), turn them over, and start making connecting and intersecting words. All letters are the same point value, and you can rearrange your words at any time. When any player has played all his letters, he takes a new tile from the Bunch, as do all the other players. If a player cannot play a letter, he can put the tile back and draw three other tiles. Play continues until there are fewer tiles in the Bunch than there are players. The first player to play all his tiles is the winner of that round (if all his words are correct). Rounds typically take around ten minutes, but can be as little as five, so games can consist of as many rounds as you decide. Variations of the game are also possible, even a solitaire game. Bananagrams comes in a cloth pouch that looks like (you guessed it) a banana, and includes 144 ivory-like tiles and instructions.
  • Item #: 001741
    ISBN: 9781615389292
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.45

    The Teacher Guides provide everything the teacher needs for her part in the teacher-student interaction that is the foundation of this program. While marginally helpful in many spelling programs, the TGs are the core of this one. The General Lesson overview and Sample Lesson Plan found in the beginning are just a prelude to comprehensive daily lessons. With reduced copies of the Student Book, teacher info is "around the edges." After a brief introduction which reviews the Phonics Focus, each of the 34 detailed weekly lesson plans includes a Teaching Overview, Definitions, Word Study Questions, Activities, Dictation, Guided Student Work [teacher-student activities such as spelling riddles, word equations (i.e. king k + s = _______), and missing sound words] and a Test. There is variety in most of these activities/work, but two tasks are consistent through each lesson. Colorful Letters requires the student to write (in pencil) words with "bullets" between syllables and then go back and write over vowels/vowel teams in red and consonant teams/blends with blue and slash through silent e. Dictation is the other important part with one day devoted to various aspects: writing letter or letter teams that spell a sound, writing spelling words, and writing a sentence from an informative paragraph included in the student books that features a number of the week's words. The appendix includes a reproducible weekly spelling test form, spelling review games, spelling rules reference sheets, a list of common English contractions, a phonics overview for the teacher, and (the important) Colorful Keys answer key.

  • Item #: 001368
    ISBN: 9780590462068
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    Pam Conrad brings you this gripping log of Pedro de Salcedo, who was aboard the great voyage with Christopher Columbus from August 3rd of 1492 to February 14th of 1493. Pedro is a young man of only fourteen, and it is his first time away from home. The captain quickly makes him a sort of right-hand man. Pedro watches how intensely the men doubt Columbus from the beginning. The day before they finally touch land, Columbus promises they will turn around home. As fate would have it, the next day they land in a place Columbus names San Salvador. Here they gain experience with the natives, who are extremely docile and generous. In each place they land on, the people gradually become unfriendly - perhaps some words of caution were spread? Soon enough, the entire crew realizes they have not landed in India and there are no spices or silks or pearls. In fact, nobody except Columbus cares about anything except heading home to Spain at this point. After the sinking of the Santa Maria, some of the men board the Nina to go home, and the others are left behind to start a Spanish settlement in the New World. Pedro fears he may not ever return home. On the last day at sea, he encases a last letter into a barrel and throws it out to the ocean so that if it ever reaches his home, his mother should know that he loves her and she should pray for his soul. This recounting is sometimes suspenseful, troubling, and mystifying, but at all times it is engaging.

  • Item #: SSRWL1
    Retail: $264.87
    Rainbow Price: $224.95

    Considering the approach, ease of use, content, child-appeal, benefits, effectiveness and cost of all the phonics programs we were familiar with, Sing, Spell, Read & Write was our choice for personal use. We have used several programs and read about many others. Although we didn't use this program in total with our children (because we extended the spelling, used italic handwriting instead of ball and stick, etc.) we did find it the most used and useful of those we tried. AND the results were wonderful! If you're looking for something to really lay it all out for you, something that works, is easy to use, and will have your child singing the letter sounds in days, followed closely by actually reading...this is what we recommend! Here are some of our reasons:

    The "raceway" theme is very appealing and motivating to children, who love tracking their success via race car around a track as they complete the 36 steps to independent reading.

    The songs are unquestionably contagious - children will sing and sing and sing and learn their letter sounds, long and short vowel sounds, blending vowels and consonants, and digraphs almost effortlessly - and enjoy it! That is, if you can bear to listen to it sung over and over, multiplied by x times the number of children using it throughout the years.

    The 17 phonetic, full-color storybooks cover all 36 steps, providing immediate, rewarding reinforcement for the decoding skill just learned. This makes good sense.

    The games are not just fluff, but real fortification of phonetic skills. They are more fun, however, if you can play with more than one child.

    The teacher training videos included in the set will greatly aid you in understanding/teaching the phonics program - and give you the confidence to do it!

    Included is a complete, phonetic spelling program dove-tailing with the phonetic constructs being learned and a complete handwriting program (if you use ball and stick manuscript).

    thick, four-color workbooks include grammar and creative writing

    phonics songs are contained in both cassette and CD formats

    The two workbooks and the assessment book included in the set are the only consumables in the program. Replacements must be ordered from the publisher.

    To be honest, we have just a few quibbles :

    1. Some of the tapes/voices are not as clear or distinct as a perfectionist might demand. Some may go a little too "fast" for your taste - notably the ferris wheel song used to practice blending sounds smoothly. For us, this was a plus, since we kept at it until we could keep up with the song, resulting in perfect blending!

    2. The "prizes" included are...well...rather cheesy at best and who needs 4 or 5 yo- yos, several plastic magnifiers, multiple thin plastic bracelets, and numerous plastic sack puppets? When using with one child, one of each would do nicely. To alleviate this, see our special offer below.


  • Item #: 257857
    ISBN: 9781591668640
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    When Elizabeth Ann is orphaned as an infant, Aunt Frances swoops in to save her from all harm - and most especially from the dreaded Putneys, their rough New England cousins. For the first nine years of her life, Aunt Frances coddles, shelters, and coos over Elizabeth Ann until she is one pale, thin, nervous little girl. Unfortunate circumstances force Elizabeth Ann to be sent away, and with no other choice, where can she go except to the one place Frances has wanted so desperately to keep her away from? Once she recovers from the initial shock of her new country lifestyle, Elizabeth Ann (or Betsy as she is called by her no-nonsense northeastern relatives,) comes to enjoy her exciting new life. Then one day, an unexpected letter comes from Aunt Frances stating that she will be coming to take Elizabeth home. Now Betsy must make a difficult decision: return with Aunt Frances to avoid hurting the only mother she's ever known, or remain with her dear Putneys on their beloved farm? (This is an abridged version of Understood Betsy with 140 pages. See index for original.) ~ Rachel P.

  • Item #: 064069
    ISBN: 9781583246580
    Retail: $12.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.50

       Typically, young children don’t just dive in and have beautiful, legible handwriting. Strengthening of fine motor skills helps them develop the control they need for handwriting. This book offers 64-pages of practice for the pre-writing years. Six basic patterns are presented and practiced in a fun way that should appeal to the preschool and kindergarten crowd – left to right (sideways), tall and short lines (top to bottom), zigzag (going up and down), spiral and circle (around and back, around and forward), up and over, and down and under. The practice progresses from children drawing with wide shaded and dotted lines to shaded without dotted lines, to narrower lines, to no shading or lines at all. All this practice is done on blackline pictures that can be colored after finishing their lines. Start developing that handwriting with some pre-writing fun! ~ Donna

  • Item #: 039229
    Retail: $64.99
    Rainbow Price: $59.95

    From one homeschool mom to another. Everything in this program is designed to communicate "I'm a homeschool mom that taught my kids to read. It's easy. It's fun! You can do it, too. Have a great time." And I'm sure if you follow Diane Hopkins' step by step approach wrapped with loving teacher-student interaction, that's exactly the result you'll get. After going through the just-the-right-size (25 pages) Teacher's Guidebook and looking through the brightly colored cardstock that makes up the program, I'm happy with the appearance of the product and really, really impressed with the content.

    Starting at the very beginning, Mrs. Hopkins has boiled the entire process down into eight steps. And even if step seven (teach phonics units containing two or more letters) has seventeen parts, she's still managed to make a homeschool mom's most fearful task into something that seems remarkably ordinary and doable.

    The package contains the Happy Phonics Guidebook, "My Big Book" (an almost-to-the-end-of-the-program-reader) and lots of printed, brightly colored paper and cardstock – flashcards, game components, first little readers and spelling lists. The Guidebook contains the Eight Steps along with specific how-to instructions for each step. The essence of the program is to introduce the phonics concepts a few at a time and then play games for retention. The author suggests that lesson time be about 10 minutes a day, but you may want to factor in more time to play the games over and over just because the student wants to.

    The Guidebook is extremely user-friendly and written in first-person, mom-to-mom form. The step-by-step instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow. All references to the games and other supplementary material are coded with little symbols found on the colored sheets. Practically foolproof! But just to be sure, there's a chart that lists which games/components are used with each teaching step. There's also a chart clearly laying out those seventeen phonics units that make up step seven. And, of course, the teaching aids are clearly marked for each unit.

    The teaching progression is common sense. Alphabet song; capital letters match lowercase letters; the main sound for each letter; blend letter sounds to form a word; teach common non-phonetic (sight) words; teach vowels that can make a second sound; teach through the phonic units; READ. Although she doesn't consider them absolutely necessary, the author does mention supplementary material that she likes and that her children have enjoyed – Lauri perception puzzles, Leap Frog Phonics Library, and the Explode the Code books. In fact, she changed her original letter presentation order (used with her older children) to conform to the Explode the Code books for her younger children and in this program. She also suggests various supplementary readers.

    The games and other reinforcement activities are obviously a central component of this program. Some preparation is involved, usually just cutting cards apart. I would be inclined to laminate (or cover with clear contact paper) some of the frequently-used cards and game layouts if I thought it likely I'd be using the program with a number of children. The games include some adapted favorites like Phonics Bingo and a number of creative originals like the Y Not? Game. The line art of the game components is not high tech graphics but still communicates the concept and looks inviting. Components of the games are color coded, with the little symbols marked on each game piece, so that you can easily unscramble things if they don't always get put away neatly.

    This program fits into the "complete program" category of phonics instruction, as it includes systematic phonics, reinforcement, and reading practice. The program gets your student reading on his own in an enjoyable way. Please note that it does not cover advanced syllabication, prefixes, and suffixes that tend to be found in second/third grade levels of some phonics programs. But it is an enjoyable program that will build the confidence of a newbie and provide ease of instruction for busy homeschooling mothers. All for a very reasonable price! - Janice

  • Item #: 003400
    Retail: $70.95
    Rainbow Price: $55.95

    Explode the Code in 3D! This royal blue felt wall chart contains 26 pockets. Each pocket contains a colorful, removable stuffed toy that children can play with. The toy is the key word used in the Explode the Code books to learn their respective letters (an apple in the "a" pocket, a bell in the "b" pocket, etc.). Letters are shown in lowercase on the chart. In case the toys don't get back in their pockets, replacement parts are available from the publisher. 16" w x 32" h.

    The accompanying booklet is an aid for parents to help get the most out of the Explode the Code wall chart. It explains how to introduce the letters and gives a variety of games to play that will teach and reinforce the names and sounds of letters. The 34 games explained in the book are presented in order of difficulty, beginning with games involving one step and moving on to games with two or more steps. Each of the games can be played with any number of children and in flexible circumstances. Some of the games require extra materials such as note cards, markers, and scissors, but they are all fairly easy to set up and play. Variations of several of the games are given with questions to ask while children are playing the games.

  • Item #: SCLCCP
    Retail: $228.96
    Rainbow Price: $181.95

  • Item #: 074195
    Retail: $11.00
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    Play cards going up, down, and all around! In this fast-paced game, there are two types of cards: Qwitch cards (1-8 & A-H) and Direction cards (+, -, or =). Direction cards indicate whether the next-played card should be numerically alphabetically higher, lower, or equal to the current Qwitch card. A Qwitch card is set out in the center of the table, and the rest are distributed to players. When play begins, a direction card is revealed, and players race to play a suitable card from their hand of 5 on top of the appropriate Qwitch card; a “3E” with a “+” would allow players to play a card with “4” or “F” on it, for example. Play continues at this fast, simultaneous pace until a player finishes their hand; then everyone draws cards from their pile to start again. The first player to empty their pile wins! For 1-5 players.

  • Item #: 071394
    Retail: $45.00
    Rainbow Price: $39.95

    Dont we all love a good multi-tasking item that doesnt take up a lot of space? So what are the 10 functions? Here we go: it is a dry-erase board, magnet board, flannel board, big book easel, literacy mirror (plastic, 8"x 10"), art easel, display easel, presentation easel with a big book storage on the back. It folds flat to store alongside a desk or under a sofa. It is made of a lightweight black plastic with flip-up extenders. They even include a dry erase marker and eraser for you! I really like the portability here. Its perfect for a presentation of any kind at church, scouts, business, luncheon, etc. and as a teaching tool. The "plastic storage case" is a heavy, clear, zip-top bag. Also, I think the light weight would make it unstable for drawing on directly, but it would be great to display art. However, these facts are outweighed by the versatility of function and the easy storage. The magnetic whiteboard size and orientation make it perfect to use with All About Reading! 18" W x 15"H x 12" D. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 071388
    ISBN: 9780984766611
    Retail: $149.95
    Rainbow Price: $145.95

     A series of 90 phonics lessons that systematically instructs through the skills needed for beginning, then emerging, then accomplished reading with an emphasis on sound patterns, comprehension, and spelling. A no-nonsense presentation without distracting graphics means these lessons will work as well with remedial and ELL/ESL students as they will with young students. This non-consumable manual provides ready-to-go lessons (detailed instructional sequences on left-hand pages with reading material for the student on the right-hand pages). Designed for one-on-one instruction, it can be used by itself or coupled with grade level workbooks for review and practice activities. Students can move at their own pace through four units; reading words from the first lesson. Unit 1 – Short-Vowel Words; Unit 2 – Long-Vowel Words and |ü|; Unit 3 – More Vowel and Consonant Variations; and Unit 4 – Putting it All Together. Includes a system for documenting student achievement. 275 pgs, spiral-bound.

      Originally targeting students 3rd grade and up and used as an intervention program with ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, autistic and ELL/ESL students, this program is equally effective with young, beginning students. Lessons use a consistent four-step process: read, discuss word meanings, spell, and mark the chart. Each new concept and new pattern are introduced, learned, practiced, and reviewed. Additional support and information included as an appendix: ideas for the classroom, basic terms, index of letters/sounds, pronunciation guide, an index that shows when particular words are introduced, and reproducible completion charts and records.

    There are consumable workbooks available separately. There are four exercises for each lesson: Read. Discuss, Spell (Ex 1); Rhyme These Words (Ex 2); Word Study (Ex 3); ABC Order (Ex 4); and Guide Words in the Dictionary (Ex 5). There is some overlap in lesson coverage between the workbooks with lessons covered at different grade levels having similar, but age-appropriate activities (font size and line size differs as well as number of examples).

  • Item #: 069881
    Retail: $10.00
    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Want a game you can take on the go and play for five minutes or as long as you'd like? Then toss this one in your purse. The cute little square box holds 78 letter cards and instructions. Each round, you pull out three cards, decide on the direction you want to play and then race to be the first to use those three letters in order in a word. So if you set out an "M," "S" and "H" and play left-to-right, you could say "mash" or "misshapen," or if you play right-to-left, you could yell out "handsome." The first one to say a valid word wins the cards, and the player with the most cards wins! Play solo or with as many other players as you'd like! Jess

  • Item #: 067830
    Retail: $229.95
    Rainbow Price: $224.95

    Based on the three-point instructional method: "this is;" "show me;" and "what is?" as well as an underlying Socratic question/answer format, ShillerMath Language Arts is Montesorri at its best. The totally scripted teaching manuals each provide a semester's worth of daily lessons (71-84 lessons in each book). Kit 1 (Books 1-4) is designed for ages 3-5. We understand there will be two more levels: Books 5-8 are for ages 4-7; Books 9-12 are for ages 6-8. If these age levels seem a bit odd to you (they do to me as well), it's because there are two levels of things happening here. One is phonics instruction and the other is an amazing/exciting combination of language arts "more." For example, here are the "more" topics covered on the Book 4 Review Test imitate (speaking, listening, reading, writing), introduce yourself, repeating 5 words back in order, articles (as in part of speech), retelling a story, emotions (tell me about a time when . . .), touch typing (home position basics), rhyming words, identifying adjectives, describing basic geographic features, describing peripheral vision, naming the months of the year, naming first ten ordinal numbers, comparisons, copying a very diverse collection of shapes, showing directions, and, lastly, identifying Shakespeare and naming a sonnet. The bottom line is that there is a lot of learning going on here and a lot of flexibility. An older student (5 years) might start with Kit 1 and fly through the learning but still come away with new information.

    Lessons require no preparation and vary in both length and complexity. There is also great variety in the content which is why the teacher is encouraged to skip lessons if the student is not ready for its content. Since one of the basic premises of Montesorri education is that children are natural learners, the teacher's role is to provide a learning-friendly environment and the proper tools. Students are usually the best gauge of their own competence and will know when they have closure on a topic so be prepared to be flexible and sensitive. There is a checklist included, as the back cover of each lesson book is to be used to record when a lesson is completed.

    A good part of Montessori instruction is managing the dialog between teacher and student. Although appropriate wording is modeled in the lessons, there is also general information at the front of the Lesson Books on building an environment conducive to learning.

    As mentioned before the Lesson Books are totally scripted. This means that everything you need to say to the student is provided for you. For instance, Lesson 24, Book 4 practices comparative terminology. There are eight points to the lesson. The first point covers "est" words and comparing three or more things. The second point talks about the "er" words and comparing two things. Then there are five sets of pictures of various objects to compare starting with three objects of varying sizes but progressing to four and six objects. About 95 pgs each, spiral-bound.

    The lesson on emotions is illustrative of the different directions this curriculum takes. First we are told that "emotions are what we feel." There are pictures of four children illustrating these emotions: shy, sad, jealous, and sorry. As part of the lesson the child is encouraged to demonstrate how she/he feels with each of those emotions as well as to tell a story about a time when he/she was . . . . . All in all, an interesting and excellent introduction to an intriguing subject.

    The Mother Goose Book includes 358 "stories." These are to be used as part of each day's lessons (read-aloud) and can be requested by the child as desired. These stories are printed in large print and would be read by the child (if able). There are multiple stories on each page. Please note there are no illustrations at all in the book. 152 pgs. spiral-bound.

    The Lesson Mat needs to be mentioned. It is large (22" x 34") and cream-colored. Fabric is some sort of foam but the touch is velvety. It is slightly stretchy in one direction. This mat is used with all lessons and serves as a portable workspace allowing you to take your lessons anywhere inside (or outside) of the house.

    The Kit contents all have a purpose within the lessons. While most of the items are somewhat typical (letters, numbers, crayons, Play-Doh), that is not true of the Montessori shapes manipulatives. There are ten shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, quatrefoil, pentagon, oval, elipse, and curvilinear triangle) illustrated two different ways: blue shapes with molded lifters and ten matching pink stencil shapes. Stencils are 5.5" squares; shapes are various sizes with 3 7/8" square being the largest.

    Kit 1 includes Lesson Books 1-4; foam mat; magnetic alphabet (uppercase & lowercase letters plus numbers); quinoa grain, washable large crayons; shapes with knobs and matching bases (10), 4 tubs of Play-Doh; book of Mother Goose Rhymes; and CD with 24 language arts songs. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 067631
    ISBN: 9781617600944
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.18

    So, you don't want to go to Stanford? No worries! Whatever colleges are your goal, this book will help you attain the prize of that coveted "acceptance letter." The essays are grouped according to topic underscoring the authors' (Gen and Kelly Tanabe) contention that you need to select a topic that allows your readers to see an important glimpse into who you are. Just reading through these successful models is instructional, but the authors' analysis of each provides even more insight. Additional chapters are geared toward Stanford admissions (advice on topics and writing from Stanford students and profile questions) but give a helpful picture for all applicants, especially the notes on what NOT to do. 197 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 066999
    ISBN: 9781870946087
    Retail: $45.00
    Rainbow Price: $42.95

    The Phonics Handbook provides a year's worth of detailed lesson plans. Carefully thought out, it progresses systematically - introducing then honing each skill. Instructions for each presentation are simple, straightforward and sensible. The bulk of the Phonics Handbook is all the reproducible material you will use in the program - Sound Sheets, Flash Card Sheets, Sound Book Sheets (children create a sound book as they go), Word Box Sheets (to make your own practice word boxes), String Joining Sheets (you'll probably want to reproduce on cardstock if using string OR use as matching sheets), Matching Letters, Words and Pictures cards, Sentence Sticking (really fun exercises), Letter Clue Pictures (practice word families), Reading Games, Missing Sound Sheets, Homework Writing Sheets, Tricky Word Sheets, and Alternative Spellings of Vowels. 218 pgs.

  • Item #: 064799
    Retail: $13.98
    Rainbow Price: $10.52

    Give your spelling and vocab skills a workout. The goal is to see how many words you can find in three minutes using the 14 cubes that have just been rolled. Roll the cubes, place them on the 12 square play mat (tear-resistant, canvas-y surface), roll the number cube (tells you the minimum number of letters you must have in a word for it to count for that round), turn over the shake it up card (special instructions for each round) and set the timer. Go! Since the words have to be at least four letters long (and might have to be longer for any particular round), youll have to have to dig deep into your stash of known words. Includes 15 letter cubes, one number cube, a sand timer, 12 shake it up cards, the play mat and instructions packaged into a plastic jar that doubles as the shaking cup. For two or more players. Takes about 15 minutes. 

    â–²CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs

  • Item #: 064447
    Retail: $11.99
    Rainbow Price: $9.25

      Pretty blue backgrounds and photographic images of the 7 continents are going to look great in your learning space! Use them as a visual reference or to prompt research and discussion among your students. Each poster shows the continent name in large lettering, an image, and names the surrounding bodies of water. There are also 3 bullet points with facts about the subject. Set includes seven 11”x17” posters and one 34”x4.5” banner reading “Continents and Oceans” on card stock.


  • Item #: 062232
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    Sara Jordan's series of language learning songs has been around for a while now (item #053347). This, however, is an enhanced version of Bilingual Beginners Spanish and uses the same songs as on that CD, but is expanded on. A nicely done workbook is included so you now have lessons to go with the songs. Students will work on oral skills (greetings, following instruction, singing, rolling R's), writing (made for beginner writers with dotted letters/words to trace), reading (simple words, word boxes, coloring activities, matching), grammar (questions, affirmative, negative, nouns, gender, articles, present tense verbs), vocabulary building (greetings, colors, numbers, home, time, food, family, body) and spelling (alphabetizing, capitalizing, Spanish accent marks). There are 12 lessons all together with answers in the back. For each lesson, there are cards for games and teaching activities: requires printing off cards from the publisher's website. Lessons are shown in both English and Spanish and have a group activity, the audio portion from the CD, and 2 or 4 writing activity pages. Since the CD models pronunciation, knowing how to speak Spanish isn't necessary. I think it would be helpful to have some prior exposure to aid your young learners' pronunciation. Reproducible for one classroom/homeschool. 63pp. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 061335
    ISBN: 9781612763675
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.55

    Bring stories to life for children by making a coordinating craft to go with their storybook. This resource provides a fun and easy project for 60 different children’s books. You even get patterns to copy and use for your classroom or family. The ideas are not too fussy and require common craft materials like construction paper, glue and crayons. Some of the stories are the Runaway Bunny, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Blueberries for Sal, the Rainbow Fish and lots more. 96 pp, sc. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 060776
    ISBN: 9781936981533
    Retail: $0.00
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    This set of cards (26 cards, 5.5" x 4") has color images on one side which correspond to the letter stories in Alphabet Tales, such as "Kyle and Katie Kicker, keeping up their arms" which shows the letter K/k with heads, hands and feet (walking in profile.) On the back of each card you find instructions for writing both the uppercase and the lowercase version of the letter. (Uppercase: "Make a thin man, put your pencil on the belly button and make a short slide going up and away from you." lowercase: “Directions are the same except that the slide going up and away is shorter.”) A Follow-Up Activity (also on the back of the card) uses the student’s whole body (“Stand nice and tall, and then hold one arm forward at a slant, while holding your right leg out in front of you just as far as your arm is.”) ~ Sara

  • Item #: 058759
    ISBN: 9781937113940
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Now this is a great idea! There's nothing like a good graphic organizer to bring order to chaotic thinking and to illustrate the fact that anything – even something as intimidating as writing – can be taken one step at a time. Starting with a simple sentence and using a train analogy – engine (capital letter), cars (one for subject; one for predicate), caboose (ending punctuation) – the author illustrates how easy it is to teach children to understand the building blocks of good writing. Once the concept is learned and practiced with simple sentences and then compound sentences, other important elements can be drawn into the train analogy. For instance, the couplers are common sense (do these train parts go together and make sense). Taking a step-by-step approach and utilizing the train analogy at every "junction," coverage in basic writing components is comprehensive – types of sentences, compound subjects and predicates; run-on sentences (i.e. a train wreck) – and even journeys into the important territory of making sentences interesting (colorful words and interesting detail).

    This is only the beginning, however. Using the same train analogy, it's just a short trip into developing paragraphs (engine – focus/topic; first through fourth cars – support sentences; caboose – conclusion; couplers – transition words) and going on from there to explore essays and reports. The author provides a straight-forward instructional path for you to utilize, as well as numerous reproducible train worksheets and masters. All necessary vocabulary (subject, predicate, coupler, exclamation, etc.) is provided in large print – laminatable – for classroom/schoolroom reminders.

    All in all, this is a great introduction to writing and one that will be especially welcome for "concrete" kids and those needing clear, step-by-step instruction. 90 pgs, spiral-bound ~ Janice

  • Item #: 057737
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    An updated version of the old report cover, these have a swinging clip in place of the old slide contraption and hold up to 30 letter-sized sheets and are made of heavy-duty, archival quality, polypropylene (flexible plastic). Simply swing open the clip on the outside binding, insert your pages, and swing the clip closed again to hold the papers inside the cover. Covers are two-tone with translucent fronts and assorted colored backs: purple, red, black or royal blue - our choice, but we'll assort when you order multiples if we can. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 057616
    ISBN: 9781599227344
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    A little something different for daily handwriting practice, which your kiddos will certainly appreciate. We often hear how students find handwriting to be a chore; mix it up by giving them a dry erase marker and this laminated 10-page book. Erase it all and do it over again tomorrow! Each letter is shown with arrows, then dotted lines, followed by a space to practice with dotted midlines. A picture next to the letter helps your visual learners connect the letters/words to an image: apple, bear, cat, etc. Students also practice the lower case letter and the word. Practice writing the months, sports, and even some original sentences in the following activities. This would be good for practice on the go. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 057351
    ISBN: 9780804842358
    Retail: $18.95
    Rainbow Price: $13.75

    I've been waiting for a good beginning Mandarin Chinese COURSE to come across my desk and this is it! Perfect for independent student learning, or even for a family. Some Chinese language materials either don't include an audio component or don't give enough help with pronunciation in the text; here you have both. It starts at the very beginning with Pinyin. These are the 4 tones that a syllable may have and they help a native English speaker immensely, almost like arrows telling you if your voice goes up or down. Our familiar letters are used rather than the beautiful, but intimidating, Chinese characters. From there you go to 16 chapters of daily conversation including: greetings, introductions, socializing, apologizing, thanks, weather, numbers, time, dates, phones, restaurant, tea house, directions, touring, bank, shopping, and transportation. English is used to introduce the lessons and explain what you will hear on the audio CD. It is super user-friendly and these are topics taught in most first year foreign language courses. There are exercises in the book (with answers), but you could use it without writing in the book, as it's not really a workbook. You will learn about Chinese culture too. Did you know there were 56 ethnic groups in China? I didn't! The author is encouraging every step of the way. I am reluctant to say this book is enough for a full high school credit; more like a semester. CD has PDF files to view or print and 190 audio files to play on a computer or mp3 player. Pb, 190pp. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 056072
    ISBN: 9781438074092
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    Rainbow Price: $7.30

    It's not quite a curriculum, but it's much more than a supplemental workbook. So who is this Spanish workbook for? Anyone who is struggling with their current Spanish curriculum/class or even as a helpful companion to a student using a fast-paced computer course that focuses on conversation. I think this would also be a perfect refresher the summer before high school for a student who did some Spanish when they were younger. Chapters address letter & sound pronunciation, friendly conversation, basic vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, basic verb tenses, tough topics like the subjunctive mood & reflexive verbs, as well as important practice guidelines. The author does a nice job of clearly focusing on the main points that are going to be helpful to students. I like that they include tips for learning and remembering information. An included MP3 Audio CD provides an audio model for students to imitate and practice their accent. You can work front to back, or just go to the subject you need. This consumable workbook is not reproducible. Answers to exercises are at the bottom of each page in small, upside-down print. 218 pp, pb ~ Sara