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On The Brink

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  • Item #: 295204
    ISBN: 9781606827819
    Retail: $6.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95
    Jericho is on the brink of battle when two foreigners bring life-changing news. Young Talia, niece of Rahab, must have faith stronger than the walls of her city to survive what is coming. This is the biblical story of Rahab, the spies, and the fall of Jericho, retold from the perspective of Talia. 71 pages, paperback. – Rachel
  • Item #: 034501
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.95
    This thoughtful expansion provides three challenging twists to the basic game play. It also has six new and one redesigned role card, eight new special event cards, rules for adding a 5th player, and the hardest difficulty level yet! In The Virulent Strain challenge, one of the four diseases becomes even more deadly and difficult to control. The Mutation Challenge adds a fifth unique disease to the game. It's one player pitted against all the others in The Bio-Terrorist Challenge, when one player works secretly to spread disease while the others focus on discovering the cures. An absolute winner for any Pandemic gamer!
  • Item #: 017332
    Retail: $39.99
    Rainbow Price: $31.99

    This second expansion for Pandemic adds a new dimension to the Pandemic Lab! Includes 4 new roles, new events, and a Worldwide Panic Mutation Scenario. Players can compete individually or in teams as they race to find the cure. (Requires Pandemic to play. 2 of the 3 scenarios also require Pandemic: On the Brink.)

  • Item #: 052498
    ISBN: 9780764208607
    Retail: $15.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    What does a marriage need to stay on a firm foundation? I'm hesitant to start listing things, lest we become discouraged – where does one stop! The modern family is already so busy, and when you throw homeschooling and young children into the mix, it doesn't take long to reach the brink of uncontrolled mayhem! But Jim and Cathy Burns have boiled the challenge down to its basic elements. What is the goal? To be closer. To grow closer spiritually and emotionally. To connect with your spouse. This is a collection of 52 devotionals written specifically for busy couples. They are not long, they are not complicated – they simply encourage you to draw closer through faith conversations, one little chapter at a time. 222 pgs, pb. – Zach

  • Item #: 035340
    ISBN: 9780689717512
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    By the author of Caddie Woodlawn, this book shares the story of two sisters caught up in an unusual adventure. Mary, 12, and Jean, 10, are headed to Australia to live with their father. When their ship begins to sink, Mary and Jean hurry to help some of the passengers they've met with their babies. As circumstance would have it, Mary and Jean manage to make it to a lifeboat with four babies, and then their lifeboat is cast off for fear there isn't enough time to load more passengers. Mary and Jean do their best to keep the babies safe and happy while their lifeboat bobs around in the sea, and it is a relief when they land on a little island. They promptly name the island "Baby Island," but it isn't all fun and games - they need food, water, and shelter, and it's not easy with four babies in their care. 160 pgs.

  • Item #: 022555
    ISBN: 9780965326353
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $5.07

    An excellent resource! This book was designed especially for students before they begin high school. The subtitle is "Stuff You Need to Know, and Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, Before You Step Foot into High School." It's an awesome book designed to ensure students know some relatively basic facts before they hit high school. For example, they should know the order of the planets, most of the more familiar presidents (although if they want to learn them all, they can do that here too), a basic timeline of world and U.S. events, how to find the diameter, radius and circumference of a circle, how to make subjects and verbs agree in sentences, at least five major artists and musicians, and the most famous works of some of the most famous authors in history. It sounds like a lot of information - and it is - but this book is in no way overwhelming. It is very non-threatening, with only about 70 pages including the introduction and other informational pages. The size isn't the only thing that is non-threatening -the text is written in very personable, often entertaining style from an author who doesn't want to bore students or surround them with long definitions, but really wants them to learn the basics to create a good foundation for their more advanced schooling. He speaks not in a know-it-all tone, but in a this-is-great-stuff-to-know manner. The book starts at the very broadest of issues, the universe, and works its way down to the smaller things like individual topics and famous people. Each topic is usually presented on a two-page spread, although some (like World History) take up a little more space. Here is a sampling of the spread and type of knowledge given on each topic, using the universe pages as an example. A column on the left side of the pages gives a brief overview to what we can know about the universe, and then we move on to "stuff you should know about your universe." This section provides a basic yet in depth summary of the universe, with important terms in bold. These bolded terms are Earth, the Solar System, star, galaxy, Milky Way, cluster, and light year. Enough information is given to students about each of them to give them a basic knowledge and understanding, sufficient but not enough to write a research paper about. The right hand page covers constellations, good terms to know such as black holes, nebula, and supernova, and finally a small section titled "Don't Make These Mistakes Anymore!" which tells students the difference between astronomy and astrology, what exactly a light year is (it is not a measure of time, but a distance), that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, which moves with the entire galaxy as it turns and moves through space, and what exactly an astronomical unit is. This same format (although it varies by topic) is used throughout the book to provide students with an excellent base for further learning. I know this is kind of a long list, but I want you to be able to see how complete this book actually is, so here is the table of contents: the Universe, the Solar System, Earth, Continents and Oceans, Countries and Cities, Islands and Mountains, Lakes and Rivers, U.S. Geography, Canadian Geography, World History, American History, U.S. Presidents, Canadian History, Math, Science, Writing and Grammar, Art and Music History, Literature, Major Religions, Languages, People, and Life and Miscellaneous. I think every pre-highschooler should definitely have access to and read a copy of this book, as well as any high school student or even beyond who would enjoy keeping a copy of the basics around. By the same author as 500 Keywords for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever and 100 Math Tips for the SAT, and How to Master Them Now! - Melissa