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On A Roll Decorative Sticker Tape

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    This roll contains 15' of 3mm copper tape.

  • Item #: 062144
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       Everything you need for decorating – all in one package. The kit includes 64-½x½” mounting tabs; 1x48” removable roll tape; ½x30” magnetic tape roll; and 8 sets of hook and loop 7/8” squares. Remove mounts and roll tape without damaging surfaces. The magnetic tape is great for putting on the back of items and hanging on a metal surface. The hook and loop squares work well for heavier items that you want to hang. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 059007
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    What's a sticker maker you ask? Well, it's a fun addition to your art & craft supplies for one thing! This plaid, purple sticker maker is about 2x4x3.5" Inside is a roll of sticky paper in the bottom and a roll of clear cellophane in the top. You simply insert something you would like to have a sticky back on, pull it out the other side and voila! You have made a sticker! You get 20ft of 3" wide stickiness. I put a photo in and made it into a sticker! Then I went around the office asking for anything else I could make into a sticker. This can replace tape or glue in many projects. Cut out letters from patterned paper and make your own letter stickers! You can insert items up to about a quarter inch thick like buttons for a scrapbook page. Adhesive is permanent (though I repositioned a photo and it was still sticky.) There are not refills available at this time, but 20' goes a long way! ~ Sara

  • Item #: 024721
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    Rainbow Price: $7.95

    Make your own fashion accessories or decorate your school supplies – all you need is duct tape! The idea book offers step-by-step instructions for a handful of crafts, as well as suggestions for other ideas to try on your own. The kit includes a ruler, hook-and-loop dots, a key ring, and three rolls of colorful duct tape. Fun colors and patterns of duct tape are now found at many big name stores – add your own tape to make your creations unique!

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
  • Item #: 001688
    ISBN: 9780972026512
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    Craft and color a city with nothing but paper & tape! This playset features 68 stickers & paper shapes, 4 paper cups, 2 paper landscapes, and 6 colored rolls of easy-tear tape. Tape the included paper crafts to decorate them, add your own, form a cityscape, and start playing!

  • Item #: 019499
    ISBN: 9781570546310
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    Rainbow Price: $12.75

    Known for their original ideas, this Klutz book is no exception. Rather than your traditional paper doll book, this book holds 6 dolls (plus 3 babies and two pets) and 14 pages (front and back) of clothing items and accessories. The dolls are reversible, with a printed face on one side, and the other blank for you to fill in. A page of face ideas is included in case you have trouble portraying just the right expression. Then come the clothes! The 14 pages include male and female clothing, including everyday clothes, dress-up clothes, cowboy/girl clothes, gowns and suits, winter clothes, sports uniforms, swimwear, pajamas, and baby clothes. (The outfits allow the dolls to dress-up as wizards or witches, but you can easily remove these.) You can also expand this wardrobe by designing your own clothes by tracing, decorating, and coloring your own patterns. Also provided are tons of accessories, from shoes, hats, and eyewear to handbags, gloves, and sports equipment. Another two-sided page is devoted to hair - you choose the styles you want. There are 32 different styles, for guys and girls, long and short, in 6 different shades. Hair doodles, beards, and mustaches are included. These are neither sticker nor fold-the-tabs-down paper dolls. A page of special stickers allows you to put sticky tape on the dolls wherever necessary to accessorize them. You can dress and re-dress them as many times as you want, and if the sticky wears off you simply peel off that piece of tape and replace it with another. (264 are included, and if you run out, simply order more from Klutz.) Also included are six attractive backdrops (stage, ballroom, park, winter, beach, and bedroom scenes) and a fold out closet to store the clothes. - Melissa