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Oil Pastels

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  • Item #: APK3V1
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  • Item #: 013884
    ISBN: 9781939394217
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       Volume 1 lays the foundation for the K-3 program. Although examples of art masterpieces are included in this course, the emphasis is on learning to understand art and what artists do. Lessons in this volume introduce composition, mixing colors, understanding form and shape, drawing shapes, composing and drawing a still life, observation, drawing figures (people and animals), and portraits. Art media introduced includes watercolor crayons and oil pastels. Many of these lessons are similar to the first 21 lessons in the 3rd edition of ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book One

  • Item #: 010189
    ISBN: 9781939394071
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  • Item #: 004166
    ISBN: 9781933407876
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    Rich and Sharon Jeffus are like the "Backyard Scientist(s)" of art! Their books remind me so much of Jane Hoffman - it's like they can't wait to share everything with you about art! It's delightful to peruse a book in which the authors' enthusiasm is so obvious! Before the actual lessons in this book, you get a wonderful section on using art supplies (finally, someone has taken the time to explain those pencil grades!). Here are lots of "how to's" and incredible tips for drawing with pencil and charcoal, using oil pastels, tempera paints, water colors, and chalk pastels. Following is a page of "recipes" for different modeling compounds, including an edible clay! Before encountering the "real" lessons are 7 full pages of exercises in drawing from basic shapes. This is similar to the technique endorsed by Mona Brooks in Drawing with Children. The heart of the drawing book is the 26 lessons, corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet, entitled, The ABC's of Art. Here, in their typical breezy, chatty style the authors have given us much to consider and do on every page. Each lesson contains one or more art principles or definitions, one or more art activities, and information or practice on color and techniques. Plan on spending more than one art period for some of the lessons. As usual, sample artwork and illustrations provide excellent models. It is difficult to decide an "appropriate" age level for this course. While it looks as though Mark, at 7 would be able to do and enjoy the exercises, an adult would be equally instructed! This is an art course you can definitely use with all of your children at once! We only wish it didn't have to end at "Z" (actually, it doesn't really end at "Z", because they've packed an additional goody at the end - a brief overview of the major art styles, along with illustrative examples). We hope Visual Manna will produce additional "beginner-type" books in the future!

  • Item #: 043645
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    These creamy, student-quality oil pastels are favorites of many young artists, and also recommended for use in Artistic Pursuits. The bright colors are highly blendable and will not crack or flake.
  • Item #: 043528
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    These creamy, student-quality oil pastels are favorites of many young artists, and also recommended for use in Artistic Pursuits. The bright colors are highly blendable and will not crack or flake.

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  • Item #: 040648
    ISBN: 9781933407791
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    Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your astronomy studies? These supplemental lessons reinforce astronomy facts while teaching art techniques. Art topics include cylinders, shading, blending oil pastels, mapmaking and more. Astronomy topics reviewed are telescopes, colors in space, famous astronomers, stars, comets, the sun, galaxy, nebulas, asteroids, solar and lunar eclipses, international space station and much more. Several lessons are internet linked to resources to provide supplemental information. A Table of Contents helps you to easily find the art lessons to correspond with your astronomy lesson. Suggested art supplies include: chalk pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, water color paints, black construction paper, white drawing paper, 2 "H" pencils (or ebony drawing pencil), colored pencils, compass, protractor, ruler, tube water colors and scrap paper. This program is available on CD-ROM, which contains PDF files or in printed format. ~ Deanne

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  • Item #: 035158
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  • Item #: 032344
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    This special paper is a medium weight (80 lb.) and highly texturized, making it ideal for drawing with oil pastels, soft or hard dry pastel, and even chalk. Each pad contains 24 9"x 12" sheets in assorted colors such as eggshell, cream, buff, oatmeal, periwinkle, and light sage. ~ Rachel P.

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  • Item #: 074365
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    12 oil pastels, 1 pencil, 1 blending stump, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, and a 5x7 pastel paper pad.

  • Item #: 074364
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    Mixed media art is a great way to explore, experiment, and blend multiple mediums into one single artwork creating some interesting visual effects. For example, oil pastels can be applied to paper like chalk and they repel water, so layering light to vivid watercolor washes over the top can create beautiful depths of color with texture. This 74-piece set from Royal & Langnickel® has a wide assortment of supplies to start dabbling in mixed mediaall contained in a stylish, clear-window tin case (13.75"x 7") with handle. The set includes 2 sketching pencils (HB, 2B), 10 watercolor pencils, 6 oil pastels, 6 acrylic paint tubes, 24 watercolor cakes, 2 paint brushes (round and flat), 1 sharpener, 1 white vinyl eraser, 20 sheets of mixed media paper, and an artist guide booklet with basic tips and instructions on using the materials in your artwork. ~ Emily

  • Item #: 074363
    Retail: $34.99
    Rainbow Price: $19.75

    Polish your drawing skills and learn the cute cartooning style of Manga with this 43-piece set from Royal & Langnickel®. The included, nice-quality art supplies are all stored in a clear, plastic-handled container making this a great gift for young cartoonists. Set includes 4 graphite pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), 8 colored pencils, 10 double-tipped markers, 10 oil pastels, 1 sharpener, 1 blending stump, 1 kneaded & 1 white vinyl eraser, 2 plastic Manga templates, 1 paper pad, and a learning guide with basic introductory lessons. For added learning, pair this set with a "How-to-Draw" book such as How to Draw Cute Stuff (#071430) for the young ones or Learn to Draw Manga (#038614) for the more advanced artists. Let's Manga! ~ Emily

  • Item #: 074357
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    10 sheets, 112 lb. (180 gsm), paper with medium texture on one side and smooth finish on other.

  • Item #: 065744
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    Be ready to create and store your artistic creations on the go with this fun and useful carrying case with drawers. It has room for your finished artwork and comes with some supplies too! Set includes: 12 oil pastels, 2 markers, 1 pencil, 1 stencils sheet, colored & white paper, glue stick and scissors. An instructional booklet outlines 8 projects based on modern artists like OKeefe and Matisse. The box itself has a colorful geometric pattern in red/blue/orange/green with an orange handle. . 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs

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  • Item #: 064547
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       Higher quality watercolors with rich hues, these 5 ml tube paints by Pentel® are a joy to use. The dramatic hues glide across the page and blend nicely creating rich works of art. Even light washes maintain their bright pigments without looking greyed, so a little bit goes a long way. The acid-free watercolors can be used again and again, even after they dry on a palette, just add water. With 24 colors, you can start painting right out of the tube without much mixing colors. But if you decide to create your own custom colors, squeeze a little on a plate and mix away without fears of muddying your paints like pan watercolors! ~ Emily

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  • Item #: 062607
    ISBN: 9781771322362
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $21.50
    Contains a spiral bound, 40-page instructional book with 12 projects, 40 sheets of various colors of drawing paper, 10 oil pastels, 3 chalk pastels, 1 flat paintbrush, 1 graphite pencil, sharpener, 1 stump, 1 stylus, and an eraser.