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    ISBN: 9780985723187
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       Understanding and using Microsoft® Word, Publisher, Excel, Paint and Power Point is commonplace in today’s school and work world, and as parents we want to ensure our children are competent with these valuable office applications. Self-pacing, the 34 lessons begin with an introduction to Microsoft® office applications, including a brief explanation of the different versions available, right and left mouse “clicks” and keyboard shortcuts, before initiating the project-based lessons. Each lesson includes background information, project descriptions, step by step instructions to complete the project, a practice day, lesson review and a planning for our next lesson section if necessary. sc, 261 pgs.

      Lessons are to be completed at your child’s pace, although I anticipate most children will need one week per lesson. Skills covered include: taking apart a computer, writing a friendly letter in Word, making envelopes in Word and Publisher, making a reading log in Excel, drawing with the computer in Publisher, painting with the computer in Paint, creating an outline in Word, Skittles® chart in Excel, PowerPoint presentations, making a business budget in Excel and much more. Black & white illustrations and screenshots. Worth mentioning, some activities include text in color but due to the black and white printing, these appear in various degrees of gray. Appendix and Index. ~ Deanne

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    This office is a crazy place, but only because everything has been misplaced and nothing is where it should be. You get to change all that by putting it back together - all you have to do is follow the guidelines on the activity card: the chair is in the room next to the safe. The cleaning lady is in the room above the cactus. The young lady can’t be in the room next to the young man. And so on. The restrictions change with each card, and the cards are grouped according to the difficulty of the challenge. The office rooms are put together according to five different configurations and contribute to the increase in difficulty. The plastic pieces go together well and have a satisfying snap when inserted. Puzzle cards (a smallish stand-up spiral bound pack) start easy and gradually become more challenging. The solution to each puzzle is on the back of the card. Great for solo play or time yourself against an opponent.

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    If you need to brush up on computer basics or desire to learn advanced applications, this interactive software allows you to learn at your own pace. You can learn from each course or just select the ones you need. The interactive lessons help you retain the information learned and provide exercises that relate to realistic situations. There are also end-of-chapter quiz questions to reinforce learning. With over 800 lessons and 14 separate courses, this software will familiarize you with the new Office 2016 applications, the new Windows 10 operating system, and Internet Explorer. Internet access for activation is required. System Requirements include: Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, or XP.

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    Officer's Tent

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    ISBN: 9780823988556
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    Includes jacket, cap, whistle, handcuffs, badge, walkie-talkie, ticket, and reusable name tag.
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    ISBN: 9780399226168
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    Officer Buckle always puts school children to sleep with his talks on safety. One day he brings the new police dog, Gloria, with him and the children are amazed! What Officer Buckle doesn't know is that while he isn't looking, Gloria is acting out all the situations in which the safety rules are not followed. One day, Officer Buckle sees a filming of their speech and feels embarrassed by Gloria's shtick, and cancels future talks. But what will happen to the people who don't hear the safety rules? Written and illustrated by Peggy Rathmann; a Caldecott Medal-winning book. 29 pgs, hc. – Laura

  • Item #: 058446
    ISBN: 9780544166660
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    I imagine poets, novelists, and journalists alike will relish in acquiring unprecedented words for their workmanship by implementing this thesaurus (I sure did!). This easy-to-carry thesaurus contains over 150,000 synonyms for over 20,000 words, including idioms. Note: a few mild profanities are incorporated, but nothing that isn't found is some pieces of classic literature. 713 pgs, sc. - Laura

  • Item #: 008144
    ISBN: 9780822514121
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    Explains the detailed process of running for political office from announcing candidacy to raising money to run the campaign to winning the endorsement of oneââ‚™s political party.
  • Item #: 058688
    ISBN: 9780135109120
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    With over 500 pages and over 30 interactive lessons each on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, this curriculum builds an extremely strong foundation for all but very advanced uses of the software. This curriculum includes sample files; lessons are hands-on and interactive and ensure comprehension of Office tasks.

  • Item #: 016346
    ISBN: 9780740338243
    Retail: $56.95
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    Covers Microsoft Excel ®(2010) spreadsheet basics, creating spreadsheets, graphical representations, Microsoft Publisher ®(2010) database applications and Microsoft Access® (2010) forms, queries and reports.

  • Item #: 016345
    ISBN: 9780740338236
    Retail: $56.95
    Rainbow Price: $51.26

    Introduction to Microsoft Word® (2010) documents: fonts, clipboard and formatting as well as how to insert shapes, SmartArt, text boxes, tables, hyperlinks and templates. Microsoft Publisher ®(2010) projects and MS PowerPoint® (2010) are also covered.

  • Item #: 058689
    ISBN: 9780135112106
    Retail: $86.20
    Rainbow Price: $85.20

    The over 77 lessons in this curriculum will have you mastering Excel to include the most advanced Excel functions (including charting, pivot tables, and interaction with databases). This curriculum comes with the files necessary to complete each task making mastery easier to understand and more memorable, once complete. Formula and results can be copy and pasted to actual tasks later on making this curriculum a worthwhile investment.

  • Item #: 058690
    ISBN: 9780135112267
    Retail: $86.20
    Rainbow Price: $85.20

    After completing the 10 comprehensive sections of this 500-page book and associated activities there will not be much that one cannot create using Microsoft Word, including importing and exporting data for mailings or making web pages.

  • Item #: 037495
    ISBN: 9780985723170
    Retail: $65.00
    Rainbow Price: $49.46

    This 34-week course is a complete study of and introduction to the tools in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. The book begins with a glance inside the computer itself (with the aid of an adult), and winds its way through making letters, customized envelopes, documents and labels in Word and Publisher; creating charts, budgets and reading logs in Excel; how to create a captivating slideshow in PowerPoint using a variety of animations and features; and an introduction to the tools in Paint.

  • Item #: 039980
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    Solid metal sharpener encased in a see-through plastic oval casing. The design slips easily into a pocket or pencil pouch. Two sharpening holes and a snap lid.

  • Item #: 012397
    ISBN: 9780531262139
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  • Item #: 011972
    ISBN: 9780985723156
    Retail: $35.00
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    This volume has the same lessons as the Volume 1 Summer Text but is made for Microsoft Office 2010.

  • Item #: 011937
    ISBN: 9780985723118
    Retail: $35.00
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    This is a 10-week course for non-school activities, identical to ten of the lessons in Office 2010 - #37495 (but for Office '07). The lessons in this book follow the same pattern as the 34-week course, such as making stickers and greeting cards in Publisher, writing letters and word stories in Word, and creating summer reading and Skittle charts in Excel. However, the Summer Texts are much more specific courses, and they do not cover nearly as many topics or tools as the 34 week book. Use these as either a simple introduction to Office or for a few fun summer projects.

  • Item #: 058456
    ISBN: 9781613744611
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $8.50

    The White House for Kids explores the history of the our president's home – from the moment its foundation was poured to the gardening plot first lady Michelle Obama planted in early 2009. It also offers trivia about the presidents who have lived under its roof and reports both amazing and mundane events held there, like George W. Bush hosting a T-ball game in the back yard. Included activities have kids design a model of the White House, learn to play "Hail to the Chief", practice signing a bill the presidential way, discover how to make White House Punch, and much more! ~ Nick