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Number Tiles

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    A great complement to the hundred number chart, these quality plastic tiles were one of Mark's favorite math manipulatives when he was learning to count to 100. Sorting them into stacks of 10 helped him understand the concept of place value. Turning random tiles upside down helped him learn "What's between ___ and ___?". Tiles are the right size to fit in the squares on the hundred number chart. "Dad, can we use the tiles today?"

  • Item #: 005528
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    For more advanced players, or more challenging play, this set holds 197 more tiles including integers, exponents, fractions, negative numbers, plus more signs and equal tiles.

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    Build math concepts such as patterns, grouping, sorting, and even math facts.

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      Factor tiles are for practicing multiplication up to 12, learning the meaning of prime numbers, understanding factors and creating factor diagrams. This set includes 25 purple starting hexagons (2”), 41 blue factor hexagons (2”) and 81 small green prime triangles (1”.)  The foam pieces are 5mm thick. The goal is to break down the starting hexagon number into its prime factors. Clear instructions are included.

    Purple starting hexagons have the numbers: 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 40, 42, 45, 48, 50, 56, 60, 70, 77, 80, 81, and 90. The blue factor hexagons have the numbers: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12. The green prime triangles have the numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11.

  • Item #: 047344
    ISBN: 9781934026441
    Retail: $13.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.95

    Designed to be used in conjunction with the Place Value Disks (whole numbers), these 1" square foam tiles (1/4" thick) help students develop a more in-depth understanding of place value – a key concept that can be difficult. There are 30 of each value – 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001 – and they are the same colors as the Place Value Strips (brown, light green, gold). Instruction sheet is included. ~ Janice

  • Item #: 026136
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    For younger players, this set includes 176 tiles including whole numbers (0-9) with more 1's and 0's than the original set, fractions with denominator 2, the four basic operation signs with more + and - than x and ÷, and equal to symbols.

  • Item #: 045747
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    108 color-coded number tiles – 27 ones, 27 tens, 27 hundreds, and 27 thousands. The color-coding matches the colors of the number cards.

  • Item #: 071518
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    These tiles provide a variety of ways to practice basic math skills. There are 175 one-inch plastic pieces in all, including 15 each of numbers 0-9 and 5 each of math symbols for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and "equal to". Use to reinforce math concepts or to show math answers while working with young children. You can also attach magnets (not included) to the back of each tile to use on the refrigerator or dry-erase board. Each set comes in a handy plastic container for easy storage.

    Choking Hazard (1). Not <3 yrs.

  • Item #: 047592
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Practice a variety of math skills with this versatile wood tile numbers crossword game. The set contains 108 1" x 1" wooden square tiles, each displaying a number from 1-9. Players compete to build intersecting chains of number tiles that add to the number 22 (in a crossword pattern). Most of the numbers on the tiles are black (positive numbers), but a few of the tiles have numbers in different colors to represent negative numbers. Of course, this game can also be adapted to focus on different skills (subtraction, multiplication, or division), or to arrive at sums other than the number 22. Instructions and game ideas are included, and the tiles come in a zippered canvas bag for easy storage. ~ Lisa

  • Item #: 036564
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.25

    This tool is made to be used with standard 1cm base-ten blocks to help children think of whole numbers from 1-199 in terms of hundreds, tens, and ones. The sturdy blue foam frame (11"x 7") comes with 21 number tiles (digits 0-9). Using standard base ten units, rods and flats with the number tiles helps your child picture the numbers more clearly as they place the blocks into the three sections of the frame and attach a number tile to them – a definite plus for a student who is struggling with place value as a concept. A small guide with activities and noting CCSS correlations is included in the set. Number tiles are about an inch square and 10mm thick. Base-ten blocks are not included. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 069413
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     Möbi Kids is designed with your younger children in mind. Contains 86 colorful tiles and focuses on addition and subtraction only.

  • Item #: 013798
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    I could spend hours playing with this without getting bored! The Fifteen Puzzle is a beautiful stainless steel sliding-tile puzzle. Enameled number tiles (from 1 to 15) are arranged in rows and columns of four on a 2.5 by 2.5 inch square frame. The empty space allows you to easily slide the tiles around on the puzzle. Unlike plastic versions, these tiles won't fall off! The premise of the game is simple. On a piece of paper, arrange the numbers 1 through 15 in any pattern in a four by four array. Then, see if you can reproduce the arrangement on the puzzle. To get you started, 30 puzzle challenges are included. Trillions of combinations are possible. The puzzle comes with its own travel case and provides fun for all ages! ~ Anh

  • Item #: 048213
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     Though this game’s origin is unknown, variations of it are played worldwide. The wooden board with felt-covered surface contains 4 sides of number tiles, making it a perfect for 1-4 players. At starting, all 1 through 10 tiles are flipped up. The goal is to flip all the number tiles down. To do this, a player must roll two dice. Then total the die to flip down a single matching number tile, or divide the die and flip down two separate number tiles. Keep playing until no more tiles can be flipped. Add the total of the remaining tiles; that is your score. The lowest score wins. Comes with 4 pairs of dice. 8.5” x 8.5” X 1.75”. 

  • Item #: 039509
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    Be the first to fill your bingo card to win this fast-paced game! Great for developing those early math skills, each bingo card contains groups of objects in each of nine squares. The Zingo!® Zinger dispenses random double-sided number tiles. So if you have nine apples on a square and the Zinger spits out the number "9," grab it and cover that square. Each bingo card is double-sided; you can also play at a slightly higher level with simple addition challenges on each square. 2-6 players. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 073113
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    Though thematically related, consider this game the “distant cousin” of Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Instead of building separate castles, players work off each other to create a single palace from nothing but a few hallways. Each turn, players claim and add a “room tile” to the palace. Doing so awards the player with a particular color swan token, a sort of currency – but these award points at the end of the game, so using them is always a trade-off. Room tiles come in 8 different “room types,” each of which provides a unique bonus for players who can complete the room by connecting each entrance to another room. A set of public “favor tiles” also give players a competitive goal to work towards. These award points to players who have the most (or fewest) of a particular type of room or color of swan at the end of the game. However, players also acquire hidden favor tiles and other end-game bonuses, obscuring each player’s exact points until the very end! Any good palace needs a moat, so after a certain number of tiles have been drawn, moat tiles are placed, slowly restricting construction. Once no more rooms can be added, the game ends, and the architect who scores the most points wins!

  • Item #: 072118
    Retail: $9.99
    Rainbow Price: $8.95

    With a turn of a kaleidoscope, the colors change and swirl - with a turn of one of these puzzle tiles, will you finally find the solution to the kaleidoscope puzzle? A simple concept, this logic puzzle is composed of 6 tiles with clear and colored sections. They only include the 3 primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), with each tile including two colors in different sectors. Forty cards, with varying degrees of difficulty, challenge you to recreate the picture on the card with a certain number of tiles. You must identify and stack the correct tiles to replicate the picture, sometimes stacking two primary colors to make a secondary color (like purple). Solutions included. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 069791
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    Rainbow Price: $19.50

     You’ve probably seen those interlocking foam tiles that people put down for an instant soft surface for standing or working out on, or as a play surface for young children. This brilliant twist features those large, colorful, 12”x12” interlocking tiles, but each tile has inset foam puzzle pieces as well, similar to those Lauri crepe puzzles. Each tile shows a different picture made up of several puzzle pieces: turtle, duck, sailboat, helicopter, fish, etc. A great play surface for your child that will also promote fine and gross motor skills, logic & reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory development – without any additional toys! 10 hand-washable tiles included. ~ Megan

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  • Item #: 066547
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    Rainbow Price: $20.99

     Learn colors and shapes, early math skills and more with this classic wooden shape stacker from Melissa & Doug! Included are 55 stackable shape pieces and double-sided number tiles 1-10 (shows word and numeral). The sturdy base indicates by shape, color or number the correct piece that goes on each of the 10 pegs of increasing size. Each included number tile is placed on front of the wooden base, identified by colored shapes. For example, the teal number 7 tile fits over the picture of 7 teal squares, and above that space is the wooden peg that will hold seven teal square blocks. Shapes included are rhombus, ovals, triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, octagons, squares, hexagons, circles, and pentagons. Approx. 18.5 inches long - Emily G.

  • Item #: 064386
    Retail: $29.99
    Rainbow Price: $23.50

      Numbers 1-120 and their proper sequencing can be quickly and easily practiced and learned. Just like hundred number boards, newer on the market are 1-120 number boards – numbers are in rows of 10 and go to 120 instead of 100. This heavy plastic number board has a grid on both sides in which plastic number tiles fit. The grid squares are numbered on one side and blank on the reverse for two different types of practice. This set includes a 12” x 14” number board, 120 white number tiles, 30 purple and 30 green transparent tiles (to place on number tiles for highlighting), and activity guide. Use this set for practice counting, even/odd numbers, skip counting, number patterns, graphing, and more. ~ Donna

    1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 060834
    Retail: $8.99
    Rainbow Price: $7.25

    Use this dense, green foam frame with your standard 1 cm base ten blocks (not included) to show students decimal values up to hundredths. Ones, tenths and hundredths are labeled on the frame itself along with a decimal point. The blocks fit down into the frame and won’t slide around. A place for 1” number tiles (21 included) below the base tens shows the value numerically. The combination of number tiles and base ten cubes can really help your student understand the value of decimals. Kit includes an 8 pg guide with activities. ~ Sara

  • Item #: 045763
    Retail: $399.95
    Rainbow Price: $374.95

    Kit I is intended for ages 4-8, and is a complete math program for 5 years of instruction. Remember, the child sets the pace, so it can take more or less than 5 years to complete the contents of this kit. The kit includes Lesson Books 1-3, Answer Guides 1-3, Parent Guide, Volume I CD, 4" yellow foam ball, nylon bag with string tie, geared clock, assorted plastic U.S. coins, 8 crayon set, 2 standard dice, 1- and 2-cup measurers, safety mirror for symmetry work, 22"x34" cloth work mat, 3-ring binder, 0-9 set of wooden dominoes, #2 pencil, 12" clear plastic ruler, pan balance for weight comparison, set of 16 thousand cubes, set of plastic operation signs, complete number card set w/ wooden tray, base ten set, materials bank wooden tray, 8 each of 7 shape tiles, number tile set, and free downloads of consumables for 5 years. Downloads are the consumable pages for each lesson, 'Completed Worksheet' pages, and 'Review Test' scoresheets.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 044521
    Retail: $23.99
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Help students understand prime factors with this activity kit of helpful manipulatives. The kit includes 6 sets of Prime Factor Tiles (180 tiles total), 3 color-coded Factor Finder cards, and a teacher instruction book with instructions for 13 activities. Each set of foam tiles (1" x 1") includes 8 pink #2 tiles, 6 yellow #3 tiles, 4 green #5 tiles, 3 blue #7 tiles, 2 white #1 tiles (with -1 on the reverse), and 2 each +/- tiles, 2 multiplication/division tiles, 2 parenthesis/absolute value bar tiles, and one =/< tile. There are 3 Factor Finder laminated, color-coded cards for a reference to help students master facts of multiplication. Using the reproducible fraction mat found in the instruction booklet, students will do activities for multiplication, prime factorization and composite numbers, prime factors, GCF, equivalent fractions, and much more. Manipulatives like those in this kit can be very helpful for your hands-on learner and can be used alongside your curriculum for enhancement. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 039510
    Retail: $19.99
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    Encourage your beginning readers with this fun and fast-paced game! Each player receives a card with blank spaces for letter tiles. The rest of the letters for each word are printed on the card. The Zingo!® Zinger dispenses random double-sided number tiles. If it gives out a letter that is needed for one of your words, grab it and place it on your game card. For example, your card may have "B-U-__" and if the Zinger spits out a "G" tile, you can place it on your card to create the word "BUG." Each card contains six words; the first player to fill their card wins. 2 levels of play for 2-6 players. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

  • Item #: 036950
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    Rainbow Price: $14.40

    A great tool for the visual and kinesthetic learner, the Place Value Abacus can take some of the confusion out of teaching/learning place value concept. This set includes 3 stands (each holds 3 pegs), 9 pegs, 81 beads, and 9 sets of 0 through 9 number tiles. There is a small ledge on the front of each stand on which to place the number tiles. Place one tile next to each peg and children can make the association between the digit and the number of beads placed on that peg. Use each stand separately to practice up to 3 digit numbers or connect the stands to practice larger numbers. There are no decimals included with the set, but you could make your own and place them appropriately on the ledge to practice decimal places less than one (tenths, hundredths, thousandths). ~ Donna

  • Item #: 004262
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    Rainbow Price: $21.00

    This strategy game utilizes a unique game board design which challenges players to group their playing tiles together. Tiles consist of letters, numbers, and shapes. Letter tiles can only be played in the corresponding row, number tiles can only be played in the corresponding column, and shape tiles can only be played on specific sections of the board. Each turn consists of playing one of your five visible tiles on an empty board space or playing it on a space occupied by another player (thereby capturing his piece), then drawing a replacement tile. The goal is to end up with the fewest contiguous groups of your tiles plus the fewest captured tiles of any one opponent. Players can pursue aggressive or non-confrontational strategies and still be competitive.