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Number Stamps

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  • Item #: 039310
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    This stamp set provides a great visual to build number sense and learn the base ten concept. The stamp is easy to grip and uses any 6-inch standard ink pad (not included). You could even use different colored ink pads to make it even more appealing to visual learners. The removable handle becomes a "counter" stamp and fits inside each individual pane on the ten frame. This is a quick and easy for students to build their own frames while working on math skills. ~ Gina

  • Item #: 026915
    Retail: $21.62
    Rainbow Price: $15.95

    With this kit, you can make a 12" leaf-shaped stepping stone, and decorate it with the included mosaic stained glass, glass gems, and the traditional-style letter and number stamps.

  • Item #: 037002
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  • Item #: 039320
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    We were a little disappointed when the Beginner's Leathercraft Kit was no longer produced; it was a terrific starter set. Then Tandy Leather Factory came out with this one – at an even lower price – and it offers many of the same tools and projects. The kit contains a wooden mallet, three metal stamping tools, 16" of leather lace, three beaded chains, 4.4 oz. of all-in-one leather stain, a sponge, and eight pre-cut leather pieces. The instruction booklet gives basic stamping instructions, then includes life-size black-and-white photos of the leather pieces with suggested stamping patterns. There is an infinite number of patterns you can create with just three stamps! Young crafters will create two coasters, two bookmarks, two key fobs, a wristband (with plastic snaps) and a person-shaped key fob (named Stanley). A great basic introduction to leather stamping. - Jess

  • Item #: 034680
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $13.49
    These 1" wooden blocks are the traditional ABC blocks. Each block has 2 sides with a bright primary-colored letter or number while the other smoothly-finished sides have a brown stamped image. Build walls and towers, count, practice the alphabet, make words, sort by color, identify pictures with the letters - the uses for this 150 block set are endless. When not in play, stored the blocks in the included canvas pouch.
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  • Item #: 001316
    ISBN: 9780890515952
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    From Armenian to Zulu, this colorful book introduces students to 26 languages and cultures around the world – one for each letter of the alphabet. The book begins with a world outline map, labeled with countries and page numbers where the discussion of the country and its language can be found in the text. Next, a two-page spread presents the history of languages from a Christian perspective, explaining how the Tower of Babel story in Genesis represents the true origin of foreign languages. The rest of the book devotes a colorful, two-page spread for each of the languages. Each spread contains a map of the featured country where the language is spoken, its flag, statistics (population, life expectancy, literacy rate, number of internet users, internet code, and monetary unit), and common greetings in the language (Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, and Peace). Also included is information about the capital city, major religions, and a "Did You Know?" box with interesting facts about the language and country. The pages contain beautiful color photos of people, places, food, currency and other notable objects found in the countries. Some of the languages covered are Cherokee, German, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Turkish, and Xhosa. The back of the book contains statistics at a glance, flag/country naming challenges, and a list of charities that serve people in need around the world. For fun, there are stickers of facsimile passport stamps for each of the countries. By Craig Froman. 64 pgs, hc. ~ Lisa