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Number Line

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    Two mark-on/wipe-off student number lines with a write 'n wipe marker. One number line shows 0-25 with ample space above number line to "loop" numbers together with marker. The other is numbered -20 to +20. Both have peel-off backing so you may mount them on desks, etc.

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    This number line is an excellent resource for teaching fraction equivalencies. There are three 32” number lines (open, eighths, and tenths) and 55 color-coded magnet pieces (halves, fourths, eighths, sixteenths, thirds, sixths, fifths, and tenths). There are also 9 label magnets and two arrow magnets included. These strips work well on a white board. Complete instructions are included along with extensive teaching notes.

    CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3 yrs.

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     Multipurpose frames are a perfect complement to your home or school math lessons. Coated card measures 8 1/4” x 3 3/4” and offers a ten frame on one side and a blank line segment on the other. Use with manipulatives or dry erase markers to teach and reinforce math concepts. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 066814
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      This is a simple visual aid showing chunks of ten in alternating red and white squares on a coated cardstock number line. White with black outline, one-sided. 20x4”

  • Item #: 064901
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       Demonstrate number placement on this magnetic number line that goes from -10 to 120. The number line is divided into sections of five numbers and includes two blank sections, arrows, and a separate zero magnet – thirty-one total pieces. Put it up in sections or in its entirety; each section measures 10” wide by 2.75” high. Numbers are color-coded for easier differentiation – even numbers are blue, odd numbers are red, and zero is black. The background is yellow for better visibility.

  • Item #: 064878
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       This is write-on/wipe-off, 4” by 20” blank number line that will help your student practice whole numbers and fractions. There is one number line on one side and two parallel number lines on the reverse. These are just straight lines with no markings, so students can practice fractions, whole numbers, counting, and integers all on one number line.

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  • Item #: 060835
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    We already know number lines are useful for showing sequence and teaching skip counting, but now you can add your base ten cubes and do even more. This one is made of dense red foam, has a white surface that can be used with dry erase markers, shows numbers 1-50 and has 2 channels running the length of the number line. Your base tens slide right into the channels. Includes an 8 pg activity guide. Use to demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Measures 20.5” x 4” x 5” ~ Sara

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    This was a little different than I was expecting. A strip of laminated posterboard (4 1/8" x 19.5") marked with a linear "clock," i.e. hours from 12 am to 12 am with five minute designations and fifteen minutes labels to help you calculate elapsed time. There is also space to write a start and end time digitally and on an analog clock face with additional space to show the elapsed time digitally.

  • Item #: 050135
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    Open number lines allow for flexibility for different grade levels and abilities, making this one of the most practical classroom math manipulatives that we carry. Containing two thick plastic strips that measure 39.5" each , the number line contains 100 divisions or partitions (50 on each strip). The color alternates between red and white every 10 partitions/divisions. Includes magnets for hanging. Works with quality dry erase markers. ~ Deanne

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  • Item #: 036679
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    I love it when you can add to a product and get more mileage out of it. If you are using Unifix cubes as a math manipulative with your child, you can take it a step further using this number line set. These are 12 pieces of plastic panels with the numbers 1 through 120 (each piece has an increment of ten) across the top, #1-10 across the bottom (so you can count full tens and extra ones) and a channel between the two into which you insert the linked cubes. The panels alternate between gray and ivory making it very obvious where the tens start and stop. They interlock like a race track, end to end. Ridges and raised numbers across the bottom are a sensory delight for a kinesthetic learner, and the bold black numbers at the top are flat but stand out visually. A (very) small activity guide is included. Practice counting, place value, operations and fractions! Cubes are sold separately. ~ Sara

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  • Item #: 048887
    ISBN: 9781601598530
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  • Item #: 064887
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     Three blank number lines on the front; on the reverse, blank number lines that are divided into tenths, twelfths, and sixteenths

  • Item #: 064879
    ISBN: 9781583246832
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       This unique flip book offers a visual way to teach fractions to your student. 18 pages of write-on/wipe-off number lines can be used to help your student understand. Represented on the number lines are thirds, quarters, fifths, eighths, tenths, twelfths, sixteenths, percents, and decimals. Open the book horizontally (pages are 4” high and 12” wide), the top page is a blank number line with just marks for the correct placement, and the bottom page is a number line with fractions printed in the correct location. For example, thirds have a blank number line with four markings, the number line that is marked shows 0, 1/3, 2/3, and 1. The write-on/wipe-off page allows the student to practice writing the correct placement for fractions. There are no blank number lines for decimals and percents; students can see the correlation between the two because they are side-by-side. There are three blank number lines at the back of the flip book, no markings of any kind, so that students can practice writing fractions.

  • Item #: 059107
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    Clear vinyl number line marked as indicated; adhesive backed so it will stick to desk or wall. ½" unit divisions. Numerals are just slightly larger than ¼"; tens are not specially identified. 1"x21"

  • Item #: 053783
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    Tens marked in black; negative units marked in red; positive units marked in blue.

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    Tens marked in black; units marked in blue.

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  • Item #: 034702
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       This adhesive number line measures 1” by 20” and is left blank, so you can write the numbers you want to work with. A blank line runs down the center horizontally with 21 evenly spaced marks for number placement. ~ Donna