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  • Item #: 060419
    ISBN: 9780985076214
    Retail: $9.95
    Rainbow Price: $7.50

    As homeschooling parents, we often focus on the academics of our students, while we are less intentional about helping the child develop the people skills that are also important in achieving a satisfying and productive adult life. But in the world of electronic communications like texting and email, does it really matter that much? Absolutely! So says author Kirt Manecke. This book is an adaptation for teens of his book written for the business world, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.

    The book is not earth-shaking revelation. Chapter 1 covers the basics: smile; make eye contact; say please and thank you; introduce yourself; listen; be enthusiastic; show interest; practice proper body language – nothing new here. Kirt just presents what you already know in a concise, positive and engaging way, so that your teen (or you!) can cultivate these good habits. Graphics are simple but used effectively to make the points. The remaining six chapters expand on these basics and show you how to put them into practice in the context of an organization or business.

    The whole book, cover to cover, is 134 small-format pages. You’ll cover it in no time with your student – and you will both be glad that you did! ~ Bob

  • Item #: 054174
    ISBN: 9781490964287
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

    Using familiar songs to remember grammar rules is nothing new to language learning. But when you are learning a subject as tough as Latin, it helps even more. Add this book with CD to any Latin program to help your children remember the various declensions and conjugations. The tunes are familiar: Bingo, If You're Happy and You Know It, Yankee Doodle and the Wheels on the Bus are a few. I think this would even be helpful to more advanced Latin students. The book states the songs can be used with younger kids (age 4) as well as older students. The songs can be used to introduce your little ones to Latin, but it may not make sense to them until they have has some practice with the written language. You could have older kids make up their own songs to remember other rules! While the songs are catchy, the book has clear and simple pages to go with each song/rule. There are 29 songs/rules in all. The CD has both the Classical (songs 1-29) and the Ecclesiastical (songs 30-58) pronunciations followed by music only versions that you could use to test the kids to see if they can sing the rules without the words. A helpful audio component to round out any quality Latin course. 33pp, pb, with audio CD . ~ Sara

  • Item #: 040539
    ISBN: 9780830838509
    Retail: $25.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    Subtitled "A Basic Worldview Catalog." It's a very appropriate label since author James Sire is giving explanation and definition to the different worldviews. He puts the information in a logical sequence that progresses through Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, New Age philosophy, postmodernism, and - newly included in the 5th edition - Islamic theism. Sire has refined his definition and thinking about worldviews since the book was first published. One of the most significant changes is in the area of postmodernism. We used the first edition of this book my freshman year of college - 30 years ago! At that time the idea of postmodernism was a term tossed around by philosophers and theologians, but it was not known to the average person. It is now a worldview which is prevalent in today's society. Every day we hear comments such as, "Who are you to say that someone else is wrong?" "If it's right for you, then there's nothing wrong with your choice," and "Every worldview has its own story, and each one is as credible as the other." He has added the chapter on Islamic theism (written by Winfried Corduan) because of Islam's growing influence in the world since 9/11.

    The first chapter of the book presents the definition of a worldview and then elaborates on each part of the definition. He presents each worldview in light of 7 basic questions. These questions are: What is prime reality – the really real? What is the nature of external reality – the world around us? What is a human being? What happens to a person at death? Why is it possible to know anything at all? How do we know what is right and wrong? What is the meaning of human history? Each chapter 2-10 examines a major worldview and explores possible answers to each of the questions. Sire evaluates each worldview on its own and then does some comparisons with other worldviews.

    Sire comes full circle in his conclusion. He begins with Christian theism and concludes with the same worldview, "Being a Christian theist is more than just an intellectual worldview; it is to be personally committed to the infinite-personal Lord of the universe." You might be asking yourself why you would want to read a book like this. The short answer is that we need to be able to understand and evaluate the various worldviews of our pluralistic society. 293 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 005652
    ISBN: 9780971412996
    Retail: $17.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.35
    Subtitled “From Elizabeth the First to the Forty-Niners,” this volume of Story of the World takes another good-sized bite out of world history. The forty-two chapters are told in a similar style to the first two volumes, with each chapter divided up into shorter readings of a couple pages each, just enough to grab most children’s attention and keep it until they begin to tire of history, and their minds begin to wander. And Susan Wise Bauer’s exciting and engaging way of putting the “story” back into history, chances are they may even be begging for more! Like the other volumes, she also does a terrific job of taking the typical “European” slant out of her telling of world history, while incorporating events and people from all over the world in her chronological presentation, giving children a much more “complete” picture than they would likely otherwise get. As with the other volumes, this book is not meant to cover everything in the time period, but to hit the high points and serve as a springboard to explore people, events, and eras more thoroughly as desired. Topics covered in Volume 3 include Japanese warlords, colonies in the “New World”, spread of slavery, the “Sun King” of France, English in India, imperialist China, revolutionary war, Captain Cook’s explorations, age of industrialism in Europe, Napoleon, French Revolution, Lewis & Clark, Mexican independence, Africa and colonialism, the Opium Wars, the Gold Rush, and much, much more.

    The text is available in a paperback or spiral-bound version. The activity book is a bound paperback.- Jess

  • Item #: 045064
    ISBN: 9780979767814
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95
  • Item #: 010750
    ISBN: 9781892427069
    Retail: $49.95
    Rainbow Price: $36.95
    Linda Hobar, the author of this world history series, states in the beginning of this book, "I believe history is the story of God revealing Himself to mankind and that He did it most perfectly through the person of Jesus Christ…the "mystery" is the gospel of Jesus Christ." What a refreshing and different view from most world history curriculums! Those looking for a world history program that aligns the stories of mankind with the living story of God will truly appreciate this Bible-centered approach to the history of the world. Picking up where Volume 1 leaves off, this volume begins with the Pentecost and the first followers of Jesus (including Paul) around 29 A.D and chronologically continues through the early church and moves into the Middle Ages, covering the years through about 1456 A.D. The format of this book is very similar to that of the first volume; however, there are some small differences. Firstly, there are fewer lessons (84 as opposed to 108), but these lessons are slightly longer, offering more information on a given topic. Lessons generally take the form of real-life biographies, sharing the stories of men and women who changed the world while simultaneously showing the relationship between God and the world during that period. Another new feature is the bolding of key words to aid students in finding the information again later for activity or vocabulary purposes. As in the first book, this volume includes pretests to be given at the beginning of each week, end of the week reviews, memory card suggestions, bi-weekly quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and two semester tests. Memory cards are fact cards that students create for each lesson, capturing the main points and dates on an easy to review flashcard. The end of the week reviews continue to hold timeline and mapping exercises, providing students with helpful visuals of when important figures lived and where places studied are located. This volume also contains even more activities following each lesson than the first volume. This is simply to provide you with more choices, not to overwhelm you with feeling like you should do them all! These activities are generally categorized into younger, middle, and older student activities in order to accommodate the curriculum to a wider spread of grade levels, with the youngest comprised of many hands-on activities to help them experience history, middle activities a combination of hands-on exercises with research, and the older ideas centering on research, encouraging students to learn more and dig deeper into the people and lessons from history. The activities and memory cards, as well as the weekly and quarterly reviews and tests, are meant to ensure long-term retention of the key events and people throughout history, as opposed to the short term memory capacity we often hold history (and other subjects!) lessons in. The back of this hefty 700-page book contains the outline maps for the lessons, additional fun supplemental activities, suggestions of books and resources for further study of many of the topics, a chart of materials needed for the activities found in each lesson, and a full answer key. The fascinating journey across the continents continues as students discover who lived when and the way God worked His plan throughout this period of history. ~ Steph
  • Item #: 001754
    ISBN: 9780312380038
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.50

    Chester Cricket from Connecticut is accidentally transported to New York in a picnic basket. Alone and afraid in a strange city, Chester is befriended by Harry and Tucker, a cat and mouse, who help him adjust to city life and discover his amazing musical talent that brings success to a failing subway station newsstand.

  • Item #: 045063
    ISBN: 9780979767807
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95

  • Item #: 039450
    ISBN: 9781889538860
    Retail: $15.95
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    Beautifully illustrated, this appealing book will inform and delight even the youngest learner in your family. Beginning with a gentle introduction to trees, covering tree sustenance, leaf types, flowers/fruits, cones, and the unique traits of bark and the trunk, a variety of trees in North America are showcased, from rural Georgia to the streets of New York City to the California suburbs. Each two-page spread includes a beautiful watercolor illustration of the featured tree as well as life-sized depictions of its leaf, flower, and seed. These pictures beautifully compliment the detailed, understandable text. Also included are additional reading suggestions for adults and children and recommended websites which add to the scope of this helpful book. HC. 96 pgs. Deanne

  • Item #: 019504
    ISBN: 9781683441335
    Retail: $59.99
    Rainbow Price: $43.95

    This boxed set includes a collection of 8 books that answer a total of 174 kid-submitted questions relating to God, His creation, the Bible, and more. Each book measures approximately 9" x 9", and includes 22 questions. The books are laid out in 2-page spreads, featuring a question from a real child, an in-depth answer, and a piece of Scripture as textual evidence.

    Books cover the Creation and the Fall (v 1); Dinosaurs & the Flood (v 2); God & the Bible (v 3); Sin, Salvation, the Christian Life (v 4); Space and Astronomy (v 5); Babel and the Ice Age (v 6); Evolution & ‘Millions of Years’ (v 7); and Satan & Angels (v 8). Questions range from “How does God know something before it happens?” to “Why did God create the Devil when He knew that he would turn against Him and people too?” Books all give kids answers to strengthen and defend their faith amidst earthly worldviews. 48 pgs each, hc. ~ Emily G

  • Item #: 016286
    Retail: $19.95
    Rainbow Price: $16.95

      The pressure is mounting in this fast-moving word game! This simple-to-learn, easy-to-pick-up-and-play game consists of a Tapple Wheel and 36 category cards (with 144 total categories in two difficulty levels).  The Tapple Wheel has 20 different letter buttons around the outside and a timer button in the middle. A category card is flipped and players take turns shouting out an answer that fits the category, pressing the letter button that corresponds to their answer, and hitting the timer button to restart the 10 seconds for the next player.  For example, the category may be “Something Flat” and the first player shouts out “pancakes” and pushes the ‘P’ button, the next player may say “gum” and push the ‘G’, and on play goes until a player cannot think of an item that fits the category with the remaining letters. Players are eliminated until only one player is left. Then a new category is started for the next round. Ten seconds isn’t a lot of time and as popular letters are eliminated, time seems to go faster and faster! 2-8 players. ~ Megan

  • Item #: 002481
    ISBN: 9780140341584
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    The 1951 Newbery Medal Winner. Born a prince in Africa, Amos Fortune believes he must live to serve his people. Although captured and brought to the United States as a slave, Amos never forgets his high calling. In spite of his circumstances, Amos lives his life as a testimony to freedom - the freedom that can only come from faith in God. By Elizabeth Yates.

  • Item #: 070868
    ISBN: 9781945841040
    Retail: $39.95
    Rainbow Price: $24.95

    Consumable Student Workbook interacts with the Core Instructor Text. The Student Workbook also provides all the exercises that the student is expected to complete. There is variety in these exercises some are underlining and labeling, some are diagramming, some require the student to construct his own new sentences. Answers to these exercises are provided in the Student Workbook Answer Key (#078066)

  • Item #: 065878
    ISBN: 9781615387106
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

      From Memoria Press, students practice writing a letter and short words starting with & using that letter on 1-2 lined pages with dotted midlines. You traced dotted letter first, then write your own. Something unique is the progression of the practice words. You are practicing prior letters as much as possible. For example, the A and B pages have single letters, and then you have words like Baa and Abba. Then on the C page you practice the word cab. On the D page, you write cad, bad, Dad and dab. Towards the end of the alphabet, kids are writing sentences such as Who will take care of the lights? And Jesus is the Victor. There are about 10 pages with scripture to copy (not dotted lines to trace) and a couple of blank practice pages with lines at the back. 74pp, not reproducible ~Sara

  • Item #: 046031
    ISBN: 9780765260581
    Retail: $19.97
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Every level’s Student Edition is a workbook and each lesson is two pages. Graphics are black and white with an accent color and offer a worked example when a new concept is presented. Problem-solving lessons allow an opportunity for students to apply the skills they have learned, and Chapter Challenge pages provide practice of new skills. “It’s Algebra” pages are lessons that will help in preparation for algebra. Chapter tests are found at the end of every chapter; and to help keep skills sharp, cumulative assessments are included at the end of every chapter in grades 1-6. Each two-page lesson covers one main objective or concept and offers a visual model and practice. Both workbook pages are used with direct instruction by the parent/teacher as they explain the model or process and identify symbols to teach the lesson. As the levels progress (1-6), the student editions include more instruction, but there will always be the direct instruction component for use with the first page of each lesson, found in the teacher edition. The second page for levels 1-6 are for practice of the concept.

  • Item #: 046028
    ISBN: 9780765260567
    Retail: $19.97
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    Every level’s Student Edition is a workbook and each lesson is two pages. Graphics are black and white with an accent color and offer a worked example when a new concept is presented. Problem-solving lessons allow an opportunity for students to apply the skills they have learned, and Chapter Challenge pages provide practice of new skills. “It’s Algebra” pages are lessons that will help in preparation for algebra. Chapter tests are found at the end of every chapter; and to help keep skills sharp, cumulative assessments are included at the end of every chapter in grades 1-6. Each two-page lesson covers one main objective or concept and offers a visual model and practice. Both workbook pages are used with direct instruction by the parent/teacher as they explain the model or process and identify symbols to teach the lesson. As the levels progress (1-6), the student editions include more instruction, but there will always be the direct instruction component for use with the first page of each lesson, found in the teacher edition. The second page for levels 1-6 are for practice of the concept.

  • Item #: 018373
    ISBN: 9780064402750
    Retail: $5.99
    Rainbow Price: $4.95

    The annual Christmas pageant was safe and routine until the Herdmans, the worst kids in the history of the world, blackmail their way into all the main parts. What happens when kids who have never heard the story of Christmas interpret it for their new church?

  • Item #: 005901
    ISBN: 9780062399526
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $5.95

    When Sarah Elisabeth Wheaton responds to Papa's ad for a wife, she agrees to come visit for one month "just to see how it is." Anna and Caleb like her and want her to stay and be their new mother, but Sarah misses her old home in Maine. Will she leave them, or will she stay and bring back song and laughter to their prairie home?

  • Item #: 005327
    ISBN: 9781885767547
    Retail: $21.00
    Rainbow Price: $16.25

    The good news is that, as Christians, we know how the story turns out - we win! The bad news is that, as Christians, we often have trials, some very unpleasant, along the way. Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History presents 46 gripping stories of brothers and sisters in Christ who stood firm in the face of bitter persecution. The brief four to five page biographies of such greats as Polycarp, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, William Carey and Hudson Taylor show what God can do through ordinary people who trust and obey Him. It is inspiring to read of these men and women who defied ungodly authority, whether in the church or in civil government, and stood on the Word of God.

    Polycarp was a leader in the early Christian church at Smyrna during a time of Roman persecution. When he was seized, Polycarp was told to swear an oath to Caesar or he would be fed to the lions; but he refused. He was told to swear an oath to Caesar or he would be burned at the stake; but he refused. As the flames were about to end his earthly life, he shouted out a prayer of praise to the Lord.

    Elizabeth was the beautiful daughter of the king of Hungary. She was filled with compassion for her people during a time of great famine. Against the wishes of the royal advisors, she emptied the grain bins and personally gave clothing and meals to the poor. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth was put out on the street. She continued to praise God for allowing her to serve the poor and began spinning wool to earn a living. When her father found out about her circumstances, he begged her to come back and share in his inheritance. But Elizabeth said that she had already received her inheritance from her Father in heaven, the eternal mercy of her Lord Jesus Christ. She served the poor until her death from a fever at age 24.

    This book is excellent material for family reading or individual inspiration. - Jerry

  • Item #: 003618
    ISBN: 9780753468753
    Retail: $32.99
    Rainbow Price: $22.95

    We looked at several different alternatives before selecting this volume as a basic world history reference book. As with any secular product, we contend with the "dating" problems (the book dates the beginning of history at 40,000 B.C.), and evolutionary references. However, the book is an excellent reference with many outstanding features:

    • It's all in one book (491 pgs) making it a handy reference for studies of any and all time periods.
    • The paper is nice and thick, designed to tolerate years of "wear and tear".
    • Chronologically-arranged and cross- referenced articles.
    • Over 2000 colorful illustrations, including photographs and charts as well as annotated maps.
    • A handy reference section at the back of the book that has lists of national leaders throughout history; wars; and explorations/discoveries.
    • The comprehensive indexing makes it easy to quickly find the information or related articles you need.

    This book replaced the old Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World a number of years ago. Although similar, there are some differences in this new book. Curriculums that refer to the original book may not correspond exactly to the replacement version. We think this will be a volume you will use again and again, not just for world history studies, but for unit studies of all kinds.

  • Item #: 000770
    ISBN: 9780547614328
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    1944 Newbery Medal winner. When a crippling accident leaves Johnny Tremain unable to continue working as a silversmith, he finds himself caught up in the struggle for American Independence and witnesses the start of the War for Independence.

  • Item #: 071384
    ISBN: 9781680229004
    Retail: $10.00
    Rainbow Price: $8.75
  • Item #: 063988
    ISBN: 9781491459959
    Retail: $8.95
    Rainbow Price: $6.95

    Telling Tales: Writing Captivating Short Stories will help you open the doors to new worlds. These works of fiction have a plot, theme, conflict, a smaller cast, and a shorter story line. Get your hands on some short stories to get familiar with different styles. Remember that inspiration is everywhere and that looking at pictures can give you great ideas for the perfect setting. Ask yourself “what if” and “why” as your story develops. Plan your story, visualize it as a movie, weave in conflict, but make it believable. Give multi-facets to your characters with unique qualities and trying to think like they might. Point of view, theme, and special writing techniques like foreshadowing, plot twists, figurative language, simile, and metaphor can add dimensions to your writing. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 059867
    ISBN: 9780545802642
    Retail: $21.99
    Rainbow Price: $16.50
    Klutz has given their classic Nail Art book a makeover! This 55 page book is back with brand new designs including puppies, fish, birds, people, cute monsters, dots, zig zags, and more. 6 colors (teal, fluorescent yellow, magenta, coral, black, and white) of non-toxic, peel off polish allows for designs to be made, taken off, and made again. There's also a very handy brush for making small dots and designs. The instructions go step by step through every design, making it simple for little ones. I had fun making blue puppies and polka dots. What will your favorite be? - Laura
  • Item #: 052959
    ISBN: 9781615380947
    Retail: $14.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.95

    Features the same content as Copybook 3 (#33712), but formatted in New American Cursive font. Originally intended for 2nd graders to use alongside New American Cursive 2, it's also helpful for cursive practice at any age.

  • Item #: 048770
    ISBN: 9780979767838
    Retail: $22.95
    Rainbow Price: $19.95
  • Item #: 038221
    ISBN: 9780060769185
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $10.95

    A perfect gift for Little House fans (Christmas or anytime), this book includes a compilation of six short stories by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her childhood Christmases. In Christmas in the Big Woods, Laura is 4 years old in the woods of Wisconsin and is waiting for her relatives to arrive. In Christmas on the Prairie, Laura is 6 years old, in Indian territory, and afraid the rain storms will keep Santa from finding her. In Christmas at Plum Creek, Laura is 8, and before realizing the true spirit of Christmas, is afraid Santa won't visit because their new home in Minnesota has no fireplace. In Christmas for Farmer Boy, the subject switches to Almanzo Wilder in New York as he celebrates the holiday with family and food. In Christmas During the Long Winter, Laura is older in Dakota territory, cares for her family, and helps plan a Christmas celebration in May after a harsh winter. In Christmas in the Golden Years, Laura is engaged to Almanzo, but the couple is apart for the holidays and Laura is upset - until a visitor arrives. This is a great treasury of Christmas stories for Little House fans. Black and white illustrations sprinkled throughout. 144 pgs, hc. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 032606
    ISBN: 9781338037524
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $15.25

    Sigh, those creative children who forever want a new bedspread, new pillows, new paint, new curtains and such can cost you a fortune in time and materials. Never mind about the holes in your walls from changing their minds! Turn that creative bent into a thoughtful (an inexpensive) project where they get to design the bedroom of their dreams. You may even find it is motivation to earn some money and learn how to paint to make their dream a reality at some point! This kit from Klutz provides 5 fold-out practice rooms to design using over 300 punch out decorating pieces and patterned papers. Use the tape sheet (included) as you group the colors, patterns and accessories you want in your room onto a plan board of some kind or put them directly onto the room settings. There is also a 78 page book of instruction and inspiration. Design a loft look a la Boho chic, go soft and floral in a vintage style room with weathered finishes, or play with a stark black and white graphic wall with pops of color for a modern fab flair! You have loads of throw pillows to choose from in fun and trendy styles and colors. How about a chandelier? Why not, it's a dream room after all. Parents, just be prepared for a sales pitch from your child who is now armed with a concrete design for his/her bedroom! I have to say, the designs are pretty girly, but I think any future designer would have a ball with this cool kit. ~Sara

  • Item #: 009346
    ISBN: 9780547328614
    Retail: $7.99
    Rainbow Price: $6.25

    The 1961 Newbery Medal Winner. When disaster strikes, Karana's people leave their island home to begin a new life across the sea. But Karana is left behind and must learn to survive many years alone while keeping alive the hope of an eventual rescue.

  • Item #: 003767
    ISBN: 9781929683543
    Retail: $18.00
    Rainbow Price: $14.50

    This is the junior version of the Wordsmith program. Grades 4-6 are an ideal time to teach your kids the "tools" of writing. Of course, at that age, if it isn't fun, kids don't want to learn. Wordsmith does a great job of introducing vital writing skills in a fun and enthusiastic way. Throughout this workbook, students pretend to be writers for the local newspaper. Fun comics are interspersed throughout the book to "instruct" your child on the concept they are learning. The lessons will cover sentence review, paragraph writing, reporting, creative writing, and expressing opinions. These skills are covered in three different sections of the book. Part one introduces nouns, verbs, and basic sentence structure to your children. Some of the projects in this section have your child write an invitation, a thank you note, haiku poetry, and four-sentence captions - just to name a few. Part two focuses on modifiers and more complex sentences. Here your child will create some advertising, work on editing, and write a book review. Part three moves on to organizing sentences in a logical fashion and reporting skills. Some of the projects your child will do include writing sports stories, giving household hints, composing a news article, and creating a comics column. Detailed instructions are given at the beginning of every project to help them complete it independently. Answers are printed in the back to help you correct their work. This spiral-bound workbook has black-and-white text and illustrations. 85 pgs, pb.