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Notgrass Exploring Economics

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       This inspiring autobiography of RG LeTourneau who called himself “God’s businessman,” propels you along—as I imagine RG did in his conversations and life. God gifted him with inventive genius, an enterprising spirit and salvation, and in response RG dedicated his business, his money, and his life to God. Today thousands have been impacted for the Kingdom through the dedication, determination and decisions of LeTourneau, “just a mechanic whom the Lord has blessed.” A literature component of Notgrass Exploring Economics course. 4 1/4x7”, 296pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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    Globalization. This word stirs up a mix of emotion is most of us, even as many of us struggle to fully comprehend all the details and decisions associated with the global market. Written by a professor of economics at Georgetown University, the narratives and insights shared will illuminate this oft-debated topic for teens and parents alike. The vision to tell the T-Shirt story began in 1999 when the author watched a small demonstration against globalization at Georgetown University, as she listened to a young woman rant about the horrific conditions in India where a young girl is forced to make T-shirts for American consumers. Over the next several years, the author traveled thousands of miles and across three continents to investigate the truth of these allegations, leading her to also examine the complexities of regulation and world trade.

    Recently revised in 2014, the book retains most of this documented journey, with a new preface and epilogue including updates on economic issues and key players in the story. A fascinating look at global economics that sheds a light rarely seen on this troublesome topic. Includes detailed bibliography and index. Used in the Notgrass Exploring Economics curriculum. 347 pgs, SC.~ Deanne

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     This classic novel, originally published in 1885, is considered by many to be the first publication of its kind to present the life of an American businessman in terms that were real and unvarnished. The story centers upon the career of a millionaire industrialist, working and striving to achieve success and worldly acclaim during the post-Civil War years. William Dean Howells probes the moral and social perils that confront those who are influenced by a culture that is driven by elements of greed and blind ambition. Although the world of business has changed in many ways since the late 1800’s, readers will be reminded that there is truly ‘nothing new under the sun.’ This reprint of a famous novel does indeed continue to convey timeless and valuable insights regarding what it means to be a true gentleman. A recommended resource for those students following the Notgrass Exploring Economics curriculum plan. 360 pgs, pb. ~ Mike

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    What in the world would draw two well-educated doctors to the poverty and extremely primitive conditions of the remote hill country of North Carolina in 1909? It's an important question. A love of the country? A love of the people? A heartfelt desire to leave some little corner of the world a better place after you've walked the roads and paths? A determination to follow God's call? Yes, to all! Miracle in the Hills is the remarkable story of Doctor Sloop and his wife (also a doctor). Actually, I should say stories because the book is packed with stories – of their education, of their meeting, of beginning their life in the hills, of year after year (over forty) among a people made remarkable and memorable by their love for them. The book is also filled with stories of Mrs. Doctor's fights to improve the lives of those people – early child marriages, moonshiners, and increased educational and economic opportunities were all areas she addressed. Mrs. Sloop was named American Mother of the Year in 1951 – a tribute to her many accomplishments among and for the people she loved. 232 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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    The Student Review Pack is considered optional. It includes a Student Review book with review questions on each lesson and essay questions on the literature, a Quiz and Exam Book with unit quizzes and exams, and a separate answer key. Discussions for the projects are not provided but would be helpful in some instances (some general information is provided in a brief parent guide included in the Curriculum Package). Questions, Quizzes, and Exams all tend toward reiterating textual information, while the projects tend toward analytical and evaluative activities.  Please note there are some corrections and updates for the Student Review Pack available on the Notgrass website.

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