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New American Cursive 1

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    ISBN: 9780979767807
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      Two-sided laminated strip is 11”x 2.75”. It’s perfect as a quick reference for those learning cursive. One side shows a line of the upper case alphabet with a line of the lower case alphabet below. On the back are the upper-case letters with arrows showing the strokes in order (numbered 1, 2, 3, 4). All letters are shown with the dotted half- lines. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9780979767845
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    New American Cursive (NAC) Software allows you to make your own worksheets in the New American Cursive handwriting style. The software allows you to adjust guidelines, give dotted or solid line examples, place starting dots and/or guide arrows, or add art work. Besides making your own handwriting worksheets, there are lesson files with premade sheets to practice the alphabet. Please note that unlike the original StartWrite software which has multiple font options, this version only includes the New American Cursive font style.

    This software is easy to install and use on PCs but is not recommended for Mac. System requirements are: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista or later 16 MB of RAM, 20 MB of available hard disk space. The instruction guide is included on the disc in PDF files. Supplemental practice for New American Cursive is scarce, so make your own practice worksheets with this special software created specifically for the NAC handwriting style. Donna

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    ISBN: 9780979767869
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    ISBN: 9780979767838
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    ISBN: 9780979767852
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    It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks – or in this case, an older student to write legibly in cursive. Actually, what's even better is that this program allows your students to teach themselves. With plenty of guides and incentives, older students will find practice to be easy and a pleasure. They'll only need to devote 15 minutes a day, and by using the step-by-step lesson plan they can work toward developing an individual style. ~ Janice
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    ISBN: 9780979767821
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    ISBN: 9781615382811
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      From Memoria Press, students practice writing a letter and short words starting with & using that letter on 1-2 lined pages with dotted midlines. You traced dotted letter first, then write your own. Something unique is the progression of the practice words. You are practicing prior letters as much as possible. For example, the A and B pages have single letters, and then you have words like Baa and Abba. Then on the C page you practice the word cab. On the D page, you write cad, bad, Dad and dab. Towards the end of the alphabet, kids are writing sentences such as Who will take care of the lights? And Jesus is the Victor. There are about 10 pages with scripture to copy (not dotted lines to trace) and a couple of blank practice pages with lines at the back. 74pp, not reproducible ~Sara

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    ISBN: 9781615380947
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    Features the same content as Copybook 3 (#33712), but formatted in New American Cursive font. Originally intended for 2nd graders to use alongside New American Cursive 2, it's also helpful for cursive practice at any age.

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    ISBN: 9781926818924
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    Courage, conflict, hope and catastrophe, adventures, missteps and new beginnings – these are the makings of America's history. Young readers can experience them all as they spend "one day" with a fictional character (based on real history) from 1750 to 1899. Accurate historical information is presented between stories using photographs, illustrations and textual information of real places like Valley Forge and Bull Run, and real people like Helen Keller and Jane Adams. Historical fiction can be used to engage a student who may not love to study history, especially if they can relate their own lives to those of the kids in these stories. Think of the conversations you could get out of your kids as they read about these different periods in U.S. history. These are also great short stories to use as models for them to write their own historical fiction pieces. ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781615380930
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      Well researched and written fiction brings history alive in a way children remember. Uniting all the important events from the Siege of Charleston to the Battle of Monk’s Corner to the Battle of Lenud’s Ferry to the Battle of Waxhaws, this book merges historical facts with fitting, created details that are designed to fill the gaps--all without changing history. Fascinating details and captivating storyline makes this an excellent historical read-aloud to teach children about the founding of our great nation. 116 pgs. SC. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781939966384
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      Tracing Sheets are provided for the youngest sword students rather than blank copying lines in the back of the worktext. Spiral-bound, these books provide the text that is being studied in manuscript print for easy tracing. Text is shown on 5/8” lines with dotted middles and you can choose from four Bible versions (ESV, KJV, NASB and NKJV) These books also include Bonfire coloring sheets which replicate the Day 10 Diagrams. 

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    ISBN: 9781939966476
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    ISBN: 9781338114997
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    ISBN: 9781426211751
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     Comprehensive and lavishly illustrated in full-color, this book presents the sweeping tale of the making of the United States, from colonial days to the establishment of a new nation. This volume published by National Geographic, not only informs readers about the leading personalities and events of America’s struggle for independence, but also about how these events continue to influence United States’ direction today. This book is a great place to start for any student who has a desire to learn more about the founding and history of the U.S. The text includes a helpful timeline, numerous high-quality maps, and copies of some of America’s key founding documents. Part of A Well Planned Gal’s A New Nation 9th grade curriculum. 9 1/2” x 11, 340 pgs, hc.” ~ Mike 

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    ISBN: 9781600791659
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    ISBN: 9781594763083
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    ISBN: 9781616340261
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    Based on the principles of Charlotte Mason, a British educator during the late 1800s, this spelling series gives guidance to families seeking to "teach as Charlotte did". Miss Mason firmly believed that education should influence the whole child and not just fill a brain with useless information (twaddle). One of the greatest gifts she gave to the education community was the focus on living books - books written by someone with a passion for a subject and not just someone seeking to teach for the passing of a test. She believed greatly written books could be the foundation of all learning. In her writings, she describes, "prepared dictation to teach spelling" which is the foundation of this new series. You may be wondering how prepared dictation works. In this approach, children are provided a passage to study before being required to write from memory—the chief object being for a child to become familiar enough with the words that he can "take in (a photographic sense) a detailed picture of the word(s)". After reviewing the passage, the child studies it for several days, with an intent focus on the words he does not feel competent spelling. When the child feels confident to spell each word correctly, the teacher will dictate the passage, one phrase at a time, monitoring for errors. If errors are noticed during the exercise, the teacher is directed to cover the incorrect spelling to prevent the misspelling from becoming engraved in a child's mind. This process of study and dictation will vary but should generally take less than a couple days to one week for each passage. Sound complicated? It may feel that way initially, especially if your only exposure to spelling has been through endless word lists. Thankfully, Mrs. Shafer does an excellent job of presenting the Charlotte Mason philosophy as it applies to spelling along with word study tips and detailed instructions for the dictation experience. Not only has she presented the background information equipping you to teach spelling in this manner, she has also provided an exceptional collection of writings. Included within these pages are speeches, letters and quotations from famous people; poetry, Scripture (KJV), excerpts from great literature and other varied selections. An extensive index and bibliography are included. Each book contains 140 exercises, which means each book may last just under two years and allow you to work at your child's own pace. Books incorporate more than 12,500 words, including 6,000 of the most frequently used words in the English language, The five books' exercises are progressively longer and more difficult. For example Exercise 1 in Book 1 is a quote from Charlotte Mason-"I am; I can; I ought; I will." The exercise in book 1 is a five-stanza selection of '"What the Wind Brings."

    You may notice that this series does not begin until grade 3. Miss Mason firmly believed that spelling was unnecessary before the late elementary years, giving children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with written language before embracing the task of spelling well. Available individually or as a set. Spiral Bound. ~Deanne

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