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    … and rocks, leaves, shells, feathers… sound familiar? Most young kids are entranced by nature, so why not help them learn from it? By Karen Andreola, author of the Charlotte Mason Companion, this book is a teacher's guide to studying nature. It is cleverly written in the form of a story, told through the diary of Carol, a beginning home-school mom in the 1930's. Taking Charlotte Mason's advice, she gives both of her children a nature notebook and encourages them to fill them with drawings, information, and discoveries. Throughout the story, she and her children take many walks and begin to fill the notebooks with various illustrations and facts about birds, insects, plants, and animals. In the story, you will find examples of what to look for, and the chapters close with study questions and Latin names for the creatures they observe. Each chapter is short enough that even a homeschool mom can find the time to pick it up and read. Also woven into the story are nature poems and selected quotes from Charlotte Mason. At the end of the book are appendices containing short passages from Charlotte Mason referenced in the book and a list of books with nature themes, both fiction and non-fiction. You don't even need to travel; you can learn a lot right in your own backyard.

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    The art of nature study is immensely pleasurable and educational for our children. However, as parents who've not been taught this art, we often experience doubts of the educational value or even frustration at how to provide a worthwhile study. If this describes you, this book may quickly become your most valuable tool in the pursuit of nature studies. Well organized, the book begins with introducing a naturalist and the tools necessary to be a nature explorer, including details on a well-crafted nature journal. Adding to its value and ease of use, the book is divided into seasonal sections, which begin with a scavenger hunt focusing on the signs of each season. Within each seasonal study, explorations are offered in a variety of settings: woods, city, beach, pond, and meadow. The authors elaborate on the signs of the season in each of these areas and encourage exploration, but the authors provide background details to promote learning for families without access to each locale. Each section also offers information on careers in the field and a variety of activities, including DIY projects, journaling ideas and expanded science studies. Vividly illustrated with over 150 scientifically detailed illustrations of plants, animals and fungi. A wonderful resource for novice or intermediate nature loving family! 120 pgs, hc. ~ Deanne

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    Take a walk, find something interesting (a fallen log, a patch of moss, a beetle) and encourage your child/student to take the time to observe, draw and write about what he sees. Each page has 5 large (dotted half-line) writing lines and a space to draw a picture (about 7 x 4) at the top. Younger students can tell you what they see while you write for them and they draw a picture. Older students can write a few sentences on their own. While you are creating a keepsake, children are learning to be curious about nature and practice their handwriting skills. A few pages at the beginning of the workbook explain some classifications children can include and there are some prompts if you need a little guidance on your nature walk. You dont have to find a lush forest; a yard or park will do the trick! Take a magnifying glass and some colored pencils with you. Each page has a verse from a poem or Scripture at the bottom. Memoria Press, 36pp (26 journaling pages), 8.5 x 11 pb ~ Sara

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    Designed to engage the new nature study enthusiast, this book contains an abundance of easy to implement hands-on activities, divided into chapter categories for quick reference and guidance in your personal nature journey. The author begins by encouraging you to select a chapter category that best fits your unique needs and the tools for a basic nature study kit which can be created inexpensively. Each chapter introduces you to a certain area in which to explore the familiar—and not so familiar—plants, animals and natural phenomena. Chapters include Around the House; Close to Home; In the Garden; At Sundown; In Winter; In the Weather; In Rocks and Water; and At the Seashore. Easy to implement activities (the authors recommend finding an owl pellet to dissect but I would suggest purchasing a sanitized owl pellet for example #033686 or #024986.) Perfect for a Charlotte Mason educator or a traditional educator who wants to introduce more theme-based, hands-on activities. Black and White Illustrations. SC. 251 pgs. ~ Deanne

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    Younger elementary children and those who struggle with reading and writing abilities are the intended users of this year long science course. Mixing stories about common farm and home animals, coloring pages, oral discussion and copywork later in the book, children will learn about bees, horses, birds, cats, mice and other friendly critters.

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    In response to parent requests to create a course like Every Herb Bearing Seed for middle schooler students, this text weaves together anatomy and physiology with healthy natural living. Topically you will study healthy bones, nerves and brain, muscles and tendons, vitamins and minerals along with chiropractic care, harmful effects of alcohol and cigarette smoking, gluten and autoimmune disorder, plus much more. Written at a level middle school children can understand and relate to.

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    Introduce children to the exciting natural history around them! Targeting the American Northern Midwest, with applicable nature studies for Midwest and Northeast naturalists, this daily almanac contains 365 readings detailing an animal or plant species or seasonal change for that time of year. Readings are concise and conclude with a simple activity, although it would be equally beneficial to simply go outside and sketch the species of the day or other similar find. Let me share a bit of the reading from February 11 which has the topic of Mourning Doves. "Most Mourning Doves are migratory, but those that choose to spend winter in the north form flocks and feed on seeds. They will eat various grains, but prefer corn and readily visit sites where it is available. Sometimes with longer days in February, a cold, quiet morning may be graced by the courting song of the male dove. Though it is a mating song, this plaintive call may seem a bit sad. Indeed Mourning Doves get their name from the 'coah, cooo, cooo, coo' songs that do not seem to us to be particularly amorous…." The activity for this day is listen for early bird calls—the first sound of the changing season . The month concludes with space for your personal nature notes. Contains nearly 400 black and white illustrations and a detailed index. A perfect way to introduce children to nature studies or to "kick off" your daily science lessons. 216 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9780794522193
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    From Usborne. A colorful, complete guide for introducing nature studies to older children. Lots of helpful, interesting text aid in choosing proper equipment/supplies and learning nature observation skills. Activities include recording your observations, starting various collections, and varied building projects.

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    Charlotte Mason wrote extensively of the purpose and promise of a notebook-inspired education, and many modern authors have attempted to encapsulate and inspire a new generation of notebook enthusiasts—yet few have done so as poignantly as Laurie Bestvater. Beginning with an overview of notebooking, the author guides us through an array of topics to inspire children (and adults!) to feel comfortable with the blank slate that overwhelms those new to the art. She then returns to the vision of self-education through notebooking before guiding us through setting up the "self-activity" or structure of notebooks. She concludes with the life-long benefits: development of imagination; inner growth (spiritual disciplines and character); and relationships with God, man and the universe in which we live. The extensive appendix includes recommend supplies, samples, general lesson plan template,

    Way of the Will

    chart, additional resources, bibliography, glossary and notes. A tremendous resource for those seeking more support for a notebooking lifestyle; reminiscent of Charlotte Mason and the Parents National Education Union (PNEU) and one that you will refer to in years to come. 193 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 025888
    ISBN: 9781603425315
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    More structured than a nature journal, this "outdoor workbook" is a great tool for families and students who prefer some guided instruction and inspiration as they observe, record, and learn from nature throughout the year. It features a varied, interactive format that kids won't soon get bored with, great forms for observation you can print from the publisher's website, and lots of terrific activity suggestions. The book is divided into three parts: "How to Be a Naturalist," "Learning the Sky," and "Exploring Nature." The first part introduces students to the skills and tools of the naturalist, provides suggestions and forms for setting up a nature journal, offers ideas for observation and appreciation (listing species that live in your neighborhood, making a "nature arrangement" or using observations to write a nature poem), and even includes quick drawing lessons that all culminate in an "field expedition." Because weather plays such a large role in nature, it gets its own chapter, and students are encouraged to draw the sky over different days and times, "read" clouds, draw a weather map, learn why we have seasons, play with shadows, keep a moon journal, discover nocturnal animals, learn three constellations and write a sky poem. The majority of "Exploring Nature" is organized by month (January-December) and provides specific activities and mini-lessons on seasonal nature topics. In March students will learn about the spring equinox, check for life in small pools of water and streams, turn over logs and rocks, draw birds, observe and draw budding twigs, and much more. In August, the focus is on water (the book assumes a family vacation here!) and students learn about the water cycle, find out more about a local stream or river, experiment with water, learn about water creatures, find sources of water in nature, keep a nature journal on vacation, and sleep under the stars. Several forms are provided for all months, including "Nature Notes" and "Nature Quest" forms, and a blank page for a "Picture of the Month." You can print more of these online for ongoing observation projects. Quite a few helpful resources for parents can be found in the appendix, such as safety information, suggestions on how to use nature journals in teaching and how to use the book to meet state curriculum standards, a bibliography (including suggested field guides and books for kids), recommended websites and a list of nature organizations. If you're new to nature studies and looking for some time-saving forms and activity suggestions, this is a resource to consider – and its reasonable enough you may want to get each child their own copy. – Jess

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    ISBN: 9781591934103
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    If your children are like mine, captivated by the littlest critters, eager to examine them from every angle, this handy gadget is the perfect tool for their explorations. The bug-friendly container measures approximately 5” long and 2 ½” high (without the attached lid). Snap the lid (with air holes!) closed, and children have a 360 degree view of their specimen through the clear plastic container. Taking it to the next level, the container also offers two comfortable 3x magnification eyepieces on the lid (shaped like a binocular) and two additional 2x magnification circles on the container. While designed for bugs, the container is also waterproof, so children can get up close and personal with a variety of aquatic specimens as well! Includes a soft rubber handle for easy portability. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 021319
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    Looking for an inexpensive "Critter Keeper" for your budding naturalist? Measuring 7½"x 5½", this perfectly sized hut can be transformed into a habitat for a variety of creatures, including tadpoles, insects, frogs, worms, minnows, turtles and more. Lid snaps securely into place (no little buggers jumping out at night!) with a slide locking top for easy feeding and handling. A versatile 'home away from home' to catch and release creatures for your nature studies. Holds approx. 2 liters of liquid. ~ Deanne
  • Item #: 043880
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    Exploring the environment in its natural, undisturbed state is essential to understanding our world, and honesty time, I would say most of our children struggle to observe nature quietly. With this handy periscope, younger children will be captivated watching the living things around them without risk of frightening them away. Periscope measures 14” long and can be turned vertically or horizontally, for observing from four different directions. Attached wide angle goggles (for two eye viewing) are lightly cushioned for comfort, along with the 2 easy grip handles make a perfect fit for smaller hands. Added bonus-includes a LED light for night time viewing, requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Unleash your child’s inner curiosity with this quality periscope. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 009457
    ISBN: 9781570984051
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      Part field guide and part coloring book, this detailed resource is the perfect complement to your nature studies or science curriculum. Beginning with an introduction to what makes a bird a raptor, this book provides essential information and “Cool Facts” on 50 raptors, detailed illustrations for coloring, vocabulary words  in bold with glossary, and colorful illustrations of each raptor. Bird and nature lovers of all ages will find this a valuable resource for their nature notebook! Also includes instructions on how to build a kestrel box to enhance your bird watching experience. Non-Reproducible. SC. 64 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 057327
    ISBN: 9781442486379
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    A delightfully written tale, from the author of Bambi, draws us into a world where farm animal and wild animal befriend one another, with a desire to venture into the world of the other. Children will be spellbound through the escapades of the newly found friends as they learn to respect their differences, merge their worlds and appreciate the beauty of their own home. 282 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781628554618
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    ISBN: 9781591866169
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    Identifying birds involves not only our visual sightings. In fact, I would say frequently we hear a bird long before we see it—if we are able to glimpse it at all. Using today's technology, this interactive field guide presents colorful images, descriptive details, "At a Glance" summary and an online accessible file for 100 North American Songbirds. Children and parents will quickly be able to identify that new bird sound. It is easy to get started. One option to access the online files is by using a QR code reader app on your smart phone (one already downloaded or one from the list provided!). Point your phone camera at the printed code box on the individual bird page and take a snapshot. Within the QR code is a digital online address that will link you to an audio file to hear the bird sound. For those without a smart phone, the authors have provided the internet link near the code. Type this address into an internet browser to access the sounds without using smart phone technology. (Internet/3G/4G access required). A handy resource to take your bird watching to the next level! 224 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 020005
    ISBN: 9780486267296
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    Already in its third printing, this large-format coloring book teaches as you color. An ideal supplement to your nature study (especially during those fall/winter months), your young naturalists will be able to easily spot these in the wild after becoming familiar with their appearances. Includes interesting captions.

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    ISBN: 9781908489098
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    Take flashcard learning to the next level with this beautifully illustrated nature activity card set. Containing numbers 1-20, each glossy card measures approximately 5” x 7.5”. The front of the card contains the number word (ex. twenty) and a numerically represented, nature illustration. The back of the card contains the number word and the number. Open up the activity card for an additional activity (activities) reinforcing foundational preschool skills like matching, counting, shapes, pattern identification, etc. The number 20 opens up as an illustrated timeline with a counting exercise to review each number learned. Worth mentioning: cards contain occasional British spellings or references. An exciting preschool learning tool for Charlotte Mason Nature Study families but any family will appreciate the eye-catching graphics and varied activities for young children. See also the ABC Nature Activity Cards (#008491) from the same publisher. ~ Deanne

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    This follow-up to Beginning Drawing is great for students who have had an introductory drawing course and who want to further build their skills. The set contains six lessons on 6 DVDs with a total running time of 470 minutes (almost 8 hours!). After reviewing the basics with Mr. Stebbing, students will be drawing still life, animals, portraits, anatomy, and nature studies, as well as using perspective in their drawings. Like Beginning Drawing, the lessons are lengthy, and students can draw right along with Mr. Stebbing.

  • Item #: 052089
    ISBN: 9780756662929
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    Filled with large-scale full-color photos, interesting facts and hands-on activities, this book is a compilation of six previously-published Nature Activities books from DK. It contains most of the content from Birdwatcher, Bug Hunter, Star Gazer, Rock & Fossil Hunter, Nature Ranger and Weather Watcher. Each two-page spread introduces a different area of study or topic in each subject, providing some background information, photos with explanatory captions, and a related activity or a suggestion for further observation. For example, in the "Bug Hunter" chapter, pages 60-61 discuss moths and step-by-step instructions are provided for making a moth trap. In "Star Gazer," one spread invites readers to "star hop" across the northern sky and provides instructions on how to use the Big Dipper to find and identify Polaris, Cephus, Cassiopeia, Draco and the galaxy M81. With an extensive range of topics from weather to mammals, this is your one-stop shop for outdoor learning adventures! 256 pgs, sturdy paperback. – Jess

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       Take your weather studies to the next level! Double-sided pad includes US and lower Canadian provinces on the front and a half-sized world map on the back for tracking current weather conditions. The front side also includes the legend and weather summary box to compare present weather with forecast in 5 areas: temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, etc. The flip side with the world map provides 2 climagraphs for plotting comparative temperatures and precipitation. Pad includes 50 -8 1/2x 11” sheets, perfect for month long study or classroom/co-op use. Black and white graphics. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 008715
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    Spy on anyone and anything! This green-grey plastic periscope extends up to 13” and includes a hanging hook, offering unprecedented snooping capabilities.