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  • Item #: 028448
    ISBN: 9780794517380
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    The updated version of Usborne's popular Mysteries and Marvels of Nature has been reorganized, has traded in many of its detailed illustrations for eye-catching full-color photos, and now also features internet links where readers can see nature in action. While the original version organized its six chapters around different species, such as "Ocean Life," "Plant Life," and "Bird Life," the updated version focuses on particular life science topics, such as feeding, movement, communication, and relationships, and examines each topic through each group of organisms. For example, under "Feeding," readers flip through the section to see how (carnivorous) plants, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects all find or capture the food they need to survive. While this approach makes it more difficult to see each aspect of a group of organisms side-by-side, it does make for interesting comparison with other groups of organisms. In general, I would say that there is a little less text in this version than in the older one, since more page space is occupied by the photographs. Some animal examples used are similar to the ones in the original book, but plenty of new material has been included as well. One other small difference here is the lack of the "True or False" quiz questions scattered throughout the original version. Instead, with this version (and internet access) readers can listen to humpback whales sing, find out what the world looks like to a bee, and go on a safari in the Kalahari Desert by visiting the suggested internet links. I'd venture to guess this one would hold the attention of young readers longer, with its abundance of huge, sharp, dramatic animal photos to enjoy! 128 pgs, hc. - Jess

  • Item #: 056132
    ISBN: 9780486498348
    Retail: $14.99
    Rainbow Price: $11.50

    Join Mama, Papa, the kids and Professor Actual Factual Bear for an easy introduction to science and nature. The book looks and reads like a large-format Berenstain Bears book, complete with rhyming verse. Three topics are covered. The Almanac celebrates the holidays and seasons through the year in Bear Country. On our Nature walk, we learn about learn about plants, animals, and insects, land forms and weather, fish and reptiles. The Science Fair helps us understand simple machines, matter and energy. The number of topics touched on would make it a great introduction to science for a young child, or a framework on which to discuss topics in more detail. For the nostalgic, this is a reprint of the book originally published in 1977. 190 pgs, sc. - Laura

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    ISBN: 9780794542887
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    ISBN: 9781680221114
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    ISBN: 9781680221084
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  • Item #: 060633
    ISBN: 9780925279460
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    Creation itself displays the glory of God! Originally written in 1836, this book is based on the premise that examples of various virtues are exemplified in the animal kingdom. For example, a woodpecker demonstrates honesty. Each of the 50 two-page character lessons describes the animal or individual and then draws the personal application. Most of the readings highlight virtues as evidenced in the behavior of animals; some, however, are human examples that showcase either vices or virtues. This reprint retains all of the original: traditional type-set style font, original language and writing structure, etc. Therefore, some archaic terms are also included such as Esquimaux (Eskimo/Inuit). Consequently, for younger children, this might best serve as a read aloud. A unique way to discuss character development. 96 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 060452
    ISBN: 9781889538891
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $9.75

    The art of nature study is immensely pleasurable and educational for our children. However, as parents who've not been taught this art, we often experience doubts of the educational value or even frustration at how to provide a worthwhile study. If this describes you, this book may quickly become your most valuable tool in the pursuit of nature studies. Well organized, the book begins with introducing a naturalist and the tools necessary to be a nature explorer, including details on a well-crafted nature journal. Adding to its value and ease of use, the book is divided into seasonal sections, which begin with a scavenger hunt focusing on the signs of each season. Within each seasonal study, explorations are offered in a variety of settings: woods, city, beach, pond, and meadow. The authors elaborate on the signs of the season in each of these areas and encourage exploration, but the authors provide background details to promote learning for families without access to each locale. Each section also offers information on careers in the field and a variety of activities, including DIY projects, journaling ideas and expanded science studies. Vividly illustrated with over 150 scientifically detailed illustrations of plants, animals and fungi. A wonderful resource for novice or intermediate nature loving family! 120 pgs, hc. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 054985
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  • Item #: 053378
    ISBN: 9781925235005
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  • Item #: 050295
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    A wide variety of science topics, from bees, birds, sea creatures, phases of the moon, the water cycle and much more are discussed through a series of nature parables authored by Mrs. Margaret Gatty.

  • Item #: 045122
    ISBN: 9780762796281
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      Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true. Truth About Nature is a “Family’s Guide to 144 common Myths about the Great Outdoors.” A ‘myth scale’ divides the myths in this book into 3 categories – level 3 are false, level 2 are mostly false, level 1 aren’t really true, but may have some truth in them. For easy reference, myths are divided by seasons, with each myth including a myth scale number next to it. The book explains each myth, the truth, the takeaway/lesson to be learned, and some additional facts. “Stranger than Fiction” sections are scattered throughout and feature interesting facts about nature; sixteen “Luck Legends” are identified (not endorsed); sixteen “Weather Legends” indicate weather predictions (again not endorsed); and sixteen activities let you become a science myth buster. A few example myths are “April showers bring May flowers” – is that true? Don’t swim for at least 30 minutes after you eat – or should you? Discover the truth with this wonderful family resource. 212 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 043908
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  • Item #: 039807
    ISBN: 9781599150055
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    Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6), together with the nature that He hath created! This charming reprint contains a collection of four books originally written between 1855-1870. Containing twenty-nine stories that range from 8-25 pages, each focuses on teaching children the moral lessons of God through the eyes of nature. Retaining the original language, these tales may be best read aloud, as some of the vocabulary may challenge the elementary or young middle school student; yet it is the historic nature of these stories that adds beauty to the literature selections! Topically, children will observe authority and obedience through the worker bees; the circle of blessing found through the water cycle, the grace of God in our harvests; and many other spiritual anecdotes designed to lead children to a foundation of faith and good moral character. This book contains the original stories reprinted without added content, if you would prefer an edition of this text with expanded science lessons, please see Parables from Nature from Queen Homeschool (#50295). Unabridged, from Yesterday's Classics. Black and white illustrations. 442 pgs, sc. ~Deanne

  • Item #: 037891
    ISBN: 9781338149135
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    ISBN: 9780375854866
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  • Item #: 009836
    ISBN: 9781780677354
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    Nature journaling comes naturally for some children, but others need a little more guidance to release their inner naturalist. Combining guided activities and free journaling or sketching pages, children will learn about various aspects of our physical world and gain confidence in recording their own observations. Planet Earth, moon and stars, tree identification, flowers, insects, frogs and toads, moths and butterflies, seashells, birds, and more are introduced. While most activities center on drawing and reflecting, a few hands-on activities are included as well: for example, making leaf prints and growing sprout head.

    This nature journal's 8"x 11 ½" size makes it perfect for children to document their nature journey without the limitations smaller journals present. Bright colors, black-line illustrations and well-constructed pages and binding will allow storage of your children's outdoor reflections and memories for years. Sturdy, flexible cardboard cover. 224 pgs. ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 008872
    ISBN: 9781402225178
    Retail: $19.99
    Rainbow Price: $14.25

    Subtitled "A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination", this collection of poetry encourages rumination about all life. It features poems about dinosaurs, trees, insects, animals, and more. The poems were selected by Mary Ann Hoberman (U.S. Children's Poet Laureate) and Linda Winston (cultural anthropologist and teacher). This anthology also includes a 41 minute audio CD with select poetry readings. Please note that there is significant influence from the naturalist scientist perspective, especially Darwin. 207 pgs. ~ Anh

  • Item #: 005097
    ISBN: 9781595450142
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  • Item #: NATRDR
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  • Item #: 050101
    ISBN: 9780971787452
    Retail: $26.95
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    If you can train yourself in the habit, keeping a nature journal offers not only the opportunity to continually hone artistic skills, but also provides ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, develop a deeper appreciation for nature, enhance penmanship and writing abilities and become a precious keepsake for years to come. This guide takes students lesson-by-lesson through developing their own nature journal and building the skills they'll need to capture examples of nature's beauty. Created by Barry Stebbing, author of the How Great Thou Art courses, these lessons are formatted similarly with short, easy-to-read lessons and a related assignment. There are 47 lessons total, the first segment focusing on assignments that can be done in the classroom, and later assignments which students will get to head outdoors to do. Lessons include designing the journal cover; learning how to appropriately frame the page; creating various tones in green and brown, and drawing specific objects or scenes such as onions, vines or tree trunks, landscapes, night scenes, farm animals, feathers, insects and much more. The lessons are illustrated with a variety of related drawings (both color and black-and-white) by Barry, some of which serve as examples to copy, and others to provide inspiration or examples for students' own drawing. The last piece of the book provides several blank journal pages with lines, a space for an inspiring quote and blank areas for drawing. You'll need a few specific supplies to complete the lessons, including a hardbound journal, a legal pad, a rubber band, colored pencils, a drawing pen, a writing pen, glue stick, tape, washable markers, a #6 watercolor brush (to use with the markers) and semi-gloss paper. Especially if you're not already emphasizing art in your curriculum, a course in nature journaling can provide your students a rewarding, creative tie-in to your science, English or even handwriting program – and get them outdoors to enjoy that sunshine! – Jess

  • Item #: 025888
    ISBN: 9781603425315
    Retail: $16.95
    Rainbow Price: $12.50

    More structured than a nature journal, this "outdoor workbook" is a great tool for families and students who prefer some guided instruction and inspiration as they observe, record, and learn from nature throughout the year. It features a varied, interactive format that kids won't soon get bored with, great forms for observation you can print from the publisher's website, and lots of terrific activity suggestions. The book is divided into three parts: "How to Be a Naturalist," "Learning the Sky," and "Exploring Nature." The first part introduces students to the skills and tools of the naturalist, provides suggestions and forms for setting up a nature journal, offers ideas for observation and appreciation (listing species that live in your neighborhood, making a "nature arrangement" or using observations to write a nature poem), and even includes quick drawing lessons that all culminate in an "field expedition." Because weather plays such a large role in nature, it gets its own chapter, and students are encouraged to draw the sky over different days and times, "read" clouds, draw a weather map, learn why we have seasons, play with shadows, keep a moon journal, discover nocturnal animals, learn three constellations and write a sky poem. The majority of "Exploring Nature" is organized by month (January-December) and provides specific activities and mini-lessons on seasonal nature topics. In March students will learn about the spring equinox, check for life in small pools of water and streams, turn over logs and rocks, draw birds, observe and draw budding twigs, and much more. In August, the focus is on water (the book assumes a family vacation here!) and students learn about the water cycle, find out more about a local stream or river, experiment with water, learn about water creatures, find sources of water in nature, keep a nature journal on vacation, and sleep under the stars. Several forms are provided for all months, including "Nature Notes" and "Nature Quest" forms, and a blank page for a "Picture of the Month." You can print more of these online for ongoing observation projects. Quite a few helpful resources for parents can be found in the appendix, such as safety information, suggestions on how to use nature journals in teaching and how to use the book to meet state curriculum standards, a bibliography (including suggested field guides and books for kids), recommended websites and a list of nature organizations. If you're new to nature studies and looking for some time-saving forms and activity suggestions, this is a resource to consider – and its reasonable enough you may want to get each child their own copy. – Jess

  • Item #: 012833
    ISBN: 9781891975004
    Retail: $30.00
    Rainbow Price: $26.95

    A handy reference and complete spelling program all in one! Aptly titled, the Natural Speller groups words "naturally," both by sight and sound patterns. Contains grade-level word lists; phonics rules; spelling rules; punctuation rules; skill-building activities in spelling, writing, grammar, dictionary use, vocabulary; homonyms; Greek and Latin roots. Help your child become a "natural" speller!

  • Item #: STRNTR
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  • Item #: 041001
    ISBN: 9781615385331
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    Take a walk, find something interesting (a fallen log, a patch of moss, a beetle) and encourage your child/student to take the time to observe, draw and write about what he sees. Each page has 5 large (dotted half-line) writing lines and a space to draw a picture (about 7 x 4) at the top. Younger students can tell you what they see while you write for them and they draw a picture. Older students can write a few sentences on their own. While you are creating a keepsake, children are learning to be curious about nature and practice their handwriting skills. A few pages at the beginning of the workbook explain some classifications children can include and there are some prompts if you need a little guidance on your nature walk. You dont have to find a lush forest; a yard or park will do the trick! Take a magnifying glass and some colored pencils with you. Each page has a verse from a poem or Scripture at the bottom. Memoria Press, 36pp (26 journaling pages), 8.5 x 11 pb ~ Sara

  • Item #: 028663
    ISBN: 9780486809496
    Retail: $4.99
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    Children can learn about the life in their backyard with this very detailed coloring book by Dover. Learn about the animals, insects, plants, grasses, and trees through the pages of blackline pictures and small bites of information about each. See your backyard through the four seasons and the interaction of the wildlife. Add this to your science curriculum for some coloring fun! 46 pgs. ~ Donna

  • Item #: 008507
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