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  • Item #: 067767
    ISBN: 9781426309861
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       If you’ve ever had a student interested in geography and want to take it to the next level, this little study guide would be a great tool. Intended for the student who wants to participate in the National Geographic Bee, the book defines geography, explains the contest, and then offers study tips, sample questions with answers, and resources for additional geography study. Even if you aren’t headed for the Bee, you might like this to enhance your history/geography studies. “Which Canadian province produces more than half of the country’s manufactured goods?” Find out on page 82! Endorsed by Alec Trebek, moderator of the National Geographic Bee finals. 128 pgs, pb. ~ Donna

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    • 10 Laser Pegs®
    • 62 Tinted ConstructionParts
    • 1 Triangle Power Base
    • 1 Instruction Manual
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    ISBN: 9781426310362
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    ISBN: 9781426311048
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    ISBN: 9781426301322
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  • Item #: 033108
    ISBN: 9781426301346
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    Do you want to become a medieval knight? Find out if you have what it takes! This book describes the many things you will need to know and the qualifications you will have to meet to become a knight. First of all, you have to be an excellent fighter, and it helps if you are from a high class. Also, you'll have to be able to stand the heat of battle, participate in tournaments, and always act with honor and chivalry. Each two-page spread in this book covers a different aspect of the life of a medieval knight, with interesting text and lots of captioned illustrations. Please note that while not very graphic, there are a couple of unpleasant pictures - injured knights, etc. Hardcover, 32 pages. - Melissa
  • Item #: 030162
    ISBN: 9781426215438
    Retail: $70.00
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    Did I hear someone say comprehensive? That's a fitting word for this 384-page atlas by the National Geographic Society. Since I'm going to need a lot of space to tell you all about this one, I'm going to get started right away. We'll begin with the usual couple of pages on how to use the atlas, though if you've ever picked an atlas up before, you'll find this one to be as logical and straight-forward as any other. After the "how to" section, we start in on world geography. This section has maps of the physical world and the political world and the hemispheres and poles, and it goes on to cover the structure of the earth, earth's rocky exterior, world landforms, the surface of the earth, world land cover, world climate, world weather, world biosphere, world biodiversity, world population, world languages, world religions, world health and education, conflict and terror around the world, world economy, world trade, world food, world energy, world minerals, environmental stresses, world protected lands, technology and globalization, and the internet. This whole section gives an amazing overview of the world as a whole - ready to launch us into the next seven sections which each look at one of the seven continents in detail. The maps in these sections are in full color, showing towns and cities, roadways, rivers, lakes, mountains, and the like. There are also little fact boxes containing facts like area, population, religion, life expectancy, literacy, flag, and more for each country or state shown on that page. Each continent is introduced with some incredible photography and clear text including brief details of the continent's physical geography, history, culture, and economy. So we get through Antarctica in this way, and there are still a lot of pages left before we reach the back cover. Here's what you'll find: sections on the oceans and space, and an appendix which I'll outline for you a little later. What exactly do these last two sections contain? World oceanography; limits of the oceans and seas; floor maps of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans; and the ocean around Antarctica are all part of the oceans section; while the space section will introduce you to some things you have probably never come across before. These are maps of both sides of the moon, a map of Mars, a map of the solar system, a look at the planets, and a 3D structure showing the universe and, in four stages, where our galaxy is to be found. There is a space exploration timeline, and then the appendix. The appendix is loaded with good material, including: airline distances in kilometers (major cities only), abbreviations, metric conversions, geographic comparisons, political entities and status, special flags, foreign terms, world time zones, major cities of the world (lists population and country), world temperature and rainfall, glossary of geographic terms, and a 94-page index (which includes an index of Moon locations). This atlas will serve you well in more ways than you probably ever thought you would need. Its large 10.5" x 14" format and quality hardcover binding will stand the test of time and help keep this atlas looking attractive for years to come. 2nd edition. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 022408
    ISBN: 9781426313332
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    Includes Ponies (Level 1) and Pandas, Dolphins, and Cheetahs (all Level 2).

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    ISBN: 9781426310386
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  • Item #: 022404
    ISBN: 9781426311970
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    Includes two Level 1 books, Frogs and Ants, and two Level 2 books, Bats and Snakes.

  • Item #: 022410
    ISBN: 9781426310874
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    ISBN: 9781426310478
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  • Item #: 044801
    ISBN: 9781426213915
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    Fitting all of human history into a 384-page book is a Herculean task, but one you might expect the folks at National Geographic to tackle. To bring the task down to size, topics include events in a particular area of the world over a specific time span. Each topic is presented in 2-to-6 page sections, in more or less chronological order. In addition to the very readable text, these sections include colorful photographs, maps, and period artwork. Inset in the text are quotes from famous people, related side stories of interest, and key dates and events of the era. The last 50 pages are devoted to the "At a Glance" section, a highlights section describing in one paragraph: Major Wars; Major Religions; Periods and Movements; Human Accomplishments; Leaders; Scientists, Inventors & Philosophers; Explorers; and, Artists. To keep things in perspective, an appendix lists dynasties, time periods, rulers, presidents and prime ministers of the major empires and nations. All in all, a good overview book from a trusted publisher. ~ Bob

  • Item #: 024163
    ISBN: 9781426304286
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  • Item #: 023870
    ISBN: 9781426306082
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    ISBN: 9781426306525
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    ISBN: 9781426309229
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    ISBN: 9781426308536
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    ISBN: 9781426319631
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  • Item #: 035090
    ISBN: 9781426302558
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    The sister book to the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers, this atlas uses the same colorful style of maps and comprehensive coverage that make these atlases the perfect easy reference for young students. All fifty states are given a two-page spread, with full-color physical maps showing major highways, national parks, cities, mountains, lakes, reservations, all the major industries around the state, deserts, rivers, borders, and more. There is also a brief description of the state, along with state facts and some interesting trivia. A two-page spread is also given to the territories administered by the US. The atlas begins with ten thematic spreads covering how to use the atlas, the physical United States, the natural environment, natural hazards, the political United States, population, immigration and minority populations, potential geographic areas where alternative energy can be used, and Washington D.C. A list of facts and figures, a glossary and an index round out the atlas. Full of nothing other than National Geographic standard photographs from each region, locator maps and color coding are used to make this atlas more accessible to all users. Large format (10.5" x 14"), 176 pgs, hc. ~ Zach

  • Item #: 041885
    ISBN: 9781426317477
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  • Item #: 041924
    ISBN: 9781426317637
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    ISBN: 9781426317514
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    ISBN: 9781426319594
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