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Music Appreciation

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    ISBN: 9781610061155
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    ISBN: 9781610061162
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     Music Appreciation Book 2 for the Middle Grades (6-8) has a few format differences from level 1. The main component, the large student activity book (not reproducible, 3 hole punched, 315pp bound) is still the source of most of the content. Inside you have the QR codes (those little black squares you snap with your phone) with additional topical information, but this is now also the source of the music samples. There are no physical music CDs for level 2. Each composer has been allotted 4 weeks, but you have some flexibility with this. Includes: Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Foster, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and MacDowell. The lapbook (not reproducible, 54pp stapled) comes in colorful printed pages. You cut and assemble the pages into your own lapbook. If you have not made a lapbook before, it is an activity for your student to complete. You make mini-books and glue them into 2 manila folders you format, easily separated for use. The coloring book comes in a stapled format. The 80 illustrations coordinate with the lessons in the student activity book.

    The core of this course is the 7 books from Great Musicians Series from Zeezok Publishing. (Item numbers 041843, 035417, 037547, 035419, 035421, 029674, 035423) ~ Sara

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    ISBN: 9781610061148
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    ISBN: 9781610061131
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    ISBN: 9781610061223
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     The lapbook (not reproducible, 54pp stapled) comes in colorful printed pages. You cut and assemble the pages into your own lapbook. If you have not made a lapbook before, it is an activity for your student to complete. You make mini-books and glue them into 2 manila folders you format, easily separated for use.

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    ISBN: 9781610061216
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     The coloring book comes in a stapled format. The 80 illustrations coordinate with the lessons in the student activity book.

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    ISBN: 9780756667344
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    Music is a staple of every culture, so why not make it part of your child’s education? This simple, unintimidating book contains a large amount of information, presented in a fun and accessible manner. There’s a great range of music history, but also cultural music as well for an added social studies/geography element. Mixed between those two is genre, explaining everything from Gregorian chant to opera to the Baroque period to jazz, reggae and electronic music. Tons of pictures as well as information about different instruments make this a highly engaging read, and there is an included CD with tracks that accompany different parts of the book for a more immersive experience (1 hour of music). 142 hardcover pages. – Laura

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    ISBN: 9789626343104
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    Spanning over 1000 years of classical music history, this CD set is a wonderful look at the development of classical music from the earliest Gregorian chants to the huge orchestras we enjoy today. The narrator, Marin Alsop, walks listeners through each time period, offering historical information as well as glimpses into the lives of the over 90 different composers featured throughout the set. Each composer is mentioned along with excerpts from his/her most famous works. The CDs contain samplings of the songs but none of the complete works. A small booklet outlines the contents of each of the 4 CDs, and the fourth CD doubles as a CD-ROM holding composer biographies, information about music and instruments, quizzes and games, the text that is read on the CDs, and more. The CDs feature numerous tracks so it's easy to split up the listening into daily assignments or keep track of where you left off. Total running time is 4½ hours. – Melissa

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    ISBN: 9781423216513
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  • Item #: 001603
    ISBN: 9781615387922
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      There are 26 chapters and 7 review tests (each covering 2-4 chapters.) Each chapter begins with a little history about the composer, location and the world around them. Then you learn the musical concept and listen to tracks (either on the CD or from the teacher playing the piece shown in the book). You will learn about the piece you are studying and some history of the musical era. A “Facts to Remember” at the end of each lesson is helpful for studying, and then you listen to the pieces again. Each review test has a listening portion. A music teacher can play these, while others may use the audio CD. You really only need the beginning of the piece for the review tests. Tests (and answers) are in the back and are not reproducible. The answer key pages easily remove to keep as the instructor.

  • Item #: 001537
    ISBN: 9781615389612
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    The audio CD companion includes 26 audio selections divided into smaller samples for precise coordination with the lessons. Composers include (in order): Handel, Vivaldi, JS Bach, WA Mozart, Beethoven, L Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss, Wagner, Saint-Saens, Massenet, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Dukas, Ravel, Copland, Gershwin and Stafford Smith

  • Item #: 061893
    ISBN: 9782923163895
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      Subtitled, An Introduction to Classical Music, all the included musical selections have a common theme: birds. The music on CD (all performed by world class orchestras) is really the main component of this book. Several included tools help students understand and listen to this music: discover the melodies, the instruments, the stories behind the music, and the composers themselves. First, you start with brief descriptions to introduce each of the 20 classical music selections. Composers range from perhaps obscure to more well known, from longstanding to modern: Janequin in the 15th century, Vivaldi and Mozart in the 18th century to Rautavaara and Messiaen in the 20th century, for example. Additional tools follow: a listening guide, a brief biography of composers, glossary of musical terms, and a timeline of composers and periods. 8 1/8” X 8”, 48 pp, hc. ~ Ruth

  • Item #: 043090
    ISBN: 9781402208256
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    Subtitled "Your Guide to the Orchestra through Sounds and Stories," this book walks you through the large family of musical instruments. It covers the little piccolo to the huge bass drum, the common violin to the lesser-known glockenspiel, the unpretentious recorder to the grand piano, and just about any other instrument you might wish to learn about. Although the focus is on the instruments themselves, they are introduced within the context of the orchestra – i.e. the book is divided by family along with diagrams of where the instruments are usually situated within the orchestra, and many of the descriptions/informative blurbs mention situations or facts about playing in an orchestra. The instruments are introduced in the following order: the strings, the woodwinds, the brass, and the percussion as well as additional chapters on the voice, electronic instruments, the conductor, and a dictionary of musical terms. The pages feature an informal but professional layout of pictures, labels, captions, fun facts, short informative paragraphs, and diagrams. A CD-ROM is also included with the book, allowing you to hear the sounds of the instruments as well as providing more information such as the history of the instruments and famous composers and musicians. 176 pgs, hc. – Melissa

  • Item #: 030252
    ISBN: 9781402211980
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    Although we can enjoy classical music by casually listening, the carefully constructed symphonies, concertos, fugues, quintets and countless other types of musical works are best appreciated and understood with some background knowledge of music history and the composers that wrote them. Although most of us think it is important to give our young students a taste of classical music appreciation, this often gets lost in the shuffle for older students (and even us adults!) This book was written for the older student or adult to give them a taste of the important composers in classical music history, their lives and their most important compositions. The substantial book covers a long history of composers in chronological order, from Giovanni da Palestrina (1525-1594) through Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) and including all the "biggies" like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and many more. Each chapter features a composer, and includes information about their life and personality, as well as details about their works and most famous musical pieces. Several selections of each composer's music are noted throughout along with a "Hear it Online" icon. Login and registration information is provided at the beginning of the book, and once you register, you can listen to the pieces online at your convenience. Although previous editions of this book came with music CDs, the online music content has replaced the CDs. An excellent introduction to classical composers and music, this book is designed to leave you craving more, offering additional musical pieces for listening as well. Can you become hooked on the classics? 360 pgs, pb. - Jess

  • Item #: 011952
    ISBN: 9781928860082
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    Over 60 composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century eras listed in color coded fashion. Major works listed.

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    ISBN: 9782924217214
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    I’ll admit it – as a young music student, I thought classical music was boooring without lyrics to tell a story. It wasn’t until many years later in a collegiate music appreciation class when I began to hear pieces like Peter and the Wolf and other classic story pieces that I realized how wrong I was!

    This book contains 20 pieces of classical music and an accompanying CD. The book goes through each song individually, explaining the literature it is based on, the ballet it is derived from, or any other information beneficial for giving context. Each page also has a few illustrations to go along, but the real key to the story is in the text. After the section explaining each story, there is a listening guide to show what instruments or pitches are used to indicate different voices or actions. Additionally, there is a short biography of each conductor and a glossary of musical terms used throughout the book. This is a unique, kid-friendly approach to classical music that I wish I had owned as a child! What a great foundation to music appreciation! Parents, as are often found in Shakespeare or other tales of that era, many of the pieces contain stories about elves, witches, fairies, and two pieces in particular mention the Devil. 68 hardcover pages. – Laura

  • Item #: 060399
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    Providing the “rest of the story,” this series by Dr. Carol Reynolds (music professor from the Discovering Music series) will add depth to your U.S. History study. Within the context of a chronological examination of America’s musical heritage, Professor Carol expertly weaves art, literature, and cultural studies. The two DVDs cover eight units: Regionalism, Legacy, and Preservation (an overview); Contrasting Traditions of the Puritans and Moravians (1620-1760); America’s Founders and Their Arts (1700-1800); Architecture, Soundscapes, and New Directions (1780-1850); The Arts Shaped by Conflict (1820-1865); Americans on the Move (1810-1880); Native America Revisited; Immigration and American Theater (1850-1920); and Exploring the New and Preserving the Old (1900-1960). Professionally produced videos incorporate biographical sketches, anecdotal information, video clips of musical performances, historical segments, and artwork. Professor Carol also provides introductory and connecting information in a one-room schoolhouse setting. Supplementary articles, interviews and notes are available at www.exploringheritage.com. 4 hours running time ~ Janice

    Professor Carol takes you across the country with 38 friends and specialists to look at America's history through the lens of the Fine Arts and to discover just how rich and vibrant America's past really was.

  • Item #: 029121
    ISBN: 9781557675101
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  • Item #: 029122
    ISBN: 9781557675545
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    ISBN: 9781843791188
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    As a kid, it can be easy to think classical music is boring, but this book is a great way to show children that it is, in fact, quite exciting! This book comes with a CD of carefully selected pieces that will excite and engage your children. As they read, they will see how classical music sets the tone for movies and TV, weddings, theatre, dance, and much more. As they listen to tracks such as Peter and the Wolf , they will read and learn how each instrument indicates a different animal. Soon you’ll be able to “see” the story as the music plays! There are also sections that point out famous composers as well as different instruments in an orchestra. Colorful illustrations accompany the pieces as well to make this a complete auditory and visual experience. 64 hardcover pages with a 28 track CD. – Laura

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  • Item #: 067902
    ISBN: 9780794537531
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    Introduce the history of classical music to kids in a colorful and informative book with loads of illustrations (Usborne style!) The text is short and easy to understand; you will learn the essence of a rich and lengthy history in a simplified form. Topics include an explanation of classical music, writing music, music & religion, music for entertainment/operas/ballet, orchestra, concerts, music & monarchy/painting/nature, words & music, and music & science/technology. A timeline from about 2000 BC to late 19th century reviews the book (and those mentioned previously). On every other page is a QR code to scan and hear samples of the music presented on the page. Perfect for the musically inclined or not. 8x11”, 33pp, hc. ~ Sara

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    This 930-page book contains an alphabetized list of great classical composers. Details about the different works of each composer are included in a brief biography. From Aaltoila to Zwilich, major composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky are covered, as are the less well known but equally fascinating composers like Hildegard Von Bingen, Dubussy, Respighi, and Orff. Color illustrations in the book portray some of the composers. Most composer entries are accompanied by recommended listening of their music from the included set of two CDs. The CDs with over 2 1/2 hours of playing time are great for corresponding to the booklet or for recreational listening at any time. Also included is an extensive glossary of musical terms, a list of classical music in over 450 films, and a bonus area with 150 tracks to stream (and 25 to download). And a great price for all of that! - Rachel S.

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