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Middle Ages

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    Lesson plans and resources for studying the Middle Ages using texts below.

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    They're all here - King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Richard Lionheart, captured from art work found on transcripts, paintings or carvings.

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    An excellent supplement for hands-on learners, this CD-ROM containing printable PDF files will bring a fresh enthusiasm to your history studies. The Guide Book Text introduces the "travel" itinerary, including tips and a planner so you can prepare ahead of time for the 25 lessons (called Stops). Each Stop includes fact filled, engaging readings which are created to be all you need for a compact or supplementary study. Several of the 'stops' also offer more than one project allowing you and your children options along the way. While some of the projects will require students to research further, others have all the necessary information provided.

    Activities vary and include creative writing, recipes, mapping activities, timelines, games, notebook activities, crafts, and lapbooks. Masters, detailed instructions, illustrations, and photos of finished products are all included to fully equip the parent for a successful hands-on history experience. An additional resource section offers a variety of books, videos, music ideas, bibliography of nonfiction books and websites, and research projects to accompany the projects if parents/students want to become further immersed into the Middle Ages! Reproducible for immediate family use only. ~Deanne

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    ISBN: 9781933339092
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    Volume Two picks up where Story of the World Volume One left off, and it tells the fascinating story of the “Dark Ages,” from the fall of Rome through the Renaissance. This volume has been written very similarly to the other also, with a very readable text, appropriate for young children, told in a clear and engaging style. Each of the many chapters is relatively short, and broken up into smaller chunks that are the perfect length for curling up together and reading aloud. Also like the preceding book, this story of history doesn’t limit itself to a dry, white-bread-without-the-crusts retelling of a primarily European history, instead it is a rich, whole wheat blend of European, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Arabic, Japanese, Jewish, Mongolian, Turkish, African, Russian, and American history during the period, providing the young student with a much more complete view of what was going on all around the world during that intriguing time period. To cover every event in each of these diverse histories would take a whole library, however, and just as Susan Wise Bauer tells us in her first volume, use this volume as a springboard to more detailed readings about any events that you and the children find interesting and want to learn more about. A timeline and an index are included at the back.

    Like its predecessor, the Activity Book corresponds chapter-by-chapter with the text from the Story of the World readings, and the sections and activities are well-organized and easy to implement. Each chapter begins with review questions for the book. Narration exercises are also included, so that the child may write or dictate to you a summary of what they learned. A list of books for additional reading follows, each with a concise summary and an approximate reading level to help you find those most appropriate for your child’s ability and interest. Corresponding literature, consisting of more "story-like" volumes such as cultural tales and myths are also featured to liven up your history reading, lending a little more interest to those lovers of fiction. An excellent range of activities follow the reading lists, including map work, a coloring page, and projects, which include art, crafts, games, and other more "involved" activities. An abundance of opportunities for "beyond-the-book" learning about here, but as the author mentioned in the activity book for Vol. 1, you should not feel pressured to read every book and complete every activity - history studied in this manner should be a fun and enjoyable journey for all involved, not an endless checklist of items you "have to" complete to pass a test. These courses lend themselves very well to family study, and a lot of the activities would be much more enjoyable with at least a couple siblings or friends. Fortunately, Susan Wise Bauer has anticipated this, and has denoted chosen activities with a "C" to highlight its use as a good co-op or classroom activity. All in all, this looks like an very well-rounded, extremely enjoyable, and solidly chronological approach to history

    The text is available spiral-bound in the first edition or in paperback or hardcover in the revised version. the Activity Book is a bound paperback and is the revised version.

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    Main text for study package. As with other Famous Men books, it contains biographical sketches of famous men of the period, from Germanic chiefs to Joan of Arc (famous woman!). Other featured individuals include Attila, Patrick of Ireland, Charlemagne, Mohammed, Canute, and Marco Polo. Revised edition includes five new chapters by Rob Shearer, 36 chapters total.

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    ISBN: 9781599151571
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    Samuel B. Harding tells the story of the Middle Ages – which he says is "when Europe became Europe." It was a time of transition. The power of Rome was gone, and people groups were once again gaining their own identities and building their own states and civilizations. In a direct and engaging style, Harding tells about the Ancient Germans and the people of the Roman Frontier; he details the end of the Western Empire and the growth of the Church; he looks at the rise of the Franks and their struggles with the Mohammedans and Charlemagne; and he discusses the growth of feudalism, the deeds of the Northmen, the crusades, life in the Middle Ages, the papacy, and the Hundred Years' War. This reprinted, 100-year old text is 217 pgs in pb and includes black and white illustrations throughout.

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    31 biographies including Attila the Hun, Mohammed, Charlemagne, Egbert the Saxon, Canute the Great, Louis IX, Marco Polo, Henry V, and Gutenberg. The book starts with a section on the gods of the Teutons. 207 pgs, pb
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    Sixty-eight figures, with fully detailed fronts and backs, to color, cut out, and enjoy. On the base for each soldier is a description telling what he is and where he's from.

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    ISBN: 9781615381142
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    A comprehensive look at the Middle Ages which covers the fall of the Roman Empire, the early Church, the Byzantine Empire, Islam and the Arab Conquests, Charlemagne, the Norsemen, and the beginning of the National States. There is also a broad-based look at the medieval church, monks and monasteries, feudalism, the age of chivalry, the Crusades, the towns, trade and commerce, travel, the friars, education/learning, and government. The book concludes with the Hundred's Years War and the close of the Middle Ages.
  • Item #: 004463
    ISBN: 9780883881422
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    This war involved soldiers from all over Europe. These sixty-eight figures are ready to color and cut out. Figures are dated and described on their bases.

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