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Microscope Slides

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  • Item #: 053861
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    Concave slides are perfect for viewing living organisms. The single depression in the center of the 1"x 3" glass slide measures .5mm to .8 mm in depth, which allows for viewing without damaging or squashing the organism. They don't dry out as quickly as a regular slide because you are able to include more liquid with your specimen. The slides have rounded edges and are reusable.

  • Item #: 032787
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    Rainbow Price: $3.50

    Set of 72 clear glass slides. Slides measure 1" x 3". No cover slips included.

  • Item #: 051499
    Retail: $3.50
    Rainbow Price: $3.00

    You'll have plenty of blank slides at your disposal with this box of 50 glass slides! The slides are 1" x 3" and are frosted on one end for labeling. Please note these are slides only; no cover slips are included.

  • Item #: 053862
    Retail: $5.45
    Rainbow Price: $5.25

    These unbreakable slides are made of durable, flexible plastic, which makes them a bit safer for younger science students. Each slide measures 1"x 3" and can be used just like glass slides.

  • Item #: 042791
    Retail: $22.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.95

    This basic kit contains all you need for making microscope slides: 12 plain glass slides, 2 single concave slides, slide storage box, 100 glass coverslips, 1 bottle of methylene blue, 1 bottle of eosin Y, a plastic dropper and a test tube. While no instructions are included, add a microscope and you have the perfect complement to the World of Microscopes (#000546), Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope (#037031), or Kym Wright's Microscope Adventure (#000148). ~ Deanne

  • Item #: 041566
    Retail: $24.99
    Rainbow Price: $18.95

    These slides were made to be used on the Big Screen Microscope from Learning Resources (which we do not carry), but they can be used with any standard microscope as well. There are twelve, 3" x 1" slides in the set, and there are 4 separate specimens on each slide (each in a sealed-off circle) for a total of 48 specimens in the set. Featured specimens include: goldfish scale, hare hair, camel hair, feather fowl point, cat hair, canary feather, dog hair, sheep hair, pine wood, camellia leaf section, bamboo shoot, sponge gourd, stem of corn, leaf of nerium, onion rind, silver berry scaly hair, leg of butterfly, wing of butterfly, wing of locust, leg of honey bee, dragon-fly wing, worker bee wing, bee antenna, bee abdomen, hemp fiber, silk stuff, cotton fiber, bemberg, panya, nylon, wool, handmade paper, plant louse, fruit fly, shrimp egg, silk worm larva, common red sponge, Angora rabbit hair, ant, mouse fur, pollen of lily, sunflower pollen, bottle brush spore, fern spore, tulip pollen, leaf spore, pine tree pollen, and orange pollen. ~ Rachel

  • Item #: 017437
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.75
    These kits include all the components you need to make microscope slides. They include 12 slides, 12 cover slips, a storage box for up to 25 slides, and instructions for making prepared slides. Slides are reusable, and kits are available with either plastic or glass slides and cover slips. What a convenient way to get started! ~ Donna
  • Item #: 010030
    Retail: $27.80
    Rainbow Price: $22.75

    - Onion root tip mistosis (l.s.)

    - Lichens foliose body (sec)

    - Fumaria whole (w.m.)

    - Fern leaf (w.m.)

    - Pinus Xylem stem (t.s.)

    - Pinus young male cone (l.s.)

    - Pinus young female cone (l.s.)

    - Pumpkin stem (l.s.)

    - Pumpkin stem (t.s.)

    - Zee mays root (t.s.)

    - Zee mays root (l.s.)

    - Triticum aestivum leaf epidrms (w.m.)

    - Lilium brownii ovary (t.s.)

    - Pollen tube budding (w.m.)

    - Zee Mays seed (l.s.)

  • Item #: 017440
    Retail: $12.95
    Rainbow Price: $10.75
  • Item #: 010031
    Retail: $27.80
    Rainbow Price: $22.75

    - Human skin - hair follicle

    - Skeletal muscle (t.s. & l.s.)

    - Kidney IS.

    - Taste bud

    - Earthworm T.S.

    - Artery & Vein T.S.

    - Sperm human, smear

    - Lung (sec)

    - Fresh water fish region of gill T.S.

    - Frog skin pigment cell

    - Frog egg early cleavage (sec)

    - Lymph node (sec)

    - Ovary from mammal (sec)

    - Nerve cell (w.m.)

    - Simple squamous epithelium SEC

  • Item #: 010033
    Retail: $27.80
    Rainbow Price: $22.75

    - Bacteria three types (smear)

    - Saccharomyces (smear)

    - Chlamydomonas (w.m.)

    - Penicillium (w.m.)

    - Volvox (w.m.)

    - Spirogyra (w.m.)

    - Aspergillus (w.m.)

    - Euglena

    - Paramecium

    - Amoeba (w.m.)

    - Agaricus section

    - Actinomyces

    - Hydra budding (w.m.)

    - Chlorella (w.m.)

    - Bacteria from cheese

  • Item #: 004942
    Retail: $270.00
    Rainbow Price: $224.95

    In a side-by-side comparison with the Observer IID and the 3000FF, I thought these offered a slight advantage over the Observer, and they were pretty much on-par with the 3000FF model as well. The clarity was excellent, and the illumination was bright and easily adjustable. They were easy-to-use, and I especially loved the mechanical stage on Model AP1510WL (it took me back to the vet school histology lab there for a moment!). Features of both models AP1500 and AP1510 include:

    • - Monocular 45 inclined head
    • - 360 head rotation
    • - 10X wide field eyepiece with built-in pointer
    • - Revolving nosepiece with objectives and click stops
    • - Coaxial coarse and fine focusing with built-in slip clutch
    • - 4X, 10X, 40XR objectives, all DIN achromatic, parfocaled, parcentered, and color-coded
    • - Positive stops to prevent slide damage
    • - adjustable LED illumination
    • - Rechargable battery power and an AC charger

    Both are excellent microscopes, and of excellent quality, but we wanted to offer a more "basic" version and a fancier version to suit both needs. Model AP1500WL includes all the features found in the list, and features a stage with spring-loaded clips to hold the slide, as well as a 0.65 N.A. condenser, and a 6-hole disc diaphragm. Model AP1510WL offers more options, including a 100X, oil-immersion objective, a moveable 1.25 abbe N.A. condenser iris diaphragm, and a mechanical stage. The mechanical stage is a terrific feature that's hard to wean from once you've tried it; it allows the user to move the slide using two knobs, one that moves the slide's horizontal position, and another that adjusts its vertical position on the stage. No more fingerprinted slides or "oops, where did it go?", just because you moved the slide by hand in the wrong direction, or with more force than you intended. Both models include a dust cover, a charger and basic instructions. Model AP1510WL also includes immersion oil and a blue disc filter. We think you'll be very happy with either of these excellent student microscopes. Both of the microscopes below now feature LED illumination, which replaced the 20W tungsten bulb models we had previously. We do offer replacement bulbs for the older models and the LED models if needed. - Jess

    If you're not sure which microscope best fits your needs, check out our Microscope Comparison Sheet for a side-by-side comparison of all microscope models we offer.

  • Item #: 043993
    Retail: $39.77
    Rainbow Price: $32.25

    - Digestive tissue (cat)

    - connective tissue (frog)

    - human blood smear

    - nerve tissue (pig)

    - hemopoetic system (pig)

    - vascular system (dog)

    - human cheek cells

    - epithelial tissue (cat)

    - muscle tissue (cat)

    - endocrine system (cat)

    - respiratory system (cat)

    - excretory system (rabbit)

    - human hair

    - fingerprints

    - human skin

    - blood stain or blood smear (human)

    - textile fibers (cotton)

  • Item #: 010032
    Retail: $27.80
    Rainbow Price: $22.75

    - Conjugation of spirogyra

    - Lichen (w.m.)

    - Moss cluster (w.m.)

    - Spinal cord (t.s.)

    - Wheat seed (l.s.)

    - Pinus pollen (w.m.)

    - Stem of dicotyledon (t.s.)

    - Stem of monocotyledon (t.s.)

    - Triticum aestivum leaf eiders (w.m.)

    - Terminal Bud (l.s.)

    - Single cell zoo (w.m.)

    - Animal cell mitosis

    - Cardic muscle (sec)

    - Blood smear

    - Kidney (l.s.)

  • Item #: 004941
    Retail: $124.00
    Rainbow Price: $107.95

    This model is good-quality and offers just about everything a "real" high-school quality microscope does. Model includes the features below:

    • - 10X wide field eyepiece with pointer, mounted at a 45 angle
    • - 360 rotatable head
    • - Revolving nosepiece with click stops
    • - 4X, 10X, and 40X(R) objectives, all 45mm, achromatic, parfocaled and parcentered
    • - Coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs
    • - 90mm x 90mm stage with spring-mounted stage clips
    • - Adjustable LED illumination
    • - Adjustable slide stop to prevent slide damage
    • - Fixed condenser and 6-hole rotating disc diaphragm
    • - Durable metal body

    This very durable, high-quality but economical microscope will certainly do the job if you are not planning on tackling high school science at home, or you would prefer to not invest several hundred dollars in a better-quality scope. Although LED bulbs lasts far longer than tungsten bulbs, we do have replacements should you need them.

    If you're not sure which microscope best fits your needs, check out our Microscope Comparison Sheet for a side-by-side comparison of all microscope models we offer.

  • Item #: 041187
    Retail: $59.37
    Rainbow Price: $47.95
  • Human salivary gland (sec)
  • Human squamous epithelium
  • Human stomach (sec)
  • Human liver (sec)
  • Human skin-sweat gland (sec)
  • Human skin
  • Bone marrow-red (sec)
  • Human bone, ground (c.s.)
  • Human muscle-cardia (sec)
  • Human muscle-striated (h.s.)
  • Human cerebrium (sec)
  • Human blood, smear
  • Human tonsil (sec)
  • Human lung (sec)
  • Human sperm (sec)
  • Human testis (sec)
  • Item #: 041189
    Retail: $0.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.95
  • Bacteria (bacillus) gram-negative
  • Bacteria (bacillus) gram-positive
  • Chromosome (female) in Giemsa,
  • Chromosome (male) in Giemsa
  • Mitosis, stages of plant mitosis.
  • Item #: 036404
    Retail: $17.98
    Rainbow Price: $14.75
  • Item #: 042789
    Retail: $37.00
    Rainbow Price: $29.95

    20 Slides include:

    • – Letter "e" (w.m.)
    • – Fibers (cotton, linen, hemp) (w.m.)
    • – Sheep hair
    • – Cat hair
    • – Honey bee compound eye
    • – Cicada wing
    • – Locust wing
    • – Honey bee leg
    • – Butterfly wing
    • – Bee abdomen
    • – Dragonfly wing
    • – Butterfly leg
    • – Butterfly antenna
    • – Worker bee wing
    • – Butterfly scale
    • – Bee antenna
    • – Pine tree pollen
    • – Fern spore
    • – Camellia leaf section
    • – Monocotyledonous stem of corn

  • Item #: 039102
    Retail: $17.00
    Rainbow Price: $10.95
  • Item #: 041186
    Retail: $30.37
    Rainbow Price: $24.95

    Includes 16 prepared slides for Biology:

    1. Amoeba Proteus
    2. Diatoms
    3. Euglena
    4. Ascarismitosis
    5. Grantia spicules
    6. Hydra budding
    7. Leaf with veins (c.s.)
    8. Onion root tip
    9. Paramecium
    10. Planarian
    11. Ranunculus root
    12. Ranunculus stem
    13. Spirogyra with conjugation
    14. Volvox
    15. Zea Mays root
    16. Zea Mays stem

    Slides come in a plastic container. Instructions to clean, store and handle the slides included.

  • Item #: 010034
    Retail: $220.00
    Rainbow Price: $155.95
  • Item #: 025839
    Retail: $21.95
    Rainbow Price: $14.25
  • Item #: 025840
    Retail: $20.60
    Rainbow Price: $10.50
  • Item #: 010035
    Retail: $338.00
    Rainbow Price: $237.95
  • Item #: 043174
    Retail: $134.95
    Rainbow Price: $121.40

    Microscope activity books are great if you already have everything you need to start making your own slides, but what if you don't? That's why I like this kit. The experiment manual is solid enough to stand on its own - a rarity in most science kits today - and the kit includes everything you need to begin using the microscope, exploring prepared slides, and preparing and making your own slides. The full-color 48-page manual begins by explaining microscope use and care, as well as how to safely make thin slices from specimens using a scalpel or razor blade. Then young scientists are ready to start observing! The following sections focus on viewing cells of different types, including cheek cells, onion skin, onion cells affected by salt, egeria/elodea, various fruits and vegetables, starch from foodstuffs, hydra, pollen grains, salt and sugar crystals, insect wings, insect specimens, mushrooms, root hairs, watermelon water ducts, blades of grass, leaves, hair, nettle hairs, and feathers. Each section provides informational text about the subject viewed, detailed instructions on how to make and mount the specimen, tips on specimen-making techniques, and photos of photographed specimens under the microscope. Since the student will probably not be very proficient at preparing their own slides, several prepared slides are included as examples, and the more difficult-to-make specimens are saved for later in the book. The photos of example specimens are also helpful for beginners. Unlike many microscope kits, this one actually has a fairly decent microscope. It is constructed of metal and plastic microscope and has pretty good focusing ability. Features include: a monocular 10X eyepiece, 4X, 10X and 40X glass objective lenses (for 40X, 100X and 400X total magnification). The microscope includes two bright LED lights, one above and one below the stage. This kit would be a great choice for a microscope study, along with a science curriculum, or just for the interested student, especially if you are not planning on investing in a good-quality microscope in the future. Kit includes the experiment manual, microscope, blank slides, prepared slides, coverslips, tweezers, a dissection needle, a scalpel, a pipette, Petri dish with lid, stain, lens paper, blank labels for slides, and a dust cover for the microscope. Microscope requires 3 AA batteries (not included). - Jess

    If you're not sure which microscope best fits your needs, check out our Microscope Comparison Sheet for a side-by-side comparison of all microscope models we offer.

  • Item #: 012729
    Retail: $22.00
    Rainbow Price: $17.50

    If you're looking for a good starter set for dissection, this may be the one. This set includes a 10" x 6" sturdy, plastic tray; a fitted, reusable pad; scissors; a probe; forceps; and a teacher guide. A cover that fits over the tray will help you keep your set together. This size of tray and pad is the perfect size for smaller specimens such as an earthworm, frog, clam, or grasshopper. You'll notice this kit doesn't include a scalpel, as it is assumed you have access to one. Instruments are sharp, and students should use caution in working with them. Won't it be fun working with your student when they dissect for the first time? ~ Donna

  • Item #: 010036
    Retail: $27.80
    Rainbow Price: $22.75

    - Bird feather

    - Bee Leg (w.m.)

    - Butterfly mouth parts (w.m.)

    - House fly wing (w.m.)

    - Aphis (w.m.)

    - Pulex (w.m.)

    - Pharynx (w.m.)

    - Hydra (w.m.)

    - Daphnia (w.m.)

    - Trachurus Trichiura (w.m.)

    - Single cell zoo (w.m.)

    - Mosquito larva (w.m.)

    - Fish scales

    - Insect compound eye (sec)

    - Paramecium division (w.m.)

    - Human lung tissue with cancer

    - Healthy human lung tissue

    - Epithelial tissue - sarcoma cappozzi

    - Lymph node with cancer cells (sec)

    - Decalcified bone (sec)

    - Liver mammal (sec)

    - Human nerves (sec); white matter

    - Cerebral cortex; gray matter (sec)

    - Skeletal muscle (l.s./c.s.)

    - Ovary of cow or other mammal

    - Ovum of cow or other mammal

    - Sperm

    - Spermary (sec)

    - Human red & white blood cells

    - Artery and vein (t.s.)

    - Human salivary gland (sec)

    - Human squamous epithelium

    - Human stomach (sec)

    - Human liver (sec)

    - Human skin-sweat gland (sec)

    - Human skin

    - Bone marrow-red (sec)

    - Human bone, ground (c.s.)

    - Human muscle-cardia (sec)

    - Human muscle-striated (h.s.)

    - Human cerebrium (sec)

    - Human blood, smear

    - Human tonsil (sec)

    - Human lung (sec)

    - Human sperm (sec)

    - Human testis (sec)

    - Bacteria (bacillus) gram-negative

    - Bacteria (bacillus) gram-positive

    - Chromosome (female) in Giemsa,

    - Chromosome (male) in Giemsa

    - Mitosis, stages of plant mitosis.

    - Spirogyra (w.m.)

    - Volvox (w.m.)

    - Flatworm (w.m.)

    - Paramecium Caudatum (w.m.)

    - Hydra budding (w.m.)

    - Fish scales three types (w.m.)

    - Euglena (w.m.)

    - Elodea or Hydrilla leaf (w.m.)

    - Diatoms marine (w.m.)

    - Desmids (w.m.)

    - Daphnia (w.m.)

    - Bacteria three types (smear)

  • Item #: 044839
    Retail: $354.00
    Rainbow Price: $249.95
  • Item #: 018552
    Retail: $24.95
    Rainbow Price: $17.50